Sustainable kidnapping.

Funny video. When I see a video like this, I wonder what the reaction is from a hipster who sees it who loves using those buzz words like sustainable, local, organic, cruelty-free, etc.; or a hipster who grows a basil leaf on their window sill or raises Brooklyn chickens for three months and thinks they are an “urban farmer”. Do they just laugh it off? Is it that easy to laugh it off and continue being narcissistic interloper? Do they get mad and embarrassed that the country is finally catching on to their “LOOOOOK AT MEEEEE” lifestyles and bullshit agendas? (Although I caught on to it a decade ago).

13 thoughts on “Sustainable kidnapping.

  1. This is great. Good job diehipster !!!

    Is anyone savy enough to start a Hipster Hate subreddit or reddit. We could really get the word out there.

    I feel it is a dis-service to Diehipster to post off-topic comments in these threads.

    How hard is it to run a subreddit?

    If one existed, people could start hiis or her own threads and things and let this blog remain focused on those extra douche-chilly finds.

  2. Did you laugh off Jersey Shore?

  3. Google is an EVIL corporation. I repeat, an evil corporation. They are a corporation who do not give a damn about the rest of society but only care about making profits. Google is responsible for helping datamine your personal information and working in conjunction with the NSA.

    More importantly, Google is trying to destroy your jobs by being responsible for automation. As I type this, Google is developing robots and cyborgs which will be used to automate and replace most humans from their jobs. If you do not care about what Google is doing, then you are an idiot. And if you lose your job in the future because of Google, then you deserve it since you did not care about what they are doing. According to Oxford University, 70% of people will lose their jobs thanks to companies like Google developing cyborgs and robots who will automate most industries.

    Google is not helping anyone in the middle class but are causing gentrification and wiping out the middle class. That includes, teachers, polcemen, firemen and other professions, where they are being displaced by overpaid tech workers who really do not do anything PRODUCTIVE for society- just another group of yuppies who profit by causing harm to the rest of us.

    Wake up you zombies and realise that the end is near.

    • and when google – that fucking hipster – does automate our jobs, it won’t do away with money! so we’ll still have to have money to live, but we won’t have any jobs to get it with! usa usa! but then what will become of all the ex-employed? mass die-off???

      • Yep. We are living in a technocratic plutocracy. That is the best way to describe our world. The elites are creating and implementing the singular new world order, Agenda 21 and the idea to dehumanise and reduce the mass population.

        It is happening right infront of our faces and yet we are being called loons and conspiracy nuts. The real nutters are the people (sorry, I meant sheeple) who are in constant denial and think everything is going to be alright.

        Wrong. We have witnessed deindustrialisation, outsourcing, gentrification and now advanced automation and the transferance of wealth from the poor to the rich.

        This is it people. Brace yourselves for the worst.

        • Chicken Little thanks you…

          • There is nothing funnier than when these dumb asses try to get political.

          • Jimmy Steinway is one of the most delusional people I’ve ever come across. Then again, so are the majority of his type.

            Any superiority is in your mind, dickhead.

    • Fuck the middle class.

  4. Wow…can’t wait for the movie: “The Man in the Creamed Spinach Mask”!

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