Mocking 99 Cent Store Shoppers is sooooooo funny!!! Like Yah!!!

Damn, this is really pathetic and not the least bit funny. The Improv Everywhere group – known for gathering useless, space-wasting, infinite leisure time hipster fucks for mid-work day pathetic pranks like the “No Pants Subway Ride” and other retarded “look at me” shit recently did another tasteless prank exploiting a 99 cents store and it’s shoppers who have no other choice but to shop in there. I shop in 99 cents stores for certain things: Why not? Those stores are everywhere and if you can get something for half the price than in a larger store it kind of makes sense. But some people simply must always shop in these stores because they have no choice; and here comes the smug, smirking, giggling brigade of attention starved bastards to make a corny-ass video about it at their expense. I swear, I’d love to give that bearded megaphone organizer the biggest hipster beating ever. Can you imagine that some people out there have to choose whether to buy dishwashing liquid or toilet paper and these recently arrived shit stains from Oklassottahio are making fun of them just weeks before their parents buy them iPhone 5′s and other gadgets for their 30th birthdays or Christmas or Hanukkah? Like yaaaaaah, this is like rillllllllly funny!

144 thoughts on “Mocking 99 Cent Store Shoppers is sooooooo funny!!! Like Yah!!!

  1. Absolutely disgusting. DH needs to infiltrate their blogs or whatever means they use to organize so that someone can give them ass kicking they were deprived of as children.

  2. Ugh, I can’t believe I used to think some of their gags were funny. These self-absorbed over-privileged kidults could use a good lashing.

    • How is this funny? I don’t get it? How do their 8 year old minds work? I just insulted 8 y/o kids..I’m sorry. This is ridiculous! Everybody else is working at this time of day! WTF are they doing?

  3. I literally just came back from Dollar Tree with Tums & Pepto. Sick.

  4. All in good fun. How is it mocking if they actually went in and spent money? I’m sure the store owner was ok with it! DH, inject some love into your life, this is nothing but a hate blog but I’m not sure if you even know what you’re hating. There are plenty native Brooklynites outside of Bensonhurst Flatbush and Sheepshead. Some of them happen to like organic shit and art too!

    • You’re about as native piece of cheddar in a Wisconsin cheese factory. Who cares if they spent money this one fucking time? They did it for the sake of the joke not for the shop owner. If this joke involved only camping out in line they would have done it just the same. Now go make my coffee bitch.

      • What kinda native Brooklynite immediately thinks “barista” when coffee is mentioned?

        I think “Greek” or “coffee shop” or “luncheonette” or “the guy on the corner with the cart” or what the waiter brings after dinner.
        Is that an Italian word you learned in Bklyn? In Bklyn, the Italian I learned was “fangool”, “fangool, douchebag”.

        • Obviously you think “GREEK” because YOU prefer to be PENETRATED ANALLY. And NO I don’t speak the pasta sauce dialect you GREASY MOTHERFUCKER… Go eat some bread and have a glass of boxed Malbec at your local vermin infested Pho-talian number hole : )

      • By definition wouldn’t a piece of cheddar in a Wisconsin cheese factory be native?

        • No ?, Chedder is from the town of Chedder in England. :)

          • yup yup. Wisconsin ‘cheddar’ is basically poseur cheese from the midwest, so the comparison works on a whole bunch of levels.

          • Actually Cheddar IS from wherever its made. YES it did originate in England BUT The name DOESN’T change regionally like Champagne vs. Prosecco. Hence Wisconsin Cheddar, and NY Cheddar ETC…KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOUR’E TALKING ABOUT BEFORE YOU COMMENT. WIKIPEDIA DOES NOT COUNT.

      • The fuck?

        Most of these idiots appear to be there because they have NOTHING else going for them.


        Half will be gone in a year. That Liberal Arts degree from Wisconsin Music College really came in handy did’t it?
        How the fuck can they live here?

      • In the past I’ve felt a little bit like the original poster here, in that you have gone a bit far but these last 2 stories (and to be honest 95% of what you post too) you’ve posted are spot on.

      • Damn DH just jumped the shark.

