Here is a classic example of a talentless, Brooklyn-ruining, hipster hobbyist who thinks they are some sort of world-renowned craftsman trying to push their worthless, amateurish shit created on their infinite leisure time Brooklyn playdate. Just look at these ugly, unfinished tables he is trying to sell for up to $3000. What a fucking joke these people are. However I actually can imagine some Hayden and Penelope inviting their smug hipster friends over for an organic dinner party and showing off this “unique” table. I can’t fucking stand these people. Get the fuck outta Brooklyn already!

Here is his whimsical “About” statement -

About Steffen

WHITE & WOOL is the collaborative effort of Steffen Ringelmann, a designer-maker with extensive carpentry and fabrication experience, and Sara Spieker, a skilled project and studio manager with over ten years of retail experience at a high level. The Brooklyn-based studio specializes in the design, restoration and styling of commercial and residential interiors, including bars, restaurants, educational environments, offices, studios, lofts and homes. Custom furniture design and fabrication is a specialty as well.
With a Master of Arts Degree in Contemporary Design from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Ringelmann’s advanced knowledge of 20th century European & American design history deeply informs his current creative process. As both a practicioner and historian of painting, sculpture, graphic design and furniture design, Ringelmann’s approach to interior design is profoundly multidisciplinary, yet always cohesive. Together, Ringelmann and Spieker share a belief that interiors not only facilitate lifestyle, but inspire life more deeply. While many considerations go into the design and fabrication of an interior, White & Wool’s goal is in fact quite simple; to awaken our senses so we are present and engaged for life’s most special moments.

Link: – $3000 ugly “hand crafted” tables.