Hipsters flock to East NY to see Banksy beaver art; locals take advantage.

You’ve probably heard of Banksy by now; he’s somehow become a sensational “street artist” for his stupid wheat paste and stencil art graffiti. I don’t see what the fuss is – but he is a big hit with the hipsters and gentrifiers. The other day the ‘Great Banksy’ went for extra grit and went to da hood in East NY to draw a beaver who gnawed a parking sign. So deep. Anyway, once hipsters got word of this “art” they flocked over there as if their lives and parental gentrification allowances depended on it. But the locals did something really great – they are charging the idiotic hipster culture vultures $20 to snap meaningless pictures. Now that’s art! Can you believe they are actually paying to take pictures of this shit? But hey – when you have infinite leisure time and unlimited funding – what else is there to do???

Link: Gawker.com – East NY’ers charging hipsters to take photo of a beaver.

Link: Gothamist.com – Hipsters paying $20 to locals to take Banksy pics.

53 thoughts on “Hipsters flock to East NY to see Banksy beaver art; locals take advantage.

  1. “Gimme a Jackson or we fuck yo shit up!”

    HAHAHAHA excellent!

  2. Hahahahaha…these fucking idiots will pay top dollar for anything labeled “art.” I think fleecing hipsters out of their hard-inherited money could be a growth industry.

    • Next year, I want to get the fuck out of New York with my mother and husband and buy up properties in Pittsburgh. The next hipster explosion is well on its way over there, but right now I can still get a multi-unit rental house for 25K and rent each unit out for $750 a month.

      It beats working in tech, which, these days, consists of reporting to an illiterate 22-year-old Caleb and getting fired unless I report for mandatory adult kickball practice (and its subsequent awards ceremony, where everyone wins). My husband is also a large (LARGE, and 6’4″) Nordic dude who will put tenants in their place if they think they can mess up my houses. He’s also set to make bank every time they stick forks in their light sockets or flush ironic kale vomit down the toilet and clog it. I don’t want to live in this world of “toddlerhood forever!” kidults, but at least I can profit like a motherfucker from it.

      Will I miss NYC? Nah. The NYC of my youth is gone forever. No reason to stay here, and it’s better for my blood pressure anyway.

    • A friend of mine worked at a local health food store years ago, at the beginning of the organic craze. A bunch of turkeys came in destined for food banks and churches, and they ended up with some. Since they were free, they advertised them for a low price. No takers.

      So, my friend has an idea: She finds some burlap bags, labels them “Free-range turkeys” and triples the price. Some menopausal matron came in and bought one, instantly calling her little Bright Girl and all her edumacated friends. The turkeys sold out within an hour.

      Yes, they are ripe for the bleeding.

  3. Ah- I needed that, thanks for a little dose of pure NY. We need more of this old school ingenuity to exploit these hipster fucks for their own moronic self absorption. Punk those bitches !

  4. Good for their “whiter than thou” sorry Hipster yuppie asses, they finally get a dose of what goes on in the real world! You Go, East NY!!!

  5. This is awesome in so many ways.

  6. oh DIEHIPSTER, you are the ray of hope in this never ending battle against the “elitist hipster” subculture. they should form a “hipster fight club” and beat each other till their corpses are used as compost.

  7. haaaaaa boo y’a idiots

  8. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find a real estate developer behind this assclown Banksy stunt. ENY is about to become a ‘kewell nabe’.

    • They’ve already “discovered” it. You can see Nasalbees getting on and off the trains at Broadway Junction station. We go there to visit a friend (Irish dude, old-school Brooklyn all the way, and lived there since birth) and never have a problem, but I can’t say the same for the Calebs and Mollys. People can tell who belongs and who doesn’t.

      • True, but it’s only a relative handful of them that are actually living there. Most of the nasaltards you see at Broadway Junction are on their way just a little north along Broadway and Bushwick Ave. They have their little raves in a club on Liberty and Hendrix but they leave when its over. I’m seeing way more of them now living in Ozone Park.

        I’m in ENY all the time myself so I can see what’s going on there.
        My view on this Banksy stunt is that its a way to draw more Joshes and Mollys to the area so the developers and landlords can cash in on these assholes. If Banksy can tag right across the street from Fiorentino Houses, then it must be safe to live there.
        They spread like a virus or like a swarm of locusts.

        • Gotcha. When my employer split the workforce into shifts last year, I started going out there a lot less cause I chose the night owl shift and he does 4 on/4 off with 7 AM start time so…yeah it’s real hard to coordinate. Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m not real current on the state of gentrification in ENY.

          Your theory makes perfect sense though. I’m seeing my guy for Halloween so I’ll ask him what’s up. Just hoping he doesn’t get slapped with a rent hike. He can’t afford it at ALL and I can’t see him moving either.

  9. I love it. This short video says it all about these emaciated hipster fools.

  10. They don’t want to pay to see the art, they just don’t have anywhere near the amount of balls to tell a real New Yorker to go fuck himself.

    • For $20, they could spend a whole day at the Metropolitan Museum and see the works of real artists like Rembrandt, van Gogh or Caravaggio to name a few.
      But No. Instead they go to see some stupid stencil of a beaver.
      Maybe the locals are telling them to see some real art and stop acting like dickheads and they just don’t get it.

  11. These fucking gentrifiers and hipsters are trendy as fuck.

  12. This is NYC street art at its best. Hey Matthew Silver – you takin notes, fool?

  13. High art tanked 40 years ago. There’s been nothing but frauds and poseurs since then. There have always been morons who would pay for anything if it’s called art. Doubt it? Explain Jackson Pollack. These hipster doofus’ are just the latest incarnation.