      • First Off I wouldn’t know how as I’ve never actually BEEN a barista dipshit, so why don’t you roll me joint since its pretty obvious you’ve got a fair amount of experience with Narcotics Fag : )
        I STILL maintain my position of All In Good Fun… If they had been at some chi-chi boutique in Midtown your complaints would’ve likely been the same. Half the people on this site INCLUDING YOU are either self-hating hipsters or hipsters in denial. Why let a group of people annoy you to the degree of hate rather than just focus your mind’s energy on something useful or positive? Were you not picked for Bike Polo last season because of your shitty homemade fixie? Or maybe you went to Williamsburg and COULDN’T ACTUALLY GET LAID? Maybe you were FIRED from your lame-o blue collar shit job cuz someone with skinny jeans and a beard interviewed and was considered friendlier, more outgoing and easier to work with. Whatever the case, the cock in your ass seems like its lodged to the point where you may need surgery. But since you’re Mr. BluecollarBKallday and probably cannot afford that you should just go ahead and die now since the hipsters are fucking up any chance of your family getting an state or federal bereavement funds…
        To continue on, Most of these so called hipster haters are probably actually on Bikesdirect trying to order Fuji and Mercier singlespeed bikes from their iPhones/iPads from Starbucks or doing other mindless consumer based CRAP while they use the free Wifi, so whats really the difference between them and the hipsters besides the “Look At Me” shit??? But isn’t that pretty close to the Italiana with the Fendi bag or that Guido at the Gym? Or The Teenage Niggers and Spics on the trains after school? Or The Obnoxious Jew or Arab At The Bar buying everyone drinks, trying to pull Blondie pussy? I’m pretty sure blogging and replying to blog comments is totally some hipster ass shit. Ah, the power of anonymity over the web! By the way I just wanted to reply to your replies to my previous comments because while I’m sure you probably think you’re King of the Jungle round these parts I felt I had to put your little bitch ass in your place so thanks for having me, It’s been great. I won’t be back though, no sense in me helping you make 4 cents per click! ; ) But before I go heres some seriously deeeelicious food for thought: just think of what you could do if you spent all the time you spend EVERYDAY with this blog doing something positive, creative or enriching. Maybe you actually WOULD get rid of the hipsters rather than just BITCHING AND WHINING about em. No matter how many THREATS, BEATINGS, DAILY DEATHS, WHATEVER YOUR’E BLOGGING ABOUT, YOU PRETTY MUCH JUST SOUND LIKE A WHINY BITCH… And yooou know this, MAN!

    • Native my A55! I was born and raised in what is now called Carrol Gardens. I would hang out on Smith Street when your parents wouldn’t let you go to Smith Street. People from Brooklyn, NY don’t call themselves “Brooklynites” or “New Yorkers”. Only once in a while when a politician is trying to gain public favor they’ll spew that nonsense, it makes me cringe every time. It really makes me sick. If I go out to a bar around here the place is filled with people saying they’re “natives” who have lived in “the nabe” for 5 years so they’re “real New Yorkers”. There’s VERY little Brooklyn left in Brooklyn. So lets say you are from here you should try and act like it and stop embarrassing the rest of us moron.

      • Hey Sean! Brooklynite – a native or inhabitant of the borough of Brooklyn, in New York City. Real residents of Brooklyn always referred to themselves as Brooklynites since the City of Brooklyn was first established. Since Carroll Gardens was originally part of Red Hook, do you refer to yourself as a Hooker?

      • Rex Cinema, baby..

      • Brooklyn hipsters call themselves “Breukelenites”.

      • Wow. You sound RIDICULOUSLY ignorant. Not only am I from Brooklyn, but I’ve never left. As a Matter Of Fact I Love It And Ain’t Never Leaving. Went to, Pre-K, Elementary, Junior High, High School AND Trade School Here. I can call myself WHATEVER I’d like to and It doesn’t make either of us “more” from here or “more real” to act how YOU say. Thats exactly the problem with Brooklyn right now. People like you cannot accept that America is a revolving door. Unless your family is Native American, you ain’t a FUCKING NATIVE BROOKLYNITE, BROOKLYN PERSON OR WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU’D LIKE TO CALL IT. Brooklyn enough For Ya Fag? Oh and Carroll Gardens sold out years ago so IF you really loved your neighborhood you wouldn’t have let the hipsters take it over. Come to Crown Heights and Bed Stuy and take a good look around… YEAH, there’s hipsters here BUT they DON’T own shit. They ALL rent from the Niggers and Jews and ain’t no one selling. Have fun playing Miss Pacman and Pool at the bars you hate with the people you hate even more. Looking at Pennsylvania Properties Yet?

        • Wow. You sound RIDICULOUSLY ignorant.

          • That was the point. The writer and majority people reading this blog would rather spew negativity than have actual intellectual conversations and commentary. Just givin’ the good ol’ folks what they want : )

    • “Some of them happen to like organic shit…” So you like organic shit. Does it taste better than regular shit?

  5. And for the record, service industry jobs are hard work so before you make fun of the local Batista or bartender you try waking up at 4:30 for work or getting home at that time!

    • No. Dignity and education and ambition mean we actually work doing something other than what it takes to keep our checking accounts padded between checks from Daddy back in Des Moines. Fuck-face.

      • Yeah, WHITE COLLAR JOBS DEFINITELY MEAN YOUR BETTER THAN SOMEONE ELSE. We All Do What We Gotta. Ain’t no Midwesterners over here FUCK-ASS.

    • “before you make fun of the local Batista”

      Agreed. Being the military dictator of Cuba is hard, thankless work. And in the end, you know you’re just going to get replaced by some other dictator.

  6. Not funny, but no topic is sacred in comedy.


    • That would mean they would have to mingle with filthy, noisy mainland Chinese immigrants, who are so poor they camp out on the streets for days in front of Apple, so they can a few dollars to shop at the 99¢ stores that these hipster douchebags think are a source of humor.
      These Chinese don’t mind hard work, unlike the lazy hipsters.

