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    • I guess this bunch of Gluten Free rubes are the same feebs that invented the peanut free table at school and insure I can’t have fucking peanuts on an airplane anymore. I’m going to put a gluten-free foot up somebodys ass

  1. II’m no hipster apologist. I have been reading this blog for years and I share your horror at the gentrification of areas such as Brooklyn. However, I think the people commenting here may be a bit out of their depth. The people who made the ‘Jess and Russ’ website are actually genuine creatives; they’re not playing at it. You make yourselves look a bit ignorant when you go after artistic types just because they’re a bit whimsical and, well, artistic. Artists have always been like that, for god’s sake.

    No one who knew anything about design and illustration could look at the work on Jessica Hische’s website and claim that it was the result of anything but hard work. Furthermore, the contributions on this wedding site are by some of the most talented illustrators working today (for clients such as the New Yorker, New York Times etc. not just hipster zines and record labels). Look at Sam Weber’s website and tell me he’s not incredibly talented. How do you develop artistic skill like that without working hard? That’s not something daddy can buy for you.

    So my point is that maybe you should stick to mocking the useless funemployed poseurs who usually feature on this site and leave art and design criticism to people who actually know what they’re talking about.

    I’ll shut up now and let the regular commenters heap scorn upon me.

    • It should be noted that different types of people post here with slightly differing views as to what constitutes a hipster. I’m a bit relaxed, while others are more rigid. I’m not bothered too much by Jessica’s site. I look at the site and the first thing that comes to mind is “oh, that’s what girls do anyway”. Only girls get that excited about marriage. Dudes USUALLY get scared stiff of marriage. If that comes off as “sexist” then so be it, but men and women are different. Because of this difference, Jess gets a pass from me. Plus, I’ve tried to make my own typefaces (So-Cal Cholo Customized Old English, customized graff, death metal logos that don’t look like vomit) and can’t, so I respect her skills.

      Jess needs to realize that as long as she’s in the public eye, there are going to be “haters” — and I don’t mean just the ones who are up-front with negative opinions or criticisms about her art, but those who pretend to be on her side. If she’s in the public eye, she will need to develop a thick skin and learn who her actual friends are and who the snakes are. Whether or not she’s a hipster (I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say she isn’t one), the fact remains that her fans, followers, sycophants and contemporaries ARE largely hipsters. She needs to keep an eye out for them because if they’re not trying to steal her ideas, they’re badmouthing her behind her back despite the fact they were in her face and kissing her ass earlier. Just saying.

      • No, she’s definitely a hipster. I’ll give her points for having some talent, a job and not being parentally funded (apparently), but she still fits every single other hipster stereotype. Just reading her website and that marriage announcement and I can tell that it must be exhausting to be around her for more than 5 minutes.

        • “it must be exhausting to be around her for more than 5 minutes.”

          She does appear to have that “Edith Bunker” thing about her which caused Archie to make those trademark faces.

    • http://www.redsilas.com/forsale.php?image=06D40D

      Yeah… what an awesome talent! Give me a fucking break.

      I have a funny suspicion that unearned funding was coming from somewhere to support little Russ’ whimsical journey from wannabe rock star to graphic design intern as quirky Jess is able to just drop employment to explore her creative side….all while living in the most expensive and trendy areas of the country.

    • “creatives” is not a word. It’s a made up word. hipsters have changed a verb into a noun. Every one of them is a fucking writter and they don’t realize that they are making shit up. I’d be a HipsterHaterist BUT THERE IS SUCH WORD!!! THEREFORE I AM A HIPSTER HATER!

      • All they do is regurgitation. Every last shred of it.

        I don’t care if a hipster has a job or not. Obviously, it’s better that they pay taxes too and they get a little bit more credibility, but only just such.

        The main problem arguing that Jess is credible, actually is in having used the word ‘artist’ or ‘creative’ in reference to her. Artists don’t generally ‘go with the flow’. They’re not status quo types. Being a creative hipster in NYC is, in fact, quite a status quo thing to do. It’s much, much, much safer than being a hipster in BFE Missouri where Budweiser, not PBR, is king of the beers and trucks, not fixies, are the preferred method of travel. Go on and take your artistic vision there and if it’s still kicking in 10 years, heck, I’ll give you 5 even, then I might believe that you are actually an artist.

        Otherwise, you’re just a hipster turd who picked a profession that didn’t require you to take Algebra even once.

    • Oh no, who do we think we are reacting to publicly displayed art?

  2. I can’t stand most of these “creative types”. I love to draw stuff, but not in the predictable, prepackaged hipster style. All the dopes on tumblr love reposting this kind of generic hipster shit. I don’t know why, but I just see these people as self absorbed and annoying. Maybe it’s my common sense that’s tingling.

  3. What a pointless website. Can ohio be that boring?

  4. f.u.c.k. hipsters.

  5. http://gothamist.com/2012/08/01/inside_lake_trout_williamsburgs_hom.php#photo-1

    Holy sh*t. Does it ever stop with these ironic try-hards? A new restaurant in Williamsburg called “Lake Trout” which is a send up of standard crappy middle America restaurants. So here are these dipsh*ts who worship organic and locally sourced ingredients while demonizing fast food yet will eat food that they call “crap” ?

