LOL! There’s a new fashion line by a gritty urban designer “from” the gritty urban streets of Bushwick; inspired by the names of the streets in Bushwick, and approves! Yes, check out the Michael Wright Collection if you want to look like a punchable beardo who weaves baskets in gentrification cafes. Just look at those photos taken in front of rusty fences and graffiti – like yaaaah, so urban it hurts. Look at this vest (for only $45.00!!!) that looks like a 5 year old cut it with safety scissors. And seriously, if your arms are as thin as a line of spray paint, it’s time to eat a few hamburgers there Joshy boy. It’s really so sad that these white picket fence, cul-de-sacian nobodies are trying to turn Brooklyn into SOHO. Get the fuck out of here already – your try-hard bullshit is embarrassing.