5 thoughts on “bushwickfashion1”

  1. Oh, this is precious. Absolutely precious…


    Notice the dork had to strike the price down from 85 smackers to 59 ROFLMAO…yeah Idiot, because the local kindergarten could make my clothes for me, just like yours, for much cheaper. It would be a neat little project for them.

    The only problem is, outside of professional models, I don’t know one black MAN who would be caught dead in your hobo clothes.

    Everybody understands there’s been a prolonged recession, prick. Everyone who actually works and has to worry about money already understands recycling and reuse and they don’t do it ironically, you spoiled little brats. Necessity is the Mother of Invention? This dildo artist has invented nothing. He’s just a symptom of the lazy, self-proclaimed ‘artiste’ who thinks Art is only about mocking everything around them. Shit like this is a fine example (symptom) of the hostility these people feel and it’s that hostility that allows them to interpret criticism as people being ‘mean’. No, it’s a reaction. It’s a reaction to crappy clothes, paintings, sculptures, films, plays, and music that is so overloaded with mockery that it’s one long snoozefest.

    Dear Hipsters: You’re boring.

  2. Not to mention the shit is butt fucking ugly.

    Just sayin.

  3. hoo hoo jabba gogo said:

    he looks so sad.

  4. WTF is this?? buahhahaha….really?? I MEAN really??? oh jeez..

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