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  1. Nice!

  2. I was walked down to DiFara’s teh other day and saw this hipster with Elvis sideburns dressed like an extra from “The Lords of Flatbush” so I made him lick the garbage stained sidewalk all the while repeating over and over again, “I eat Avenue J”….

  3. Today I saw an urban tour guide with his groucho marx nose mustache and glasses where his balls should be so I pistol whipped him with a fixed gear sustainable fair trade tazer and electrocuted him for being an estrogen sucking freak. End of story.

  4. So he only had one eye to go with the one testicle?

  5. Yesterday, I watched as a walking toilet brush that thought it was human rode his bike through oncoming traffic while wearing a painfully ironic Seventies ensemble, complete with wide tie. I didn’t have to do a thing: he whipped out in front of a car that wasn’t able to stop in time: he wasn’t injured, but his equally ironic Seventies ten-speed was bent up. Wearing that much polyester in Dallas heat, if he didn’t die by the time he got to work or went back home, he’d definitely wear sensible clothes the next time. End of story.

  6. who is steve lam?

      • holy shit. is this guy for real? people that usually refer to themselves as “intellectual” are most likely not intellectual nor original.

        I like in his write up he turns the phrase “hipster” into a racial or ses issue.

        seeing as he takes painstaking care into his image, he kinda makes himself out into the antithesis of the subjective “cool”.

        even though cool is a matter of opinion, i think most people would agree, he is not cool.

        in addition, doesn’t he realize that the mountain bike is a hipster faux pas?

        i want to have a conversation with this guy. seems he really enjoys himself.

        there really should be more posts about this guy. hes an incredible human being. kinda like this guy.

        • Oh, we get a few human car crashes coming through here, but they usually give up after they realize they aren’t going to get in the last word. Stevie, though, is the DieHipster.com equivalent of the guy who keeps trying to come to work in his Next Generation uniform. Not only won’t he take the hint, but he gets some perverse pride in being laughed at.

    • Steve Lam is a sad, gender confused, self-hating asian white boy hipster wannabe who lives in Toronto Canada. Steve’s reason for constantly posting here under an army of sock puppets is because he has an obsessive man crush on DH.

      Hmmm, need to condense that so it’d fit on his headstone as an epitaph. Just thinking ahead, Stevie!

  7. Today I saw a meghan on the bus loudly playing a terrible beat she made using Parappa the Rappa on her Game Boy DS, so I asked her how local, sustainable, recycled, organic, artistic, or creative a Game Boy DS was. She started thinking so hard I could actually see her whole world collapsing around her, and eventually her head exploded and a crackhead stole her Game Boy.
    End of Story.

    • Today, I saw a red-bearded, Mister Salty-shaped group of Lego sculptors and Typeface Theorists dressed like Little House on the Prairie shopkeepers playing ye olde cockshaped locally-crafted fiddles at the Lorimer station so I sliced off their fingers, put em in roof-top flax buns and sold them as hand-crafted, organic hot dogs at $16 a piece to stimulate the local economy.

  8. Nice article.

  9. And what the hell is up with this disgusting style of rolled up trousers with no socks all the pussified little vontzes in the art department have taken to wearing? Like this, except bad smelling and much uglier:

    and with some Gilligan’s Island hat too!

    And sometimes with a bandanna in the back pocket. Mrs Booth (the rebbetzin) says to me that the bandanna is a sign that the boy is a homosexual, you know, a fegelah. But he’s not, I’ve seen him with his ugly girlfriend, although she looks like a boy too. No, I tell the wife, not gay, just Pussfied!

    • I don’t know what’s up with that, but it’s like they’re deliberately picking styles that got the designers’ asses kicked when they were in high school. “They made fun of me for wearing highwaters, but I’ll show them! I’LL SHOW THEM ALL!”

    • They need those high-water jeans for all of their own bullshit they’re walking in as well as all those Gowanus canoe excursions. You don’t want toxic sewage sludge ruining your $500 jeans.

    • My thoughts exactly. I hope those yuppie scumbag-cunts’ feet get hacked off at the exposed area of yuppie cunt skin between their rolled up trousers and no sock highwaters with rusty chainsaws, hacksaws, handsaws, boxcutters, blow torches, rabid dogs, cats, and racoons,…

  10. After reading all this I’m worried that my nieces are wannabe hipsters since they want to leave Astoria (which I like) for Brooklyn. “Astoria doesn’t have any good bookstores or Gorilla coffee” they say.

  11. Check it out – http://www.diediehipster.com
    It’s a new site about hating hipsters! We talk about fixies, freegans, trustfunders, chocolate bars, and hating hipsters. Fun for all!

    • You have no life you passive-aggressive douchebag. Forget about the internet drama and get on with your life.

