Big: The Movie – and how it relates to the life of a hipster.

I just caught the end of the 1988 Tom Hanks movie BIG on TV and I said to myself, “holy shit – this is pretty much what happens to a hipster”. I can’t believe nobody brought this to my attention before:

- a boy named Josh

- from the suburbs

- becomes an adult

- moves to NYC

- gets a job as an intern who plays with toys all day

- gets to live in spacious loft with more toys

- realizes city is not for him

- goes back to mommy in suburbs

88 thoughts on “Big: The Movie – and how it relates to the life of a hipster.

  1. Now, what you’ve done here in this post, this is art. Perfect.

    When I saw this movie, I thought, dude, you got the job, the money and the girl, and you vanquished your corporate rival, and you’re going to leave it? What are you thinking? I guess whatever it is that a hipster would be thinking.

  2. LoL.

  3. As a born and raised new Yorker, I don’t have a personal problem with hipsters. If you want to wear your sisters jeans and listen to obscure bands. More power to you. The problem is when you use your smugness to make me feel… Fuck it, just die.

    • Agreed, it’s definitely not the horrific taste in music and clothing, it’s the superior attitude that simply has no basis in reality. I work at a hospital, and a lot of the doctors kind of act like jerks. I say, well, ok, they did slave away in medical school for eight years, and they’re probably really busy and stressed out, so I understand. They got a lot on their minds, ya know? Then you get Hummus the semi-employed backup ukulele player with a bachelor’s degree in “cultural studies.” Dude, you’re nobody. Start facing reality, and deal with it.

  4. Perpetual immaturity seems to be some kind of badge of honor indeed.

    I live out in the country for real, not for make-believe. Occasionally I go ‘into town’ and there is a thrift store that uses a great deal of the money they make to donate to various charities, including employing the disabled. Most of the people that use thrift stores aren’t doing it because it’s ‘quirky’ but because it’s necessary and it’s an additional icing knowing that you’re also helping others besides yourself.

    One time while in a particular thrift store, I was surprised to see a Josh and Megan come in and proceed on a snarky, giggle fest. This wouldn’t have been so bad if they’d been underage. A certain amount of immaturity is explainable with kids. But with people who can vote and go to war and should be sustaining themselves instead of their parents doing it? I don’t have as much tolerance, sorry.

    The young man was dressed like Jughead from the Archie comics and Megan was dressed straight out of UO.

    They went up and down the aisles grabbing things and saying things like,”What in the world is THIS for?!”. It was a painting of a cat. It wasn’t DaVinci, but then it’s a thrift store you dork. Right over a book shelf I looked right at him and said,”It’s called a painting, Sir.” His blank look was priceless for the 30 seconds it lasted. Then Megan pulled on his elbow and led him off. I was elated.

    Unfortunately, no matter where they were in this store, you could hear them. Every single thing they picked up they had to loudly comment on. Their attention whoring and need to be percieved as superior and cute was nauseating and the other shoppers were embarassed for them and so politely trying to ignore them while pushing their carts away as quick as they could and still shop. I wanted to put an arrow in both their knees lol

    At one point the Jughead pointed at some wall hanger art that said,”I love my little girl.” and shouted,”Who would buy THAT? It was probably some pedophile!” to which they both laughed loudly. I’m glad they found themselves amusing, because nobody else did. If anything, they were clearly being avoided.

    The cynacism and perversion in his observation really stunned the people around. The old ladies looked down and away probably thinking,”OMG, I hope my own grandkids don’t act like that.”, and the little children around would move closer to their parents.

    The dipshits finally made their way out of the thrift store not having bought a damn thing where the max price for a piece of furniture is around $100, and that’s for a relatively nice couch ( though I don’t recommend buying furniture from thrift stores unless they can verify there’s no bedbugs for sure – not all do! ).

