Today’s hipster beating.

Today, I set up a fair trade, organic, locally-roasted coffee stand in Bushpointburg with a sign that said ‘Free cup if your name is Josh’. So when the line got 375 hipsters long, I cracked the first one in the beard with my hockey stick and the rest fell like dominos. End of story.

5 thoughts on “Today’s hipster beating.

  1. YAH! That really made me enjoy my cup o’Joe right now!

  2. Time to change the sign to Zach.

  3. Death by hockey stick… Win.

  4. – NY islanders relocating to brooklyn in 2015 and have announced a name change and new logo.

    “we only use flat blade wooden hockey sticks, you’ve probably never heard of them”

  5. Wonderful! Just what i’m sayin. :D Set up a fartisanal den/stand or etsy/etc. and rip them off like there’s no tomorrow.
    I’ve studied some of their awful fashion blogs, took a trip to the thrift store. Then i sprinkled some neon fabric paint and sewn some crosses and triangles and other shit they like on that stuff and sold the crap online. My eyes still hurt, but my wallet is quite thick now.

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