Nick Rizzo: sounds like a Brooklynite right? Wrong. Probably some made-up name to sound authentic.


Link: Reddit – Hipster Beardo Transplant running for office in Brooklyn.

Williamsburg/Greenpoint has the youngest Democratic primary voters in the city. Superficially, I look and behave very differently from almost all politicians. I have a beard and a tattoo, I never campaign in a suit, I ride my bike everywhere, and I smoke hand-rolled cigarettes.

We cannot let this fucking hipster beardo or any sort of hipster get into any political position. The consequences would be catastrophic. I mean, look at the damage already done by these homogenizing transient try-hard fuck bags: rents are beyond ridiculous; coffee is averaging around $3.00; practically unused bike lanes have been painted everywhere; our long time neighborhood small businesses have been replaced by either some kidult “themed” shops that never last or by some large corporations that have targeted gentrified neighborhoods.
Don’t let this fuck fool you. His secret agenda is to have kale cupcake stores on every corner and to have bearded Midwesterners roaming our once great streets. VOTE NO TO BEARDO.