    People have been going to thrift stores and flea markets for many decades and hipsters have turned the entire thing into just another aspect of their personal playgrounds. When they go in public, there is no one else’s sensitivities to consider except their own. That’s it, that’s all.

    Finally, it really drove home just how deeply cynical and hostile these people are to the world around them. They don’t ‘care’ about antiques or the story behind anything. That has no value whatsoever to them. They are buying these things in an attempt to be kitschy but even worse, to outright mock the various aspects of different decades. Underneath it all is a real contempt.

    Even the beekeeping, chicken raising hobbies are a form of contempt because it’s about doing it ‘better’. They talk sustainability like they are righteous little saviors. Oh really? When was the last time any of them talked about adopting the lonely elderly people in nursing homes in their area? When was the last time they gave an iPhone to one of the poor kids down the street, or a video game system? I imagine sustaining the old people even in their own families is a nightmarish idea to them. While they play in the city, do they consider going home and growing food for their grandparents or uncles or aunts or their own parents?

    Mr.Beeskeeper ignores the predation of bees even. Does he think they aren’t eaten by other wildlife? That they will draw predators? What then when your precious queen bee dies buddy? Reminds me of The Fly’s great scene…

    Have you ever heard of insect politics?
    Uh uh
    That’s because there aren’t any.

    Sorry to ramble but there’s so much going on with them that’s wrong it’s hard to know where to start. Their fashion isn’t based on any definable and originating ‘need’. When flannel and thermals went big just because of Cobain, he made it clear the reason they wore it was because Seattle is COLD and ratty jeans were due to not being able to afford to replace clothes every single week. The hipsters that actually shop at thrift stores, fine. At least they’re recycling and staying on the cheap. But the ones who stumble through just so they can tell their friends they ‘go thrifting’ but actually dump their money in UO can sit and spin. And I wonder how surprised they’d be if they knew the political contributions of UO. Gotcha suckers! lol

    It’s a childish mentality x1000, but that of vicious and spoiled children.

    • Well put.

    • Very well put. I’ll tell you what though, I was rocking the grunge look 2 years before it became popular.

    • I especially like your last paragraph. The hipster is a creature of appearances. If you just barely scratch the surface, you’ll find nothing at all underneath. No real individual histroies, backgrounds, experiences, motivations, or beliefs. They’ll pretend to have all of these aspects, however, via a meticulously contrived persona based on styles, convictions, and real-world experinces stolen from those more interesting. From people whose lives have been flavored with real problems and struggles and the personality and character developed from living through them. The hipter latches on to an assorted handful of grab-bag trends because he/she is a coward afraid to be an individual despite claiming otherwise. They hide within this guise of “coolness” and play up irony as an out to dismiss just how hard they’ve tried to fabricate some meaning in their empty, pathetic lives. They attempt to make the rest of the world believe that the joke is really on us. Above all, it’s so desperately important to them that they’re noticed, good attention or bad. Adoration from the media stokes their artificially inflated egos, and derision from the real world fuels their sense of superiority over the “uncultered” and those who supposedly just don’t get it. The hipster plague is slowly infecting almost every demographic, it seems, but underneath that thin shiny surface it’s always the same: whitebread, with nothing of value and no identity to speak of. They simply can’t accept the reality of being one of the masses nor that they are no more unique nor special than anyone else. They’d rather exist as a walking toilet-brush physiqued fakery. I guess what I’m trying to sake is: Fuck these dirtbags!!!

    • I read something the other day, it was something to the effect of contempt often indicates envy. I think some of these people deep down wish they could just be normal suburbanites with normal jobs and 2 kids they drive to soccer practice, etc. But they’re too afraid to look “uncool.” It’s sad.

  5. This is probably the best hipster parallel ever drawn.

  6. THIS! ^^ fantastic post.

  7. I need to have some Mast Brothers Chocolate.

  8. Oh well – if hamming it upon a giant piano keyborad with Robert Loggia is too mainstrem for you there’s always “Snacky Tunes” (Brooklyn based of course):

    Then there’s this guy – “Damon” who looks like a reject from a dude ranch:

    • Wow, the greatest people he’s ever met are bartenders. Real people, real skills, real life.

