Adult transplant toddlers absolutely being parentally funded.

As if we didn’t already know this for over a decade now; the adult toddlers (hipsters) we see in Brooklyn planting kale on rooftops, typing worthless poetry while smoking hand-rolled artisanal cigarettes, playing kickball, carrying around instruments nobody wants to hear them play, taking pictures of graffiti, buying $5.00 coffee, $13.00 omelets, opening and closing failed businesses, hanging around art galleries with the worst art ever made, riding around on skateboards and 40 year old bicycles during working hours and looking like skeletal Brawny Men who have tampons up their asses are mostly all being supported in some form or another by their baby boomer parents back home in OklaMichiSotaHio according to an article in today’s Wall Street Journal.

You think they published that article today, May 1st which was supposed to be a general strike day proposed by jobless, smelly, Occupy types? Yep, I think so too.

Link: WSJ Blog – Baby Boomer handouts to their Adult Toddlers

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  1. Read the comments under that article. Lots of people still blaming the “system”. Amazing, but predictable.

    • The economy is picking up. I know quite a few people who in the past 6 months either landed better jobs or finally landed one after being unemployed for a while. It’s also because these douchebags refuse to do jobs they consider “beneath” them.

      Or maybe, just maybe, they can’t do jack with no experience (because they refuse to say work in retail or some other starter job) and have a useless degree. Even Avenue Q covered this:

      • When I got out the joint, I went to burger-hut, even though I had a degree. I was willing to sling hash, even though I could write code like a mofo. Long story short, I made it. The universe will recognize you when you get humble.

        • There’s a lot of valid points about degree = success, but the American economy has changed. It’s too complex to give hipsters credit for doing. Part of the problem is buying into the dream that every good artist will be famous ( emphasis on good! ); every writer will be famous etc etc. That is just not true. And there are way too many highly degreed people, with experience ( which sometimes works against them ) who can’t even get interviews. It’s a Buyers market. I also think where any job can be automated, it will be. Heck, we even farm out aeronautical engineering projects overseas now, which was once our ruled domain. Medical exams are read overseas, programming jobs are taken by transplants who will do more work for far less which essentially devalues the work.

          I hope things will change but I think a lot of the new grads would have been better off going into farming. Being a starving artist is only romantic so long as someone else is footing the bill. New grads who cannot string a simple sentence together verbally or in writing are not exactly prizes. And the new grads who let their parents come to work with them when they do get jobs? Erm…It must make for an even more bitter pill for out of work, experienced – but older – workers even more bitter when they see jobs going to ones such as these than themselves.

          From what I’ve read, a lot of the hipster subcultures ( maybe like the guys who just got nabbed for planning on blowing up a bridge in Ohio ) really believe that working for any kind of corporate entity is an immoral choice. Somehow, living off their rapidly aging parents is perfectly fine though. And the teenagers who want to get their first job are finding those jobs being given to employment tourists like hipsters who will bail before the smell of fries gets in their hair.

          • But you got to be prepared to dig ditches and GI the latrine,
            Hooah. In this day, It might be the best job you gonna get.

          • Oh I totally agree that work is work. You’re preaching to the choir that way. The unfortunate reality is the numbers and the way is business is done now, and of course the pervasive ‘corporation as monster’ mentality so pervasive amongst especially the <30 crowd, are not like they were even only 10 years ago. There has to be work to take and I've not met an HR person yet who would say anyone ( read: ANYONE ) who's been out of work for 6 months or more as being even remotely desirable. The competition for positions is very high. Hopefully construction will bounce back ( I know a few suffering contractors ) and hopefully we get back to building things. A lot of colleges are either closing down or not opening up trades departments. A friend of mine went to take a welding course just to learn how to do it and he's in 40's and he was instantly discouraged by the counselor when she said straight away,"There aren't many welding jobs opening up dear and besides, you'd be making the wages of a high school kid." He mentioned that a huge number of skilled labor guys and gals are retiring now and there's no one replacing them and she said,"That's because there's no demand. Even the windmills for the 'green program' are being farmed out to Chinese welders."