    • 1- Is that REALLY you?
      2- Why? Seriously? Does this site affect you that much? I mean, it’s a blog. (No offense DH.)
      You’ve said some things that bug me, but you don’t seem like an idiot overall. But this…well…is kinda idiotic.
      Anyway, if you’re going to persist, at least change the title page to something your own and original. You’re good with a camera right? Stealing the exact same format complete with photo just isn’t right. First the neighborhood and now even the diehipster logo? *tsk tsk* Can’t a hipster do ANYTHING original?

    • Damn. Seek attention much?

    • As I’ve noted before, I haven’t come across that much humorless and irrelevant whining from a complete nonentity since the last time Pearl Jam went on tour. That, sir, was the blogging equivalent of whimpering “Well, my mom thinks I’m cool.”

      Keep talking in nasaltone CUNT, I’ve got all night.

  12. Question from an OF (olde faahrt): Is hipster synonymous with Brooklyn? What about Manhattan hipsters? At what age is someone too old to be one?

    • I think the whole point of this site is that they are NOT “from Manhattan” or “from Brooklyn” are not “creative types” but just suburban poseurs trying to give the appearance of being talented. Where they’re from doesn’t even really matter, it is the fact that they are fake, vapid, shells of real human beings.

  13. GO HERE:


    Anybody see this shit today on NY1?????

    Yep old lady’s get their service cut, metro-cards are gonna cost EVEN FUCKING MORE…but shitheels???? NOPE THEY GET A SPECIAL LINE THAT TAKES THEM DIRECTLY TO somewhere in MANHATTAN shitheel disneyland.

  14. I’ve been noticing more inconsiderate a-holes bringing their “alternative transportation” (bikes) onto the M. A dirty bike tire two inches away from your white button down shirt and face after a hard day’s work? If someone pulled that shit anywhere in my vicinity I’d tell them off but who needs the aggravation at 630PM on a weekday? Thank God I take the “F.”

  15. Right, hipsters are rich alien transients but some seem to be staying overlong and reproducing. How can anyone buy a McLaren baby stroller with a straight face? Alert: there was a recall of their umbrella stroller.

    • The thing is, if they’re so rich why don’t they move to rich neighborhoods in NY? They colonize poor neighborhoods because they’re suburban faux rich. Mom and Dad take out a 3rd mortgage so their spoiled arrested development offspring can continue their college years well into their early forties, while paying ridiculous rents because they are ignorant rubes who landlords can see a mile away.

      BTW, Rob-ert and Steve Lam are saying over on their blog that this site is homophobic and antisemitic. Strange coincidence that all the posters who have been spouting any anti-antisemitism or homophobic remarks on here SOUND REMARKABLY JUST LIKE STEVE LAM SOCK PUPPETS. Hmmmm…

      • Oh, this should be funny. How long before the only posters (or readers, for that matter) are Stevie and his sock puppets, attempting a conversation?

        • LOL

        • HahahaahahahahaHilarious. Different characters he invented having conversations with each other.

          Will he and his sock puppets eventually abandon that schizo blog he cooked up and return here when he realizes no one cares? He’s a fucking attention-starved masochist and needs the constant reaming. He’ll be back soon enough.

          • I just love how idiots like you think that anyone who has the “nerve” to go against your obvious idiocy is automatically a “sock puppet”. This just goes to show what a bunch of short-sighted, low-life, ignorant native Brooklyn knuckle-draggers all you regulars are. Any normal socially well-adjusted person who stumbles upon this sight sees you all as bunch of lonely juvenile delinquents who have nothing better to do in your spare time than to spew hate and intolerance, as a means to make up for missing camaraderie and social interaction in your lives. Diediehipster.com will finally bring some intelligence to the critique of hipsterism.

          • (crickets chirping)

          • “I just love how idiots like you think that anyone who has the “nerve” to go against your obvious idiocy is automatically a “sock puppet””

            Yer the kind of hysterical homo that gives gay guys a bad name.

          • When you used the word “critique”, I believe you meant “mindless sycophancy”. Keep it going, Stevie: not everyone can suck his own cock, and you’ll probably get used to belching up your own semen after a while.

      • True. That’s why I recommend we mug and kill the bastard yuppie hipster scum.

  16. Here is Bill Pullman, playing a hipster, asking a local Brooklyn resident what he should do:








    L O S E R L O S E R L O S E R L O S E R L O S E R

  18. ok here:

  19. Hey Anybody hear about this Yuppie-Hipster Movie EAT PRAY LOVE that just came out?


    I saw one commercial for this and wanted to fucking puke. Good going Hollywood, let’s add more fuel to that ME-first culture of Americans today. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME-It’s all about ME. STFU the world does not revolve around you

    • I saw a write up of this in my paper today and I took one look at the photo and was like “oh great, the Star Tribune is doing another expose about another granny-dressed vintage shoed pasty meghan on a wicked witch of the west bike”. Then I looked closer and thought “good god that’s Julie Roberts!”
      How much you wanna bet that a) this movie makes a killing at the box office and b) hipster sheep in a gentrified area near you will soon be trying to do whatever stupid shit they do in this movie?

