Lounging on a lazy Tuesday afternoon: 9/11 Hipsters

I posted this picture a few days after 9/11 last year; it really infuriates me. How the fuck can you just sit there like you’re in a fucking gentrification latte shop during one of the biggest tragedies this city and country has ever seen. I figured its around 12 noon when that picture was taken being that the towers have already fallen and their shadows are beneath them - which is why these cocksuckers are just lounging around in their casual hipster attire and not working. Worthless, space-wasting, useless, rent-raising bastards. I can just imagine how their day went: all woke up between 9:30 – 11:00am; bumped into each other at the $4.00 a cup coffee shop; heard about the attacks somehow and decided to stroll over to the waterfront to get a front row seat as if they were watching some cheesy rooftop indie film; discussed biking, flea market purchases, organic food, unsightly art and said “like, yah” about 300 times between the five of them. After the show, they went for brunch.

Since this was taken in 2001, these were the hipsters of the first wave of the invasion. I would bet my left nut that not one of these motherfuckers are still here. They’ve maxed out their stays at about 1 - 4 years and either dispersed and pioneered into other “kewel” cities or went back to their cul-de-sacs after failing as creative types.

Never forget 9/11 - and never forget that hipsters have turned Brooklyn into an organic, over-priced theme park for transient tryhard pussies.

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  1. Not in defense of hipsters but Manhattan was closed off, the subways shut down immediately after the attacks. You couldn’t go anywhere but local. They might, just might, have been discussing what everyone else was at that moment. It was a picture perfect day in direct contrast to the horror across the water and in our hearts on that dark day.

      • Regardless of the real story behind it, to me the picture represents the hipster way of life. You know very well there were hipsters acting like smug annoying fucks all over North Brooklyn that day.

        • amen brother!

        • As someone who understands photography and composition, this photograph was not a snapshot. This was a well-composed shot, as if the photographer took their time to frame the subjects between the trees, to get the background and foreground to line up and focus simultaneously. This tells me that there were MANY shots taken aside from this, casually, as if what was happening in the background was merely and event such as a brush fire or an odd, passing cloud formation that needed to be “captured”. The casual nature in which photo was composed and the laid-back body language the subjects portray in contrast to the towers convinces me that these assholes were posing and wanted the background to be their accessory, and not the main focus of this shot. This makes me rage beyond belief, I wish I hadn’t seen this photo, the sadness of this day just got double-compounded by this post. Fuck these fucks, they are not New Yorkers. New York bled and died that day. It did not lay about sunning itself, causally talking and posing for and taking well-composed social shots. Fuck these pieces of shit. New York does not deserve this.

          • I can’t stand hipsters either, but you’re completely off-base here. The photo was taken with a very small aperture, making it very easy to have the entire frame in focus. The photographer is a long-time member of Magnum (since 1964!) and was born in 1936; he was 65 years old when he took this photo. A photographer that accomplished and that seasoned — plus working with a small aperture — could easily take this photo (and several more in the series) quickly and without being noticed. Your assertion that the subjects were posing is baseless.

          • That said, please see the link I posted above. The woman quoted (second from right in the photo) turned the whole story about this 9/11 photo into a self-righteous rant, all about HER. She’s truly nauseating.

          • yep its always about me me me me me , RIGHT HIPTARDS?

          • What I wrote above was my very first reaction to seeing that photograph for the very first time, without reading the ‘back story.’ To me, the casualty of the the subjects still screams disrespect to me and I’m not going to back away from my statement, as “baseless” as I may be in my assertion. 9-11 is a very heavy subject for most New Yorkers and whether or not the photograph was posed it still makes me fill physically nauseous to look at, because while these assholes were sitting there in the sun in a lounging manner, people were suffering in multitude across the river and even perhaps just a few yards away. If the photographer wanted that reaction out of this shot, then congratulations to him, he got it. Still doesn’t make it any less infuriating to look at. I’m not commenting more on this, nothing else to say but that I love this city and this photo really hurts to look at to the core.

          • I want to make it clear that in no way am I diminishing your feelings about 9/11. As a native New Yorker who had the opportunity to volunteer at Ground Zero after the attacks (and to watch the onsite workers come to a complete stop whenever the remains of a person, often a firefighter, were found), I appreciate how heavy the subject of 9/11 is. I just want to set the story straight about the photographer’s intentions. In fact, he purposely did not allow the photo to be published until five years later because the photo didn’t “feel right” to him at the time. Here is his revealing description: http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/culturebox/2006/09/i_took_that_911_photo.html

          • I agree. I could care less about their ‘backstory’ at all. The only back story, and front story for that matter, is the smoking wreckage of flesh and metal due to the worst kind of terrorist sucker punch possible: attacking civilian targets. Innocent people who are now dead and cannot return to their spouses and children and parents. Fuck the hipster backstory. I could care less.

