Hasidim Hipsters: Punk Jews

punkjewGrowing up here, I saw only a handful of Orthodox Jews become reformed; it’s very rare but bound to happen to a few. On the other hand, going Hasidim to hipster simply seems impossible – yet it’s happening – sort of. There is a group of Punk Jews that also call themselves “X-O’s” (Ex-Orthodox) yet they don’t bother me. Why? Because they have a lot to run from or rebel against as far as lifestyles go. Their family and community beliefs have them wearing the same black and white clothing, the hats, the hair, the food, the music, the rituals, etc; it’s a very strict lifestyle that some may get tired of or even jealous when they see people who aren’t religious doing whatever they want. So all in all, I sort of get it. Last but not least, they also are real New Yorkers.

Link - Haaretz.com: Hasidim Hipsters

Now let’s take a look the common hipster transplant that we despise so very much. These Calebs and Cadences, Zachs and Zoeys grew up non-Orthodox in any way in their happy little suburb towns; getting whatever they wanted. They wore regular clothing; any kind of sneakers; any kind of haircut; ate whatever they wanted – whenever they wanted; hung out in malls; maybe went to church, maybe didn’t. Now these Romper Roomers become adults and want to infiltrate our city with their rebellious hipster bullshit??? Rebelling from what? Wearing “look at me” clothing for what? Creepy beards and moustaches for what? Farming in a city for what? Pretending to be vegan for what? Toting around instruments for what? Sitting in cafes and staring into computers for what? Bike lane culture for what? Pretending to be artists and actors for what? Of course to us they’ve all conformed and look the same to us, but to themselves, they are all different and unique individuals.

What the fuck are they rebelling against? They’ve had it easier than anyone in America for crying out loud.

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  1. “What the fuck are they rebelling against? They’ve had it easier than anyone in America for crying out loud”

    More often than not, the people with the MOST privilege are too oblivious to even be aware of it. With that being said, alot of people who are aware of their privilege and just deny the shit out of it.

    It’s cool to PRETEND to be a have not, but economically, it doesn’t feel good to be one.

  2. To the author: DieHipster started off well, but every day your stereotyping of this imaginary group becomes a little more stupid, boring and vile.

    • Imaginary? The only thing imaginary is you – “actual new yorker”. Let me know when your Greyhound pulls in; we can go grab some organic vegan goodies in Bushpointburg.

      • Uh, residing in a $3500 loft in the East Village since 2008 does not make you an ‘Actual New Yorker’. Sorry, Caleb.

        Not sure how anyone in their right mind could call hipsters an “imaginary group”. That’s some serious hipster denial at work.

    • So, in other words, you’ve been caught wearing curls in your hair that you shouldn’t wear?

    • I agree with this part: stupid, boring, and vile. The content is so negative and brainless. Clearly DieHipster is one of the best at describing hipsters, but DH is a hater. He lost readers because of it. Replies are way, way down.

      Those grimy hipster-snots beat him and stole Brooklyn lol




      • “The content is so negative …but DH is a hater. He lost readers because of it.”

        Stop your kazoo whine…. just how fucking dumb are you? This blog is called DIEHIPSTER. Hate is the reason people come here. You’re looking for “positive” comments on a blog called DIEHIPSTER about disrespectful, parentally-supported, gentrifying douchebags?

  3. Excuse me if someone has already posted has already posted a link to this in the comments here, but this is a jaw-dropping moronic and whiney note from a BROOKLYN vegan who is offended and hurt because her roommate is so inconsiderate as to bring animal products (including honey, which is apparently offensive because it exploits bees) home. The butt-hurt vegan actually compares eatting meat and eggs to child abuse:


    My response would be to dump a pound of raw ground beef on the vegan’s bed. Or, better yet, raw calves’ liver, since I’d hate to see good hamburger go to waste.

    • haha. im sure u’ve seen that scene in “PCU” where they dump raw meat on the pseudo-activists:


    • That cunt is one of those fucking “ego vegans” and god how they make my blood boil…
      Comparing meat to child-abuse, my ass – what about the vegan pet food some of them feed to their carnivore pets?
      I’m a vegan myself, but everyone has to decide for himself, and i wont judge or vilify anyone for eating meat. Sincere vegans to it for the animals, those fucking zealots are polishing their martyr crowns.
      Reasonable comments by “Rattus”, “Daniforest” and “TickleMyBamboo”, imho.