      • Just watched the trailer for EAT PRAY LOVE on YouTube – fucking nauseating. “Based on a true story” – so not only did this supposedly “dead broke” self-centered twat afford to travel from Rome to India to Bali in luxury, she had her little narcissistic adventure published and turned into a disgusting Hollywood version.

        The comments are sickening.
        computergeek9911 wrote: “I’m a guy, and i cant wait to see this.” I guarantee that was written in nasal.

        That review that Joe linked is fucking great and sounds like a DieHipster contributor.

        • I loved the start where that toothless Asian fortune teller is grinning while reading her fortune and, of course, he HAS to be right.

          Deleted scene: Asian fortune teller laughs all the way to the bank.

          • I wonder when Stevie’s girlfriend is going to do the same thing, dump him, travel the World and meet some Spanish Honcho (a Real Man) and finally get married to a guy with balls.

            Then again, Stevie will probably do it first.

          • Naaw. She’ll head right to Brooklyn, fall head-over-grannydress in love with a typical bluecollar “knuckledragger”, and spend the rest of her life in utter bliss. Stevie, on the other hand, will buy a succession of rabbits and name them after her. Since nobody will be allowed inside his place, and he’ll put down plastic sheeting beforehand, the cops won’t make a connection between him and the dead rabbits dumped out in the street, looking as if they were raped with a sewing needle.

          • From IMDB.com


            Instead we sat through, as I said, the most agonizing 2+ hours of film, ever. A summary ensues…

            Whine-Whine-Divorce-Whine-Cry-Travel-Whine-Eat-Whine-Feminist Bullshit-Whine-Elevate Importance-Whine-Whine-Travel-Whine-Attempt Meditation-Whine-Get Better at Meditation with help of Hippie-Whine-Elevate Importance to Unknown Levels-Whine-Whine-Travel-Whine-Whine-”Fall in Love” I think that is pretty much it. Do not see this film.

      • Oh, if you think that’s bad, wait until you see “Portlandia” on IFC:


        Now, it’s on IFC, which means that no non-mutant is going to see this. Fine and good, if the mutants weren’t using this as a training video. I don’t care about whether or not this is supposed to be a comedy: you’re still going to see the terminally nasal assuming that this describes life in Oregon the way “Northern Exposure” was assumed by TV addicts to be a documentary about Alaska. I bet half of the viewers will take the show as a message from God to move to Portland, and the other half will be whining about the jokes “I don’t think that’s funny AT ALL.”

        What I find really interesting, though, is that current Portland Mayor Sam Adams is going to have a part on the show, as the fictional mayor’s assistant. The city is about $5 billion in debt, infrastructure is falling apart, and Portland’s major industries are all leaving. However, the mayor has enough time in his busy schedule of banging underage interns, drunk driving in his underwear, and, oh yes, selling the city out to the hipsters and the developers who love them to play some more in this. Almost makes you miss honest crooks in city government like Boss Tweed, doesn’t it?

  20. OK, this might possibly be the funniest hipster related item I have ever seen:
    “…when a rhinoceros of a man grabbed the handlebars and said, “Drop the bike!” ”
    “So, with one hand on still holding the handlebars, I simply said, “No.” ”

    Hahahahahahahaa. Wrong answer, SCHMUCK!

    Other classic lines:
    “the pain was real, and I instinctively yelled, “Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!” with every strike that hit the back of my head. ”

    “Puzzled by their reluctance to act, I looked up at them and shouted, “Why are you standing there? How can you just watch this? Do something!!!” But, like zombies, they just stood up, turned around, and went inside their building, leaving me alone with the mugger — who, by the way, kept slugging away. ”

    “It was then that I finally let go of the bike and roared the biggest roar of my life, shaking the humid air on my quiet residential street: “WHY WON”T ANYBODY IN THIS FUCKING NEIGHBORHOOD HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!” ”

    Amazing, he’s totally unselfconscious of what a putz he is.

    • I remember this wonderful story from last year. DieHipster posted this on the old site. What a fucking douche. Deserved everything he got.

