Cooking with weed? Serving rats? Go right ahead HIPSTERS!

Scenario: a young Brooklyn native male minding his own business gets caught with a dime bag of weed. He gets stopped, embarrassed, cuffed, thrown in jail, pays a fine, sees a judge, and gets a record.

Next Scenario: A group of 30 – 40 year old transplants open up something Brooklyn has never seen before – a pizzeria (in some filthy garage on some filthy street no less) - that gets rave reviews because its packed with staycationing, funemployed, narcassistic, try-hard hipsters, possess decent amounts of marijuana, make a 3 course meal and drink menu with it, serve it to GQ magazine reporters and publish an article for the whole world to see and NOTHING HAPPENS.

Link: GQ-Mag eats weed at Roberta’s Pizza in Nieuw Breukelen.


Scenario: a normal hard working NY family opens a restaurant; the Department of Health finds signs of rodents upon inspection. This family can be embarrassed, lose business with a bad LETTER GRADE in their window, be heavily fined and even shut down. They have to then fix the problem and prove once again to the DOH there is no more rodents.

Next Scenario: Yet another completely irrelevant, Brooklyn-BASED, self-proclaimed artist comes to NYC to play for a while. She has a $100 per person RAT CARCASS DINNER in a pretentious art gallery to promote her cause: “Tomorrow We Will Feast Again on What We Catch, to bring the idea of self-reliance to an urban setting.” Self-reliance? Does your parents paying for your magical journey to Brooklyn count as self-reliance? Does collecting money on Kickstarter to import 75 rats from California to serve to a bunch of hipster attention-starved, try-hard artists count as self-reliance or catching your food?

Link: Pseudo-Artist serves rats as art for a $100 per person. DOH doesn’t mind.

91 thoughts on “Cooking with weed? Serving rats? Go right ahead HIPSTERS!

  1. I got popped once smoking a joint on the street; no big deal, but I did have to go to court appearance where all charges were dismissed. Not even a fine.
    How did these tweeting fucks get to slide?

    • Maybe there’s some loophole they’re exploiting. I mean simply cooking with it doesn’t making any less potent. I mean -you have to light the stuff to use it, no?

      • Nope: as far as federal law is concerned, and most state laws as well, possession is possession, no matter the circumstances. It doesn’t matter if you smoke it or mix it into a milkshake: if you have it on you, you’re busted.

        The loophole they’re exploiting, by the way, isn’t one. The likelihood of these dweebs getting a quick visit from the DEA or the NYPD honestly depends upon whether they can make an arrest and conviction or plea bargain, and a major factor is whether or not the defendant can afford some monster attorney who will stomp all over the prosecution’s case. It’s comparable to the situation with cocaine: so long as coke stays with yuppie horsefaces who can afford the best legal counsel their trust funds can afford, any arrests usually involve other felonies, such as murder. If anyone gets busted, it’s the small-time dealers or the kids who aren’t smart enough to be subtle about their use and possession, and they usually pay a fine and a few weeks of public service. However, when crack came along, and crack stuck to poor neighborhoods, suddenly there’s a huge concern about wiping it out, and pushing for the harshest possible punishments to discourage further use. No public apology and then freedom for the guy in Harlem with a crack pipe, that’s for sure.

        Speaking from experience, I don’t even expect a DEA visit to the writers of this, because it won’t be worth their time. I know a local magazine editor whose coke consumption is so legendary that everyone in local journalism jokes that if he ever quit, four dealers wouldn’t be able to send their grandkids to Harvard any longer. However, he has enough powerful friends, met mostly through those same dealers, that he’d have to fuck a dog on the steps of the White House before the police would get involved.

        • I’d also like to add here that as far as state law is concerned, those states that legalized medical marijuana don’t count in this conversation. Regardless of whether the state allows this, possession is still violating federal law. Hell, possessing viable seeds of other Cannabis species is illegal because the DEA doesn’t want to have to distinguish between marijuana and regular hemp. (I’ve been keeping up with this because of a slew of Idaho farmers who have been fighting the DEA on this for a decade. These are all guys who are as straight-edge as they come, and they keep asking why Canadian farmers are profiting from selling hemp to us for industry when we could grow our own. Meanwhile, they’re unjustly associated with the “Shemp for Victory” assholes whose sole argument for hemp legalization is “I am soooooooo high…”)

  2. “The 75 rats used for the meal were brought in from California and according to the gallery assistant, bred to be eaten. On her Kickstarter page, Ginn says, “We have so many levels of mediation between us and the things that we eat,” and that the purpose of the dinner was to “give people a chance to really be aware of their physical relationship with the world.”