  8. Those youtube comments are gold…. lots of “oh that’s so wonderful” mixed with a shitload of deleted comments – they’ve got their flaggers working overtime tonight

  9. Hmm when I read the description and started watching, I too thought this was disgusting. I mean, just the fact that you got that many people with so much free time and apparently no inclination to spend the holidays with their families would put so much effort into seemingly mocking how middle class/poor people sometimes shop. But the store owner really seemed to appreciate it. I’m sure he never gets that much business- it was a good day for him, a true blue collar, working man. I think overall, this is a net good. Though I do still think it’s a bit weird (I would never take part) and I can see where it could be interpreted as ironic mocking. Just my 2 cents!

    • Exactly, All In Good Fun… If they had been at some chi-chi boutique in Midtown the complaints would’ve likely been the same. Half the people on this site are either self-hating hipsters or hipsters in denial. Why let a group of people annoy you to the degree of hate rather than just focus your mind’s energy on something useful or positive? Most of these so called hipster haters are probably actually on Bikesdirect trying to order Fuji and Mercier singlespeed bikes from their iPhones/Pads from Starbucks or doing other mindless consumer based CRAP while they use the free Wifi, so whats really the difference between them and the hipsters besides the “Look At Me” shit??? But isn’t that pretty close to the Italiana with the Fendi bag or that Guido at the Gym? Or The Teenage Niggers and Spics on the trains after school? Or The Obnoxious Jew or Arab At The Bar buying everyone drinks, trying to pull Blondie pussy? I’m pretty sure blogging and replying to blog comments is totally some hipster ass shit. Ah, the power of anonymity over the web!

      • Only a racist cocksucker like yourself would defend hipsters.

        • Racist? LOL I prefer the term racially aware. And actually I’m straight so I’ve never actually sucked a cock… What’s It Like Though Sean?
          Personally I’m Black and grew up here and take little or no offense to these so called “invaders”. I was here before them and I’ll be here when they decide to leave.
          I’m not defending anyone, all I’m saying is that people need to look at the bigger picture. Every generation in this country thus far has issues and fucking geezers are making it seem like “hipsters” are the majority of Gen X Y and Z which just ain’t the case. You don’t see us ragging on people who watch football all weekend, don’t exercise and push SUVs for no reason. And if you wan’t to call names why not include some personal info so we can meet up somewhere and you can tell me how you feel about me to my face. I’m about sick of you pussies on this site with your anonymous name calling. Im on Dean and Franklin anyday, ask for the dude with the little brown/brindle Pit Bitch, ya Faggot. yahhhhh!

        • I will likely break an Apple product over your head or beat you with a bicycle fork. Too busy making girls squirt and blogging to mess up my purdy hands on your bitchass : )

  10. the store owner got good paper out of it-if they started it as a put on/down it bit them in their collective ass and was a win for the store owner-so who cares what they thought they were doing—

    • Why are you calling yourself Vinny?

    • You have no idea how much money the store owner actually made, do you? Was he fairly compensated for all the free entertainment these hipsters were provided at his expense. What do you think his profit margin is at 99¢?

      Besides, they were also goofing on passers-by, pranking them, wasting that time, like the taxi-driver. Why did these East Village natives have to be punk’d to entertain these newbie goofballs?

    • Those camping idiots probably chased away a good bit of business, too. God forbid they just go in there like normal people and buy stuff instead of engaging in look-at-me-ism which was way more of a priority for them than helping some shopkeeper.

  11. I wonder if these people really understand how cruel they are coming off. This video is truly nauseating.

  12. DH, someone needs to beat the shit out of you, it would be a long time coming.

    The people in this video are not hipsters, the passers by find it humorous, nothing
    wrong with a gag like this. SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY YOU LOSER PIECE OF SHIT

    • What is it that you think their message was

    • john, you sister still sucks, and you do too…. go read something else. You lack the IQ to be here.

    • Why do I get the feeling that John the Plumber is most likely Harrison the production assistant – or something like that?

      • The store sells generic items that nobody gets enthusiastic about.

        The danger is the store owner might think this attention will be a consistent thing for the future. Its just a one day sillyness.

        It astounds me that so many people have time for this.

        Thirty year olds pulling “pranks” and stunts?

    • Wanna make some BIG money? Do a reality show about hunting ghosts. Maybe in Breuklein.

  13. This is funny only if the owner of the store is in on the gag; otherwise, it’s just plain mean. (But of course, having the owner in on this skit defeats the purpose.) Anyone who’s shopped at a 99C store immediately sees that your fellow shoppers are there by necessity, not choice. Folks with money shop there on occasion when it’s only the store in town or on a lark…kinda like shopping at a Goodwill to proudly announce your $1 find! (Aside: shopping is shopping. If you’re going to mock someone for shopping all day at the local mall while you spend all day scouring resale shops, you’re a hypocrite. Shopping is shopping. Consumerism is consumerism. Shut up already with your latest dumpster dive find!)

    Also, not one person of color in that line.

    Really, this is just so mean that it’s hard to watch. And anyone defending these ding-a-lings must know, deep down, that these idiots will never step foot in that store again, other than to show off to their dopey friends that “Yah, I shopped here during a cool improve. Awesome, man.”

    When was it ever funny to make fun of poor people? If any of those jerks participated in the Occupy Wall Street movement, they should be deeply, deeply ashamed.