            I don't know what the answers are across the board, but I hope to all that's good that it doesn't mean grown people living off their elderly parents limited retirement checks. I'd almost rather see someone turn to crime to get by than exploit the sentiments and vunerabilities of their elderly parents which the hipsters seem farrrrrrr too willing and ready to do.

        • BTW some_dude, kudos to you for your efforts in your own life. Your self-respect is well earned, I’m sure. Too bad it’s not more commonly duplicated.

  2. No doubt the system sucks- but at some point you’ve got to cut the cord. My parents cut me off from allowances at 14- when I went to college they said they would help but if I wanted pocket money I had to work for it. At 21, I got my own apartment. I worked crappy jobs but I worked and supported myself. There certainly wasn’t any $15 brunches and $10 Mast Brothers chocolate bars for me. I survived.

    I don’t get these hipsters, living off their parents so they can create “art”- how did the artists in the past support themselves? Oh yah, they did non-art jobs or did art on commission that they didn’t choose. Some say true art only comes from hard times- what do these tryhards know about that?

    • “CAPITALISM KILLS FUN.”??????????? Wow.

    • Look at how edgy and counter culture they are, protesting against capitalism, which let their parents make the money to subsidize their life in the big city. Capitalism also means that the former residents of Bushwick are pushed out so that these cumstains can have an extended childhood, free of the responsibilities of adults.

      they finally found a way to be ironic, but they have no clue they are being ironic…

      • Ironic is right. They sprayed
        messages in storefronts here in San Franciscos Mission district telling yuppies and hipsters to gtfo. Because we all know they can’t be hipsters themselves, right?

    • BTW, aren’t they already occupying Bushwick by LIVING THERE??? The whole point of the Occupy Wall Street movement was to disrupt evil” Wall Street. Why shit on your own turf?

      • I know what you’re saying but Bushwick isn’t their own turf. They have disrupted Bushwick ever since their parents got priced out of Williamsburg.

        • “Turf” was the wrong term to use. But still, how can you “occupy” your own neighborhood?

    • Am I the only one who thinks Brooklyn is turning into some sort of Potemkin village?

      Capitalism kills? Go tell the Mast brothers and the ski-capped silkworms over at Brooklyn Flea.

      Lord I’d wish the’dy occupy a salt mine in Siberia.

  3. Again, I have to make a gross overgeneralization:

    Baby Boomers were shitty parents.
    Now their kids are parents. Of hipsters.

    I want to slap these hipsters, but I want to slap their parents more.

    • But you’re incorrectly adding a generation. Most of these hipsters are the direct spawn of Baby Boomers. If a Boomer was born in 1950, and had a kid when he was 30 (in 1980), that kid is today’s 32-year-old hipster.

  4. I would say that Boomers are the Incubus here for Hipsters but, before you know it, Generation X’s spawn will be out and among us. As OJ once said on Howard Stern, “Look out!”.

    • I’m curious as to what you think the outcome will be. I’m an “older” Gen-Xer myself (born in 1965) and the people I know who are my age and a bit younger all work hard and disdain the complainers.

      • Gen X here myself also, born in 74. I have lived on my own since I was 17„ only had roommates in my early 20s on 2 occasions. Both times I was the responsible one. I have worked 2 jobs, worked 14 hour days, worked 6 days a week, whatever it took to be on my own as an adult. Yet now these hipsters who can barely take care of themselves are now having kids. I can only pray their kids grow to resent them the way most hipsters resent their baby boomer parents. Because hiw can you respect someone who doesn’t respect themselves?

        • That’s a pretty scary thought which I’ve been wondering too. Just like the animal shelters are inundated with discarded urban chickens, will Social Services get inundated with abandoned hipster babies once the trust funds run out?

          That’s assuming Social Services even exist in 5-10 years after all the budget cuts to pay for the Gowanus Fatkini Bathing Collective.

