Brooklyn awaits you!

Music has really evolved over the years; there was classical, jazz, rock, disco, hip-hop but some how cheese grater girl was never discovered. This picture was sent to me from another part of the country. Don’t you worry though - she will soon figure out that Brooklyn is the place to be; the place to be discovered; where all artisanal and sustainable dreams can come true and will some how manage to live in a $2000 a month apartment  in BushPointBurg working as a cheese grater player and a fashion blog intern.




45 thoughts on “Brooklyn awaits you!

  1. I got a load of Cheez Whiz I’d like to blow all over her face.

  2. I think this song needs more cheese grater….

    • I’ve got some nachos, and there’s only one cure

      • Easy, guys.. I put my skinny jeans on just like the rest of you – one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I make grated cheese.

  3. She won’t make it to Brooklyn – the MRSA on her arm will get her before she can get here.

  4. Her father should be ass raped for dropping his seed in her mom.
    The child never should have been born,

  5. This fucking like yah really is the perfect argument for retroactive abortion; so quirky and creative – she’d fit in perfectly with the non-talent, city ruining transplants Drew and the Medicinal Pen. All they need now is someone to play the oven mitt and maybe some backup on spatula.

    Another day where I feel relieved that my grandpa isn’t alive to see what these hipster douchebags have turned part of Brooklyn into. When are these fucking assholes gonna go home already?

    • Hard to say. Part of me feels the thieves had to be hipsters. They have no problem stealing art (sometimes literally) and claiming it as theirs. Hipsters fail at many things but theft is one area where they actually succeed.

      • Agreed. It’s bad enough looking at some of these geniuses picking up cast-off “art” in the local Goodwill and selling it as “vintage”. Now I’m seeing hipsters at local art fairs buying crap art from the Eighties, after the owner either got a real job or died of an overdose, and trying to sell it as their own. If there’s any good news, it’s that the upcycled art sells about as well now as it did then, when the original owner pulled it out of the artist’s garbage can after the artist was evicted for nonpayment of rent.

        • I was thinking the correct answer was “heroes”, but I like the way you guys think. These hipster douche rags ARE well known culture thieves. What’s stopping them from actually stealing someone else’s “art” and then selling it as their own on the other side of the gentrified town?

          • If you buy or steal that “art” for anything other than firewood (or reselling to other idiots), you have serious mental problems and need to be locked in a padded cell.

          • Remember this:

            That vid/article is part of what I had in mind when I posted (as face_the_facts) about hipsters stealing art and claiming it as their own. I also know of cases where hipster bands (Velvet Cacoon, Crystal Castles) have blatantaly stolen music from other artists and claimed it as original. Theft of culture and art is as much a part of hipsterism as are big ugly glasses, unearned/meaningless tattoos and fedoras.

  6. Playing toy instruments when you’re chilling and messing around is one thing.

    Playing toy instruments as an alleged career is another.

    It’s strange how thin the line is. I know a lot of people who see stuff like that and think, “Oh, cool, that’s something I like to do as a hobby. That person must be cool, too.”

    They have no idea.

    Next year, there will be a Brooklyn Model Airplane League that operates 5 days a week. Because flying airplanes is hard work. On the weekends, you’ve got to have quality me-time.

    • The idiots that made that list ranked Houston #1. God knows how they arrived at that conclusion. Houston has a reputation for not being cool, not having “culture”, being the home of the phillies triple A club (the Astros), and playing host to the big bad non-sustainable oil industry. We like it that way. Stay the fuck out, hipsters. This is a good, cheap place to work and make an honest living. We don’t want your quirky/zany garbage. We don’t want your bedbugs. We don’t want you occupying Louisiana street to protest “fracking” (which, by the way, we know that you know nothing about). You’ve been warned. Step foot into Houston and you will be (1) power-bombed, (2) delivered unconscious to Los Zetas, and (3) your fixie will be tossed into galveston bay at your expense.

      • Works for me. Considering the number of try-hard parasites moving to Dallas because Austin is already overloaded, you guys might want to spray for hipsters before long.