      • Yeah, i remember this one too…makes me smile a little on the inside every time i hear about it! its one thing if the person defended himself against the robber, or even avoided the whole beatdown together and given him whatever he wanted…but he had to try a bernhard goetz and get in his face and talk shit…and tried to make it everyone elses fault for “NOT FUCKING HEELLLLPPING MEEEE!!!!!!” what a douche. If you cant stand the hood, stay out of brooklyn! (or whatever projects they wanna invade)

        And i absolutley LOVE the tshirt hes wearing in his “ooohh pity me look at what happened to me in my safe neighborhood” picture to blog to the world…

        absolutely sickening. Yet laughable

        • Just went back to read the comments again. Our old friend “sophia” is ragging all over the comments section on that one. Even our buddy, “barrett brown” was on the defense for this schmuck whos first instinct was to run to a mirror with his $6000 camera to take a photo of himself. I guess the blood that was beat out of him makes him authentically urban grit now.

    • Oh jesus, that was awesome. I love how his only defense is to say, ‘fuck you’ over and over.

  21. You people are the red necks of NYC. How weird.

    • Then don’t read the posts – simple.

    • Project much?

    • I love how soft-skulls like this schmuck betray their own ignorance and back-ass-wardness with their racist/classist vocabulary. Phrases like “you people” are only used by sheltered, inbred shit-stains with inferiority complexes that have to project their own bullshit insecurities onto others.

      It’s really fun to get these mental midgets angry though…
      Thanks, Afar. It seems you’re already halfway there.

  22. Tonight at borderline hipster locale: Trader Joe’s on E. 14th St. Manhattan. Loud girl on I-phone talking about TIFFANY, the last syllable drawn out with voice dropping.

  23. http://www.latimes.com/news/la-fi-raw-food-raid-20100725,0,4350641,full.story

    Raw-food raid highlights a hunger

    Some people balk at restrictions on selling unprocessed milk and other foods. ‘How can we not have the freedom to choose what we eat?’ one says. Regulators say the rules exist for safety and fairness.

    With no warning one weekday morning, investigators entered an organic grocery with a search warrant and ordered the hemp-clad workers to put down their buckets of mashed coconut cream and to step away from the nuts.

    Then, guns drawn, four officers fanned out across Rawesome Foods in Venice. Skirting past the arugula and peering under crates of zucchini, they found the raid’s target inside a walk-in refrigerator: unmarked jugs of raw milk.

    “I still can’t believe they took our yogurt,” said Rawesome volunteer Sea J. Jones, a few days after the raid. “There’s a medical marijuana shop a couple miles away, and they’re raiding us because we’re selling raw dairy products?”

    Cartons of raw goat and cow milk and blocks of unpasteurized goat cheese were among the groceries seized in the June 30 raid by federal, state and local authorities — the latest salvo in the heated food fight over what people can put in their mouths.

    On one side are government regulators, who say they are enforcing rules designed to protect consumers from unsafe foods and to provide a level playing field for producers. On the other side are ” healthy food” consumers — a faction of foodies who challenge government science and seek food in its most pure form.

    They want almonds cracked fresh from the shell, not those run through a federally mandated pasteurization process that uses either heat or a chemical to kill off salmonella and other possible contaminants. They hunger for meat slaughtered on the farm. And they’re willing to pay a premium — $6, $8 or more — for a gallon of milk straight from the cow.

    So despite research outlining the dangers of consuming raw milk and other unprocessed foods, they’re finding ways to circumnavigate federal, state and local laws that seek to control what they can serve at the dinner table. Such defiance, they said, comes from growing distrust of a food sector that has become more industrialized and consolidated — and whose products have been at the root of some of the country’s deadliest food contamination cases.

    “This is about control and profit, not our health,” said Aajonus Vonderplanitz, co-founder of Rawesome Foods. “How can we not have the freedom to choose what we eat?”

    Scientists and regulators point to epidemiological evidence linking disease outbreaks to raw milk: The milk can transmit bacteria such as E. coli O157:H7, salmonella, campylobacter and listeria, which can result in diarrhea, kidney failure or death.

    “This is not about restricting the public’s rights,” said Nicole Neeser, program manager for dairy, meat and poultry inspection at the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. “This is about making sure people are safe.”

    Demand for all manner of raw foods — including honey, nuts and meat — has been growing, spurred by heightened interest in the way food is produced. But raw milk in particular has drawn a lot of regulatory scrutiny, largely because the politically powerful dairy industry has pressed the government to act.

    It is legal for licensed dairies to sell raw milk at retail outlets in California and 10 other states, according to research by the National Conference of State Legislatures. Twenty states allow people to buy unpasteurized milk directly from farms, or take part in a “cow sharing” program (in which a person buys part ownership of an animal and gets some of its milk).

    But in the case of Rawesome, regulators allege that the group broke the law by failing to have the proper permits to sell food to the public. While the raid was happening at Rawesome, another went down at one of its suppliers, Healthy Family Farms in Ventura County. California agriculture officials said farm owner Sharon Palmer’s processing plant had not met standards to obtain a license. Palmer could not be reached for comment.

    Rawesome’s fans, though, shrugged off such concerns.

