Caleb and his keffiyeh get their “LOOK AT ME!!!” moment.

Two people are shot dead at a Maryland mall and Caleb can’t resist getting his LOOOOK AT MEEEE hipster moment with his androgynous haircut, thick frame glasses and keffiyeh scarf. Hey Caleb, don’t you know Brooklyn hipsters gave up on that anti-Bush scarf years ago? When you finally convince Mommy and Daddy to send you to Brooklyn make sure follow the correct dress codes. Nowadays male hipsters wear 70 foot/15-time wrap-around scarfs made from hemp and kale fibers to protect their Olive Oyl neck and shoulders. Wow, what a punchable mother fucker.

22 thoughts on “Caleb and his keffiyeh get their “LOOK AT ME!!!” moment.

  1. Sorry, got to correct you this time around – the guy on the iDevice mugging for the camera is one of the usual rich douchebags that infest Maryland/Virginia/DC. They can be found partying at Georgetown bars, or one of the shitty bro-bars in the Clarendon, Virginia corridor.

    The behaviors are VERY similar, so I don’t blame you for seeing red and calling the dude out. Of course, he’s glued to his fucking phone, because hey man, I gotta tell all my friends I’m on TV and LOOK AT MEEEEEEE.

    Fuck hipsters, and fuck those richie-rich douchebags.

    • Cmon. Half the people you see in Bushpointburg are in their new uniforms and costumes and are or were once people like this douche from other states trying to be “Brooklyn” or Nieuw Breuckelen rather.

      • I agree, it isn’t like this douche can’t just don a new uniform and parade around the Crap Brothers chocolate store – I suppose I was trying to point out that his current camoflauge was closer aligned to “bro” than “beardo”.

  2. Well, one consolation is his brain cancer isn’t very far off. i’ve read these iphones give off the most radiation.

  3. Thanks for posting this.

    What an asshole…mugging for the camera after such a tragedy.

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  5. He looks like a lesbian!

  6. No offense to homos, but what a fucking homo! Even when his Morrissey haircut was semi cool in 1992, a fucknut like that would have to worry about a beatdown dare he venture into BK or Queens or BX back in the day. Pretty soon they’ll be classifying hipster face punching as hate crimes.

    • Excellent point -that’s a very real possibility, given websites like these which could be construed as fanning the flames of hatred & intimating violence.

      Suffice it to say, this’ll be the 1st place looked at – that is, if it hasn’t already.

      Translation: It would be in the webmaster’s best interests to shut the site down immediately – end of story.

  7. This is exactly what I can’t stand about suburbanites these days. No matter what, they are always looking for attention and for as much of it as possible every second of every day. I used to laugh when somebody would go in front of a camera and make a funny face or be a jackass behind a reporter or whatever, but now I just get disgusted because instead of being a second or two and real quick doing something out of the blue, it’s the entire time, over and over. Not only that, it’s EVERY fucking time a camera is anywhere. It’s not funny when it happens all the damn time.. It’s ROUTINE.

    Somebody needs to teach these dumb shits that things eventually stop being funny because they don’t seem to have gotten the memo. Fuck that kid.

  8. Won’t be surprised if that hipster is an agent of the mossad. Calling his spies thanking them for another staged event!

  9. Reblogged this on Droppin' Knowledge and commented:
    What a punchable mother fucker indeed, man. The hipster virus seems to be spreading all over America.

  10. Reminds me of all the fucking hipster dooshbags that would come to visit ground zero and take tons of pictures of themselves all smiles and goofy faces because you know hipsters think its appropriate to be touristy happy asswads over two buildings that were attacked and then collapsed with dead bodies underneath. And of course watching rescue workers looking for friends and praying they’re would be survivors but the jackals Kale and Chloe thought that was amusing and kewl and fuuuuun as well

  11. 1988 called and asked for its haircut and scarf back.

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