These are the kind of stories that really show how self-entitled and disrespectful these fly-over state fauxhemians are. Caprice Esser the hair artist flies in from Michigan (according to her website and moves to Moore St. in”East Williamsburg” or as real New Yorkers know it – Bushwick – and wants two Spanish record shops that have been there for over 40 years to stop playing their music on the street because it bothers precious little Caprice. She complains that they are playing the music “eight hours a day”. Hmm, sounds like business hours to me; the hours where Caprice shouldn’t be home everyday to hear it. Sure, anybody who sleeps until noon on a Wednesday would be bothered by the loud music, but hey, she’s entitled. Never in four decades have complaints been filed with the city about these stores until she arrived – now they’ve been fined.

A few years back I posted about Midwestern hipster marching bands walking up and down the streets of Williamsburg in the middle of the night waking up old people and children on weeknights with their tubas, banjos, and drums. I swear if I lived on one of those blocks I would have my whole family piss in a bucket and dump it out the window on those mother fuckers. Now, if a bearded Mason and granola Molly opened up a “Nebraska lob cabin themed” bar/restaurant right under Caprice’s apartment and used the back yard for seating, smoking, music, and loud nasal conversation about 19th century poetry, 1980’s trivia or this year’s Bushpointburg indie film festival – she would be happy as a clam; happy that the ‘nabe’ is finally changing for the better. But what’s a good hipster story without some irony? The thing is, she’ll soon be gone to another stop on the L Train or back home to Michigan leaving nothing but more hipster hate in her wake.

Link: – Record Shops anger new comers on Moore St.