I started this site in 2007 under a different format and under www.diehipster.com. It went offline from about September 2009 to mid- December 2009. This is a place to laugh at transplanted, annoying, ironic, out of place, piece of shit, pseudo creative and intellectual hipsters. You clueless wanna-be urban fucks aren’t fooling any of us real New Yorkers. You’ve accomplished nothing over the last decade but displaced hard working families, old time residents, and newly arrived immigrants who do not seek attention like you cocksuckers. Rents have doubled and tripled because of your desire to be some kind of urban pioneer. What a joke. Hipsters do not create anything new. They just recycle fashion and trends from the past three or four decades. You’re using Brooklyn as an extension of your fucking liberal arts college campuses. I hope every last one of you read this site then look in the mirror and say ” Shit the guy is right, I really am a stupid out of place fuck”.

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  1. Oh, that’s clever. Moderated comments. Make it look like everyone think like you. Talibans can learn from you.

    • Nobody is moderating your comments, jizzrag. Check the “Older Posts” and your bitch-rant is still there.

      You’d think shithead, artist-wannabe, blogger, posers like yourself would know how to navigate a WordPress Blog properly…without that knowledge how are you supposed to let the world know your completely unique and artistic perspective on life & cupcakes in gritty New York?

    • They don’t even wanna call it Hell’s kitchen no more, renamed it “Clinton” sounds like a fuckin’ steamboat!

      State of grace
      Jackie flannery

  2. This blog would be a lot better if the owner identified himself.

    • I love this website. As I’m not from Brooklyn but see these jearkoffs buy houses when they realize that they can’t live the “dream” anymore with kids then move to my town and start a family. Hey Logan just because u work 1-2pm at the local organic hummas market and can pick up ur non dairy kids at school does not make us any less of parents!!!

    • Best website ever

    • Whys that dickhead?

    • This blog would be if YOU identified yourself, you straw-dicked succubus.

  3. Still loving DIEHIPSTER.COM’s snark and funk. Keep up the good work LOL!

  4. Props to die hipster from Silver Lake in LA. I’ve lived here for over 50 years and long for the day when very few people even knew or cared where this place was. I’ve raised my kids here and grew up as a kid here. Now we are infested with hipsters. My kids aren’t hipsters because they grew up in the real Silver Lake and have more sense than that as a result. They live elsewhere, in places that are like Silver Lake used to be. That is anonymous, chilled out and affordable.

  5. Bro love readin your posts. Been a fan for years. Greenpoint born and bred before the shit went south. Born on top of Crest Hardware 1971. Big ups to still being in business all these yrs. parents from Greenpoint and Bushwick. grandparents Greenpoint and Bushwick. Aint no transplant here. I remember the ” real” southside and bushwick when suckas were kept honest walkin those dark streets. These mofos started infiltrating and migrating over the bridge like 95′-2000. Now its us vs them. I still frequent the hood to terrorize them. Burnouts on bedford ave with my 700hp malibu puts fear in them home schooled PC kids and their plaid button down satchel wearing stay at home dads. Only place i enter nowadays is Turkeys nest cause im good with the saturday night bartenders. Anyway, keep it up bro-ham

  6. Born/bred in Queens. Just recently discovered these snot rag twats strolling around my area hacking it up at 3am. And this is a part of Queens with mid/upper class single family homes. A quick call to a few buddies of mine in NYPD working the area paid off handsomely. Yea, I’m no fan of cops either, but at least they are real NY’ers…most of them. These hipfags quickly learned their act won’t be tolerated in some parts. Warning to any of you wanna-be Morrissey turds….stay the $^$# out of Queens!

  7. From what I’ve seen, yuppies children (hipsters) are more self-centered, anal, maladjusted & hippie like than Hippies.

    Hippies, complain about nothing, do nothing, say nothing & are nothing this country or any country can rely upon.

    Hipsters, sleep all day, complain all night, smell bad, dress bad, live like animals off there yuppie parents reconstructed tit.

    Hipsters, decisions when they can make them, are ill conceived, trite dribble. “can I have a PBR”

    Hipsters, that have jobs; are barely jobs, their parents hold their places in line by consorting with other yuppies that owe favors.

    When a hipster asks what I do, they’re already looking down their nose.

    Hipsters, think (I use that word loosely) that all other people are wasting the earths resources & that they (Hipsters) will not have the same resources to exploit when they reach retirement.

    Retirement? From what?

    You’re a pimple on my ass; I pop you & wipe you away, like the rest of the shit that comes out of my Big Ass.