    Here’s a video of this Twatwaffle. Note the bedsheet around her neck:

    Wanna know who’s to blame for this? Anthony Bourdain. I don’t like the guy anymore. I think he’s turned into ahypocritical, celebrity d*8chebag.

    What I can’t comprehend about this canklestein is the “levels of mediation” drivel. You can cut out MANY levels if you went and killed your own authentic, NYC rat instead of ordering farm raised
    mice. I mean – it’s local and Brooklyn based, yah?

    And you’re right DH. There is a hypocrisy with the DOH. My dad’s place was located next to a chinese restaurant. The place needed to be shut down, but never was. Their sanitary conditions
    were SO BAD that my father had to have an exterminator come in on a regular basis (first time in 35 years) to counter the vermin overflow from next door. My dad had dealt with the same inspector
    for 20 years, always giving my dad a score of 89-97. HE was ready to shut down the place next door. Next visit, we have Casper Milquetoast.

    The old insepctor was let go because he handed 48 hour notices to every restaurant in the area (save for a handful they were all Chinese, Indian or Mexican places). Charges of discrimination were filed and a decent man got the boot. Meanwhile
    The new inspector lectured my dad and wanted to shut him down because a) he didn’t have a protective cage over the light bulb in the prep area and the gap under the door was 1/2″ too high.

    • In my opinion the DOH has nothing to do with protecting the public’s health, but is a
      bureaucratic Frankenstein monster out to extort as much cash as possible from
      hardworking business owners over a bunch of petty bullshit. I read one restaurant got a fine because the cashier was drinking a cup of coffee. Oh the horror !

      • I tend to agree that the DOH is a bureaucratic monster – no different than building inspectors – especially in large urban areas.
        I have no doubt that many inspectors working in major cities are on the take. Then there’s the inconsistency in both thoroughness and competency.

        Still – I think they serve a purpose – but they have to get a firm understanding on what it takes to run a restaurant. Any inspector can nickel and dime
        A perfectly sanitary restaurant with minor infractions to the point of closure. What they don’t get is that during a rush, refrigerated food is kept out – but it’s used up long before
        It has a chance to develop any bacteria. If you visit right after a lunch rush, the place will be dirty – because they’ve been working since 6AM. Reach-ins (fridges under the counter) struggle to maintain temperature because they are constantly open and closed and usually are facing a hot stove. Roaches? You can spray but you don’t know what’s going to come in with those crates of produce shipped from lord knows where. I understand that standards have to be set and met – but many of them are not realistic.

        Most restaurant kitchens are cleaner and more sanitary than home kitchens. The only time I ever got sick was at a place owned by a family friend. The place was spotless but I ate a bad mussel. This can happen in the best places.

        As much as I’ve come to despise Anthony Bourdain he made many solid points in his first book. When you walk into a restaurant, use common sense – if the place is empty on Friday night and the chef is sitting at the bar wearing a filthy uniform, the chances are good that the food’s not gonna be good. Sunday brunches are meant to profit off the dregs in the fridge. The A team is not working the kitchen.

        My big beef is with concepts that can hurt the public – like serving rats for dinner – and hipsters who on a whim decide that they’re going to blow throw their parents
        retirement and open an ill-conceived dining establishment. I mean – these people look filthy, have no experience or concern for sanitation. Most of them get a free pass. I wonder if it’s Bloomie’s way of making nice with the like-yahs so they don’t get riled up and start protesting and whining about oppression.

        • This letter grade nonsense is such Bloomberg bullshit – just another revenue stream via extortion of small business owner.

    • I hear you. My wife has a permanent phobia of roaches that she didn’t have before 1995. That was the year she and her ex moved into a space right next door to the filthiest Thai restaurant in the Dallas area. The place sprayed for roaches every six months, and you knew this because suddenly the place was like Joe’s Apartment. We’re talking about roaches big enough to fit with hood ornaments and Tire-Flys, and they’d just wait until the poison settled in and then move right back.