    Essentially, this place looks like a truckstop. It’s insulting to anyone who’s ever had to work a real job for a living. Oh and check out the whimiscal menu made up of children’s magnetic letters.

    Where’s Mrs. O’Leary’s cow when you need it most?

    • This is what happens when mommy’s piggy bank starts getting light and all the blow and skrippies destroy what little creativity the try hards had to begin with. Unlike the earlier “ghetto / poverty chic” places that were filled with really trendy and expensive homages to how working class people live, I believe this one is probably the last chance for a couple of high as fuck “artists” and they found all of the decorations for this “resaurant” for about $20 at an estate sale back home in Pennsyltucky.

    • “Serving Baltimore-style seafood …serving a concise menu of mostly fried food.”
      WHAT? FUCK THEM! Thay have ABSOLUTELY NO concept of what Baltimore style seafood is. And their menu looks like it was done by a six=year-old. I should send this off to the Baltimore hipsters in Hamden, so they can come up to Wburg and firebomb this dump. Fucking try hard dipshit rat bastards.

  6. Wow. Just…wow.
    You people really need to get a life.

    • And you care…why?

    • Gee, I guess you really told us!

      Get raped. Ass raped. By something rusty.

    • Hmm…what kind of life would you suggest?

      I am assuming, of course, that your recommendation will be towards a better life, no? If so, suggest away. Otherwise, blow it out your pie hole and drop dead because I have a feeling your daddy won’t put me on his credit cards like he will you.

  7. These guys aren’t hipsters at all – they are nerds! The guy works at Facebook – of course he has too much time. I think it’s sorta great, albeit over the top…

  8. I just saw that website and I think that I am going to throw up a little in my mouth just from seeing that crap..

  9. Jessica Hische is actually a super talented designer who is employed full time, recent work having been doing all the typography work for Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. I know, Wes Anderson, yeah yeah, but still kinda stupid of everyone to assume she’s living off of some kind of parental welfare…
    Also having seen her speak she’s the most normal, if not very cute, girl I’ve ever seen. y’all need to lighten up at least a little.

    • No, you lighten up ,,, we’ve all moved on already. No one here gives a shit anymore about these gentrifying yupster cornballs. Now go fuck yourself (you can use any font you’d like to express that).

      • lol I know you’re trolling anyways but there are probably people here whose hate is real and it’s pretty lame. if someone is working full time (if not overtime knowing Jessica’s productivity), doing public speaking, and actually contributing to the world in a discernable way it gets discounted because she MIGHT wear flannel and live in a certain “trendy” city? it sounds like the same kind of absolute hate spewed by racists.

        • Listen. They did a narcissistic thing; laced with hipster shit and got put on this site. End of story. You make her out to be a saint.

        • Oh, STFU already with the sanctimonious comparisons to racism. Get over yourself. If I were Jess, I’d be facepalming over your “Knight in Shining Armor” efforts. Anyway, that’s the job of her husband-to-be.

          The problem with hipsters (and the rest of this pussified, easily butthurt generation) is they can get a hundreds of positive comments and twice as many pats on the back, but will lose sleep over a relative few negative ones.

        • What is she public speaking about? Typography? What exactly is she contributing to this world? How to arrange fancy fonts over a graphic? I’ll listen if she is speaking about curing cancer or contributing to the better welfare of the community that she helped gentrify. Putting fonts together is such a tough job isn’t it. My little nephew does that. Plus, we all know that “design” jobs like that are obtained through connections and not talent. Stop pulling the racist card… you gotta be fucking kidding me. We’re not talking about race, but if you really want to bring race up…White-privileged-gentrifiers have got to be THE most racist and classist people to move into our neighborhoods.

          • Mr. B, exactly! All of these transplants are RACIST ASSHOLES. Ever notice when something happens in true NY fashion, say the incidents at McCarren Park pool, they let their true colors show? Comments like ghetto trash and such. Hmm, I wonder what they are trying to say? (sarcasm). I would love them to tell my PR boyfriend he is ghetto trash. Of course, they don’t have the balls to say shit in person. I hope our crime rate keeps going up so that mommy and daddy can make them move back home.

  10. Get a life? As FUWI said…(I am assuming, of course, that your recommendation will be towards a better life, no?)… We DEFINITELY would have a better life if YOU and JESS & WHATEVER just LEFT and went back to the little town of 107 that you came from.

  11. Oh look Gawker has picked up the story, and the writer seems to be channelling DIEHIPSTER’S commenter ‘Sledgehammer’ in his point .3…

    I kind of feel like reader ‘Tess’ sent the Gawker writer in the direction of DIEHIPSTER and he loved the comments so much he decided to rewrite some of them slightly.

    I’m not complaining though, the more scorn heaped on Jess and Russ the better. I can’t stand these twee fucktards.


  12. Oh dear God, please tell me that Jess and Russ’s website is a parody!!

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