    “I always had problems with my stomach and digestion with normal milk,” said Darin Nellis, 41, who runs a nonprofit production company in Culver City and has been a member of Rawesome for three months. “I like how raw goat milk tastes, and I feel better.”

    Such sentiments exasperate officials at the Food and Drug Administration, which bans interstate sales of raw milk and advises that both milk and honey should be pasteurized.

    The debate has boiled at the state level for years. Alta Dena Dairy founder Harold J.J. Stueve fought for decades to help keep raw milk sales legal in California. This year, Wisconsin legislators approved a bill aimed largely at allowing the state’s struggling small farmers to sell more raw milk products. But Gov. Jim Doyle vetoed that bill under pressure from large producers. In neighboring Minnesota, whose official state drink is milk, authorities recently raided a private club similar to Rawesome in south Minneapolis.

    Such battles have had a chilling effect on some retailers. Whole Foods Market used to carry raw milk and raw milk products in California and three other states. But in March, the chain pulled all but a few cheeses off its shelves. Part of the reason, it said in a statement, was “the realities of the very high additional costs for liability insurance … because of the potential risks from selling unpasteurized milk and milk products.”

    Rawesome was born of consumer frustration. In 1998, James Stewart — a vegetarian who drank raw milk — couldn’t find the stuff in Southern California grocery stores. So he started making road trips to dairies in northern California and to Whole Foods in San Jose, which at the time carried raw milk. Word spread. Family and friends wanted it too.

    So Stewart and Vonderplanitz created a private food club where, for a $25 annual fee, members “lease” the land and livestock directly from a farmer. Then, members pay an additional service fee attached to each grocery item, which they say covers the cost of transporting each food item from the farm to Venice.

    The pair reasoned that they didn’t need to obtain a license from state or local agencies because they weren’t technically retailers. In 2004, Rawesome opened on Rose Avenue in Venice. “We’re just a place where people come to pick up the products they already own,” Vonderplanitz said.

    The L.A. County Public Health Department didn’t see it that way. Vonderplanitz said that in 2005 the agency told Rawesome staff they needed a food-business license. Vonderplanitz said that he objected in a letter, and that the county never replied or followed up. (County officials declined to comment.)

    Five years passed. Rawesome now boasts 1,600 members, who battle for street parking every Wednesday and Saturday when the club is open.

    Squeezed between a coffee shop and a vintage guitar store, Rawesome looks from the outside like a forgotten storage unit. A tiny club sign hangs on the 10-foot-tall corrugated fence that hides the windowless storefront.

    But inside, the shop is bright and airy, a bohemian farmers market surrounded by burnt-orange walls and a white tarp roof to keep out the rain. Boxes of coconuts and ginger from Hawaii sit nestled next to crates of California squash. Labels identify where each bite of produce was grown: onions from the Viva Tierra farm in Harlingen, Texas, and King’s Crown Organic farm in King Hill, Idaho.

    The members — a mix of tattooed young people and middle-aged executives in Italian shoes — chat as they head to the walk-in cooler in the back. It is jam-packed with meat and dairy. Ziploc bags are filled with chicken, beef and pork. Many don’t have an expiration date. The other side is stocked with Amish buttermilk ($7.95 a quart), Amish cream cheese ($12.75 a pound) and whole milk ($8.59 per half-gallon).

    Agencies that participated in the raid on Rawesome included the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Investigators confiscated the club’s computer and 17 coolers packed with, among other things, 24 bottles of organic honey, 10 gallons of raw whole milk and two bottles of raw cane syrup. Stewart said the health department slapped a closure notice on the club’s front door that said it was “operating a food facility without a valid public health permit.”

    The health department, district attorney’s office and the FDA declined to comment, citing the pending investigation. The state Department of Food and Agriculture, which was the agency of record on the search warrant, said it continues to work with the district attorney’s office.

    Co-op members are undeterred. Four days after the raid, Rawesome reopened its doors. The shelves were restocked. They have remained so ever since.

    On a recent Wednesday afternoon, the line stretched halfway down the block. A stern young man in baggy cargo pants and sunglasses guarded the entrance, checking drivers’ licenses. Lela Buttery, a Rawesome volunteer and professional biologist, handed out legal waivers to sign.

    One woman, digging into her green grocery bag for a pen, asked, “You guys got shut down last week?”

    “Yes,” Buttery said.

    “That’s nuts,” the woman replied. “You’re not going to stop, right?”

    Buttery grinned. “Can I see your membership card?”

    • If this was just something the raw foodies could do without getting the rest of us involved, I wouldn’t care. That would just be a matter of the stark fist of God smacking them in the head while yelling “The power of Darwin compels you!” The problem, though, is that it’s never just about themselves. Either they spread disease to family members and neighbors, requiring that the rest of society has to clean up their messes after they’re finished playing, or they suddenly decide that it’s everyone else’s fault that they fucked up. Again, it’s these irresponsible attention hounds that are the reason why We Can’t Have Nice Things.