    • I’d love to litter her room with soup bones and organ meats. All manner and form of organ meats and intestines. Smear them into her walls, dump them on her bed.
      My brother in law got a pig’s head from a butcher…a shrink-wrapped pig’s head for cooking in a food smoker. That thing looked absolutely disgusting(tasted good though). I’d love to leave that out on the kitchen table to greet her when she comes out of her meat scrap filled room.

      I used to know a girl who said she was vegan, I say used to because the more vegan she got the more militant she got about it until I had to stop talking to her. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that letter writer was her!

      • Omg, that was so disgusting and specific. It was an annoying ass letter, that’s all. Fuck. I wonder what-all’s really going on with you.

        • Also, I def disagree with the way people go nuts everytime veganism and non-meat eating is brought up. It’s a whole separate issue, not a hipster one. Everytime veganism is on the table around here, it brings out the above disgustingness, I’m not feeling it. While people need to tone down their snottiness and self-righteousness in general, it’s clearly a personal character flaw that they have. Not eating meat is entirely credible, worthwhile, and nothing new. People have really got to assess themselves when they find themselves confronted with this “issue”. jfc

          • Yeah, veganism isn’t even a hipster thing anymore. It’s a hippie thing, yeah. A liberal thing, yeah. Self-righteousness is the hipster thing. And many vegans unfortunately happen to be self-righteous.
            It’s interesting to see the reactions provoked by vegans. When you see how someone talks about vegans, you can figure out if they’re a critical person with a reasonable head on their shoulders, or if they’re a raging reactionary snapping at anything Fox News has characterized as “liberal.”

    • It’s bad when anyone you know offers indirect methods of communication as any kind of healthy, adult comm. “I insinuated that…” Really? Well fucking grown ups do NOT ‘insinuate’. They state things plainly, reasonably, and directly. These types always interpret ‘direct’ as ‘mean’ or ‘rude’, when it is INDIRECTION that is ‘rude’ and the source of trouble.

      The vegan witch reminds me of a roommate I had once who ‘hid’ certain food items in the fridge while consuming my food items. The nitwit actually tried to heat up a can of vegetables inside a teflon saucepan without even the aid of water, and destroyed it. I waited about 24 hrs for him to come around to his b.s. and act like a man instead of a Hidey-hidey twat, but he stalled. I can tell you this: I damn sure didn’t write him a note. I confronted him with a grocery bill and the price of the pan, saying,”Cash now or I take it out of my share of the rent. Either way, you need to find a new place to stay ASAP.”. Two people who can’t room together simply should be together, but I could see where some hipster twits would rather ‘abuse’ each other with dumb notes and petty, vindictive retaliations than simply moving on given there’s no room for compromise.

      Vegan! That word never fails to make me laugh and laugh. They blabber about ‘Nature’ as if it’s something they’re not a part of and always have to ‘protect’. Gawd…

  4. I once knew an ex orthodox through an old boyfriend. He wasn’t a hipster, just a guy who felt compelled to leave his ultra-orthodox family. He truly struggled at times; his family all but disowned him, his community shunned him and he still felt a connection to his faith and heritage.

    One Friday night a bunch of us were trying to decide on where to get dinner and he suggested a Kosher Sichuan Chinese place near where he grew up. Old habits never die, I guess.

  5. i dont think hipsters are rebelling in any way at all. frankly, i think they are just another side of yuppie in the sense that they are entitled, materialistic, and live in a bubble. i like to call them “alternative consumers” (ie the yuppie pays $80 for a haircut at some chic salon with very modernist furniture, while the hipster spends $80 on a haircut at some “vintage-feeling” barber shop that is meant to be reminiscent of an old parlor. same thing, just different shades of pretentious

    • I disagree. Yuppies and hipsters are very different beasts. We all act pretentious at times, so that is a poor reason to group them together. The fundamental difference is that yuppies work and contribute to society and the money they waste foolishly is the money they earn. I could care less how pretentious, elitist, or downright ridiculous you act as long as you’re spending your own money instead of leeching off society. The issue I have with hipsters has nothing to do with how they look or act (aside from their inane promotion of androgyny, which is downright creepy), but more to do with how hipster culture promotes irresponsibility, shuns real work, and contributes little of value.