  14. If there was no danger of catching a beatdown, I”d definitely give these dudes a hug for representing the true NY, in the true NY way.

    “Ya’ll mothafuckas came to my hood!”


    PS: Robbo is still King.

  15. Reaffirming black stereotypes.

  16. Writing as one who is in the process of being forced out of the my neighbourhood by artists , hipsters , and then the tag-a-long gentrifiers I would hope that anyone who is witnessing the early stages of an infestation in their ” ‘hood ” pays close attention to these guys .

    Had we only known what the end result of that ” Artist Co-op ” and those vegan types moving into warehouse lofts would be in 15 years time !! If we had only behaved like the guys in the vid . Committed this type of civil-disobediance . Little acts that are not enough to be arrested for yet promote a sense of fear in these ” hip , vibrant , creative ” types .

    Underneath the tattoo-sleeves , peircings , and proffesed love of all things hardcore and ” edgey ” are carbon-copies of their timid , sensible ,bland suburban parents .

    A few such acts in the early days of the infestation would easily have spread the word ” It seems like a rilly gritty nabe youknoww ??, but I know some people that had some rilly scary incidents youknoww ?? ” The gentrifiers will then avoid your nabe for ones where the unfortunate victims are more polite .

    It is too late for us now , if we had only known .

  17. this is ridiculous, it’s a STENCIL according to the article, it’s not even a freehand picture. I think the whole thing is tongue in cheek. Mr. Banksy is probably seeing how many people will go to wherever he tells them to go. Regardless, why should he be the only one manipulating these lemmings? The guys should charge 50 bucks a snapshot. I think the lemmings will pay.

  18. I do like Banksy, but would I pay for something that should be free? Fuck no. I hope the people in that neighborhood rake it in.

  19. Even if, heaven forbid, we were nuked & ol’ Banksy Babes’ shadow were permanently seared onto the wall of a [even more] ruined East New York building, there STILL shouldn’t be a viewing charge!

  20. They’ve also been getting robbed like crazy all week. This is my buddy’s precinct. He said these goons charging money are from the projects across the street, and these hipsters think giving them $20 is like a free pass to roam around the area. As soon as they leave the building where the art is, other thugs from the projects are robbing them. They’ve even been using signals to give neighborhood regulars a pass and identify the targets. It’s goddamn hilarious. The cops think it’s funny too, in case any hiptards are reading this. He texts me every time another one gets robbed. What Fucking assholes these shitbags are.

  21. Next stop Brownsville. Lol.

  22. I actually enjoy Banksy. He’s pulled off some good ones before like recording a fake Britney Spears CD with songs like “Why am I so famous”, printing them and switching them for the real ones in Tower Records. Or hanging up fake paintings or fake prehistoric carvings in museums.

    I look at him a bit like Andy Warhol. Great as a one-off act but once people start imitating him or worshiping him, it starts to suck. When Warhol died, people should have said enough and gone back to making regular art. Once Banksy retires or dies, I dread all the copycats that will inevitably come along (actually, they’re already here).

    Here’s Dick Chicken on Just Josh.

  23. I am so happy to have found this blog. My resentment of the hipster hijacking of Brooklyn has been there from the beginning, but when rent got so high, that after 30 years my family was forced to leave Brooklyn, my rage against hipsters is insatiable. Thank you for this blog.

  24. Banksy’s PR team must be working overtime to get this guy’s name in the news. “Interestingly” only a couple of these things were sold. I wonder why…? Because his ‘art’ is really terrible. I mean look at it. What’s so great about it? It only appeals to weak-minded people who think that a stencil of little boys spray painting over a ‘No Graffiti’ sign is something truly remarkable.

    “Banksy’s latest public creation as part of his month-long residency in New York was an art stall outside Central Park, on October 12, selling original works signed by the artist. Interestingly, the stall received a limited number of buyers. This video documents the sale. According to the artist’s website, “Yesterday I set up a stall in the park selling 100% authentic original signed Banksy canvases. For $60 each.” Credit: YouTube Banksy NY”


  25. This is fucking great on so many levels.

  26. Banksy not the most important thing happening right now.

    From Queens Crap Blog: http://queenscrap.blogspot.com/2013/10/banksy-not-most-important-thing.html

    “I was taking this video this afternoon when a gentleman suddenly addressed the crowd in front of the new piece in Woodside and reminded them that while they’re out hunting down the latest Banksy, there’s a helpless boy out there somewhere waiting to be found.” – George

  27. This is beautiful! Beautiful! :-)

  28. I Never thought I could despise a group of people more than i despise ghetto thugs……. Hipsters, i fucking hate you more. Die!

  29. Wow, I never heard of this low life graffiti English fuck until I discovered this site yesterday. So as a lifelong Queens resident who despises graffiti IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD, I’ll make every effort to make sure this douchebag will be caught

  30. Pingback: D I E H I P S T E R . C O M | Newest Amateurish Banksy Stencil “Art” DISSED within minutes!

  31. Only in New York, what a fucking bunch of idiots.
    In London a new Banksy graffiti made peoples days, they smiled a it, acknowledged it and for the most admired it for what it is , no more, no less

    I think Banksy’s greatest statement in New York is you fucking avaricious twots will try and bleed each other for every penny and for for all it’s worth.
    But of course you’re all so self centred and self absorbed the irony of that will completely escape you.

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