Well look what we have here. An incredibly talented man – yet no big lice beard; no meaningless sleeve or neck tattoos; no exaggerated dorky glasses; no Bill the Butcher hat or zany moustache; no package of roll-your-own tobacco in sight; no ironic t-shirt; no fusion tacos; no “craft” ale; no teenage girl’s jeans; no indoor ski hat or scarf. No pretention. Nothing. No accessories needed when you have talent like this. This guy has more talent in one of his ass pimples or a pubic hair left on a toilet 20 years ago somewhere than every fucking hipster that ever moved to Brooklyn and that ever will.

Hipsters need all those accessories as distractions; its become a rite of passage into the world of being a talentless, worthless, space-wasting, homogenizing lemming. It allows you to be a fake artist in a community of fake artists. What’s happening in places like Brooklyn is that these hipsters are forcing themselves to believe that they are real artists and that they are part of something big – but they’re not. But if everybody believes, then it becomes real (in their heads). Then you have horrible journalists who are close cousins of the “artisan hipsters” getting into media and pushing this shit down everyone else’s throats. One massive circle jerk.

Make sure to watch to the end where he ignites the paper on the still-hot glass. This video reminded me [that hipsters suck] of some article I read a while back about that 3rd Ward place in Bushpointburg (that’s closed now). It had pictures and mentions of some mutton chopped transplanted wanna-be Ye Olde Blacksmith removing something red-hot from a kiln. I bet you that thirtysomething parentally funded fraud is long gone and back in his tree house in Wisconsin sipping on Sunny-D waiting for Mom to call him in for some Hamburger Helper. FUCK THESE PEOPLE!!!