      The problem here, though, wasn’t cries of discrimination. It’s the fact that the Dallas restaurant inspectors are criminally understaffed and underfunded, and the city won’t hire anybody new to replace the inspectors who finally burn out and leave. This makes the Dallas Restaurant Bureau incredibly happy, because this way its members don’t have to pay for extra staff to keep their places ready for surprise inspections. Because some slumming yuppies, who want to brag that they’re successful restauranteurs because they’ve just opened yet another $200-per-plate haute cuisine emporium, don’t want to have to spare a few more dollars, the customers and the neighbors suffer because nobody is getting busted for uncleanliness.

    • Anthony Bourdain
      Gives me a pain.
      Smug asshole that he is. I’m sure he’s inspired many a hipster.

      • Asshole has his crosshairs on people like Paula Dean. Doesn’t like that she uses butter in a lot of her meals. This coming from a guy who has eaten buffalo rectum, an assortment of testicles across the animal species, and has even eaten raw fish..on a kitchen floor!

        He also has the gall to say that vegetarianism is a result of people being too spoiled and acting pompous. I guess he forgot the type of food he and his contemporaries were making and charging for it.

      • There once was a douche named Bourdain,
        Lauded while incredibly vain
        Traveling the earth
        Like he’s entitled by birth,
        Hipster foodies like him we disdain.

  3. This chicks is from Bumfuck Michigan. Be sure to watch the kickstarter video. It’s disgusting!

    • As soon as I read things like “Brooklyn artist”, I instantly assume you can cross 1 area off the list of places she could be from; New York, anywhere south of Westchester.

  4. Hey so when Charlie was stuck in the jungle eating cold rat meat, he wasn’t doing something utterly vile just to survive. He was on the edge of a culinary revolution.

  5. Roberta’s is a fucking joke; could you imagine waiting over an hour to be served by some smarmy transplant that ‘discovered Niew Breukelein in 2007′, to eat mediocre pizza with ‘locally sourced’ ingredients? – and from what I’ve heard a few times (I’m NEVER fucking setting foot in there), the prices are extremely high as well. And they are total douchebags to anyone not looking hip enough, or wearing the hipster beta male pussy, or the Zooey Deschanel bangs and frumpy granny dress uniform.

  6. Again… If some one told me this without me actually reading it I wouldn’t believe it. I sincerely hate these people.

    • Of course the Times is on it. Hell, I’ll bet that the writer blew the editor for weeks for the privilege of sitting in on the dinner.

    • I’m on vacation 500 miles away and I saw that article. The NYPost was sold out, so we reluctantly bought the NYT instead. So here I am in the middle of beautiful pine wilderness and I’m reading about a Michigan transplant wearing a rat pelt embellished dress, cooking and serving rat in NYC. She “considered pigeon” in her contemplation of urban wildlife, but wanted to “put people outside their comfort zone.” She should be slapped hard across the face. This is the height of foul arrogance. Marie Antoinette has nothing on these people. Makes me sick. Even more sick than the smell of a hipster beard soaked in rat juice. [see pics in the link]. It’s on the front page of the print edition of the Weekend Arts Section and continues full page on the back. Complete with recipe for ‘Rat Braise’ with bearded hipster chef smiling over rat carcasses on the bbq.

  7. This new generation of “artists” are embarassing!

    Alright, I’ll admit something about myself. I run a blog. I love art. I had education in it from 1st grade to college. Yet I didn’t pursue a career in a creative field mainly because I had other things I wanted to do.

    I like to blog about art…I check out a bunch of art sites everyday and blog what I like. I can point out the names of 50 men and women who make amazing art…and their all talented.

    I’m a big fan of post-modernism, but when someone has to do stuff like this to get attention then that’s where I draw the line. You can put all of the art-school collouquialisms and catch phrases to make a statue of the Virgin Mary made out of bloody tampons seem like more than just that…but at the end of the day it’s all crap to me.

    Starving artists that really don’t starve…that just wanna l dress the part and hang out at parties…please go to hell.

    I remember 5 years ago I was just hanging out with some friends and they brought with them two women that “ran” an art gallery or were curators or some shit cause they wanted to do coke. I was doing paintings at the time and screenprinting skateboards all by myself in the basement of my apartment and I just showed her some…what a joke. She was uptalking and acting like she knew all about the art world from her parentally funded travels to Prague and Berlin and said I was no more than a print artist.

    Since that time, the gallery both of them ran closed down and I haven’t seen them in this area since.

