Damn, this is really pathetic and not the least bit funny. The Improv Everywhere group – known for gathering useless, space-wasting, infinite leisure time hipster fucks for mid-work day pathetic pranks like the “No Pants Subway Ride” and other retarded “look at me” shit recently did another tasteless prank exploiting a 99 cents store and it’s shoppers who have no other choice but to shop in there. I shop in 99 cents stores for certain things: Why not? Those stores are everywhere and if you can get something for half the price than in a larger store it kind of makes sense. But some people simply must always shop in these stores because they have no choice; and here comes the smug, smirking, giggling brigade of attention starved bastards to make a corny-ass video about it at their expense. I swear, I’d love to give that bearded megaphone organizer the biggest hipster beating ever. Can you imagine that some people out there have to choose whether to buy dishwashing liquid or toilet paper and these recently arrived shit stains from Oklassottahio are making fun of them just weeks before their parents buy them iPhone 5′s and other gadgets for their 30th birthdays or Christmas or Hanukkah? Like yaaaaaah, this is like rillllllllly funny!