punkjewGrowing up here, I saw only a handful of Orthodox Jews become reformed; it’s very rare but bound to happen to a few. On the other hand, going Hasidim to hipster simply seems impossible – yet it’s happening – sort of. There is a group of Punk Jews that also call themselves “X-O’s” (Ex-Orthodox) yet they don’t bother me. Why? Because they have a lot to run from or rebel against as far as lifestyles go. Their family and community beliefs have them wearing the same black and white clothing, the hats, the hair, the food, the music, the rituals, etc; it’s a very strict lifestyle that some may get tired of or even jealous when they see people who aren’t religious doing whatever they want. So all in all, I sort of get it. Last but not least, they also are real New Yorkers.

Link - Haaretz.com: Hasidim Hipsters

Now let’s take a look the common hipster transplant that we despise so very much. These Calebs and Cadences, Zachs and Zoeys grew up non-Orthodox in any way in their happy little suburb towns; getting whatever they wanted. They wore regular clothing; any kind of sneakers; any kind of haircut; ate whatever they wanted – whenever they wanted; hung out in malls; maybe went to church, maybe didn’t. Now these Romper Roomers become adults and want to infiltrate our city with their rebellious hipster bullshit??? Rebelling from what? Wearing “look at me” clothing for what? Creepy beards and moustaches for what? Farming in a city for what? Pretending to be vegan for what? Toting around instruments for what? Sitting in cafes and staring into computers for what? Bike lane culture for what? Pretending to be artists and actors for what? Of course to us they’ve all conformed and look the same to us, but to themselves, they are all different and unique individuals.

What the fuck are they rebelling against? They’ve had it easier than anyone in America for crying out loud.