      Real good at getting him to part with his [parents'] money.

    • “Snacky Tunes is routinely radio perfection for the music OR food enthusiast.”

      Really? You don’t say.
      I can’t think of a single person I know who doesn’t enjoy both music and food. Aside from the fact that this might be one of the most pretentious sentences I’ve ever read, I don’t think their target market is “everyone in the entire world”. I think we all know what they mean by “music OR food entusiast” It’s just like thier need to have a store that only sells one thing. There’s no one in the world who could really be both a food AND a music entusiast. Sure, there are folks who will say they like both food and music, but none of them really UNDERSTANDS food OR music the way we do. There’s not enough time in the day to truely learn how to be entusiastic about food the CORRECT way. The way WE do. Let alone music too? With all the 2a rooftop film and IPA parties, and 11a sneering rehearsal, and 1p kickball league, and stopping at 10 different stores to buy 10 total items, and $45 4p brunch, and the tri-weekly subway kazoolaphone recitals, and not to mention my 2 hours per week DJ gig on The Local Food and Music Entusiast’s Radio Show, even I barely have time to be an expert on everything trending right now! And I’m a genius!! Mommy always says I am!

      I didn’t watch or listen to any of it, but I can about guarantee you that I would not have found any perfection in it if I did.

      • The whole foodie thing is endlessly irritating. Oh, YOU like food TOO??? Everyone likes food. Everyone can pretty much tell the difference between good food and crappy food. Music snobbery has a little more to it, as music can be a lot more intellectual, and you really do need some education to appreciate say Bach or Mozart fully. But hipsters don’t like classical music. They don’t even understand or know anything about it. They just listen to whatever obscure ukulele band all of their friends are listening to, usually for some kind of “ironic” cache.

        • They don’t like/understand classical music, but boy do they pretend that they do.

          As a classically trained musician (non-professional) and a classical music lover, I love seeing them squirm when I call them out and test them on their knowledge.

    • MY EYES MY EYES MY EYES WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Holy shit, those Snacky Tunes idiots are really trying hard for a reaction. I’ll never understand why these cuntrags, incapable of being noticed through talent or accomplishment, resort to weird-out tactics for attention. They wish they were half as interesting as the real weirdos they’re trying to emulate in appearance. Stupid fucks.

  9. No prophecy is ever fully understood until it has come to pass. Diehipster, you are the Lord’s Anointed One !

  10. Just found this “Look at Meeeeee” monkey bitch visiting Berlin. Can’t even pronounce Prenzlauer Berg properly (hint it’s Pren-TS-lauer, not Pren-ZZ-lauer). Not to mention her other attempts at German sound atrocious and that some doosh in the comments congratulates her on her great German.

    (brief summary of video)
    Knock, Knock the camera….. LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEE!!!

    • What a despicable cunt. Hell would be having to spend 10 minutes with her. The worst is she thinks she’s so cute/hot (with all of her little poses for the camera) and at best she’s a 6.

      • As I’ve said before, if a chick is totally porn-star hot, under 23 and wants to give me a blow-job, I can tolerate anything. Anything older and I want a bit of maturity and interesting converstion (that includes pronouncing foreign words correctly).

        This pig, on the other hand, is north of 35, at best a 4, and has the brain of a single-celled organism. Whatever happened to the days when young people did the crazy shit and the older adults offered common sense? All I can think of is she has a pussy-whipped boyfriend filming her and paying for the trip all while expecting his first blow-job any day now.

    • Everyone is happy? That’s news to me, because everywhere I go people are struggling to make ends meet and don’t get to jet off to Germany on a whim. What does this young girl do for a living to be able to do such a thing? Oh, right. Nothing at all. Thanks, Mom.