    As you can see, I think useless begets useless. (yuppies=hipsters)

  8. Hipsters are invading Astoria. Send reinforcements!!

  9. Here’s what these assholes are doing on Halloween!!
    This All Hallows Eve, Moon Magick 13 invokes: Samhain: A Night Right Every womyn and man is a star. Come dressed as you truly are. We welcome and encourage: angels and demons; michael jacksons and madonnas; witches, wizards, monks, and nuns; priestesses of Avalon, scarlet womyn of Babylon; club kidz, pinheads, unicorns and or whatever archetypal embodiments you are working with.  On this holy day, the veils between the worlds shall part.  Celebrate with freaks and beauties of all shapes and sizes. Dance for the good spirits, dance for the bad.  Live music from Sateen, Lazareen, and Deanna Viva Garcia. DJ sets from Bryce Hackford and Zuza Mazur.  Loose your current embodiment in a strange, interactive environment — projections from Alice Cohen and an installation from Greem Jellyfish (Dust). The backyard will have a bonfire (to attract spirits of all kinds) and a melange of fortune tellers, witches, and wizards to divine your future.  There will also be a Moon Church Booth featuring Moon Church zines as well as other pagan crafts. Body Actualized Center143 Troutman Street, Brooklyn10p-4a, $7-10facebook.com/events/533916293368626/?notif_t=plan_user_joined 

  10. Don’t know if you seen this, but it’s pretty good.

    The same thing is happening in omaha to my neighborhood.

  11. This is the best blog on the net. I love the hipster beatings posts. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and the infestation grows like wild fire here, these “counter culture” sustainable loving, kale eating, dirty looking, stuck in the 60s style, dim wit, bastard sons of bitches are running wild here and everyone is jumping on the train. I feel there is nothing I can do to stop this shit.

    • Not really surprising given that the “Bay Area” is one of the areas spreading the infestation in the first place. I’d bet there’s probably at least as many hipsters from the “Bay Area” as there are from Washington and Oregon.

  12. Love this site I’m not from NYC but im 4th generation south philly workin class blue collar. These hipster fucks are all over down here. No sense if pride in there community it’s as if there’s a community within a community. They are the most ignorant pieces of shit I’ve ever had to deal with. Thanks for keeping this site open truely enjoy it

    • doing questions in the Am. Sorry for the delay, music is great and also sucks giant cock…i do what I can. Looking forward to working this out with you…sure its gonna be amazing. jp

    • for publication…i need a hi-res photo..unless you would like to remain anonymous. up to you. If you want to be anonymous, i would still like a logo or brand to put on the piece-your call dude. john 732-492-7432

  13. I found out about this website while observing the insecure yet hyperracist fucktards on the NYC forum @ citydata who cheerlead the gentrifiers, as well as those on the DC forum who do nothing but spit racist, classist thoughts about locals while sucking off real estate developers looking to gentrify every fucking thing (wait they did this @ the NYC forum too. nevermind) After reading and doing battle with these insecure racist dickheads and real estate dicksuckers who make every other thread talking about things like “so whens the bronx gonna gentrify?” “when are white people gonna start moving to east new york?” to say this site is a huge blast of fresh air is a severe understatement. I lived in the Bronx as a kid. flash forward to my early 20s and im living in DC. NY and DC were two of my absolute FAVORITE cities on earth……til the hipster and yuppie invasions……What these motherfuckers did to those cities is a fucking TRAVESTY! Growing up, Brooklyn was synonymous with “the tough borough” (although most of yall were scared to come to the bronx :-P I kid i kid)…..this is the same borough that grew and bred some of the hardest rap music known to man and had some of the toughest people, whether you were a black person from the stuy or the east, a tough ass italian from bensonhurst/gravesend/bay ridge, a tough resilient west indian, russian or latin american immigrant and so forth. So I fully sympathize with your anger knowing this is the same bourough thats now synonymous with a bunch of trust fund babies PRETENDING to be artsy when theyre really just a buncha spoiled culture vultures gentrifying everything in site and killing the local culture and vibes of the city. And now these motherfuckers wanna come to my childhood home…the Bronx. teh motherfucking BRONX! And DC is damn near worse. Its bad enough that in the gentrification process they skip the hipsters and go straight to all the aspiring politician and lobbyist fuckboys who work on cap. hill and K St. Its bad enough the flea market off Florida Ave (where you could buy damn near ANYTHING) is now some goddamn “Organic food mart” sellin a gal of organic milk for 7 fucking dollars. But taking the city was not enough. Now all the working class suburbs in PG county, theyre trying to overrun that too….theyve already infiltrated hyattsville…..bastards…..Im now in the army stationed DEEP in the midwest…….I LOVE the midwest cities, esp St Louis, Chicago and even Detroit……they got all kinds of financial and crime issues but they have something NY and DC have lost: a soul.

