You’ve probably heard of Banksy by now; he’s somehow become a sensational “street artist” for his stupid wheat paste and stencil art graffiti. I don’t see what the fuss is – but he is a big hit with the hipsters and gentrifiers. The other day the ‘Great Banksy’ went for extra grit and went to da hood in East NY to draw a beaver who gnawed a parking sign. So deep. Anyway, once hipsters got word of this “art” they flocked over there as if their lives and parental gentrification allowances depended on it. But the locals did something really great – they are charging the idiotic hipster culture vultures $20 to snap meaningless pictures. Now that’s art! Can you believe they are actually paying to take pictures of this shit? But hey – when you have infinite leisure time and unlimited funding – what else is there to do???

Link: – East NY’ers charging hipsters to take photo of a beaver.

Link: – Hipsters paying $20 to locals to take Banksy pics.