Today’s hipster beating.

Today, I saw Conrad the coffee stirrer armed, under-the-Williamsburg-bridge overpass-typewriter-poet trespass into actual Brooklyn by going to L&B Spumoni Gardens. So I gouged his eyes out with a spumoni scooper and then used a 24-sqaure metal pizza tray to smash across his face leaving a bearded, thick eyeglass frame impression in it. End of story.

“In My New City” – The Fleagles

The Warriors is always fun to watch and to imagine how your typical hipster wouldn’t last 24 hours back then in New York. But now these entitled pubic bearded, pasty, kazoo-voiced interlopers prance around like nothing in “their” city. Here is the ending of The Warriors filmed on the beach of Coney Island. I wish there was a re-make made where Colby, Zach, Harrison, Caleb, Conrad, and Quaid get lured to Canarsie and then have to make it back to their parentally-paid-for sweeeeeet loft in Bushwick but end up getting beaten.
Some will say we’re homogenizing
Ouch, my balls; these jeans are tight
I just learned how to knit a sweater
No work on Monday, let’s party all night
It’s survival thanks to Mommy
Then you can live to play all day
Brooklyn streets can be so pretty
When we move in and push the natives away
In my new city, like, yaaaaaah.
In my new city, oh yaaaaaaah
I wasn’t born here in this city
I’m from a state with a lot of malls
My beard grows, I’m so urban and gritty
Until I catch a beating when night falls
I came from out on that horizon
To gentrify the Brooklyn sky
I know if Mommy keeps on paying
Then I can stay for another night
In my new city, like, yahhhh
In my new city

This guy blows away all hipster “artists” combined in Brooklyn.

Well look what we have here. An incredibly talented man – yet no big lice beard; no meaningless sleeve or neck tattoos; no exaggerated dorky glasses; no Bill the Butcher hat or zany moustache; no package of roll-your-own tobacco in sight; no ironic t-shirt; no fusion tacos; no “craft” ale; no teenage girl’s jeans; no indoor ski hat or scarf. No pretention. Nothing. No accessories needed when you have talent like this. This guy has more talent in one of his ass pimples or a pubic hair left on a toilet 20 years ago somewhere than every fucking hipster that ever moved to Brooklyn and that ever will.

Hipsters need all those accessories as distractions; its become a rite of passage into the world of being a talentless, worthless, space-wasting, homogenizing lemming. It allows you to be a fake artist in a community of fake artists. What’s happening in places like Brooklyn is that these hipsters are forcing themselves to believe that they are real artists and that they are part of something big – but they’re not. But if everybody believes, then it becomes real (in their heads). Then you have horrible journalists who are close cousins of the “artisan hipsters” getting into media and pushing this shit down everyone else’s throats. One massive circle jerk.

Make sure to watch to the end where he ignites the paper on the still-hot glass. This video reminded me [that hipsters suck] of some article I read a while back about that 3rd Ward place in Bushpointburg (that’s closed now). It had pictures and mentions of some mutton chopped transplanted wanna-be Ye Olde Blacksmith removing something red-hot from a kiln. I bet you that thirtysomething parentally funded fraud is long gone and back in his tree house in Wisconsin sipping on Sunny-D waiting for Mom to call him in for some Hamburger Helper. FUCK THESE PEOPLE!!!

Today’s hipster beating.

Today, I saw Tanner and Hamilton riding their limited edition 1977 rusty Schwinn two-seater bicycle along the Gowanus Canal to the annual Gowanus Creative-Type Superfund Site Toxic Clam Bake happening since way back in 2011. So I jumped in one of the magnetic cranes at the nearby scrap yard and ascended them into the magnet, cracking their skulls, and then released them into the canal where they dissolved like a couple of artisanal Alka-Seltzers. End of story.

The Whimsical Life of a Brooklyn Baby.