    • I have a great appreciation for art myself; if I were a legit artist, I would probably hate hipsters even more (if that’s possible). They come into ‘undiscovered areas’ where artists live & work who take advantage of large loft space with great light that is available from old factory buildings, and end up colonizing and actually pricing out the artists as they gentrify the area in an attempt to be hip. Then to add further insult, despite having absolutely zero artistic ability whatsoever, they actually pretend to be artists themselves, because Ms. Smith the 4th grade teacher told them that their fingerpaint project was the best in the class. All the Mollys and Zacharys gather around their parentally paid gallery space and ooh and ahh at the brilliance of a splotch of red paint on a white canvas, or cream themselves as the performance art of Zooey of Dogfelcher Falls giving birth.

      • Twenty years ago, I lived in the Exposition Park area of Dallas. The whole Deep Ellum art area was taken over about the way Brooklyn is being infested today, by try-hards who decided they were artists and convinced Mommy and Daddy to move them in. Most of Dallas’s real artist community moved to Expo back then because you actually had to prove you were doing something. Every last potential tenant had to show a portfolio of work to the owners: if you were a musician, you had to play at least one song. If you were an artist, time to crack out the photo, painting, or sculpture portfolio. In my case, I had to show them writing samples. They figured that this was the only way to keep Expo Park from being overrun with yuppie scum, and their word was law.

        One of the best bits of entertainment down there, in fact, was to hang out by the property owners’ office on Saturday afternoons. At least seven or eight times a day, you’d get some gaggle of SMU horsefaces driving through the area who’d see the latest “Space For Lease” sign and decide they HAD to live there. As they marched up the stairs, we’d warn them “Um, you do know that you have to be an artist to live here, right?” They’d always nicker and neigh at our insolence, laughing “Well, I’m an artist, too.” Without fail, in another ten minutes, they’d stomp down the stairs, crying like a little girl with a skinned knee, screaming about how they were going to get Daddy to sue these monsters for discrimination. How DARE a mere mortal tell them “no” for the first time in their lives?

        Ironically enough, what killed all of that was the 2012 Olympics. Dallas was a very open contender for the Olympics when the 2012 bids were opened, and our then-mayor, Ron Kirk, was bending over and screaming “Come and get it like a bitch funky sex machine!” to any and all greedheads wanting to cash in. Since the assumption was that the actual competitions would be held in and around Fair Park, just south of downtown, every goofball with more money than brains bought up every last scrap of property around Fair Park in 1999 and 2000, betting that even bigger players would pay even more for the opportunity to clear it and use it for stadia and arenas. Expo Park was one of the casualties: the owners were very open that they’d sell if someone offered $1 million for the property, and the whole of Expo Park sold for $2.5 million by the time everything was done. The new owners rapidly discovered, when Dallas rated 12 out of the 12 bidding cities, that they actually had to work at keeping up the place now that the Olympics weren’t happening here. The actual artists moved the hell out to Oak Cliff and into the north suburbs when they realized that it was becoming hipster heaven, and now the place is a joke. Sure, anybody can get in, but why the hell would you want to?

        • I also like art of various forms, though I don’t claim to know very much about it. I just enjoy it.

          A good friend of mine is a carpenter and has been for a number of years. He also is an artist but makes no effort to go advertising that fact or to be “seen as one.” He just wears jeans, and a T-Shirt, most of the time. Some of the stuff he makes is good and some of it is shit, though he himself knows that. Sometimes he likes to show his work to a few friends, and sometimes he just keeps it to himself.

          In any event, he is a word-working, decent and unpretentious chap who makes no pretense about being an “artist,” and that is one thing that makes me respect him as such.

    • The reason there is so much bad art today is because self-styled “artists” are obsessed with 1. Novelty, 2. Extremity, and 3. Trying to ignorantly politicize their works.

      ‘Not for nothing are “challenging” and “transgressive” among the most popular terms of critical praise today. The idea, of course, is that by abjuring beauty and refusing to please the artist is better able to confront deeper, more authentic, more painful realities. And perhaps he is. But one mustn’t overlook the element of posturing that often accompanies such existential divagations.’

      (from The Fortunes of Permanence: Culture and Anarchy in an Age of Amnesia)

    • Who the hell is the chick – Rosie The Riveter?

    • You’ll never see hipsters playing…I don’t know…Football, Baseball, Soccer, or Basketball because those require actual skills and athleticism. Plus they’re probably intimidated by all of the athletic and in-shape folks playing those games.

      When the last time you ever saw a hipster playing Pick-Up ball at the courts? That won’t happen mainly because they’d get showed up and embarassed to the point they would start crying and blogging about it.