    • On behalf of my heritage, perhaps she could find a locally-sourced WWII land mine to step on?

    • This reminds me of all of the yupsters who moved to Prague in the early Nineties, assuming that they’d fit right in because they were young and American and completely ignorant of everything Czech. They came out because everything was, like, soooo cool and new and different, and then all they wanted to do was turn Prague into another Dallas or Kansas City. Why, it was amazing how many moved back within two or three years, swearing up and down that they left because “the magic was gone” instead of because the locals literally spat in their faces every morning.

      And it continued. I once worked for a trust fund brat who decided he needed to get into publishing, and he ran a business magazine for six months until he got bored. In the meantime, he and a gaggle of frat brothers made a trip to Havana, and came back gushing about how the US had to lift its embargo against Cuba so he and his fellow SMU brats could be the first to bring American-style capitalism back to the island. Well, in his case, “American-style capitalism” meant getting Cuba to subsidize hotels, casinos, and local Hooters franchises for him. (And I’ll add that he was absolutely serious when he said this.) Oh, was he butthurt when he discovered months later that Canadians had locked up all of the foreign investment in Cuba, and they weren’t about ready to let some horseface step in and try to take over.

      • Prague needs to be nuked.

        I spent a week in Prague in 2007. I never thought I would ever want to get out of an old classical city so quickly. The makers of “Amadeus” have a lot to answer for. The whole place is one big yuppie Disneyland with coffee shops (not the Amsterdam kind either), galleries, souveniers, more souveniers, more coffee shops, more classical concerts and so on ad infinitum. In fact, it is so overblown I couldn’t even enjoy anything. Every church I visited could only be entered by guided tour and I was ordered to look here, look there, leave.

        I don’t really blame the locals though. There is not much else to make money off in Czech republic and they’re the best off of the ex-kommie countries. Krakow, Warsaw and Budapest are much the same story. None of those countries exactly excelled at anything since the Wall fell. It’s been pretty much lazziez faire capitalism and cum-dumpsters for every Westerner who can’t get laid at home. Westerners have bought everything of value there and given football hooligans and hipsters in return.

      • My brother-in-law went to the Czech Republic, but not to Prague, to Vsetin, and spoke fluent Czech, married a local woman, and came back….to New Jersey, not Billyburg. Instead of working at a deck company, he teaches school in a somewhat distressed community.

        • Except for the nuking bit, every Czech person I’ve told my story to has agreed with me 100%.

          I’ve actually found Czech people to be very friendly and open. Plus if I was going to move there or buy property, the first thing I would do is learn the language. I would never rely on them to speak to me in English, especially if it’s somewhere out in the countryside. Hell, even for picking up girls, you have 100x the chance if you know the local language, even a little bit. It’s the yuppies and the weekend soccer hooligans they hate.

    • LOLOLOLLLLLLLL as true as true can get! This shithead bitch is as common as track bikes with colored rims and cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon, except those things are objects that don’t make worthless blog “look at me” video diaries about pseudo lifestyles.

      Hey Sonia, ” YOU’RE FAKE, BORING AND CORNY”. I’ll bet she says “Oh my God” and “Thank you so much” every 10 minutes. Give camera man Taylor his head job already and cut the shit. You’re fooling no one.

    • “Even after massive gentrification, the place is a hub for green politics”. What, because it has a couple of fucking recycling bins? Twat…

      • The word “even” in that sentence confused the hell out of me. It should be “because.”

  11. “Hey Josh, do you like having a quirky intern job where you can be an adult infant in NYC all day, while not having to pay rent out of your own pocket?”

    “Like, yah!”

    This exchange takes place hundreds of times per day in gentrified north Breukeliein.

    I’m looking forward to checking this movie out again and spotting all the hipster parallels

    • Well three scenes come to mind. On the handball court when he whines about the guy cheating and runs away with the ball but then gets punched in the face. Also he hates coffee but then pretends to like it the day after he finally bangs the girl and feels like a man. The secretary says ” but you hate coffee”. Finally, when he arrives to the company party in the “unique” white tuxedo with coat tails.

