zanyzanehonda Well look who it is! It’s Zany Zane the filthy fucking beardo doing Honda commercials. Oh the irony! I can only imagine how many pseudo-serious beard stroking moments Zany Zane had – talking about reducing carbon footprints and going green, etc, etc, with other phony environmentalist hipster try-hard scumbag motherfuckers. But now he’s zooming away in a fossil fuel burning machine because money talks.

His line, at 00:53 is: “What about being accepted for who you are?” Awwwww, poor wittle Zany Zane. Is that what Mommy still tells you about your decision to have a flea circus under your chin? Yeah Zane, you’re so unique aren’t you? You grew an attention beard.



zanyzanehonda2Here he is in another one where he says “[Today is] pretty great!” I love how the caption on the bottom says DO NOT ATTEMPT. Oh you’re such a daring stunt man Zane. Or maybe it’s a warning that means “DO NOT ATTEMPT to be a filthy ramen beard bowl hipster try-hard”. It’s really too bad a truck didn’t side swipe his disgusting bearded fucking face at that moment. Stay Zany, Zane! Don’t give up the fight; a true try-hard never stops saying LOOOOOK AT MEEEEEE!