Translation: This isn’t art you mother fucking hipster piece of shit. This is using a fad created by wanna-be urban lumberjacks on estrogen to appeal to those wanna-be urban lumberjacks on estrogen. This is the product of a gentrifier who has a lice beard and has been riding on the Obama bandwagon. There is no HOPE in piss beer. There is no PROGRESS after drinking it unless of course you are a fly-over land try-hard who has an all expense paid playcation in Nieuw Breukelen – the land of art and whimsy. People who consider this to be art have made-up job titles, pay $4.00 for coffee, wear scarfs in the summer, pay $100 for a bag of groceries and have cupcake fetishes. Please remove all your bullshit art from Brooklyn and bring it back to your hometowns and see if farmer Sam appreciates it.