  14. Hey DH, IM a broken record I know, THEY ARE LIBERAL RACISTS! To fucking stupid and Liberal to know they are offensive. Did they ever take the time out to think they might be hurting the feelings of the poor in that community that can only afford a 99 Cent store? Did they ever think how the low income population or people on a fixed income across the street looking over feel after they just learned they are the butt of a joke? They must of had a great laugh humiliating the people who actually need the 99 cent store.

  15. Like this nonsense.

    I wish the subway was full of skells like in the 70s and 80s do beat them senseless.

    Back then, MYOB, most people survived.

  16. These motherfucking pieces of soulless shit for brains don’t understand the difference between the creative and the mundane. They are the ass-sucking, middle-aged doldrums of the future.

    They are the kind of idiots who have to expereince their own cruelty to fully understand the cruelty of poverty. You wanna mock something faggots? How about you mock me while I shove all my spare carburators up your ass? Too blue collar for you? OK then, how about fifteen years worth of old motherboards? Would that be ironic and hip enough for you?

    Fuckstains, the whole lot of ‘em.

    • Well said. Each and every one of those jerk off losers need a good old fashioned ass beating. They make me want to vomit.

  17. Aside form just feeling angry and disgusted by watching this video consisting of the worlds largest collection of assholes, I also find it ridiculous that they can also afford an expensive tv camera. They also bought fake security vests and had the free time to organize this. It was good to see the store owner happy but he was the butt of the joke, along with the rest of the real neighborhood people. They made him feel that his store was truly like and that he was doing great business, all because of a prank put on by faggot, kidult, no-talent, waste of space try hard shitheads that have no fucking clue what it is like to actually go to work and struggle.Maybe I’m wrong and some of them are struggling in their cramped 8700 square ft. loft.

    • As I wrotebefore, all these 30-somethings had nothing better to do?

      And I bet they all tweeted and Facebook posted this all proud of themselves.

      • It’s a “fifteen minutes of fame” thing. They used up their quota; now, they can impress their mechanical pencil lead-limbed compatriots in Nowheresburgfallsvilletonboro, Idunno with their newly found celebrity in Funcationland’s New York House of Whimsy Pavillion.

    • Agreed. Can you imagine the conversation this store owner had that night with his family: “See, we really can make it in this country. Look how wonderful today was. Yes, it was weird, but also encouraging.” And then imagine how that owner feels once he realizes it was a one-time gag. This was no “Cash Mob” that encourages people to come again and again to support their local store; this was a joke video. Shame on them.

      • This is the problem I had with it too. You could see the look of glee in his eyes. Sickening.
        I’d kill to see each and every one of these pricks receive a “winning” lottery ticket, only to find out it was a gag.
        Oh wait, they don’t need a lottery win, that’s what their trust funds are for.

    • Great point – where do people who clearly don’t work come up with the cash for video equipment, uniforms, etc?!?!?

      I swear….there’s no part of me that wants to be a hater, but these spoiled rotten little fucksticks make my blood boil on a daily basis. Both karma & irony are going to bite them on their spoiled rotten asses when, in 10 more years when mommy & daddy’s funding runs dry, they NEED to shop at the dollar store they once mocked out of necessity.

      I loathe these hipster cocksuckers!!!

  18. Would the commentary be different if they had the balls to park themselves in front of a store on Madison Ave? And even then it would not say a damn thing we have not already read, discussed, and debated since we were 13, the commercialization of Christmas. If they really want to make a Fcuking statement, spend some money on people who need a little cheer and create something real, a smile on someones face and a reminder that good people and charity still exist.

    • Yeah, the commentary would go something like “Maaan, you pig cops so suck for making us leave. It’s so like UNFAIR! We were just having fun, maaan…”

      • Remember when the cops here followed one basic rule:

        Hit the soft spots so as not to break any bones.

        “There is more law in the end of a policeman’s nightstick then in a decision of the Supreme Court.”

        Inspector Alexander S. “Clubber” Williams, NYPD and Czar of The Tenderloin

  19. And then there’s this place:

    Check out the photos. Only a hipster would associate luxury condos with cracked cement, graffiti and structural fittings.

  20. Oh jaysus fuckin’ Christ. Oculd this place be more stereotypical?

    “Hello Caleb! How’s the South Forty?”

    Aye Jeb,…Doin’ fine. doin’ Fine.

    What can i do ya for?

    How about a nice sass-pee-rilla and some pigs knuckles?

    Comin’ quicker than a 12 year old in a whore house!

    (Rounds of ribald laughter followed by a rousing rendition of ” In My Merry Oldsmobile”)

    • “On weekend nights, DJs (including Walters) spin music in Tutu’s, and the owners say they’ll soon throw parties in the back room and basement – we even threw our Bushwick Ginger Social Hurricane Relief Party there earlier this month.”

      Maybe Volkswagen Jetta can move THERE and have something different to bitch about. And if she goes there in person to complain, we can nail the damn door shut and bulldoze the place.

    • I sure hope he didn’t spend Grandma’s money on the place. At those prices, I suspect you’ll see a few people showing up just to see the inside, and after they get their tabs, they never return. (I especially liked the photo of the redhead at the bottom. Apparently, someone desperately wants to show that the place isn’t solely filled with faux lumberjacks, for fear of it being mistaken for a bear bar.)

