This is too funny. You may or may have not heard of or stumbled upon the website It’s supposed to be a site dedicated to finding good deals in Brooklyn. Before I list some of their “good deals” on real estate, read their About Page Statement:

And so we present, a web mag founded in May 2009 in celebration of a place we’re endlessly enthusiastic about, no matter how [synonym for crummy] the [synonym for economy] gets.

We’re not going to dwell on that part around here—we’ll be too busy finding new ideas for bargain obsessives, stoop-sale sartorialists and wallet-aware foodies. If you have ideas, tips, lavish praise, or fully conceived and photographed articles about budget-friendly Brooklyn, by all means, please send them our way.

***Bonus material***: On that same About page they list everyone associated with running that “Brooklyn” site; from the founder, to some freelance belly dancing video editing contributing correspondent – none of which are from Brooklyn. The closest person to being from Brooklyn was some guy who was born in Canarsie and then moved out to Long Island. Amazing isn’t? What a joke Brooklyn has become; purely a label for transient failures pretending to be in the media or creative class – and at such saturating levels!

So let’s check out this week’s real estate deals (only ‘kewel nabes’ are featured of course) on the wallet-conscious “”:

Link: Real Estate Section for great deals!

Williamsburg: 2BD – $4,995 per month

Park Slope: 2BD – $2,750 per month

Greenpoint: 4BD – $3,400 per month

Williamsburg: 1BD – $3,200 per month

Crown Heights: 1BD – $1,800 per month

Hysterical that these are on a site that helps you find great deals in Brooklyn right? Now, someone might say “hey DH, don’t turn them on to our still normal, non-hipster, relatively more affordable neighborhoods”. I say, don’t worry: I’m very confident these suckers will never focus their attention on places that are more than 25 minutes from Manhattan; that don’t have a snooty coffee shop with heavily tattooed baristas; and where there is actual culture from around the world. Plus they must’ve seen the RED LINE posts on here that threaten them having the hipster beater lodge a tire iron in their skull.