Yes it’s that time of the year again for us normal people to enjoy our once normal neighborhoods as the transient nomadic tribes of culture vultures head back to maw and paw for the long weekend. This happens every year; the earth-conscious hipsters take solar-powered jet planes back to their home states to let their parents, aunts and uncles and friends know just how amazing Brooklyn is and how they’ve helped bring much needed culture to this bland borough. They’ll share their stories of how their art hung in a make-shift art gallery converted from a flat fixed shop for a weekend; how their band actually secured the Bedford Avenue train platform for 3 hours on a Saturday night for a gig; how they grew heirloom radishes on the roof of an insecticide factory in North East Lower Bushwick and got written up in the New York Times. They will also pitch new ideas to their parents for additional loans to open businesses like a bacon-infused venison meatball store, or create an app that locates recently filled dumpsters to dive into to bring local and sustainable groceries back to their $2000 a month apartments for communal dinners. So enjoy these next 4 days because on Monday the beards will be back in full force ready to teach us what New York is all about. Like YAH!