    • Good Christ, those photos are _terrible_ too. Crooked, bad lighting, bad focus, bad composition, bad everything. And who the fuck takes a picture of a fucking toilet?

      If I turned over any of those photos to an editor I’d never get another freelance job. Fuck these poseur blogger-photographers.

    • They should have named the place Beards ‘N Cankles. That’s all I see in their kewl Instagram pics, lots of beards and lots of cankles.

    • LAMB burger?!! That’s freaking meat heresy if I ever heard it. There’s few meats as close to the taste and texture of a Pennsylvania doe, except lamb. And if you cook either meat to well done, you might as well throw it in the trash because that’s about what it’s worth. It tastes like crap. While it’s true of most cuts of meat to never cook it to well done – why bother eating it then? – it is especially true of wild game and lamb.

      And what about the ‘cruelty free’ aspect of lamb? They do know it’s a baby, right?
      Mentally deficient hypocrites and Philistines, right down to their chromosomes.

      Next they’ll be serving up the tallow as an appetizer. It would fit, given their apparant lack of tastebuds because no normal palette could do anything except instantly spit it out. But not these jokers. I can see it now “Deer Tallow skewers, on the side.”

      Elitist blowhards,”gnosh, pish, mynnyahhhh, like, totally soooooooo mif muh-yahhh…”

    • Wow! Check out the guys sitting to the left. If looks could kill…

      • Okay, this is a dumb question, but one coming from someone admittedly unfamiliar with the subway system. Isn’t there any authority, such as transit cops, that can tell these idiots that they can’t drag a 12-foot Christmas tree onto a subway car? It’s just that from extensive experience with other cities’ train systems, none have problems with your carrying on a month’s run on groceries. They don’t have problem with bikes in appropriate spaces, or with big boxes. However, from Chicago to Dallas, and even Portland, doing something this douchey would be immediate grounds for the ever-present transit cops to throw these idiots off at the next stop. ESPECIALLY if that tree was seeping sap all over everything.

        • And for that poor tree in their company, ‘sapping’ would actually mean ‘weeping’…doomed to be decorated with empty PBR’s no doubt…

    • The picture would have been perfect if the douchenozzle had it sticking out of his backpack.

      • Who the fuck buys a tree on 81st street to take to 14th street? You can’t walk a block without tripping over a tree vendor this time of year.

        • Fair trade non-GMO, rooftop grown and cruelty free harvested pines and firs imported from a former asbestos plant located on Johnson Avenue are only available from Quinton,

          the lumberjack shirt garbed, No. 9 Spaghettini-armed proprietor of Ye Aulde Chriftmaf Tree Lounge & Weed Exchange, located at the intersection of Broadway and W.81st St. It says so on the hand-crayoned cardboard sign hanging from his neck.

  21. Top 10 Baby Boy names for 2012 just announced. Please stop me when you are surprised: Liam,Ethan,Noah,Mason,Jacob,Jack,Aiden,Jackson,Logan & Lucas.

    • The names of the Army of the Damned who, in twenty years, will infest Brooklyn.

    • when I was a kid I thought how could anyone name their kid Noah…and I still think that..old man on the ark anyone? not a baby! I always felt sorry for the kid, now I guess its ranked 3rd? holy crap people are nuts

      • Noah is pretty common for Jewish kids, I’ve known a few. Same with Jacob. Probably won’t see many Jewish kids named Ethan, but Eitan is not uncommon with the more Hebrew friendly set.

        Liam… because so many people were fans of Taken?

    • I’m pretty sad to see the awesome name “Jack” in the mix with the others. It’s a nice, plain, strong, mans name. My dad is Jack, as is my son, who is named after him.
      Hipsters ruin everything.

  22. Aw, I pisses me off that the owner and people from the neighborhood are so jazzed and sincerely appreciative about getting business as these assholes are making fun of them, of the very idea of a 99 cent store. It’s good $ for the owner, but…it reminds of that video recently from Justin Timberlakes wedding, the one that had homeless people sending their regrets not to be at his wedding. And the idiot who made the vid was all, what, I paid them FORTY DOLLARS, that’s a lot to a hobo!!

    • YEAH! How dare they be happy about more business. They should SHUN that increase in revenue and instead stand up for the intricate PRINCIPAL of the matter, which is that they are…I don’t know, maybe being made fun of, but not really because it’s more about the absurdity of Black Friday and the stampede of crowds, as opposed to a comment on the 99 cent store itself…look, it’s kind of hard to explain, but YEAH!!! Fuck this 99 cent store for not banding together with the righteous hipster hate in this site. Fuck them for being happy about a temporary and completely inconsequential boon to their bottom line.

      • Kaiser Soze sez you’re a complete fucking waste of oxygen. Stop breathing.

      • Hey, Hissy Fit. You need a hug?

