I started this site in 2007 under a different format and under www.diehipster.com. It went offline from about September 2009 to mid- December 2009. This is a place to laugh at┬átransplanted, annoying, ironic, out of place, piece of shit, pseudo creative and intellectual hipsters. You clueless wanna-be urban fucks aren’t fooling any of us real New Yorkers. You’ve accomplished nothing over the last decade but displaced hard working families, old time residents, and newly arrived immigrants who do not seek attention like you cocksuckers. Rents have doubled and tripled because of your desire to be some kind of urban pioneer. What a joke. Hipsters do not create anything new. They just recycle fashion and trends from the past three or four decades. You’re using Brooklyn as an extension of your fucking liberal arts college campuses. I hope every last one of you read this site then look in the mirror and say ” Shit the guy is right, I really am a stupid out of place fuck”.

639 thoughts on “About”

  1. You are truly doing the Lord’s work!!! God bless you diehipster.com.

  2. You have no idea how happy I was to find this website. To echo the above commenter, god bless you and the work you do, and please don’t ever stop.

  3. As a long time reader I’m just stopping by to show my continued support.

    I’m not a New Yorker but am empathic to what’s happening as I’ve always greatly admired the real New York and it’s people and it saddens me to see what’s happening.

  4. you’re kind of sad, aren’t you?

  5. My grandfather would put all your “Brooklyn” into “No Brooklyn” videos. Are you a hipster?

  6. This is by far the most spot-on, eloquent, hilariously crafted hipster-hate blog I have ever had the intense satisfaction of reading. Please, for the sake of inked vegetarian red-beanie-wearing art school waifs everywhere, don’t stop writing. This shit is top-notch.

  7. Yes!! You hit the nail on the head! Thank you for having the stones to tell it how it is!!
    Now out here in San Francisco there are the Hipsters and the Techies. Both of which operate on some type of pragmatic structure, recycle whats already been out there and have this stench of old cabbage, cottage cheese and entitlement.
    Everyone who can’t afford San Francisco now (which is majority of Hipsters because they’re getting muscled out by techies) is moving to Oakland…and now Oakland going through the same thing BK is.
    Fuck Hipsters. Fuck Techies!

  8. Kamala Cusamano said:

    Oh I hate Leeberals. Especially hipster freaks with all that education, and can’t get a real job. How is it that losers will eat everything organic and healthy . But they smoke grass laced with black flag and pcp.

  9. Kamala Cusamano said:

    They are such losers. 5 to 10 idiots living inside a 2 bedroom apartment crammed in smelling each others farts. I am so sick of seeing these losers becoming a headache to the next unsuspecting landlord. They are so useless. Pathetic .

  10. Brooklyn Bomb said:

    My main problem with hipsters is this: The very first time I saw a hipster on my block (she must’ve been renting out a room) she banged the door open and yelled at the kids playing on their stoop next door to be quiet – she was trying to sleep. (It was noon.) Since then, more have moved in. All of us who have lived here our whole lives, smile and say hi, or stop and talk to each other. Hipsters act like we don’t exist. Even if I offer a simple, ‘good morning,’ they don’t acknowledge me. I’m just not cool enough, and I NEVER WANT TO BE!

  11. nativequeensbabe said:

    I love this site! need help with the beatings?

  12. And now this! My watering hole with the $4 Moldovan Cabernet…they are holding out, trying to be as uninviting to hipsters as is inhumanely possible. I won’t even mention the name of the place, just in case.


  13. finally somebody who hates hipsters as much as me

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