      Kickball is really right up their alley. It takes them back to school where they could play it and not have to worry about making the cut or actually trying.

      • What annoys me the most is that there are “gentleman’s games” out there that are enjoyed by the less athletic-types. Games like bocce, which “urban” people have been playing for centuries. But hipsters don’t go for that (unless it’s the bocce court inside Union Hall). They have to play “ironic” sports like kickball.

        I have to say one thing, though: at least they’re not playing ultimate frisbee. I’d take kickball over that shit any day.

    • “…his girlfriend, Cherish Rapp”?????? Her parents either had an absurdly sardonic sense of humor or really hated her from the moment she was born. Notice also that she has a real job (chemist – although possibly as QC in a meth lab) and he doesn’t (freelance musician).

  8. Cooking with weed is so hip and edgy and cutting edge!!!

    The same stuff people in Amsterdam were doing for DECADES?

    Oh…that’s right…I forgot. When hipsters do anything other people were doing before them…it suddenly becomes news as if no one was doing this before and it’s new and hip. art never existed before hipsters…New York City never existed before hipsters…the universe never existed either before it was featured on the latest webisode of American Hipster.

  9. First hipsters discovered Brooklyn, and now they discovered how to cook with cannabis. Big deal. Hey I know a herb delivery person in Brooklyn who sells hipsters one gram for $100. They are like kids in a candy store. It is powerful bud but they do not know any better.

    • Yet another product that has varying price points, based on whether it is being sold to fauxhemians above or regular people below the Hipster Line.

    • $100 a gram!!!!??? REALLY?

      Only stupid people with money to burn would EVER pay those type of prices for bud. Like

      I’ve never paid over $20 for a gram of bud EVER! And some amazing stuff too.. Paying $100 for a gram is some some naive college freshman shit if i ever did hear it. But then again, alot of these folks treat their big cities like an extension of their college campus so…

      • If some hipster insulted my intelligence and charged me $100 a gram for bud, I’d rob his ass. Punch him in the throat and take his shit. What is he going to do? Tell the cops he got jacked for his weed? Even if he did, the cop would laugh at him anyway.

      • However, a hipster being charged $100 a gram is perfectly alright with me. Hipsters deserve to be overcharged and ripped off.

      • hahaha TWENTY FOR A GRAM, we’d never pay that much here. sucks to be you.

    • Are you shitting me that’s 2800 bucks an ounce stupid hipsters

      • $2800? Isn’t that the amount of rent a hiptard pays to live in a studio apartment slightly larger than a walk-in closet?

  10. Personally, I think it is perfectly alright for a non-native to move to New York City. The natives will definitely give them a hard time because that is how it works. But if New York stopped drawing masses of people, it would be nothing. However, the rat chef is a completely unworthy idiot with a bachelors degree and shit for brains. It truly sucks to see this douche bag being recognized for something so fucking lousy. Eating rats? Man, that is a disrespectful meal right there! In some countries (not the USA) rats are respected animals, and they represent the spirit of the streets.

    • Indeed, it is disrespectful.

      A lot of people here in Europe resorted to eating rats during World War II to survive. It was certainly no laughing matter then, and was about the furthest thing from “kewl” as possible.

      • Deep fried rats for sale by street vendors in Hong Kong are not an uncommon sight. They’ve been doing that since forever. It’s pretty gross, but it’s nothing new. There’s nothing hipstery or LOOK AT MEEEE with those HK street food vendors. They’re just trying to make a living.

        • I didn’t know that about Hong Kong, actually. Learn something new everyday, indeed.

          Hipsters, on the other hand, would never admit to: a) not knowing something; b) learning something new.

          Wool caps have made their way over to Shoreditch, by the way, though it was only a matter of time before that happened.

          I saw one of these fuckwits sitting in the equivalent of 85 degrees Farenheit wearing one of these things and looking absolutely ridiculous.

          • I remember seeing some pictures of Chinese butcher shops where they had rats hanging next to pigs in the windows. There was nothing quirky or zany about it, these were just guys running a business.

            And I’ve given up trying to count the number of beardos sporting those stupid hats. Summer in Seattle is a weird thing, but it can get pretty fucking hot out here. I can only hope the EMTs don’t have to deal with their stupid asses when their wool hat and scarf combo causes them to collapse from heatstroke.

          • It would come as no surprise to me to find out that emergency services are having to deal with increasing numbers cases like this, actually wasting public funds and diverting attention from people who actually need such assistance.