    • In Wisconsin it is legal to sell raw milk products. In Minnesota it is not. There’s been a big bru-ha-ha lately on my side of the St. Croix as all the hipsters lobby the state house to ease the restrictions MN has on certain raw foods, especially raw milk. Well they were gaining a lot of steam, and crossing the river to buy their raw milk, and then all of a sudden people started getting sick. Really sick, lots of them. It resulted in a farmer (a provider of raw milk in WI who was skipping the wholesalers and selling directly to the public, which is apparently a violation of WI law) getting in a bunch of trouble, and now he won’t sell to hipsters or probably anyone he knows to be from MN.
      And now the movement to legalize the sale of raw milk in MN is all but dead.

      I say if the hipsters want to drink raw milk then let them all die from salmonella and e coli and whatever else was making them sick!

      • Ha! Now the bootleggers will be crossing state lines transporting raw milk….

        With the coming of legalized pot, the Mexicans and the gang-bangers will have a new source of ill gotten bling-bling.

        What next, illegal tofu????

  24. OK, what about this shit?



    A drunken madman tried to kill a fashion-industry honcho by shoving her into the path of a Manhattan subway train in a chilling, unprovoked attack, the victim and police told The Post yesterday.

    “As the impact happened, I’m thinking, ‘I’m going to be dead,’ ” Hell’s Kitchen resident Ute Linhart, 39, said of Wednesday evening’s random attack in the 28th Street R-train station.

    “Then I realized that I was in so much pain, I couldn’t possibly be dead.”

    Linhart, who suffered multiple broken bones and a punctured lung, recounted the harrowing tale as she struggled to breathe through an oxygen mask in a bed at Bellevue Hospital.

    Janet N. Zappasodi/Zap-Photography
    LUCKY TO BE ALIVE: Ute Linhart was pushed into the path of an R train at 23rd Street by a drunken stranger, police said.
    “I really think he meant to push me in front of the train. I did see the tracks,” said the German-born Linhart, who works as creative director for Bravado, a Midtown company that designs merchandise for stars like Elton John and Katy Perry.

    “It’s obvious this guy was trying to kill me.”

    The alleged assailant, José Rojas, 25, of The Bronx, pleaded not guilty last night to charges of attempted murder and assault and was held without bail.

    In a bizarre twist, when cops demanded he identify himself, Rojas, a cook at Cipriani, allegedly bellowed, “My name is Osama bin Laden, f–k you!”

    Linhart’s horrific ordeal began at around 8 p.m. as she made her way from her Fifth Avenue office to meet a friend in Times Square.

    Prosecutors said that the unhinged suspect had been standing on the platform pointing in a menacing gun-like gesture at several other straphangers when he made a beeline for the victim.

    Linhart was standing on the uptown platform when Rojas “came creeping up on me,” she said. “He stood next to me for a few seconds and stared at my face. He looked insane.”

    As the 400-ton train barreled into the station, he pushed her from behind, she said.

    Linhart was struck by the train and flung back onto the platform. The impact left her with three broken ribs, her left arm broken in two places, bone fragments in her right cheek and numerous cuts, she said.

    “I have no idea why [he did it],” the victim said. “I do not know this person.”

    Linhart said a quick-thinking good Samaritan grabbed her right arm to soften the blow.

    “I would love to find the person who pulled me back,” she said, adding that hordes of riders circled around and told her to hold on.

    “A woman came over and told me she’s a nurse and to stay calm,” Linhart said. “I felt well taken care of.”

    Rojas, who has no prior record with the NYPD, tried to run but was stopped by a witness and several other people before cops arrived, according to a criminal complaint. The suspect was initially taken to Bellevue Hospital because he was so sloshed.

    “I don’t know why I pushed her,” Rojas told investigators, according to court papers.

    His attorney, Christine Delince, called the attempted-murder charge “excessive.”

    “At no point is my client actually identified as the individual who pushed this woman into the train,” she said.

    The attack took place on the same subway line where in 1999 straphanger Kendra Webdale was pushed to her death by a schizophrenic, who pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

    After Linhart’s near-death experience, taking the subway is no longer an option, she said.

    “I’m never going to go down there again. I’d rather pay for a cab or walk or take the bus,” she said. “I wasn’t even standing near the edge. I was a few feet away.”

    She said that if she encountered her assailant again, she’d want to know why he acted like a lunatic.

    “I would say ‘Hi, what’s wrong with you?’ ” she said. “What’s your problem?”

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/gal_hit_by_train_in_shove_horror_xvyNT7Y5K8xt70uL6sWplM?offset=8#comments#ixzz0wUCMJuoe

  25. So lets see Stevie, by your egg-salad brained logic…I *WON’T* go to hell if I don’t believe in G-D?


    Im glad she got pushed on the tracks.