      • I actually thought about this movie and hipsters maybe a year ago when my newspaper had an article in it about some guy in Montana who had an old saloon in some ghost town that was filled with his huge collection of antique arcade and novelty games that he was donating as a museum to the county or the state because he couldn’t sell it (or something like that anyway). I just remember that there was one of those Zoltar machines in his collection, and seeing it reminded me of this movie. However i was thinking that wishing to be big was the exact opposite of what most hipsters want. I hadn’t really considered that this movie was like an exact blueprint for what most of your city’s hipsters did with their lives.
        And yeah I totally forgot about the quirky white tux. From now on every time I see a hipster looking screaming LOOK AT MEEEEEEE!!!! at the top of their lungs, I’m going to picture Tom Hanks playing with a giant pile of toys in a boardroom.

  12. 7. He actually held a real job that he was actually quite good at
    8. At the end of the movie, he realized that while living in the city was a fun adventure, he still had much to learn, and a lot of growing up to do, so, unlike these bedbug-infested morons….
    Nevertheless, I think you’re onto something. We could make a movie today where Joshie refuses to leave the big, exciting city, turns into a complete smug, unwashed, asshole, dumps his gf for some egg-shaped and egg-complexioned canklesaur who listens to the same crappy local bands he does, and lets his apartment get completely overrun by bedbugs. We can call this movie “Hip”

    • Agreed. He didn’t have mommy’s dime to live on. His job made REAL money. He matured and had character development in the movie compared to the years hipsters spend in NYC.

  13. F@ck!
    First part of my comment got lost… here’s the whole thing….
    I kinda beg to differ. THere’s more differences than parallels between “Big” Josh and “eternally 5-years-old” Joshie from Pennsylconsintucky.
    For starters:
    1. He wanted to be “big,” not some noodle-bodied pasty weak fucktard
    2. He actually brought home a paycheck from a job he was quite good at
    3. His girlfriend was hot
    4. He got laid
    5. He paid his own rent
    6. He didn’t sport any “ironic” facial hair
    7. He was having GENUINE fun, not trying to impress everyone else with his “cute” and “quirly” antics
    8. At the end of the movie, he realized that while living in the city was a fun adventure, he still had much to learn, and a lot of growing up to do, so, unlike these bedbug-infested morons….
    Nevertheless, I think you’re onto something. We could make a movie today where Joshie refuses to leave the big, exciting city, turns into a complete smug, unwashed, asshole, dumps his gf for some egg-shaped and egg-complexioned canklesaur who listens to the same crappy local bands he does, and lets his apartment get completely overrun by bedbugs. We can call this movie “Hip”

  14. You started raising the rents, now reap the whirlwind:
    “The premise of Williamsburg as an artist community with small businesses providing for that community is going away,” said Rosillo, who opted to move his shop to a site on Bedford Avenue and S. Fourth Street. “Eventually that population is moving to the Southside — and it’s already begun.”

    • The same thing happened to the manayunk section in Philadelphia. They took pride in the fact that none of the stores were corporate – hell they fought them off. Now if you walk down there it’s Starbucks, Pottery Barn, etc. Get this – a landlord even sold off the indoor farmer’s market for re-development.

      Eventually this will happen. Once these losers realize that THE reason why these stores do well and thrive is because people want what they have to sell. Sometimes, you just need a friggin’ 2 X4 or pliers and can’t wait or have time for the quirky flea market to open on the weekend or to go doumpster diving for reclaimed lumber.

      Damn i miss hardware stores.

      • Yup, missing hardware stores are the final sign of the Apocalypse. I am fortunate to have a couple nearby. I’m not too handy, but if someone tells me what to do and sells me the parts I’m usually OK. I walk in with the broken part, they get me what I need to fix it and general directions. I love these guys. Never get that at home depot. As for the article above they make a point of saying “No Starbucks here, too expensive for this space” Yikes! one can only imagine what will go in there but I know I will not be a customer.