    • The suburbanites on the Philadelphia forum are exactly the same. Either that or they’re praising their sprawled out culdesacia and bashing every urban area in the metro, including the city. Such delusional little shits.

      If you disagree with them or call them out, they of course accuse you of trolling. Even the moderators are like that. toobusytoday is especially awful. She lets suburbanites say whatever they want and even attack people unprovoked constantly and then accuses those who stand up to them of “trolling” and of “attacking” those people. The delusional little shit even closed a thread about Acme because she didn’t see what it had to with Philly. Who can honestly be that ignorant of the area you’re speaking on and moderating on?

      city-data in general is just fucking awful really. It’s a breeding ground of that type.

  14. I’m perplexed by people/blogs (this site and its viewers) that dedicate so much effort in projecting hate and unjustified insults against hipsters – all because of what? Their social sensibilities, fashion, good sense to prefer organic food, appreciation for music/cuisine/art and anything produced with quality (not inpersonal and fully commercialized product)… Yada yada.

    And yeah, gentrification does raise the cost of property because those sweet new gastropubs, art centers, record stores, yoga studios, etc. have brought some culture and vitality to what is usually an impoverished area.

    Such effort in broadcasting despise should be reserved for the real devils negatively impacting your quality of life, the heads of finance, government, and business – publicly parading a manufactured sile and relatable persona to blindside you from realizing they hold access to all the institutional levers of society and are the cautious architects of your demise.

    But yeah, fuckin hipsters bro. Really just the shittiest scum there is by comparison against anyone in our society.

    • I have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about…

      But yeah…

    • Your bullshit may work on other lemmings like you but it don’t work here, you pseudo-intellectual little shit.

    • Stanley, your vapid ignorance is so potent and cogent, it’s almost a thing of beauty. Almost

    • hey asshole, yall are not gods gift to the fucking neighborhood……organic is great but when organic milk is $7/gal what fucking purpose does that serve?????? And contrary to popular belief organic isnt supposed to be fucking expensive….esp if its fresh off the farm idiot…..What culture did yall bring???? The fucking countercultures from years past that you copy and paste???? these areas already had a culture of sorts, you just dismiss it cuz it doesnt involve thai, sushi, or vegan restaurants. If you really liked culture, esp urban culture, yall wouldnt call the cops on people for hanging out on their stoop on a hot day, little girls playing hopscotch or double dutch in the street, opening the fire hydrant in the summer…..and it would be one thing if yall did what previous migrants did….move it, assimilate, go about your business and open up shops catering to your folk if enough of them moved in. But no. Yall wanna take over, jack up rents, erase all the homegrown homemade culture already in place and then bitch and whine how theres no gritty working class culture in the neighborhood. Shut the fuck up and have a seat…..idiot

  15. kinda funny. most of the new residents i know that live in wburg have STEM jobs and are making the economy better through new technology (think about the person who created wordpress) and journalism if they are not engineers. if u believe in america you believe in these kids working hard to buy nice shiz etc. most of the people i know who get money from parents live in manhattan.

    but its obvious that this is where insecure people come to rant. theres so many cognitive issues with everything here. and a lot of homophobia. i dont even associate myself with “hipster” culture. south park did a funny thing about sexual frustration, penis size, and anger problems. i dont think many people on this blog are getting laid as the maybe the good looking people walking around streets of wburg.

    • Wow, what a bunch of jumbled up horseshit. Does anybody believe the crap that comes out of your mouth? I mean really.

      Have you all ever actually LOOKED in a mirror? Good looking compared to natives of a city? Haha okay there Wonderbread. Save the junior college analysis for intellectually challenged people like yourself because anybody with half a brain can see through it.

    • Oh, and you’re definitely a hipster. “Don’t associate myself with hipster culture”… then why the fuck are you defending it?

      Oh and I hate to break it to you but South Park is “hipster culture”. Those douchebags are CLASSIC hipsters.

  16. Well, you might have had a point until you went for the uneducated mud slinging use of words such as “insecure” and “Homophobic,” two misguided buzz words that are typically used by the ill-informed and agenda saddened Lou Lou belles of the hip, hip, hipster world. Take off that Fedora, put down the vintage Silvertone acoustic (you know youre never getting signed) and step up to the reason this blog exists. Do you know what that is? I bet its flown so far over your head it might as well have been a space ship.