Ahhhhh, the whimsical life of a Brooklyn Baby. Where babies go to ‘Smorgusburg’ to get artisanal rooftop beets and pickles from a bearded man; where Molly sells kale marmalade. Then off to the carousel where another bearded man with plaid shirt and thick framed glasses awaits. Yes THIS IS BROOKLYN – from the perspective of someone who has only been to about two Brooklyn zip codes since their arrival.

Link: – ‘Brooklyn Baby’ book features Kale Jelly.


Someone on Twitter sent me a message yesterday related to this story and I couldn’t have said it any better myself. She said: “I hate that these babies get to say they’re born and raised in Brooklyn. That isn’t going to mean what it used to.”

“Hipsters ruin everything”: Even ALS Ice Bucket Challenges

You’ve either said it or heard the phrase at some point: “Hipsters ruin everything.” You would think that they couldn’t possibly ruin a nationwide viral ALS fundraising craze – but they did. Look at this Colby letting us know that, YES!, he lives in an overpriced or gentrified “naaaabe” or is closely associated with the hipster hot spot, the Gowanus Canal; probably a gold member of the Gowanus Oyster & Yacht Club. I’m quite sure he hasn’t seen the friend he mentions whose Dad has ALS since 3rd grade in suburban Michigan; this was just an outlet for a LOOOOOOOOK AT MEEEEEEE hipster moment. Throw in some dry ice and fish heads, put it on YouTube and not just on your personal Facebook timeline, and you’ve definitely fulfilled your need for attention that day. Notice how his girlfriend has an easier time lifting that bucket than him? I really hope he gets Gonorrhea, fast. Man those dumb fucking hipster transplants really love that Superfund site water don’t they?


Yet another “Off the assembly line” try-hard artist.

I’m simply baffled by how these carbon copied, off-the-assembly-line, try-hards are not embarrassed to emulate one another year after year after year. How can you bare to look and act exactly like your gentrification neighbors in Apt. 2A, 2B, 2C, 3B, 4C, etc, etc????



Just look at this fucking Ethan: dorky hat, bird nest beard, skate board and umbilical cord arms – right off the assembly line. He goes by the name “Wizard Skull”, oooooooooooo, and his art??? Ronald McDonald wheat paste cartoons showing French fry pubes. Tee hee hee! You did it Ethan!!! Congrats on being the 884th transplanted wheat paster douche roaming the industrial, gritty, “YET SAFE NOW” Central East Upper Bushpointburg streets and gaining attention on blogs that also post dog shit as art and on Bushwick gentrification blogs.


Kidult hipster kickball league evicted from school grounds.

30_38_kickball1_zScore one for the natives and normal people! A kidult kickball league that was playing alcohol-fueled kickball games on LES school grounds and not allowing actual children to use the space has been banned from playing. GO BACK TO YOUR FUCKING CUL-DE-SACS you spoiled, out-of-place pussies. Just go.

Hipster beardo transplant running for Brooklyn office.

Nick Rizzo: sounds like a Brooklynite right? Wrong. Probably some made-up name to sound authentic.


Link: Reddit – Hipster Beardo Transplant running for office in Brooklyn.

Williamsburg/Greenpoint has the youngest Democratic primary voters in the city. Superficially, I look and behave very differently from almost all politicians. I have a beard and a tattoo, I never campaign in a suit, I ride my bike everywhere, and I smoke hand-rolled cigarettes.

We cannot let this fucking hipster beardo or any sort of hipster get into any political position. The consequences would be catastrophic. I mean, look at the damage already done by these homogenizing transient try-hard fuck bags: rents are beyond ridiculous; coffee is averaging around $3.00; practically unused bike lanes have been painted everywhere; our long time neighborhood small businesses have been replaced by either some kidult “themed” shops that never last or by some large corporations that have targeted gentrified neighborhoods.
Don’t let this fuck fool you. His secret agenda is to have kale cupcake stores on every corner and to have bearded Midwesterners roaming our once great streets. VOTE NO TO BEARDO.

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