          • You make an excellent point, especially if they can’t get their parents to take on their kids while they “discover themselves” again. If the parents die or become incapacitated, then the rest of the family, if any, gets the responsibility, because it’s hard to convince Meghan and Caleb to come back and take their children to school when Coachella is coming up. (One of my best friends was the child of a proto-hipster, and he took a powder when my friend was two. She literally heard nothing from him, other than stories about his having fun at music festivals and the like, for forty years, and then he suddenly got in touch. Everyone else he knew had cut him off or didn’t have any more money to give, he had about $100k in medical bills that he couldn’t pay, and he figured that he’d get in touch with his only daughter and see if she was an easy mark. Thankfully for her, he died about a week later, before he could pull off the hard sell he’d done to everyone else in his extended family.)

          • Seriously, that is the saddest sh!t I’ve heard in a long time. I feel really bad for your friend, and hope she has good people in her life now that she’s surrounding herself with. What a fucktard tool, to do that to your own kid. Hipsters are fun to laugh at, but if this is what they’re doing to their own children then that just takes my hatred to a whole new level.

          • Thanks for asking: she’s surrounded herself with lots of good people. That’s part of the reason why she’s so prosaic about what happened. If she’d actually known him for more than a week, she might have mourned him. As it was, all she knew was that some utter stranger who contributed half of her genome was calling up, half-assedly hinting about money. Now, when her grandmother, who took care of her for most of her life, died, we ALL mourned her.

            I acknowledge that there’s always going to be some percentage of a particular generation that decides “I don’t wanna be a grownup” and takes a powder on their families. I also acknowledge that some people simply aren’t fit to be parents. (My brother is raising two kids right now from one piece of work who suddenly decided she’d spent her entire adult life married and wanted to “find herself”, and cleared out their bank account and ran off with a mutual friend while he was in Afghanistan.) What scares the hell out of me is that we’re seeing a whole flood of suburban cuckoos who had Mom and Dad bail them out, over and over, into their thirties and forties, and the children are the latest responsibility to be dumped off on their increasingly elderly parents.

        • I have some good news. I know a few of these kids. Responsible as all hell, all of them, because they know they can’t depend upon anybody else to do anything.

          • More good news a lot of them are moving back home. Saw quite a few ads on craigslist for people selling stuff wgo moved here a year or 2 ago.

          • Who* moved here

          • ROFLMAO!! And when they go home and annoy the living hell out of their hometown peoples as they blather on and on about kale-infused work-free tea leaves and depress their parents with endless sniveling about how boring things are at home and refusing to bathe while snatching cash out of mom’s purse when she’s not looking, ‘the rents’ will suffer exactly what they get. But hopefully when Caleb rolls his eyes at the dinner table THIS time, Pops will reach across the table and smack the taste out of his mouth once and for all then toss him out on his ear with a ‘good luck, get well’.

            “Dear Dad,
            No mon’
            No fun
            Your Son

            Dear Son,
            Too bad
            Sooooo sad,
            Your Dad”

      • I point to the Baby Boomers, because I see so many shitty parents my age (I’m Gen-X) with boomer parnets. My parents were Silent Generation (Depression kids), so I feel very little in common today’s Gen-X shitstain parents and the shitstain kids they’re raising.

    • Gen. X so far has had a low rate of reproduction. America’s birth rate has been flat or declining for over 15 years now. Gen. Y is having even fewer kids too.

  5. To all you hipsters with worthless liberal arts degrees – READ THIS BITCHES!!!

    In 2009 the U.S. graduated 37,994 students with bachelor’s degrees in computer and information science. This is not bad, but we graduated more students with computer science degrees 25 years ago!

    In 2009 the U.S. graduated 89,140 students in the visual and performing arts, more than in computer science, math and chemical engineering combined and more than double the number of visual and performing arts graduates in 1985.

    Now, excuse me while I go count my Krugerrands.

      • At the beginning of each module in my school we all introduce ourselves, and state our majors, and a little about ourselves. Almost every time the other students that are taking Accounting other than me are Russian. The rest are taking Criminal Science, Law, Sports Management, or Health Services. I have yet to come across a single person in any of my classes that is going after a useless degree. Maybe because most of us are going back to school, have been in the job market and know better than to get a degree in something like Liberal Arts.