  17. Hey dude I just moved to Brooklyn and I even say next to a negro on the F train. I’m a real brooklynite now! Come visit from San Diego I’ll show you around my new ‘hood!

    - random hipster’ ‘erkoff

  18. I remember that a young female “artist” was thrown out of Rosemary’s Greenpoint Tavern about five years ago. She had gone in with a petition, and had implored the patrons to sign, saying “Help take back ‘our’ neighborhood.” The drinkers shouted her down, saying things such as “‘Our’ neighborhood, sweetheart? Since are you part of our neighborhood? Since you and your friends moved in and priced out working people?” I lived on Lorimer Street for four years before the infestation, and later worked in the area for two years. I go back only for the Feast in July (which they have managed to fuck up too), or to see my friend at Manhattan Special. I miss it not at all.

  19. Dear DieHipster.com:

    I want to thank you in so many ways for this site. I finally feel validated in my utter loathing of these assholes. I’m a thoroughbred brooklynite, born and bred in my beloved Bushwick which has gone to literal hipster ridden shit in the past 6 years. I just -ugh- just, thanks for this. FYI, you’d enjoy my series of hipster loathing t-shirts on my site hoodpolitikz.com

  20. These are actually great ideas in on the topic
    of blogging. You have touched some pleasant things here.

    Any way keep up wrinting.

  21. Why don’t you direct your anger at the folks really responsible for changing NYC. Hipsters are an easy target but, c’mon…politicians?
    The world is changing in bigger ways than your neighborhood getting gentrified. It happens folks.

  22. Welcome to the of the Middle Road…

  23. I found this stupid article, I like spinning art school dropout in the BMW waiting room being crafty while spending her trust fund on a dooshy car

  24. If I find any hipster detritus within the boundaries of Sunset Park, I will make you
    so miserable you’ll cry your thick framed eyes out into your hemp man purse.
    Stay away Chad/Josh/Logan, et. al, I am not kidding, you kazoo dicked dilettantes.

  25. The Irish Hammer is here to serve. I will personally put any hiiiipster of your
    choosing into a figure four leg-lock and crack their femurs like balsa wood
    toothpicks. Hipsters, you are despised. Hipsters, leave NOW before the Irish
    Hammer finds you. Grab your shit, you have 20 minutes…..tick, tick…

  26. Fear not hardworking families of Sunset Park, the Irish Hammer has your back.
    While you were sleeping last night, the Irish Hammer put on his House Of Pain
    guinee-t, camo cargo shorts and grabbed a 36″, 34 ounce Ed Kranepool slugger
    and walked the perimeter of our neighborhood, keeping out all hipster trash.
    Between 1 and 5 a.m., I rounded up 17 pieces of hipster shit, threw them in
    a construction dumpster at the corner of 4th ave. and 21st st. Locked it and
    made them phone their parents for one-way tickets on the Hound straight outa
    Brooklyn. Your brooklyn. I then went to work tired but happy. The Irish Hammer
    has spoken.

  27. Douche bag tries to bring back the monocle, or as the Times calls it, “Hipster Chic”.

  28. Irish Hammer-Marry me. LOL I’m dropping by to say thank you Die Hipster. Like I said to Spike (Praise Spike Leezus) you are taking the words out of my mouth. Keep up the good work. *Bushwick Born. Bushwick Bred*

  29. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gentrification

    Gentrification is primarily a by-product of increased commercial activity in an area. Corporations with enough money come in and begin to cater to wealthier populations, then property value goes up, then more businesses to cater to these demographics etc. etc. But these hipsters are only a representative of a greater targeted demographic of the corporations who have established themselves in the first place. Hipsters didn’t single-handedly destroy property value, that system was in place before they arrived.

    If you are referring to artists as well being responsible for the rise in cost of living in these places, the artists moved there *before* it was “trendy”, and (after the commercial structure was put in place) served to help attract the wealthier demographics to the area. Ironically, these areas quickly become self-sustaining, and far too expensive for the artists themselves. Good examples would of course be LA, the design district in Miami, Deep Ellum Dallas, and Austin TX. Ultimately, these hipsters aren’t the cause of the problem by any means, nor are they single-handedly responsible for its sustenance The structure was set in place by companies, and they simply exist in the already established system.

  30. Please bring back the hipster-WWF-wrestler series. That killed me.

    (Welcome back, btw.)

  31. Irish Hammer we need your help in Oregon! Particularly in Eugene as Portland is a lost cause now and overrun by the Walkers. Come and spread the fear to the Whiteaker Neighborhood.

  32. shit i live in aus the hipster wave is upon us its terrible

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