        Yes, I privilege the owner’s unironic sincerity over the pranksters’ alleged comment on Black Friday. And point was being made about Black Friday? That’s it’s commercial? That’s it’s bullshit? Because that would be amusing coming from a bunch of iPad and $200 dome tent-toting idiots. Black Friday’s a joke to you but a helpful to people who make an hourly wage. So, tell me, O One Who Does Not Need to Join the Stampede on Black Friday, who is your audience? Let me guess–not the striking McDonald’s workers looking for a raise to $10/hr. Not the cop who gave a homeless guy a pair shoes. And

        • “Yes, I privilege the owner’s unironic sincerity over the pranksters’ alleged comment on Black Friday.”

          This is not English.

          “And point was being made about Black Friday? That’s it’s commercial? That’s it’s bullshit?”

          Fuck if I know. Nor do I care. I was merely responding to @redQueen being “pissed” at the owners for being appreciative of the uptick in business.

          “So, tell me, O One Who Does Not Need to Join the Stampede on Black Friday, who is your audience?”

          I don’t have one. I am in no way a part of Improv Everywhere. Nor am I inclined to participate in anything like it.

          • Redqueen wasn’t pissed off at the owners. Redqueen was pissed that the owners were so much in need of the additional business that they couldn’t afford to greet these assholes with pepper gas. It’s a classic game among the nouveau riche, Needy: watching how much shit working-class folks will eat in the vague promise that they’ll be rewarded for the experience. This may not be quite as vile as the shit-tick who created the whole Bumfights stunt, but it’s still a matter of waving spare dollar bills up over their heads and giggling when they jump for it.

          • Bulleye, Mr. Jenkem.

  23. It is a funny stunt! Stop over analyzing and enjoy. Your tirade tells me more about your personal angst then the people you are criticizing.

    • “We just wanna have some FUUUUUUUUUUUUN!”

      • FUUUUUUUUUNemployment, FUUUUUUUUNcation, FUUUUUUUUUNtastic food, We’re, like, FUUUUUUUUUUUUNdamentally useless. Yah.

    • What exactly was so “funny”? i have a great sense of humor and saw none in this incident.

      Standing on line is funny?
      Spending 99¢ is funny to you?
      Fooling a shopkeeper and passers-by that you are waiting on line to spend 99¢ is funny?

      It was a lame piece of conceptual performance, if you want to get technical.
      Nothing more, nothing less.

      This is stuff we were doing maybe at 13 years old. May be funny for tweens. But you are an adult, like these buffoons.

      Your level of humor is set very low, indeed. That’s not funny. That’s sad.

  24. I don’t think they’re making fun of the people who work there, I think they’re poking fun at people who stand outside Best Buy and Apple stores for days on end. In this case they were very orderly, very polite, and the shop keeper? He got a nice bump in sales from it. He probably made an extra thousand bucks that day, which can go very far.

    Not to mention two classic earmarks of HIpsterism were missing. First, most of the attention was on the shop owner and the reactions of the people going by, not on the people taking part. Heck, none of them were even interviewed, just some incredulous passers-by. And two, not one person uttered the words “art” or “culture.”

    Not to mention, no self-respecting hipster would ever let their beard be as tidily trimmed as the leader’s was.

    I think this one was just a silly, good natured way to poke fun at the Apple addicts and the people who want $25 off of a TV and are willing to give up Thanksgiving to do it.

    • True, but that’s a tough position on which to generate frothing vitriol. Hence why this ignorant community has no interest in adopting it.

    • “I don’t think they’re making fun of the people who work there, I think they’re poking fun at people who stand outside Best Buy and Apple stores for days on end. “

      Really? So, why didn’t they stand outside either one of those places and engage in their whimsical escapades? Because they would be mocking themselves by pulling that nonsense on the equally useless cretins waiting there. The iCrap campers and the video dicks are cut from the same cloth. Not to mention that they’d be tossed out on their asses by store security for being nuisances.

    • Performance art = hipster

      The end.

    • I think you’re giving them too much credit. It was clearly just a joke about camping out in front of a 99-cent store. Because they thought it would be clever.

      And just because the video seemingly focused more on the shop-owner and not the “performers” themselves doesn’t mean anything about who it was really about. The shop owner does not have a Youtube account with improv videos getting millions of views. He owns a shitty little shop and was exploited for a lame joke.

      And the joke is done being “funny” or “clever” as soon as they line up and take a picture. The fact they drew it out and feigned excitement and interest in this man’s store and his “insane deals” is nasty. EVERYONE knows that he is selling mostly crap, but here they are giving him false confidence in his business.

      Just because someone comes up with an absurd prank or joke doesn’t mean it needs to be acted out. “Hey, what if there was a huge line of people waiting for a Dollar General store to open on Black Friday? Wouldn’t that be RIDICULOUS?”
      “Heh heh. Sure. I guess that would be preeeeetty zany.”
      “LETS DO IT!”
      “Uh, no thanks. Just because I laugh at the idea of a gorilla with a codpiece doesn’t mean I actually want to see it.”

      I really can’t stand when people fail to accept the consequences of their actions. If the act doesn’t get the intended reaction, then it’s assumed people are taking it the wrong way. It doesn’t matter how you preface a joke, it still has the chance to be tasteless to someone, and you can’t hide behind the excuse that it’s “just in good fun”. No, you have to accept that your actions can and will have unintended consequences. In this case, pissing off a large number of people who “get the joke” but also can’t help but make other observations.

