The website Brooklyn Based – keyword:based, meaning just camping out for now – recently put out an article about Frederick Cook, a physician and explorer who claims he was the first to reach the North Pole. Was he the first? Did he even reach it at all? Who knows, but I’m sure he got closer than 99.9 % of the world’s population. This isn’t the point of my post though.

fredcookYou see, Frederick Cook lived in Bushwick, Brooklyn for some time so BrooklynBased does a follow-up article simply to say that Frederick Cook would be accepted today in Bushwick because of how he looks in a picture from the late-1800′s; also that because he reminds them of the fucking red bearded Mast Brothers, he could get away with living in Bushwick today. Are you kidding me??? He doesn’t look very Puerto Rican to me. You’re comparing a very educated man – a true explorer who reached the North Pole over a hundred years ago with the little resources he had as opposed to today - to a couple of hipsters from Iowa in costume who make $10 chocolate bars on their little Brooklyn gentrification expedition? It’s as if you’re saying Frederick Cook is copying the average Brooklyn hipster; how stupid can you be? There’s a huge difference here; there was no pre-planning of what society looked like back then – it just HAPPENED. Beards and moustaches were everywhere just like RED means STOP; today the norm is shaving through-out society – society does not equal just what’s happening in Bushpointburg. It wasn’t done ironically or for attention; also the clothing was the way it was as well – it just simply progressed into what it was, based on what material and resources they had. Fast-forward to today and you have a couple of zipcodes of try-hards wearing every costume ranging from the late-1800′s to early 1990′s grunge – all begging for attention. Today, every time you see some bearded lemming from Flyoverlandia roaming the streets of Brooklyn, he is just trying to fit in with the other members of his pussy posse – just like a 13 year old in school only we’re talking about people 25 – 40 years old.


Maybe all ‘brooklyn-based’ bearded hipsters should read that BrooklynBased article and say to themselves – “Damn, I really am an unoriginal, out-of-place, try-hard douche“. Get it through your heads, people at Brooklyn-Based: nobody is copying hipsters – it’s the other way around.

Link: Brooklyn-Based – Polar Explorer or Mast Brother???