You’ve either said it or heard the phrase at some point: “Hipsters ruin everything.” You would think that they couldn’t possibly ruin a nationwide viral ALS fundraising craze – but they did. Look at this Colby letting us know that, YES!, he lives in an overpriced or gentrified “naaaabe” or is closely associated with the hipster hot spot, the Gowanus Canal; probably a gold member of the Gowanus Oyster & Yacht Club. I’m quite sure he hasn’t seen the friend he mentions whose Dad has ALS since 3rd grade in suburban Michigan; this was just an outlet for a LOOOOOOOOK AT MEEEEEEE hipster moment. Throw in some dry ice and fish heads, put it on YouTube and not just on your personal Facebook timeline, and you’ve definitely fulfilled your need for attention that day. Notice how his girlfriend has an easier time lifting that bucket than him? I really hope he gets Gonorrhea, fast. Man those dumb fucking hipster transplants really love that Superfund site water don’t they?