      Is this how people live today? Nothing affects them deeper than their skin? They’re “reading too far into” something when that something elicits an unintended reaction? If they don’t get the joke, then they’re not clever enough to get it, or realize how it’s a commentary on our society’s shopping trends, but if they think TOO far into it, watch out! You’re extrapolating other meanings we didn’t intend you to consider!

      Whatever their intention, they got me to think, and I THINK they are assholes.

      Sorry, most of that wasn’t specifically directed towards you.

  25. These people dont look like hipsters. They look like nerds.

    • Nerds hang out in libraries, have books as friends, and most likely spend their Friday mornings at work instead of planning, like, the best Black Friday prank evarrrrrrr!

  26. Improv Everywhere: Suicide Jumper

    Improv Everywhere : Food Court Musical

  27. Improv Everywhere : Say Something Nice

    Improv Everywhere : Carousel Horse Race

  28. Uggghhhh. I’m not even angry, just disappointed at this point.

    Hipster presence aside, it was a lame stunt.

  29. ROFL! What will they think of next! How do you not think this is funny?!?!?! I know you all hate hipster but come on, this improv should be on TV! Zooey Deschanel could host it! I’m gonna blog this. And at least their bringing business to the neighborhood. The only business you ‘natives’ brought before we cleaned things up around here was drug commerce and stealing rims from cars. If you ‘natives’ really want war, so be it, but remember Gangs of New York? It didn’t bode well for the Natives…(However I don’t condone the abuse of animals so the hipsters will change their name from the ‘Dead Rabbits’ to the ‘Unbeatable Green Dragons’)…and it won’t bode well for you. When hipsters unite, were like Unbeatable Green Dragons, soaring thru the sky…

    • It’s not funny because of the intent of the perpetrators. The did it once and won’t go back to support the struggling store owner. As to your idiotic claim about no business from natives look at the number of family owned businesses operating for generations driven out by rent raising little baby men like yourself. The Dead Rabbits would hang you on the Five Points fence and sell your corpse to the medical college.

      • If They Actually Live in the vicinity I’m pretty sure they WILL go back to that 99 cent store and I’m sure the owner will probably recognize some of them and they’ll be customers for years. EVERYONE IN AMERICA SHOPS AT THE DOLLAR STORE WHETHER RICH OR POOR (PROBABLY RICH PEOPLE MORESO CUZ THEIR CHEAP!), WHO ARE YOU GUYS KIDDING? Everyone can’t be born in Brooklyn, stuff like this is one way of neighbors and people get to know one another believe it or not. Unless you gave everyone there a census form, there is no way to really know who in that line is a native or not. Someone with no family might find an activity like that fun and enriching and is probably NOT in it to make fun of some blue collar store owner. White People can shop at discount stores. As A Matter of Fact There Are Literally 99 cent stores ALL over NYC. EVEN ON THE UPPER EAST AND WEST SIDE! Its more about convenience and disposability than it is about “Being Forced” to shop at a 99 Cent Store. Poor People Typically Borrow Steal, Re-Use And Barter more than they “Buy” even if the shit’s cheap. Period, so please stop the BS about it being mockery… AND if his shop is frequented by the less fortunate then supporting his business in any way is great cuz I’m pretty sure he’s not closing this year after a record Black Friday and the poor Niggers and Spics will be able to spend their Mickey D’s paychecks on cheap chinese shit for years to come as long as their rent doesn’t go up! Get off the lame donkey and make a REAL difference in YOUR community, this blog is PURE idiocy and does NOTHING to actually alleviate NYC’s ever growing hipster issue.

  30. I had to stop watching it. How irritating and carelessly insensitive.

  31. Wow how insensitive…I lied I really dont see it that way. Come on people it’s just a harmless stunt. This is all done to see the publics reaction because lining up at a 99 cent store is unheard of.

    • Dude, did you not read any of the above comments? You can look at it as a harmless stunt if you want to, but other comments have specifically stated why this might have consequences these attention-seeking wieners did not intend, or even bothered to consider. Fuck them. It’s disgusting shit. Especially when you consider the fact they made him believe he was being interviewed for television about it! Does he even fucking know it was all about their improv group getting some hits on Youtube?

  32. The store owner probably made 300 bucks in the first hour of opening. He was happy and everyone was friendly. Yeah, he was duped into thinking he was on the news and all, but nobody got hurt. Im not a “hipster supporter” or anything and yes, a great deal of them are annoying, but maybe we’re looking at this too harshly. Consider it the supporting of a small and local business.

  33. I actually find quite a few of the Improv Everywhere things to be pretty funny and entertaining- I’m not going to lie. The “Let’s Squish Our Fruits Together” impromptu musical in the grocery store was hilarious and clever. The “No Pants Subway Ride” thing made me smile. Their stuff is chuckle-worthy.

    However, THIS shit is just disgusting and offensive. I’ve just lost all respect for these people. I feel terrible for all of the people they embarrassed with this horrible “performance.”

  34. My 79 year old mom buys some of her groceries at dollar stores and shops at thrift stores (not to be ironic or cool) and gets her christmas cards there too, cause she’s on a tight budget. ugh…what are they going to do next? Pretend to apply for food stamps?