      • thats a very valid point. me and a good friend of mine debate who we hate more every so often, and this same point of the yuppie actually using a college education to get a job that requires a BA/BS etc as a pre-requisite, makes them slightly more redeeming.

        but here’s an interesting question: do you define hipster as somone who is not providing for themselves in full through full time occupation, or do certain types of occupations get discounted in this regard.

        for example: if someone acts like a pretentious douche by constantly telling u how much they know about “underground avante music/art/film,” dresses conspicuously for attention, is a middle class suburban transplant, and in general has a sense of superiority/entitlement/arrogance, BUT works a white collar 9-5 that required a degree…are they then not a hipster?

        what if that same person worked in restaurants/retail?

        how about a person who is a trained musician who gigs/rehearses/gives lessons but has to work full time in restaurants/retail to make ends meet? what if that same person also wore skinny jeans, had a “hip” haircut, went to farmers markets, and rode a bike as a means of transportation to and from work to get in exercise while also saving money by not paying for a monthly metrocard, BUT they were not the type to tell others how to live or to tell me how much “x” they know, or act with a sense of entitlement?

        im curious to hear other people’s answers on this. my personal opinion is that the hipster has certain definable characteristics, but they do not need to embody ALL of those characteristics in order to be defined as one. here’s a short list of what i personally think those characteristics are:

        -financially dependent (or trust-funded)
        -attention seeking
        -unaware, indifferent, even happy about the effects of gentrification (ie “this neighborhood used to be bad 5 years ago but now its soooo much better. there are so many new cool bars/restaurants/nightlife opening up”)
        -unable to relate or empathize with people from different backgrounds, especially blue collar workers and people living in poverty
        -socially awkward
        -Sense of unique-ness/individualism as defined by their consumer habits (ie look at my vintage “x”)
        -constantly humble-brags
        -calls themself musician/artist/film-maker/photographer/etc but does not have real training/does not practice or work on bettering their skills/does put extensive time into their craft/etc…aka a faux hobbyist)
        -is a “one-up larry” or “maximizer” (aka u tell someone a story/thought/etc and they then feel the need to tell u a more extreme/hip/cool/off center story/thought/etc in an attempt to look “cool”)
        -inconsiderate, disrespectful, obnoxious
        -lives in a bubble: does not know people/aqcuaint/interact with people from different backgrounds, even in the neighborhood they live in (ie lives in bushwick but only knows people who are not from bushwick, or at least makes no attempt to interact with their neighbors on their block, at the park, at locally owned (not transplant owned) bars and reataurants, at community events)

        well im sure there are more traits we can add to this list but i figured this was a good start. the point i wanted to make is that ive met people who embody many of those traits but have a 9-5 office job and i would characterize them as hipsters (or at least assholes). on the flipside, ive met many musicians (real musicians, not hobbyists) who have to work service industry jobs in order to pay their bills, but might dress in tighter fitting clothes and have a funky haircut but i wouldnt necessarily call them hipsters unless they had an attitude.

        alltogether, i think that having a solid professional job does not necessarily make someone not a hipster, nor does working in the service sector as a stop-gap measure while SERIOUSLY pursuing a craft or some type of entrepreneurial endeaver makes someone a hipster either. finally, just because a yuppie has an office job does not make them a plague on society (ie think wicked willy’s, the cupcake shop from “sex and the city” in the west village, the frying pan, meat-packing district in general, etc)

        • Reading that list I realized that one could, with very minimal word replacements, identify a lot more groups than just hipsters. For example, I’ve seen a ‘sense of entitlement’ in the descendants of farmers many, many times.

        • Great list! Good point about how you can have a “real” job and still be a hipster, or have a “hipster” job and not be a hipster… great list in general.

    • Hipsters are slumming middle-class and higher people who think that aping the poor is cool, but they could get out of the situation with either a call to their parents or just using that expensive education (with a shower, shave, haircut, and change of clothes).

  6. allyupstersmustdie: Love it!

    Your film clip made me think of another one. I know a Chinese market where they actually sell pigs heads. Remember the horse’s head scene from “The Godfather?” Imagine….oh-so-sensitive vegan roomie + pig’s head….my, what a heartwarming scene that would be.

  7. I’m thinking of Pulp’s “Common People” here. Brilliant!

  8. I have some REALLY good news for you guys! After mentioning the wannabe/hipster/vanity addict aka “Ian” being a new transplant to Brooklyn…ta da!…he’s LEAVING YOU! That’s right, The King of All Actors is, finally, dragging his butt back off to California. Again.

    He’s had a real tough life living off of his bullshit and quackery and addictions, while rationalizing it all by blaming it on being an ‘actor’, and now that the faux kickstarter, indigogo campaigns and faux-poli-active drum beatings, have likely run their course in the big apple.

    He’s almost 40 and if a master of anything…it’s burning bridges. But the bright side is…Woot! You’re gonna be one less hipster soon!

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