            As for the picture, it’s shit and it looks touched up to me. I think it does look like a snap shot anyway. There’s a dude in a crouched position and on the balls of his toes. That’s a difficult posture to maintain comfortably for any length of time at all. Most people, even ones in good shape, stand back up pretty quick even if they crouch down again.

            They’ll have to sell their plea bargain to someone else besides me, that’s for sure.

          • Having worked with photographers and photo editors, I always take a grain of salt regarding the malleability of context, and the subjects of the photos can well defend themselves, but…

            >>’conclusions that also led Frank Rich to write, “The young people in Mr. Hoepker’s photo aren’t necessarily callous. They’re just American.”‘

            …Mr. Rich’s blanket assumptions come off as pointlessly cynical and even provincial.

          • someone forgot to take their meds this morning

        • “Regardless of the real story behind it,…”

          Says everything anyone needs to know about you, could well be your most revealing moment. Dimwit.

        • TRUTH!!!

  2. Fuckin douchers – I can just hear them nasally honking to their friends back in flyover land “I was there, man. Like yah”

    Bunch of early invading tryhards using the WTC as a backdrop for their twisted hipster version of a Dockers commercial.

    The body language in that photo speaks volumes. I don’t remember a single real New Yorker looking that relaxed that day or for weeks afterward. The total look of early gentrifiers who knew damn well that they had no chance of knowing anyone that was killed.

    • “The body language in that photo speaks volumes.”

      Exactly. I was hoping that was photoshopped.

    • Fuckin douchers – I can just hear them nasally honking to their friends back in flyover land “I was there, man. Like yah”

      BWAHAHAHA ! yeah idiots that need their asses kicked across town.

    • There was a blog maintained by some Florida native douchebags who skirted up to NYC to prove their artistic ‘cred’ ( thus the blog ) and I think it was in the early days of creative commons or something. Anyway, I knew some Floridians and one sent me the link. The blog was like their message board to each other. It was nauseating. One had run off to New Orleans ( of course ) and built a kewl act using rap beats and an acoustic guitar and called himself ‘white bitch’ or something like that and tagged the message board at least once a week with ‘how kewl and authentic’ his new neighborhood was and how all the black people liked his stupid ass.

      The rest posted from, yep, Brooklyn. When the attacks that occurred in NYC and on the other targets ( because there were other targets and other people murdered by these sand sniffing thugs ), and their callousness and disregard for the lives lost, their glaringly obvious ignorance of the world at large, their rage for how complex the world is and their absurd belief that this all happened because we were ‘asking for it’ on some level, was so infuriating to me I posted to their site and got into several vicious arguments with them which was my stupidity, not theirs. You cannot reach the feeble minded. Trying to bring them up to some level of normalcy is totally pointless because they just don’t have it in ‘em. Worse, even if you could give it to them they would reject it.

      Every dog has its day. I hope these self-satisfied fuckers have ten of them all at once.

      • Like the old saying goes: “You can’t teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.”

    • What’s fucking fantastic is that you are gloriously wrong about them.

      Please stay resentful, stupid, and unaware of the reality of why you are!

  3. Whatever. keep the chuckles coming, hot shot, but leaning on this pic on 9-11 for your blog fodder is pretty fucking douchey.

    • yes mommy. …

      now STFU.

    • Idiot.

    • Unlike you Faxuhemian fucktards, the author of this blog doesn’t need to ‘lean’ on anything in terms of blog material — that’s what talentless, non-creative, non-imaginative hipsters often do (if that fails, they then resort to outright plagiarism).

      If hipturds aren’t leaning on something due to their lack of creativity, talent or imagination, they’re doing it to soothe their intense, never-ending butthurt. An example of this is Matt Silver leaning on the social ill of racism by comparing this site and its readers to Klansmen or Neo-Nazis because we don’t like his ‘art’.

      To say you hipster douchetards are predictable is putting it lightly.

  4. I remember that day a band of hipsters mugging it up for their cameras down the block on the waterfront in Williamsburg. They were posing with their little bicycles with the smoking skyline behind them like they were super heroes or something. There were also sunbathing. I wanted to choke every single last one of them.

    • that is so disrespectful it really breaks my heart. seriously. how could anyone “mug for the camera” during that? terrible.

