This NY Times Opinion article was a really great read and probably one of the best explanations of the hipster psyche I have ever read. I am not nearly as well written as the author of it, although I have my own way of exposing the sickening behaviour of parasitic hipsters. I can just imagine some punchable hipster reading that article in public among other hipsters; laughing it off with his smug bearded face as if it doesn’t perfectly describe his thinking and behaviour. But if that same hipster were reading that at home alone, he would probably break down and cry. The one thing she says – which is true to some degree but mostly not – is that haters of hipsters are probably hipsters themselves. Yes, there is tons of hipster on hipster hate out there; but those are the ones competing together in some delusional art-food-fashion rat race. The fact is, most people are not hipsters – even in Brooklyn believe it or not! Most people are non-attention seeking, working, family-oriented individuals that can’t stand hipsters – whether they show their hate or not. Is irony the ethos of our age? Possibly but probably not – unless you spend all your waking hours in a couple of zip codes in North Brooklyn. Take a stroll through Borough Park; Sheepshead Bay; Gravesend; Bensonhurst; Dyker Heights; Canarsie; East New York; you won’t find a drop of irony there, just a true mix of worldly culture – what Brooklyn has always been about until the nasally, costume-wearing, “look-at-me” brigade showed up from Flyoverlandia. People do what they have to do, not do what they want others to see them doing. There is no competition to see whose eyeglass frames are thicker; to see who is more knowledgeable about coffee and ‘mixology’; to see who can eat more organically, locally and sustainably; to see whose childish art will be in the spotlight this month; there are no pantless subway rides, no marching bands in the streets, no public pillow fights, no rich kids playing the banjo in the street for loose change; – basically we are not suburbanites acting like idiots in an urban setting. Anyway, enjoy the article.

Link: NY TIMES Opinionator – How to live without irony.