        • I have a B.A. in Theatre Arts and an M.A. in Cinema Studies, and I’m very proud of them. I also put myself through college and have always been employed and self-sufficient. Not everyone with a liberal arts degree is a worthless slacker! College isn’t supposed to be a trade school – or at least it wasn’t when I was attending in the 1980′s. It’s where you went to learn how to think, challenge, create, grow – and yes, learn how to be an adult.

          • Sorry to sound sanctimonious.

          • That’s not being sanctimonious. That’s being realistic. I don’t have any problems with liberal arts degrees, either, so long as the person getting said major actually plans to do anything with it. I think the rest of us are just tired of the perpetual slackers who major in journalism or RTF and then sit around waiting for someone else to discover their genius after they graduate.

          • I once read that some 50% of college graduates worked in fields different than those they majored in after 20 years, and a large percentage of them worked in fields that didn’t exist when they graduated. You’re right Katrink, that’s what college is really about.

            But that point is completely lost on the ART ART ART ART LibArts types who go to college on their parents’ dime to slack off and party for another 4+ years while they hide from responsibility and reality. They’d last 10 minutes doing something meaningful like working in a soup kitchen, but they can “Occupy” all day stoned out of their mind…

          • Believe me, they drive me nuts too. I actually managed to find a job in the theatre (managing an off-off-off-off-broadway venue) that pays a decent living, sans health insurance, pension, etc. Thank god my husband is a civil servant.
            It just frustrates me (all of us here) to see hipster dirtbags give education and the arts a bad name.

    • I quote my math professor:

      “Calculus is a b*tch”.

      Every two weeks I see an article on the Yahoo or MSN homepages about which college degrees don’t pay. Bottom line: graduate with a degree in the hard sciences and you have a job.

      Then these articles go on to say – and this is the incredulous part – that liberal arts degree
      recipients will earn more and have a better shot at a job if they get a master’s or Phd.

      But journalism is the one that gets to me. There are a ton of prefessional writers out there will tell you that the ebst way to become a writer is to save your 120K in tuition and simply write..write at home,after WORK, at lunch, on weekends.

      • Yes. Write and LIVE. Most hipster wannabe writers have never lived, having been sheltered in cul-de-sac land growing up, then college, then living off the parental money supply. However, they think that they are the next great thing and that everyone will want to read their memoirs on the hard times they’ve suffered. Like that time they had to wait a whole week without buying a $10 masturbation bros chocolate bar until the month’s allowance check arrived from Pennsyltucky.

      • I think, too, a lot of writers might suggest trying to land a few columns at their local HOMETOWN papers and work from there. The trustafarians instead think it’s best to shoot right at the top and then hold steady. Which is like thinking,”I’ll buy a basketball and carry it with me to a Lakers game. I’ll make sure the coach sees me holding it. They’ll surely put me on the team then!! Yay for meeeeee.”

        Making a living – nevermind the fame and fortune, just A LIVING – by writing is very, very difficult and many do not do it full time. They work a ‘good enough’ job and freelance as a gig writer, because both pay the bills AND they enjoy their lives. It’s possible to be okay about not being the superstar of Broadway and yet still enjoy acting in local theaters. But not some of these hipsters man. Noooo…that’s not good enough for them.

        Note: I think it goes without saying that a criticism of hipsters is done with the full knowledge that SOME are working and want to be productive with their lives and not turn into uber-mooches. And while I support any citizens right to protest, I think Occupy needs a total overhaul if they’re going to be taken seriously and if it’s just about dismanteling the current system, for one they will and for two, then don’t protest and just go park it on a beach somewhere and ride your life, because it either matters or it doesn’t. They need to figure out, at most, three critical mass points of complaint and then unify to work towards those goals and disallow any attempts to add to the list or ‘down define’ the list till it’s an endless list of demands. K.I.S.S.tupids Otherwise, they will def wind up with a bunch of horse’s asses either behaving as violent extremists or perpetually stoned. And if it’s true that the police are sending the mentally ill homeless people to stay with the OWS folks, then the OWS folks need to find a better way to handle all that.

        gawd…sorry, I’m really, really tired and just realized I’m bothering to take the time to give an opinon on OWS…grrrrrrrr!!!! Damn hipsters, die!!!