  5. sorry to hear the real new yorkers have to put up with the hipster disrespect on 9/11 … they all need their asses kicked

  6. oh and before I forget – this try hard that claims he opened a bookstore for weirdos only http://monkeyspaw.com/ has posted about us on his fartbook page! LOL ! scroll down you won’t believe the blubbering and snot nosed bullshit there http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Monkeys-Paw/77062769224

    Now you tell me. How does this fuck support his so-called family selling weird books and typewriters? Oh there’s got to be a trust fund or babymama is picking up some welfare in there somewhere.

    BTW that’s another type of hipster lifestyle, to have babies, collect the welfare for it and then work funemployment and let the taxpayers pick up your tab while you sell $10 of weird books a week.

    As a taxpayer I have the right to know if I’m picking up the tab for Silver, this guy or any of these other hipster fucks that purposely don’t work.

  7. http://www.empiremayo.com/

    that mayonaiise store is still open. how is this possible. how do all of these idiots stay in business? it HAS to be trust funds or welfare.

    • Oh, it’s trust funds alright. Believe me, it’s very common.

      Now, you’d think it’s more common someone would come into that shit at 18. They do, but by they’re 25 and still showing no signs of an occupation, mummy and daddy have refunded the trust fund. Yep, it’s true. The funds run dry, they flounder around between 25 and 27 with pretend jobs ( to prove to dah-dah that they’re ‘trying’ ), they fail, and new funds are released but this time maybe it’s to ‘finish that college degree, son’ or ‘get into college, son’ or ‘learn a trade, son’ or ‘to buy a home, son’. It’s disgusting. There’s way, way too many adult males still living off their fathers efforts. And the generation of men before them would’ve worked a field and lived under a bridge till their circumstances improved before even thinking about staying dependent on their parents past the point of parenting.

      • There is a bright side to this. Those of us who grew up in working class Philly or NYC or Boston doing real work, in our fathers’ example, and who were thrown out of jobs/whole sectors of jobs when the FIREtards took over and replaced bricks and mortar with casino economics…now can find gainful employment in places like Seattle and Portland. Granted, there are a lot of slackers in real world jobs in both the public and private sectors…but they get weeded out. A work ethic still wins the long race.

        As for parents in Seattle and Portland, many have exported all their kidults to the big city as artistes, so there’s a labor vacuum. It is still the case that if someone has skills and a work ethic, and refuses to budge in one’s commitment to family or paycheck, one can do pretty well here. Not “I will someday raise hipsters as a lifestyle accoutrement” well. But able to support one’s family and have enough left over to build a savings account (that the kids will NEVER touch).

        I know a lot of people who have parasitic twentysomething hipster brats and are supporting them off in Brooklyn, Wicker Park, or wherever. Meanwhile, more and more jobs in infrastructure, construction, engineering, and manufacturing here go to those who can’t fake their way through. I also know a lot of people who left the Northeast cities as the FIRE/casino economy upended the social contract in favor of perpetual infants. IME, new Americans from the former Soviet states and people from Asian countries have the old fashioned work ethic we had in the Northeast back when the US actually produced something other than Snooki. In my view, most hipsters I know have a deep seated sense of inadequacy. They pose with their Art Tools and Nerf Guns because their noodlelimbs would snap if they tried to deploy a hammer drill or Mosin Nagant.

        Their days are numbered, and fortunately they will leave much documentation on Facebook by which we will always be able to track them down when they finally wake up at 40 and try to pose as normal humans. As Edward Abbey used to say, today’s hip is tomorrow’s hype.

    • I like their mayo, I like that it is now GMO, I love organic food. I know for a fact they are successful on their own merit, have been to their store. I am born and bred in South Brooklyn (Bay Ridge), my parents are working glass Greek immigrants…very far from a trust fund baby, have always worked since age 16, worked my way through college etc…so chill on the generalizations.

  8. Oh and this is fabulous: How hipsters infect the start-up space and of course drive of the prices and diminish the wages – it’s an eu article but relevant nonetheless! Hipster “business” (not) sucks! http://venturevillage.eu/startup-hipster#

    • The dirty little secret is this: hipsters often engage in start-up businesses because most of them are unemployable. As anyone these days who is in a position of hiring what they think of hipsters.

    • I love the organizational chart at the bottom. So true. My sister did an internship many years ago at a rock station (she was a business major), in Allentown, PA. Talk about bad choices. She had a 4.0 GPA and could have gotten a paid internship with a brokerage firm or a bank (she rarely makes bad decisions) but I guess the lure of a fun filled summer clouded her judgement.