    • He has that smug superior being from another planet look on his face that seems to say it all.
      No girlfriend ? Just wait right there. Some equally smug bitch will along momentarily to help you blog your collection.

      • Yup, cuz he’s a trustfundarian. Waste of water; gives seniors a bad name.

      • No….another Collyer Brother….hoarder from a family of means. You can’t make hoarders like this get help….

    • Hey, it’s Urban AG!

    • “McCrary, who has no job, considers himself a “collector of some sort,” not a hoarder. He pays for his $1,400-a-month rent from the estate of his parents…”

      That’s just sad… 64 year old waste of time.

  15. Sundance film Festival 2027


    A Karma’s a Bitch (really) Short Film:


    By Michael Moore Jr. Jr.

    SCENE: Shaky camera work focuses on Zander Quiffendorf , an aging barista and the last known hipster in Brooklyn.

    Commentor: So Zander – tell me what was Williamsburg like in its heyday.

    ZANDER: Oh man…where do I begin. I mean it was like – heaven on earth! Everyone was quirky and creative. We partied all the time the time. We were ecologically enlightened, intellectual and tolerant. We flouted convention and hoped to bring sophistication to the rubes on Brooklyn. We were deep and ironic.

    Commentator: So – what happened?

    ZANDER: Well (wipes a tear from his eye). All the progressive things we did – the roof top gardens near the chemical plant, raising livestock – well – it turns out the soils and roofing had decades of dangerous chemicals and heavy metals – especially mercury. We slowly died off or went insane. In fact we even tried to start a straw boater factory called
    “Mad as a Hatter”. Ironic, right?

    Commentator: I guess it wasn’t long before the local economy collapsed.

    ZANDER: Well yeah – I mean some could be contributed to death but
    the major contributing was our parents died and left us nothing.

    Commentator: So what happened?

    ZANDER: Well first the real estate market crashed. Then the businesses went belly up.
    (points across the street) Over there was Jimmy Jams, Brooklyn, Jams, Williamsburg preserves and In a Jam…all of them – gone.

    Commentator: Not for nothing but – four jam stores on one block?

    ZANDER: WHY NOT? Sorry..didn’t mean to yell… Well they each sold a different flavor.

    Commentator: So when did the neighborhood turn?

    ZANDER: Well the real estate got so cheap that interlopers from Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Jamaica..disgusting. These people ate McDonalds and worked jobs that actually paid money. They made their own way. They brought back industries that required skills.
    I mean – jeez – how can you run a shipyard without a food blog?

    See that block? There used to be a lego collective, Art gallery, six cupcake stores. Now what do you have? A research lab, electronics factory, 4 machine shops, a hardware store
    And a…a…..Starbucks (sobs). The Rave factory? It’s now a foundry.

    Commentator: So how do you survive?

    ZANDER: I live in a tool shed…with like real tools…the kind that cavemen use…like saws, post hole diggers….

    Commentator: Why don’t you move out and get a real job.

    ZANDER: I’m an artist man! I gonna stay here and fight the good fight and thumb my nose at these rubes! I AM A BARISTA! I LIVE FOR MY ART! I WILL DIE FOR MY –


    ZANDER: Yes Sir! Here You go! Thank you for choosing Dunkin’ Donuts!
    (under breath) damn one percenters….

    • Standing Ovation! Brilliant!

      my favorite part is ‘last known hipster in Brooklyn’. And when Zander got angry and screamed when the business practice of having 4 jam shops on one block was questioned. Captures the infant attitude of these bearded pipe cleaners perfectly.

    • This post was awesome, but those last 3 comments are like amp in “Spinal Tap” that goes to “11″.