    Too bad it wasn’t YOU.

  26. Hopefully you never married or reproduced. I would hate to see what kind of torture, both physical and mental, a person such as yourself would give your wife and children.

    • Sorry Stevie,

      I’ve been fucking since six years of age. I have raised 4 sociopaths who like to kick the asses of twinkie she-male bitches from Canada.


      Don’t worry about me and mine, we’re fine. Worry about your own disgusting worm/dog/human? DNA fusion. Your parents were so embarrassed they couldn’t have a SON, so they bought you from a circus freak show. They have written to me complaining about what a huge disappointment you turned out to be. I have advised your father, the limp-dicked wonder to sell your ass to some pedophile freaks in Thailand to get back all the money he wasted on you.

    • Aww Stevie, sorry about that genetic damage and traumatic upbringing, I didn’t know. Try not to hate yourself; perhaps learn to embrace your inner squid. Maybe yu can even become a cult leader like that flipper boy in the “Geek Love” book. Or perhaps little Stevie sure plays a mean pinball??

      • Aah, he’s just pissed that his mother tried to get an abortion with him. When he was 25. That’s not genetic damage: that’s where he messed himself up chewing out of the bag his father put him in before throwing him into the East River. The gill slits are real, though: his girlfriend had him convinced that bobbing for apples only works if you stay under for at least 15 minutes, and that’s the only reason why he “wins”.

    • Ironic that you chose your screen name from a song written by a rapper FROM Brooklyn, you bobble-headed pear-bodied she-male.

  27. I like how this is the google ad displayed at the end of this entry:

    Ads by Google
    Design Your Bike for $399
    Custom Colored Dutch & Fixed Gear Simple + Beautiful + Affordable


  28. Oh my lord, did you look at the gallery at that site? A bunch of joshes and meghans. Disgusting.

    And even a picture of a bike up on a fence like that picture at the douche bag blog about the krazy glue hero on the other post…


  29. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ROTI!!!!!

    • uh oh, better board up the windows and barricade yourselves in the basement, Joshes, I Killed Josh! just got on the Roti Express…


        With the BONNET PEPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        Don’t bug Im with my Roti.

    • Looks like I have to recalibrate my sarcasm detector, It’s slightly malfunctioning.


      Yes, I think it’s a joke.

    • It’s definitely a joke. David Rees is a well-known smartass, and a funny one, too. I will note, too, that he’s not stupid: the PayPal link works, so if someone wants to buy a pencil and poster, he’s not going to turn down your money.

  30. OK. This is too funny for words.


    The Search for Diehipster and Crew’s Real Identity – $400 Reward


    One of the worst things about the people who comment on http://www.diehipster.com is that they reveal the identity of a person who is seen as “the enemy”- including posting their facebook page, their email and links to their phone number. Having your email and cell phone out there on a forum overflowing with hate is a traumatic experience. I know, because they did it to me. (Well except for the fact that I put it out there at first cause the video I posted on the site had my name on it and that links to my website with my phone number and email.)


    The second worst thing is when they go on someone else’s blog and write the meanest comments. They can write all they want on their blog, but not on some unsuspecting blog.



    Anyone with any solid leads onto the identity of Diehipster, the website’s author and admin, will get a $400 check from me. Email me to get a disclaimer and see what certain restrictions apply. I.E. It must be 100% solid evidence as judged by myself. If you want to instead just help without the need for compensation, this is the page for that.





    Post any nuggets you have pulled from his postings that might help us find out his identity. As well as any of his frequent “hate-makers.” I am not talking about the good guys on the site – and there are a bunch. Please leave these people alone. As you know I have approval over comments and I will not let anyone mess with these people. These are good, honest people who want a few laughs at hipsters and go to diehipster.com for that. It’s the other guys who take it to a whole new level.


    But if you know anything about “I Killed Josh” or “Bill” or any of the other’s identity – please let me know. I am going to start going thru all their posts on their site and everyone else’s site and put together even the smallest post that talks about themselves. We’ll see what happens.


    DISCLAIMER: Please do not bring Diehipster’s kids into this – that is none of our business and a pure violation of his poor children’s rights. Let’s keep them out of this. They are not responsible for their father’s actions. Also this is for fun, there should be zero illegal activity in finding out his identity. I’m friends with a bunch of lawyers so I can’t stress that enough. Remember – if you are doing anything illegal I am not interested.






  31. “But if you know anything about “I Killed Josh” or “Bill” or any of the other’s identity – please let me know. I am going to start going thru all their posts on their site and everyone else’s site and put together even the smallest post that talks about themselves. We’ll see what happens.”