      Essentially she was a gopher. The station had tons of interns about about 5 paid staff members. She went out for coffee, sorted albums and CDs, filed…you know the stuff all business majors do in internships.

      • Internships are what the holders make them. With all due respect, if the best your sister could turn this internship into was gopher duties, that may say more about her gumption than the position or the setting.

        • Yes, they are what the holders make them. But they’re also what the employers make them. If the employer intends to hire interns, and the intern mopes around doing gopher work, the lack of good work to do is the intern’s problem. If the employer has no intention of hiring interns, and leaves the intern to do unsupervised bitch work (very common- for instance, at film production companies, the interns are often sent to take home videos and transcribe them so that the boss will never have to watch them, and so will never know if the intern did a good job transcribing them), the lack of good work to do is the employer’s problem.

  9. Has anyone looked at the pics Silver posted recently? Tyrone the wonderful, sensitive yet strong man corrected Silver for not wearing pants several times during his public nuisance displays — yes those speedos are so goddamned nasty looking ! does he wash them? i dont think so?

  10. jesus balls, extensive discussion on this photo has been had in public fora for over a year, yet diehipster just found out about it today went headlong into a blind shit-fit of ignorant, confirmation-bias-induced rage.

    I like this site, I really do, but this post is a black mark on the record. Look b4 you leap. But hey, we all make mistakes, nothing here that can’t be forgiven in the long run.

  11. Someone on this thread wrote something we missed on this photos first go around. It doesn’t matter if the photo was taken the day of or the day after 9/11.

    It’s the body language. Sure – someone could take a photo to make a funeral look like a party. But
    the point is – when those towers went down most people weren’t smiling for days.

    I had two contractors cancel appointments on 9/11. Their answer was simple: I’m sorry. Not today. maybe next week. You understand”.

    My sister – who worked in the shadow of the Empire State building would call me several times a day – in tears and hysterical every time the alarms went off in her building.

    I worked for a defense contractor at the time. Things changed overnight. Instead of rent-a-cops we had armed, military professionals guarding the gate and concrete barriers. We were no longer allowed to park near the plant.

    Folks at work were numb. So numb that our lovely, understanding management told us to get ourselves together because we had deadlines to meet.

    What burned me up about this shot was not casual, free-wheeling, “let’s hang out and have a laugh” but the fact that these people were being so cavalier so soon after such a tragedy.

    • I agree. I was not smiling for a long time. At the time of the attack I was in my office on the 28th floor on Vesey Street, across the street from the first tower that was hit. Like most people, I stared in awe at the crash of the first plane and thought it was an accident. My view from my window didn’t allow me to see the second plane hit, all I saw was the huge fireball explosion and I thought it was a missile, not a plane, and immediately knew we were being attacked. I thought more missiles were coming and my building was next. Luckily, I made it home it that day, unlike a few good people I knew. I travel a lot, and to this day I am still a little shaky about taking flights. That photo was a little unsettling to me when I first saw it due to their body language. It also appears that none of them knew anyone who could be near the attack. Instead the attack seems to be nothing but another topic for some nasal discussion for them. Also, like someone else mentioned, I can see them all honking to their friends every anniversary that they “were there, maaaan”.

  12. Little known but true:
    The Pentagon was declared a Combat Zone for the 24 hours of 9-11. Military and Feds got one day of combat pay. Contractors got whatever their employer granted; usually a pat on the ass. We didn’t care, we just carried on. No hipsters to be found anywhere in DC for a while sfter.

    • I heard parents of hipsters contacted Aeroflot and they organized an air evacuation for their pweshus snowflakesfrom the roof of the local Starbucks. They also hired a photographer to ironically make the event look like the fall of the US embassy in Saigon.

      • URLs please. Otherwise this comment exploits 9/11 to mine a new vein of hipster hate. Let’s just not go there.

  13. I cannot even begin to imagine lolling in the park that day. I was 3200 miles away and consumed with a frantic need to help out, any way I could. I don’t think I sat down for a full week afterwards. Didn’t sleep. Was torn between trying to contact friends n relations in NYC, and wanting to wait to hear from them, so as not to contribute to overloading communications capacity. I could think of a million things to do other than sit by the water in the sunshine, watching the Jerry Bruckheimer spectacle.

