canadian-bike-hipsterLook at this whiny, Q-tip limbed, entitled cyclist fuck with his standard-issue hipster beard & thick frames. Nobody will ever know, but I’m sure prior to the confrontation he was probably doing something to taunt and provoke the driver; trying to prove that cyclists should have more rights than cars. I can’t help laughing when reading this part of the article:

“He was making threats at me at this point in time, indicating that he had martial arts experience and could take me down,” says Hoey.”He did pull my hand into the car. I managed to free it, and in freeing it pulled some papers out from his passenger side seat and threw them on the sidewalk.”

Hoey said the motorist then tried to drive his vehicle into him, before getting out of his car and twisting Hoey’s arm behind his back.That’s when Hoey says a handful of witnesses pulled the motorist off of him, and police were called to investigate.

Link: CBC NEWS – Cyclist and driver square off in Vancouver

They call this twerp a “cyclist” but what I think he is 35 year old bike messenger who can’t do shit with his $100,000 liberal art school diploma. If you notice he has some sort of document tube sticking out his back pack and he drops his radio when the guy almost snaps his windshield wiper arm.