    • Preaching to the choir here. This should be linked to some online hipster rag like Gothamist.

  6. Introducing – Social Electric Eyewear

    Now the hipsters can record all great moments in their life just from their glasses. They record sound too so no more iphones. Just in time for the next OWS or drink beer in public demo.

    • Epiphany Eyewear’s motto:
      You *can* polish a turd.
      If it’s shiny…

      • Of for god’s sake. I’ve been wearing glasses since 2nd grade because I’m extremely nearsighted. I wish someone would invent some really useful eyeglasses, that would defog themselves or with mini-wipers so that I can transition from cold and rainy to warm and indoors without suffering temporary blindness. ARRRGGGHHH!!!

        • Go to a motorcycle dealer and ask them for something to defog a helmet visor. You won’t be disappointed.

          • I will, thanks! There’s a Harley dealer on Ft. Hamilton not far from me…

          • Stay away from the “wipes” – they cost an arm and a leg and don’t work (riding hipster crap). Go for drops or a spray product. Should last a few days per application. The “cream” product (actually wax-based) should last nearly a week per application. A good example of the latter type that I’ve used is called “Cat Crap” – good stuff.

          • Awesome! Thanks again.

    • oh nooooooooooo…not those god awful wayfarer frames again!! That does not lend to their credibility at all. And neither does stealing the T.E.D theme music ( If you haven’t been to the T.E.D website, it’s actually worth a look around, especially the mini-talks by NASA engineers ).

      Also, I’d rather have seen them downloading the video from the glasses to some device and then video editing it, because those are things people would, I assume, wish to do. They need a marketing expert to explain how to make a product appealing and grow a customer base. The way they’re going about it could be done better. Don’t they learn the basics anymore?

      Tell them what you’re going to tell them.
      Tell them.
      Then tell them what you told them.

  7. I’m moving from Greenpoint to Queens. I just looked up how much my landlord is raising my apartment’s rent for the next tenant and it is 500 dollars. Good luck!

    • Happened to us 3 years ago. Had to move from Windsor Terrace to Kensington. Now we live in a rent-stabilized building and are safe. We hope. Hipsters tried to colonize our neighborhood and even went so far as to dub it “K-Town” but their efforts have failed. For now….

      • They’re so creative with names. In the early 80s the newbie artiste colony in Red Hook tried to redub it ReHo. That newspaper story was the first and last time that I ever heard that moronic moniker.

        • I worked in Red Hook in the late 90′s. The real estate thieves were trying to re-name Red Hook into “Liberty Heights” to lure potential marks.

  8. Last night on Jimmy Kimble he had Lewis Black on who was making fun of a dunkin donuts hipster commercial….Really, really funny……

    • Lewis is the man. I hate that fucking commercial too… except for the part where they admit they don’t have a fucking clue what “artisanal” really means

    • When Dunkin Donuts is on to something, you know it’s OVER. I like Dunkin Donuts and I like food too, but it’s just NOT “COOL” anymore (if it ever was). When did hipsters start appearing, around 2002 maybe when the rave scene really died for good? That’s about when the internet went mainstream and whole 80′s retro-digital “ironic” thing started taking over. What is it now, 2012? Face it, your scene is OLD.

      • OMFG that is a kickass rant!! I probably just broke six ribs from laughing so hard.

        I love the diss on the audacity of pizza hut telling you what toppings you CAN’T have on your pizza.

        Maybe artisanal is just a palatable way of preparing people for the increasing lack of choices and rights we are facing at a breakneck pace.

    • I love the last paragraph of the story:

      “There’s no school you go to learn kickball, except elementary school,” she said. “And if you told your teacher you wanted to be a Williamsburg kickball champion when you grew up, you’d probably get tested for something.”

  9. A few weeks back I was asked by a friend to look at a new business venture set up by his Joshie son and two friends and offer them advice. Now I’m not a businessman, but this “venture” was supposed to be some sort of hipster incubator for quirky and whimsical products. Dad was getting worried after he wrote out the second rent check and wanted me to give him an honest asessment and possibly offer advice to these three d**ches.