    At various sites in the Bay Area, within 48 hours, the blood donation lines at the Red Cross centers were around the block. Real humans were taking up donations of money, food, clothing–anything they could. Not sure if it’d be needed, or how, or by whom…but just having to take action somehow. I was told of a woman in Berkeley, a sorta sketchy old hippie, who was going door to door begging for donations of dog and cat food to load in her VW van to drive them east. It was a fool’s errand (and I believe she broke down somewhere in Nebraska), but in my view she was doing something, anything, to assemble and deliver assistance.

    THAT is what real humans did that day. Or any day: they rally, they don’t loll about in the sunshine fabricating excuses and self-privileging narratives.

    The photo shows people in “shock”? No, sorry. The photo shows what it shows, and the fact that its occupants felt the need later to me-wash being caught in the act gives us an additional clue to their psyches. Not only were they caught hipslacking, they didn’t have the grace to own up to it AND they STILL apparently lack the depth of human soul appropriate to adults and evoked by that day. Everything about this photo says “We are removed from reality. Suffering is a distant spectacle with which we cannot even begin to identify. We’re only here for the Cultural Creative merit badges.”

    • Oh, a PS. If I *had* found myself in that park for whatever reason on that day, and someone approached with a camera, my reaction would have been, “This is not appropriate!” And gone away. The fact that these people considered it appropriate at that moment to be turned into News Objects also says a lot about them.

      • “The fact that these people considered it appropriate at that moment to be turned into News Objects also says a lot about them.”
        This is the crux of the hatred. Lots of people had their picture taken in NY and DC by the media. Usually in a group, usually uncaring. There were things to do that day. Much more important things than posing…

  14. Hey, I was among several people who saw this—ON TV!—who were shocked and speechless. The photo is disturbing.

  15. I witnessed the attacks from the NJ waterfront with hundreds of co-workers and as we were all flipping out watching the towers collapse across the Hudson, the first thing we thought of was “let’s get to the Home Depot and start rounding up supplies for the rescue.” So people started collecting $10 & $20 from people all around. We weren’t sunbathing (it was one of the nicest days of the year, like many September days are) or idly discussing why this was going on. We knew probably thousands were dead and needed to be dug out.

  16. Your 9/11 picture reminded me of the “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” type apocalypse advertisement shot that the Jeremiah Vanishing NY blog used in the separate tread called “What’s a YUNNIE?”. Although in that case, it was a comment on the typical vapid narcissistic millennium generation advertisement promoting NYC, especially Manhattan, as an “American Psycho” playground. See link below. In your case, the post was the real thing. After much thought, I have come to the conclusion that deep down inside, there is really is very little difference between a Hipster and a Yunnie, the “Like Yah” mantra, the self-absorption, daddy paying the bills, etc., it’s the same for both infestations.


  17. I was in Hell’s Kitchen that day and we couldn’t stand the television coverage so we went to Central Park to watch the ducks. We were in such a state of shock we didn’t know what else to do.

  18. This is the most ridiculous nonsense. How can anyone know what these people where saying or thinking. On that day in Bay Ridge Brooklyn everywhere I looked I saw people sitting on park benches and stoops talking. Some of them where crying, and in this picture you cannot see that these people where not, you could not get into manhattan. I saw dozens of people, including family who where new yorkers for years, sitting in the same positions. I went out to walk my dog several times, I suppose that means I did not care. That evening along with my husband and in laws I went to get a meal at a cafe that was packed with locals because my mother in law wanted to get away from the news. The cafe was packed. I certainly did not eat much.

  19. Actually friend, the gentleman on the far left is my husband and this is where and when we met. The photo was taken on the slab of a torn down building in Williamsburg several days after the towers fell and the smoke was still blowing. They were sitting there looking at what was happening as we waited for other friends arrived to make sure no one was dead and that everyone was still ok and guess what, no one was working because work was canceled far and wide because NYC had been blown up. Some are
    Musicians but a lot of us worked and lived in lower manhattan and they wanted to meet somewhere safe and sound.

  20. These morons look like they were posing for a late 1960s National Geograhic photo shoot on the lifesyle of the Hipster. The following traits of Hipsterdom are clearly on exhibit:
    1: they are on exhibit
    2: oblivious to the world around them
    3: life is a prop for there photo sessions and the world is only there as background
    4: being useless is a lifestyle
    5: I cant go on anymore, im heading to the waterfront to beat up a hipster or two

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  22. these morons look like they were posing for a late 1960s national geographic photo shoot on the lifestyle of the Hipster the following traits of hipsterdom are cleary on exhibit oblivious to the world around them life is a prop for there photo sessions and the world is only there as background being usless is a lifestyle i cant go on anymore im heading to the waterfront to beat up a hipster or two

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