Don’t you see the beauty in the garbage?

And here on Bedford Avenue we see Zoey or Zach, not sure really, taking a picture (with hybrid vintage accordion/digital camera of course) of what us uncultured, blind-to-art natives would simply call a garbage can. Little do we know that this is art – urban art that only the trained eye and deep mind of the amazing hipster can see. The contrast of a dented Coke can next to a half-eaten authentic Mexican taco made by bed-head hair-do guy named Quaid in a Scooby-Doo van next to an empty pack of all-natural healthy Amercian Spirit cigarettes all in a garbage can wrapped in yellow tape. Just stop! Stop trying to figure it out! Stop trying to see the beauty – you won’t. Only they can, only they can.

The photos he/she is taking will soon be hanging in what used to be Perez Collision Specialists in Bushwick which is now a gallery that still uses the Perez Collision Specialists sign for sweet ironic urban cred. For an entire month, nasally transplants from cul-de-sacs all over the country will be viewing these pieces that only they can understand and see the beauty in as they continue to help put Brooklyn on the map – something it hasn’t been able to on it’s own for 300 years.

150 thoughts on “Don’t you see the beauty in the garbage?

  1. This is clueless and painfully pathetic.

  2. Excuse me, DieHipster, I have a question, out of curiosity.

    How do you feel about real artists who reside in Brooklyn? I’m not talking about the gentrifying espresso sketchers, cupcakeologists, fingerpainters and ukulele players and La Vie Fauxheme RENT caricatures. I’m referring to legitimate, unpretentious artists who work hard and make an honest living and just happen to reside in Brooklyn- ie, animators, graphic designers, illustrators, honest musicians, painters…

    I’m curious because there is the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, where illustrators and graphic artists get together to buy/sell/discuss artwork. There are also quite a few animation studios in New York- including Brooklyn. Augenblick Studios, (founded by a wonderful animator named Aaron Augenblick), which produces great animation and employs highly talented artists, is located in Brooklyn. New York is the second biggest epicenter of the animation industry (second only, obviously, to California.)

    There are many highly acclaimed art schools in New York, including Pratt Institute and the Art Institute. I’m guessing that more than a few of their students live in places like Brooklyn because not all schools have dorms and not all can afford to commute.

    I was just curious about how you feel about real artists who live in Brooklyn and make an honest living. Also, do you like art? What kinds of art do you like?

    Thank you for assuaging my curiosity!

    • There are so few real and talented artists among the sheep here that I’ve pretty much lumped everyone together at this point; mainly because I don’t reside or hangout in North Brooklyn or don’t even hang out with artsy people in general. There’s just this conformity about these “unique individuals” that irks me. See, in my opinion even a lot of the actually talented and real deal artists still have hipster tendencies. These people – well, some of them that you mention being highly talented – will also be seen with $5 lattes, skateboarding at age 30, and participating in the occasional adult water balloon or snowball fight or no pants subway ride etc etc. Anyway we could go on and on. My favorite art would be realism.

    • who the fuck cares what this hate blog thinks about anything? occasionally i like to come here and find something humorous… unless diehipster is just some guy that posts updates between sexual intercourse then its just fucking sad. see the below comment about art, $5 lattes, and skateboarding… i mean its so fucking moronic

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