Yet another irritating and pointless Kickstarter campaign has been launched; this time by Howard (the female) and Bland (the kazoo-voiced male) to install art chairs attached to all the scaffolding around the city. Let’s hear what Art the Seal has to say about this:


TRANSLATION: This is not ART ART ART ART ART ART ART ART you infinite leisure time interlopers. This is absolutely stupid and even potentially dangerous. What kind of real New Yorker (human or seal) has the time or desire to sit on a chair attached to a scaffold in the middle of the day??? We don’t. The only people that would are staycationing Calebs, Harrisons, Quinns, Mollys and Megans as they stroll from latte shop to gallery to overpriced boutique without anything to do during normal working hours or on break during their ‘creative jobs’. This is not art. If I simply dumped a couple of old chairs that I didn’t want anymore near a scaffold – would anyone say “hey look, it’s art!” NO! Because it’s not. Just listen to that video as they talk about this project with such importance as if they are going to restructure the entire subway system. The sense of entitlement is sickening; they want to change how we look at our city. THEY WANT TO CHANGE IT FOR US! THEY THINK THEY KNOW WHAT WE WANT! Just listen to them. And for pledging $5.00 you get a virtual hug! These perpetual and ceaseless kidults make me so sick with their projects and mentalities. Please go back to your one-horse towns and play with art over there. You have homogenized this city beyond belief already.