    • It’s okay. I understand that Zander was moved to the Hipster Refuge in Portland. Much like the Florida panther, most of the inhabitants were declared too inbred to save and were sterilized, but you can still see them in their native habitat, flinging feces at the people on the other side of the fence and screeching “You’re just JEALOUS!”

    • July 2013, Citi Field.

      The New York Mets hold Hipster Demolition Day after a game between the Mets and Washington Nationals. Fans get a discount on tickets for bringing an ironic vinyl album, cupcake, Mast Brothers Chocolate bar or American Apparel/UO article of clothing to diehipster and his minions in the parking lot.

      After the Mets beat the Nationals, 7-3, the crowd spills into the parking lot, where the hipster items are burned.

  16. -Socially awkward around women.

    • She’s 33 and her favorite color is “rainbow”? Gawrsh, Mickey, I’ve gotta empty out my bank account for her parade RIGHT NOW.

        • Go back to where you came from and get a real job I am tired of seeing homes being lent to these as whipes while people who need home can’t even get it because lazy art people like this can sit around in the house all day and do nothing.

        • Wow, she’s making arts and crafts! Which would be ok if: a) she were an elementary school teacher or b) a mother of young children.

          This useless waste of resources is neither.

          • From her bio: “I’m a 24 year old freelance photographer, actress, street artist and fun maker!”

            Translation: I work at a job I’m too embarrassed to list on a website, and my parents pay my rent.

            Actual photographers, you know, the ones that do uncool work like grinding it out for daily newspapers or shooting weddings or homes for real estate agents – don’t have time to be “fun makers”.

            ANd later:
            Feel free to email me if you’re interested in hiring me. I’m always open to new things so let’s talk!

            New things = a regular paycheck from someone unrelated.

        • OK, so right up front she says ‘…people are angry and feel like punching someone in the face.” And guess what – I am and I do. And I’m sure I’d have plenty of company if those innocent pedestrians knew what you were doing with their pictures. That’s not street art, it’s just juvenile. And lame. Fuck that’s ANNOYING!

          And her cat looked like a tick with fur. It’s in better shape than she is.

        • Good thing this is documented. This is REALLY important. Hope she “makes it” as an artist so she can stop living the hard life with her $2500 SLR camera.


        • The only art I want to see this Adderall receptacle involved with is the chalk line drawn around her by the cops.

        • If you look at her Facebook page, you can see all her douchy friends, and her favorite quote: “I believe that everyone else my age is an adult whereas I am merely in disguise.”

      • “and according to my calculations… [Sex] Toys + Plastic Eggs = Easter Eggs!” Shove ‘em! She’s definitely retarded.

      • Let me take a wild guess: Her parents pay for that apartment, camera equipment, Macbook for blogging, and all those craft supplies, too.

      • Look at that video on her “about MEEEE” link. This fucking trust-funded, interloping dipshit gets me bent beyind belief. Nice $6000 gentrification apartment to fingerpaint and jump around like an infant. “People don’t interact and are distant?” That’s because normal people, normal ADULTS live in the real world and have to pay their own overinflated rents and support their families, you fucking half-witted skank, and don’t have unlimited free time to blow pink bubles and dance barefoot in the park all day long… Hey Color Me Katie – I would be more than happy to color you red, black and blue. If I ever saw this assrag getting jacked in the street, I would just sit back with my hands behind my head and smile.

      • Did you know she’s also a very talented film maker?

        Here’s her two boy-toys, Keith Haskell and Rob Malone in their acting debut.
        (Bet they’re expecting their blow-jobs any day now)

    • $1,500 for her own birthday? What? No family or friends? Nobody spend near that amount on me for any of my birthdays.

    • That’s up there with “Which key is the ‘any’ key?” and “My computer’s cup holder broke.”

    • Of COURSE that this would be a Portland project. I also got a cackle on reading “This project is a feature length narrative that is being shot on 16mm film.” In other words, this crew figures that they can blow it up to 35mm and give it theatrical distribution. Great idea…in 1989.

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