    • The rankings are way off. There is no way you could put the words “Houston” and “cool” in the same sentence and get away with it. I lived there for a year and all I remember was potholes, endless strip malls, endless traffic jams, bad sushi, worse coffeeshops and a really lousy downtown.

      • Exactly. Not cool. Not hipster friendly.

      • The rankings aren’t off. The rankings were created to produce maximum butthurt among people who just can’t believe that their favorite hipster hellhole didn’t make the list. It may be wrong, but as far as the site’s hit count and corresponding advertising rates, I’ll bet $10 that they know exactly what they’re doing. It’s like a movie site running a “Why Star Wars sucks” article, just to get the Cat Piss Men whining on Facebook and Twitter about how this is WRONG…and correspondingly linking to the article so their friends can get enraged, too.

      • What got me is that somebody actually went to college to study that shit. Yes, “Urban Studies” is an actual degree now. Probably minored in journalism too and interning for free at that paper (plus $100K+ debt and parental support).

        “” WTF?

  7. To all you fags with Brooklyn accents. Go back to Italy or wherever the fuck your monkey as parents came from. Joe Pesci looking ratty motherfuckers. You just pissed your not black. And the rest of your are neo-con Nazi/Fascist bitches. Go live in the DPRK.

    • Get lost dumbass. Diehipster is a multi-racial, multi-cultural hipster-hating paradise. Black, white, yellow, brown, straight, gay, protestant, catholic and the rest the human population united against you hipster fucks. Get ass raped and die from the blood loss.

    • calling guidos the name ‘guidos’ is not a very good idea mr.sandman….

      …if u knew n e thing about ‘guidos’, you’d know it could b v, v bad 4 your health…they’re not all patient, level headed folks and may have friends like the ice man….i’m just saying…

  8. Did this broad stumble into a pile of dog shit or something? What the hell is that crap on her face? She should use that cheese-grater to clean herself up a bit.

  9. I’m sure the music they’re attempting to play is quite… grating.


  10. Hmmmmm. Look closely at the right bicep, the veins on her left arm, and the strong chin. The tranny is strong in this one

    • Sadly, a veteran with some serious issues. I hope he can get some specialized help. I’d also like to know where the Hell he could get “… a bulletproof vest, elbow and arm pads.”

      • Probably from a police supply store. Depending upon state law and local ordinances, he could have purchased everything he had from a supply store, from online venues, or from eBay. I knew a guy years back who wore a full flak jacket when he was a bouncer/booking agent for a local club, after the first time someone pulled a knife on him and tried to gut him as he was being thrown out. I asked him where the hell he got it, and he just said “I have friends in the police department who let me pick up stuff at the supply store down the road.”

      • how did you determine from that article or either picture that he ‘has issues’?

        i couldn’t even gather from the story what he was arressted for exactly…’approaching people’?? who are they tryin 2 kid with that shit?

        also, 2 pts about 2nd pic..
        1) he’s almost at attention (look below knees….feet….boot color)
        2) just me, or srs gay cops taking pics? lol

        bullies and badges and gay leathermen, oh my! rofl

    • Hipster? Nah. Like MD Burbs said he’s a vet with some serious issues. I’d much rather deal with a 1,000 dudes like him than one, snarky, entitlement mentality having fauxhemian that thinks the sun rises when he wakes up at 1300 in the afternoon.

  11. Yo…so I was in NYC for my birthday yesterday and went through Brooklyn.

    Man, these hipster girls are weird looking. They’re either really short and dress bad, really tall with big hands and big feet and dress bad, or just really out of shape and dress bad. Really jacked up faces too.

    We were staying in queens and had to hop the L train from Manhattan to Brooklyn to get on the E. I told my buddies that we’ll know if we’re going the right way when all the hipsters hop off the train. Slowly but surely they all di…lol!

  12. Have you heard the one about the hipster who called the kettle “black”? He started a blog!

    • Standard Hiptard Response #10:
      “You’re probably a hipster in disguise, running the site as an ironic joke.”

      Try again hiptard. Try to be less predictable this time.

  13. all hipsters will end up sucking cocks in hell. useless pansies. sissies. dandies. fancy boys. little princesses. fucking pathetic

  14. As retarded as she looks, I’d still bang her.

  15. she is a ‘putan’, nothing more.

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