    • Pretend??? Just google hipsters+food stamps. Enjoy.

    • Actually stat wise- The White Midwest is the highest demographic of people on public assistance in the United States Of America contrary to popular belief. So, unless we are peering into peoples individual bank accounts and whatnot there’s no real way of knowing if the applicant is a rich kid pretending or a kid who grew up po’ carrying on tradition. Not defending any sick individuals, more looking at the big picture. Everyone swears everyone with skinny jeans from out of town comes from a rich family but that doesn’t even make sense when America both BLACK AND WHITE is basically 80-90% middle class. If you want to hate fashion and consumer trends fine but you guys are hating on actual people who you are probably more similar to and might get along with based upon they way they dress, where they work and where they come from. Some might call that a little ignorant.

      • Sure, because we all know that newly transplanted Harpers and Meghans that do NOTHING all day but prance around acting like obnoxious spoiled children and blog in pretentious cafes about their new nabe came from some small bungalow in the midwest…. yet are able to afford their $3000 monthly gentrification rents, $1600 monthly specialized-foodie bills, as well as all the latest iGadgets… Fuck, they be some magical poor white trash to pull that off.

        • So What If Someone chooses to be a mindless consumer spending ALL of THEIR money or THEIR PARENTS money. They earned it or were given it so what the fuck is it really to you? You guys are actually spending the time to look at all of these blogs and instagrams so as I stated before you’re likely either aging and jealous or upset because you ain’t living the life you want and are displacing the anger and frustration. I personally Am a Working Artist, ride a dope custom fixed gear bike, have tons of Apple Products and go to the Farmers market weekly. I also Pay my bills on time and yeah I rent a lower than market rent luxury apartment from my middle class parents and unless I’ve got something to save for I’m likely spending the rest on weed and nightlife no doubt. My question is WHAT THE FUCK IS IT TO YOU?
          Spoiled Rich Kids are everywhere, its nothing new and certainly not in Brooklyn. You’re just GETTING OLD and feeling extreme disconnect from the next generation and THATS OK! We don’t care for your Cancerous 9-5 Jobs, Financial Burdens, Dumb Ideals On Love And Marriage, and Garbage Asian Automobiles. We’ve all got laptop computers and smart phones so we don’t actually NEED to be IN OUR OFFICES. Things Change, deal with it. You’re gonna be a bitter geezer if you keep it up and thats no fun cuz you’ll jut end up sad and lonely in an SSI subsidized assisted living center while the world continues to change as it always has. Love Life!
          Contrary to popular belief CORPORATIONS CAUSE GENTRIFICATION which “hipsters” are more or less a product of. They’ve basically got people arguing over skinny jeans and a generation gap disguised as racist rich kids from Kansas. Newsflash, I’ve seen all sorts of racism from EVERY GROUP in NYC way before hipsters now that its more out in the open its a problem? Every 20/30something is NOT a pretentious instagraming dick. Sites like THIS ONE do nothing but contribute to the hate which is pretty frivolous in the first place. Have YOU ever rode a fixie? Fun as hell AND you save $ on a Metrocard. Tried Skinny Jeans? Comfy As FUCK! Organic Food And Yoga? I Like The Thought Of Living Twice As Long. Art and Music ARE valid career paths. Yes there are dicks in my generation but there are dicks in EVERY generation. You motherfuckers gladly fought 4 Wars, Destroyed The Oceans, Land And Sky, Fucked Up The Economy buying 2nd cars, big screen TV’s and taking vacations you couldn’t afford and now YOUR’E upset cuz we don’t feel like picking up the check. See What Had Happened Was: We’ve basically decided to ignore all the FUCKED UP advice your generation decided to give us and are in the process of building a better tomorrow for the next 10 generations at least, fixing YOUR mistakes. We ain’t rebelling against anything, just restoring the balance. Stop YOUR mindless consumerism and voting for Dems and Repubs like a moron and maybe shit’ll change to your liking.

          • You are NOT from Brooklyn. You never worked a day in your life. You don’t pay your own rent. AND you ARE NOT A “WORKING ARTIST”. You are just another parentally-funded, try-hard-but do-nothing, interloping, mouthbreathing piece of shit that wants so bad to be considered “Brooklyn” and “urban”, but you will NEVER be accepted by real NYers because we all see right through your goofy, contrived and pretentious sham of an existence here. It is so fucking obvious. Good luck when your parent’s support runs dry, Harper. ahahahahahaha. You fruitcakes are way too easy to spot.

          • Let’s see…

            You hate “mindless consumerism” yet you throw your parent’s money away on trendy fixie bikes, organic food, and “tons” of Apple products. Gee, that’s not mindless consumerism.

            “restoring balance”??? How? Massive, untalented and unpaid internships to keep the rich business owners richer while others with experience lose jobs? Contributing to the mass gentrification and segregation of our neighborhoods, ensuring more upperclass white people to move in once racially diverse areas while driving out generation businesses and working class immigrants? Yeah, great job there Logan in “restoring balance”.

            You are a walking fucking hypocrite, supported by your parents,,,, so common amongst those with no skills, no life experience, no work ethics, and no respect. What a joke you are.

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