Unbelievable! Check out this ad by Google for their new tablet that targets numb and dumb hipster kidults. Google truly understands how under-developed these children (but actually adults) of the corn are. These are FUCKING ADULTS not children they are marketing to. This ad hits it all: gadgets (bought by parents of course); poorly made art; playing during working hours; roof tops; staring at colors and shapes like a retard; token black person; granny dresses/smocks. It end with the caption: The Playground is Open. The depressing thing is that this kind of shit really goes on all the time in North Brooklyn; this video does not look ridiculous or far-fetched to the average gentrifying transplanted hipster piece of shit.  Wow, just wow – what the fuck has happened to our society. Check out this video.

Oh, and as a bonus – in honor of election day - I’m going to post a couple of videos below the ad from 4 years ago when hipster fucks were pouring into the streets woo-hooing, playing their band camp instruments and cheering like a bunch of far-left zombies for Obama as if they really care about politics. LOOOOK AT MEEEEEE!