    So I show up at their place of business. Really nice office in a renovated warehouse. I walk in
    and see…nothing. I mean – they had couches, a few tables and some bits of machinery in cardboard boxes.

    Oh and the place was a mess.

    So they take me through their ideas. I was flabbergasted. No drawings or clear concepts. No prototypes. Nothing. They took turns explaining things to me – their spiel constantly interrupted to read text messages.

    So long/short: Here were a few of my questions:

    What’s your operating capital?
    No you can’t do that – it will never come out of the mold.
    You can’t weld aluminum to steel.
    (for a kitchen product) That needs to be run by the NSF and UL.
    How is that going to fit in a back pack?
    Did you get a quote on tooling?
    Have you done any market research?
    Who will be assembling these things?

    The butthurt was starting to show on their faces. Finally something caught my eye.
    They went and spent thousands to get a designer to come up with some sort of overly complicated retracting mechanism for a ..backscratcher. What was so unique? The scratching part was in the shape of a mustache.

    Retail price: 31.99
    How did they come up with the price? They didn’t know…but it sounded good.

    So i threw it on the table and said why don’t you order a bunch of cheap retractible radio antennas and spot weld a stainless steel mustache on it? that way you can sell it for about 4 bucks.

    Lots of shoe gazing. A few tense words.

    Finally…and I kid you not they told me, “Well you just don’t understand the creative process”.

    I guess not.

    • wow…They are born to fail,there only tools are Google and a prayer

    • Again, hipsters confusing their hobby for a business, with unsurprising results…

    • They’ll go perfectly with these geniuses:

      I used to laugh at all of the “you don’t understand the creative process” dolts. I also used to laugh at the people that, once their halfassed work showed up on Regretsy, cried about how “a bunch of fat jealous losers” were, and I quote, “raping our dreams”. Now they just make me furious. The reason they make me furious isn’t just because I wonder what I could do with the money they piss away. It’s that when these lumps of free-range Soylent Green go out of business, they won’t blame themselves, or the economy, or a bad business plan. No, they’ll whine that “small-minded people” are the reason why nobody bought a $31 backscratcher.

    • I feel your pain as I’ve had to contend with such yobmouths too. They are so convinced of their own rightness and elevate professional pretentoid to a whole new level. And the depths of their inferiority complex cannot be plumbed at all, and tends to create theri extreme defensive posture when it comes to critique.

      The concept of Humility when faced with Experience is a disposition they consciously reject like the bumbling little fools they are. Filled to the brim with themselves, and nothing more.

    • Who the fuck would pay $32 for a backscratcher (other than other hipsters, that is)?

      The bottom line here is that these pitiful entrepreneurial attempts are little more than playing.

      “Waaahhhh!!!! You won’t pay $32 for an artisanal backscratcher because you’re so small-minded and uncreative that you’ll pay $1 at at the Dollar Tree for the same thing! WAHHHHHHH!!!!!”

    • Folks, this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched! MUST SEE.

    • Did you hear the cheers at “What a surprise? A trust fund hipster talking out of his ass”? Gee whillickers, do you mean that Stevie might be wrong about how popular hipsters are?

  10. A parasite does what a parasite does…

  11. Love this blog. Keep fighting the good fight! Lame-ass, trust fund hipsters are stinking up other cities, too, including my hometown, Cleveland…

  12. “Opening and closing failed businesses”

    Where are these fauxhemians who have never worked a real job a day in their lives securing the CREDIT to start these businesses in the first place? Oh, let me guess…their mommies and daddies in Minnetuckyhio are putting their credit and their cash on the line.

    “But Moooooommmmmm I only need another $68,000 to start up my artisanal vegan tampon delivery service!”

    Fucking hipsters. Go fucking die.

    • Yeah, I’m saying too…wtf is up with grown people anymore? Where’s the sense of pride or self-respect, versus self-adoration? Why don’t they know the freaking difference and who do we beat for it?

