93 thoughts on “The December 2012 “LOOK AT ME” Award

  1. I know this is not politically correct but why did that guy have to shoot all of those innocent children in Connecticut? Would the next mass murderer with an assault weapon PLEASE come to Brooklyn and make some GOOD use out of those banana and barrel clips by mowing down AT LEAST a few dozen hipsters??!! PLEASE COME SOON!!!!

    • The scary part is that the kind of people who go would go on a shooting rampage actually have quite a few things in common with hipsters: namely an inordinate need for attention. And in many ways gunning down twenty innocent schoolchildren before turning the gun on one’s self is the ultimate form of LAMism (Look at Meee-ism).

  2. All I see is a disrepect for ones persoal property. First, that beautiful instrument. Not cool. And second tha bicycle. It’s not enough that they strip it of all efficiency ( brakes and multiple speeds), but you can see that he took a perfectly raked fork and tried to straiten it to be more like a track bicycle. It’s a perversion to bend the steel that way. Unless of course he already rear ended a garbage truck; which Im sure he’s capable of doing.Idiot!

    • His fork is raked like that because of a taxi cab slamming into him while bike messaging. However he is a much better cyclist than yourself I am guessing. Heres an earlier picture of him while he was biking from vermont to alaska at age 9 http://www.tour-tales.com/romp.html
      As far as his instrument is concerned, you are absolutely right. He once left it out in the rain so he and his ladyfriend could have intimate relations in the case. I know all this because he’s my cousin…and hes nutts…and I love him. Idiot!

      • More rich kids putting as much “zany” into their days as they can because they have no real job to go to.

  3. Maybe he stole it.

  4. Sorry DH but i may have you beat though sadly with no picture to go with it =(

    Last sunday waiting for the 52 bus at green and vanderbilt.very cold icey rain storm in progress.
    “colby” UNICYCLING towards down town brooklyn with a 60lb(roughly) laundry sack on his back while wearing a derby hat.

    If spotted please kill violently.

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