            Hipsters don’t care, however — it is all about them

        • A lot of places actually eat rat. Some places in Mexico and Peru come to mind that are greatly hit with poverty. Here’s the thing, they eat country rats because they’re the least likely to carry as many diseases or be as dirty as a city rat.

          Who knows, bubonic plague 2.0 coming to NY soon!

        • There’s a saying in Chinese that goes something like “We eat everything with four legs except the table”.

          Hipsters will eventually do the same thing, just cruelty free.

  11. Cooking with weed is SO 1960s. I guess they found their parents’ old cookbooks. Expect Anthony Bourdain to pay a visit to pimp the place next season. I’ve come to really dislike that guy – he’s turned into a yuppie pimp. Retire already. Enjoy your wife and kids, before they become hipsters.

    • I don’t dislike him as much as I do that fat smarmy fuck Andrew Zimmern. He is such a
      douche. He had a show where he was in Africa and the village was working their ass off
      making their version of a feast for the visitor and he was making all these smarmy, snotty,
      disrespectful comments about the food. I’d like to take a baseball bat to his head.

      • I’m with you on that. I remember that episode, but he’s done it MANY times in the past -he has zero respect for anyone, yet he eats stuff that normal people bury out back. He’s a fucking pig in every sense of the word.

    • As if hash brownies didn’t exist earlier, for example.

      • Or bhang, which has been cooked in food, smoked, etc. in India since probably prehistoric times.

      • I used to put some gonja into a burrito and then microwave it, or make cocoa by heating the milk with some buds and then add cocoa, some caramel syrup and a few marshmallows.

    • ***CLEAN UP! – If everyone involved picks up the little latex pieces afterward, it will take 5 mins.***
      Dream on…

  12. If you got a good spot to lay down rat traps, maybe in the subway. You could collect dead rats, and then take them to Williamsburg and cash in! Hipsters will buy dead rat foods, sprinkle some weed on top and you got yourself a delicacy. Sort of like the chinese people who collect aluminum cans all day long for the recycling exchange. Now they can also collect and sell dead rats for hipster food in Williamsburg. Instead of only selling DVDs on the L, they can also have dead rats for sale. 2 for 5, or 5 for 10. or “Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, I am not on drugs, I am just trying make a few extra dollars to survive to stay out of trouble and live a happy life. I have candy for one dollar each. Starburst and gummybears, and, I also have fresh dead rats on ice in this here cooler, 3 for 5, or 5 for 10″

  13. The rat dinner would have been so much more Authentic Gritty Nieuw Breukelen if those self-reliant trustafarians caught the rats themselves in the L Train subway. But that would be TOO gritty and self-reliant for that bunch of phonies.

    Their definition of being self-reliant is picking up the phone and ordering specially bred rats from California. You know, like ordering take out. Fuck out of here.

  14. You’d think the filthy hipsters would come up with a way to cook with bedbugs. Imagine the possibilities…. or don’t. Probably better if you don’t.

    • Yeah, not only did these spank socks bring bedbugs back into the city, (I’ve lived here my entire life and up until recently never knew anyone who had them – roaches, yes but never bedbugs), but now they’re bringing back the bubonic plague!!! Motherfucking twatwaffles!!!

      • “…now they’re bringing back the bubonic plague” Natural selection in action.
        WRT bedbugs: Just start a rumor that they can be used in place of poppy seeds, are hallucinogenic, and can’t be detected in urine or blood samples. Brooklyn will be spotless in a week.

  15. what a fuckin ugly, fat, cankelsuraus slut of a whore! another fuckin ‘artist’. wtf?!?!?!? i love how must of the guests were ‘friends’. will someone please kill these fucks already?

  16. Steen jones you are a total fuckhead ! Your tatts are beyond gay. You are a $1 Ed hardy wana be – it is fucking sad ! Stop posing and give up. Your ” artwork” is laughable. Why don’t you go eat some dick ! Btw your trust fund girlfriend is a pig ! Look in the mirror – you suck. Fuck off !

  17. I’ve dedicated my life to this industry. Paid my own NYU education before hospitality was a trend. I’m gonna have to tap out of this convo because the rant I would leave may just crash your site DH. DIE HIPSTER DOUCHEBAGS DIE!

  18. “I don’t care about it as art,” [said "artist and video editor" Timothy Hutchings.] “I care about it as something that makes me a more interesting human being.”

    Good. Then we don’t have to call it “art”.