  13. Save me. Just saw a beardo getting off the N train at 18th ave station with a bike.

  14. WTF is THIS?!!!! How did they list this site under ‘hipster observer’? huh?

    I look around at it later but for now I need some Pepto due to seeing the pasty bodied beardo on the front page gently cradling his kale or whatever it is…*shiver*

    • I just threw up in my mouth a little.

      WTF kind of life form is George of the Jungle holding in the first picture? I hope it burrows into his chest and eats his heart.

  15. How many hipsters does it take to film a quirky video?

    Obviously too many.

    The band/act/happening/nail salon collective is called “The Suzan”. Never heard of them. I’m sure the overwhelming majority of the general population hasn’t either. Yet they’re shooting a video that will be shown – where?

    But judging by the amount of equipment, costume changes, assistants, carpenters, fluffers and on site baristas you’d think they were shooting a sequel to “Titanic”. I mean – look at the equipment! Who the f*ck is paying for this? Are these people doing it for free?

    Jaysus effin’ Crhist on a stick. I just can’t get my head around the amount of time, effort and cash being spent on nothing.

    • How many times do they have to say ‘creative’? The director seems like such a tool too..

    • So Dell is trying to grab some of the hipster demographic from Apple. “Creative creativity art art design creative design art!!!”

    • At 3.04 a subtitle informs us that ” All participants were paid by Dell ” . Does that mean that this artisticly inspired ,cutting edge free-form exhibition of creative talent is really a laptop comercial ?

    • Money that would be better spent given to Dell shareholders. But, as you know, “Capitalism kills fun.”

    • I see Stevie’s got a new band (he’s the lead singer with the guitar). Congratulations on the estrogen Stevie. You’ve come a long way since Van Johnson and Black Actors. One question Stevie, pre-op or post-op?

      Even the music is pretty good. I mean, better than the average hipster quality. I look forward to hearing this in the next Menthos commercial.

    • I don’t think they ever finished the music video. Just the commercial. Fucking leeches…

      • That is THE LAMEST laptop-wtf commercial I’ve seen in a long, long time. OMG, just when you think it can’t get any worse, it does. There’s nothing original about their ‘project’. Warhol did it with the exploding plastic inevitable back in what, ’68? ( how right he wound up being! 15 minutes of fame for EVERRYYYYONNEEE!! ).

        These hipsters are more cut throat than any crony capitalist they wish to burn in effigy.

        • I love it when that Megan says “They’ll never guess we did it in so little time”. LOL!

          I’m pretty sure the marketing division at Dell probably spend months designing and choreographing that abortion long before they even picked out the warehouse in Billyworld.

          I’m also pretty sure the hipsters are all interns doing it for free and being paid in lookatmebucks.

          The saddest part, I was looking at that on my Dell laptop. Now, I’ll have to drown it like I did my MacBook before anyone thinks I’m a hipster.

    • Gotta say, that was a hipster crew. But the end product was better than that jug band slide whistle shit posted above from College Humor. Still, I prefer Japanese girl bands like Shonen Knife or Stereopony. It’s a little sad that Dell feels like they need to grab some of the Apple hipster market.

  16. So, Burning Man is sold out again. Too many hipsters still want to be a part of it. Feds might shut it down if things get too crowded.

  17. I hate hipsters too, but on this site, the hipster hatred is partnered with elitism of being “REALLY from Brooklyn.” Who gives a shit? Hipsters are annoying everywhere.

    The tone also puts people down for being from “flyover states.” I’d rather live in my “flyover state” than some rat-infested overcrowded dirty shit-hole of a town. And then the Brooklyn elitists wish they were from Manhattan, which for whatever reason is considered a better rat-infested dirty shit-hole of a town . Keep your melodramatic everything-is-a-confrontation culture. Oooo you’re so tough! I’m glad people like you can brood and be assholes to each other in the northeast, which is way the fuck away from my NICE town.

    • You’re completely right.

      But these hipsters are so quick to abandon their flyover state and live in this rat-infested overcroweded dirty shit-hole of a town in the name of “art” and pretentiousness.

      Its mind boggling.

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