Bushwick inspired style!

LOL! There’s a new fashion line by a gritty urban designer “from” the gritty urban streets of Bushwick; inspired by the names of the streets in Bushwick, and BushwickDaily.com approves! Yes, check out the Michael Wright Collection if you want to look like a punchable beardo who weaves baskets in gentrification cafes. Just look at those photos taken in front of rusty fences and graffiti - like yaaaah, so urban it hurts. Look at this vest (for only $45.00!!!) that looks like a 5 year old cut it with safety scissors. And seriously, if your arms are as thin as a line of spray paint, it’s time to eat a few hamburgers there Joshy boy. It’s really so sad that these white picket fence, cul-de-sacian nobodies are trying to turn Brooklyn into SOHO. Get the fuck out of here already – your try-hard bullshit is embarrassing.




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  1. I cannot imagine that a shirt with with piece of burlap sewn would be very comfortable

  2. Hi. I’m nearly a textbook case of the stereotypical hipster- 18, thick glasses (that I need to see, mind you,) vegetarian (but I think most vegetarians are smug jerks and most of my friends eat meat.) I’m too poor to be one of those smug all-organic people I shop at thrift stores (because I’m poor) and I love art and music, but I think that self-identified modern art and indie rock is complete shit. I don’t dress like a hobo, though, and I try to be fairly presentable, as opposed to to looking like a faux scruffy fauxhimian. I go to college, have a job, and try to be a good citizen and a respectable member of society. But I digress.

    I live in a super small farm/foresty town in Connecticut, admittedly love my family and my small town, and I have no intention of invading your city and being a douche. However, I went to Brooklyn about a month ago for the Brooklyn Comics And Graphics Festival. I went to the festival because it was free opportunity to meet, shake hands with, and talk to one of my all time favorite artists, Thomas Herpich. (The guy lives in California, and I could NOT pass up this opportunity.) By the way, his drawings and paintings are beautiful, and he is very successful, nominated for one Emmy and three Annies. It was really great getting to meet this guy.

    While I was at this festival, though, I was surrounded by hipsters. Not the self deprecating, self aware ones like me who KNOW that we look like goofs and know how ridiculous we are. No… I’m talking about the nasally-voiced, tight-jeaned, scruffy, bearded fauxhimians wearing unnecessary glasses and carrying messenger bags. Hipsters EVERYWHERE. It was one of the most surreal experiences, surrounded by so many clones. I wasn’t sure how many of these hippie/punkish looking people were genuine artists, or rich transplants feigning poverty and a DIY aesthetic for some expensive indie cred. These guys were in their 30s and 40s, and were dressed like teenagers.

    While I was in Brooklyn, I could see some of the locals looking at the scarf-wearing stickmen as they ambled out of the festival with their hands in their messenger bags and their smug, fake-artsy conversations in the air. I could see the REAL New Yorkers scoffing at these children dressing up and pretending to be starving artists just how little kids put on little white coats and pretend to be doctors. As I stood outside and people-watched for a long time, I could practically see a big cloud of smug pretension rising up from these pot-reeking flannel sacks, polluting the genuine, sincere identity of the city. I suddenly wanted to get the hell out of there and back to my little house in the countryside, away from all the pretension and back to my trees and books, back to my NATURAL habitat.

    From a self-identified and self-mocking hipster, I apologize for the gentrification of Brooklyn. I’m so sorry that my people have selfishly stripped your city of its identity in favor of their own bland, white-bread nonculture. I apologize for the fact that all of the hipsters are not living in isolated log cabins in the middle of nowhere and keeping to themselves. I’m sorry that horrible people like me exist. And if I ever move to Brooklyn or New York, I promise that I will be doing that in order to secure a REAL occupation and not just dicking around in a stupid cafe. If I ever live in New York, I’ll eat at family-owned restaurants and go to REAL art galleries, not cupcake shops and fingerpaint exhibits.

    I’m sorry that hipsters ruined Brooklyn. I’m sorry that my people have bastardized the name of your fine city and grossly re-appropriated it as a fashion statement. I wish I could take them all and push them somewhere else, but I can’t. In the meantime, please continue making this great website. I hope, someday, another hipster will find it and get a wake-up call, and hopefully, this will lead to a lot of self-reflection.

    • I can’t speak for everyone who posts here; but, you seem to be an honest person (I won’t attempt to call you “dude”. “Tobi” is one of those androgynous, gender-neutral monikers :)). It’s one thing to be a young person who happens to fall into the neckbeard category because of some superficial similarities shared with them. It’s another to totally immerse oneself in the whole annoying, entitled, useless me-monkey cultural vampire lifestyle which has pervaded Brooklyn, and other cities. Be yourself and don’t feel forced into acting like them in order to be accepted.

  3. Haters immersing themselves in hipster culture so much so that they created and update a website daily…

    Wonder if this “journalist” knows that he was born and raised in Inglewood, California. Plus WHO is labeling this as urban??? People look like this in Brooklyn! Those streets are IN Brooklyn!

    Get over yourself.

    • Real Brooklynites spend $45 on burlap vests that look like they were cut by blind preschoolers with dull steakknifes? That’s pathetic, sad, desperate, and wanna-beish. Real Brooklynites look like people who work hard and don’t pretend to be starving artists, just for the attention and street cred.

      A self-admitted suburban hipster

    • Thank you Michellle, well said!! Inglewood -MW

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