And here on Bedford Avenue we see Zoey or Zach, not sure really, taking a picture (with hybrid vintage accordion/digital camera of course) of what us uncultured, blind-to-art natives would simply call a garbage can. Little do we know that this is art – urban art that only the trained eye and deep mind of the amazing hipster can see. The contrast of a dented Coke can next to a half-eaten authentic Mexican taco made by bed-head hair-do guy named Quaid in a Scooby-Doo van next to an empty pack of all-natural healthy Amercian Spirit cigarettes all in a garbage can wrapped in yellow tape. Just stop! Stop trying to figure it out! Stop trying to see the beauty – you won’t. Only they can, only they can.

The photos he/she is taking will soon be hanging in what used to be Perez Collision Specialists in Bushwick which is now a gallery that still uses the Perez Collision Specialists sign for sweet ironic urban cred. For an entire month, nasally transplants from cul-de-sacs all over the country will be viewing these pieces that only they can understand and see the beauty in as they continue to help put Brooklyn on the map – something it hasn’t been able to on it’s own for 300 years.