    Still trying to shock the squares.


    • OK, carrot tartare? They haven’t been drinking koolaid, it was shine run through pure lead filters.

      “And now, at the height of their game, the owners are planning to throw out the formula. ”
      Great strategic business planning decision – take a successful bill of fare and flush it for an obscenely overpriced fauxhemian make-believe picnic. Because it’s quirky and hip.

      “Will the transformation delight customers, or alienate them by seeming gimmicky? ”
      I’ll take door #2. Watch for them on “No Reservations” next season, if there is a next season for that smug blowhard.

  19. Eating rats makes you an interesting person? Well, hipster, why stop there? I think you should start eating your own crap. That would really make you fascinating – to other boneheads. Go for it, hipster!

    • I always thought their food was overrated, literal crap, so me associating them with coprophagia is nothing new.

  20. Anyone want to get in on the next food craze? My new artisanal, locally-sourced (right from the subway), organic food truck – Rattus Norvegicus – is going to specialize in producing the finest quality rat meats, droppings and knitted rat hair scarves.

  21. The infestation is starting to crop up in the local bars here. I’ve been really lucky with this neighborhood – I got a great deal on a place with decent roommates, I can walk to work, there’s a lot of stuff in walking distance, it’s an old neighborhood, and even though it’s in the middle of Seattle, it feels like a small town in a lot of ways.

    So of course the beardos are moving in. And dear god are they fucking annoying. When I’ve had a long shift of dealing with horrible little dogs, I want to get a couple beers and maybe get my ass kicked on the pool table. I do not want to talk about politics, and I really don’t want to listen to a pack of them braying when I go outside for a smoke.

  22. As someone who hunts, the most ridiculous thing to me has to be this notion that a hipster has any idea of what is actually involved in either hunting or self-reliance. I mean, how can that girl even use the term self-reliance with a straight face when she’s importing rats from the other side of the country?

    It’s like DH is always saying, it’s not about honesty or real “art”, it’s about drawing attention to yourself. Here’s how the thought process goes; you serve some crazy food like rats at your gallery to get the attention and the, after the fact, make up some bullshit artsy reason for it like it being commentary on the degrees of separation between people and their food.

    I guess that’s what hunting must be to people who have never killed an animal for food with their bare hands.

    • If any of them ever saw an animal being field dressed they would run screaming into the night. After blogging about how destroyed their sensibilities were, of course. They’re the mutant spawn of a technological society, and have no concept of the food chain (unless Safeway counts). .

  23. Did anyone read the comments over there? is Eve Cutzo one of us? I love her, check this moment out (one of 2 hilarious ones):
    “Richy Rich, I think cheese is mandatory if, and only if, it is artisanal breast milk cheese I learned about here months or maybe years ago. My revolutionary friends say that breast milk froths beautifully in the cockroach cappuccinos they make in their underground, pop-up food truck.”

  24. So let me get this straight. I can’t smoke a cigarette in Times Square or the beach. I can’t get salt on my food. I can’t get a thirty two ounce soda. BUT THESE LITTLE COCKSUCKING SCUMBAGS CAN DO THIS AND GET AWAY WITH IT???? Bloomberg the fucking midget definitely needs to be kickedf many times in the balls.

  25. I always enjoy seeing people flout the stupid laws against cannabis. However, the article slamming our dispensaries for having shitty edibles is mostly incorrect. We have the best cannabis chocolate in the world, hands down. And if you want healthier.. well you can order fresh juiced cannabis flowers, bhang, flavored drinks, health bars.. point being NO our dispensaries don’t just carry greasy brownies and in fact those that do don’t move a lot of stock because there’s a lot of competition in the edibles market here. these goddamned brooklyn hipsters don’t know what the hell they are talking about. So no, there aren’t fair-trade shat out of a monkeys ass cannabis infused coffee beans. But there are cannabis coffee drinks, and they’re mostly pretty good.

    Totally laughing at the “sour d” cooking. That’s all there is out there, sour d. lol. No, cooking here involves numerous strains, including those with chocolate and butterscotch flavors. yes, we grow weed here that tastes like chocolate and butterscotch. The weed itself tastes like that. Sour d tastes like gasoline. Stupid hipsters trying to do what we do out here. i’m calling bullshiat. how dare they mention dispensaries in their article. they have no fucking clue.

  26. Hipsters could clear the city of all rats and cockroaches. Protein-packed sustainable hipsterism.

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