    Hahahahahaha!!! Pathetic, stalking behavior. Good luck with that, Eddy boy. Hey, I thought you said my name was “Mike Fountain” and/or you were going to reveal to everyone what my identity was on that idiotic, crybaby site you cooked up. What happened??? Hey, I’m married to a Colombian woman from Jackson Heights, I’m racially mixed, I own two properties, and I’m from Greenpoint. There’s a clump of clues for you, chump. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    As fas as I’m concerned any shit-slurping yupster clown who puts all their personal information out for the world to see in order to self-promote their pretentious bullshit lifestyle, as well as their despicable support of gentrifying scum, is fair game for scathing criticisms and contemptuous comments you googlie-eyed retard.

    • Yeah what is it about these hipsters that they always put their home address, phone number, e-mail, and full government name all over their webpages? Half the time the URL is FirstNameLastName.com. And then they get mad when people post that information on another site? After they egged those people on?
      Silly fucking hipsters.
      I hope this dude spends the rest of his life in search of the real DH and IKJ and all.
      Hell, even me. I’ve given all types of clues away in the past… It can’t be that hard.

  32. DH- Can you tell me who you are? I’ll take the money. I’ll use it to take you out for dinner at Peter Lugers or something. On him. Been trying to talk sense in the guy. He’s not completely stupid. Or wrong. Some the guys here are damned sociopaths with nothing constructive to say, at least online. But I think that’s your right. His attitude of “don’t say mean things” leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The world is too PC. If you can’t take criticism, don’t put yourself out there publicly. If you do look for attention, don’t cry when it it isn’t the kind you wanted. I wrote a post on his searching for DH page something to that effect. I suggested he spend his time more constructively, searching for anonymous members of hate groups which commit actual crimes. It seems to have been conveniently edited out.
    You’re free to haze me now. Sticks and stones will break my bones but anonymous angry comments on a blog will never hurt me.

    • Maybe your name answers this question already, I’m So Unhip, but what actually is your need to “talk some sense” into a fucking moron? You worried that people on this site are just to boo hoo fucking hoo mean too? Do you think it”s nothing more than harmless fun? Do you think the influx of these fucking putzes into our neighborhoods is neutral, value free, just a little passing cultural wave with no impact.
      Once again, despite waking up as always happy besides the lightly snoring rebbetzin, WITHOUT FAIL all it takes is a ride down the F line, somewhere between 7th Avenue BK and Delancey St, for me to want to commit murder. Today, its the four fucking losers (an insidious hipster/yupster hybrid) who get on at Delancey. Loud nasally everybody on the train gives a flying fuck about your lives motherfuckers. And then, out comes the cell phone, so the head shitster can play FOR THE WHOLE FUCKING CAR whatever he recorded when he and some Meaghan were at some trendy shithole.
      The bastards were oblivious to the guy who was stuck in the middle of them,m because A) the dude was Black, and B) the dude was a working guy. And whom I give a medal of honor too, for keeping his composure while these four irritating little shits annoyed visibly annoyed the fuck out of the poor guy, who was just trying to take a fucking train to work. Someone without the nerve of this guy would have went Colin Ferguson right there. I could barely stand it myself, and at my stop, elbowed the four sacks of shit out of the way, loudly muttering “Who really gives a fuck.”
      So some advice, IM SO UNHIP. Grow a pair, or join the psycho whiny stalkers at Ed/Stevie or whoever the little shit(s) are over there. No middle ground. Diehipster means just that.

      • And grow a pair means what exactly? Wishing actual death and violence on people? No, sorry. Have you seen real violence? I’ve worked with the victims. Not hipsters yet. But all ages, races, genders, and beliefs. I’ve been the victim of true violence-mugging, beating, molestation, rape. Sorry sweetie, not wishing that on anyone, save maybe murderers and child molesters. Hipsters are not amusing and maybe a few who get too full of themselves need an ass whooping. The same can be said of ghetto thugs with their pants around their knees, sitting across the train from eachother and screaming for no apparent reason. Annoying and inconsiderate. What it comes down to is there are stupid people all over. My hope is to maybe change minds and talk sense. Sometimes there’s a compromise. Often there won’t be, but at least maybe I got something in there that sows a seed of change and consideration. You can keep saying whatever you like. I don’t care if everyone’s yelling HO and hoping hipsters get beatings. My whole point was that if they’re so hurt by anonymous blog comments they can’t get over it, then they have some serious self esteem issues.

  33. Yo Hipless–what part of DIEHIPSTER! aren’t you comprehending (as in, the name of this site).
    Maybe you should go to http://www.vatican.va/ and “change minds and talk sense” and find a “compromise” about their belief in Jesus Christ, or mlb.com and ask them to not be so hung up on bats and balls and pay some attention to lacrosse.

    You want to know what “grow a pair means what exactly?”

    Here, write this down: STOP BEING SUCH A PUSSY.

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