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  1. Like Hey

    My name is Caleb and I am indifferent to every single one of you. All of you are New York born,cultured, car driving proletariates who spend every second of your day whining about us. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever rode a fixed gear bicycle to the Brooklyn film festival? I mean, I guess it’s fun working hard all the time and not having infinite leisure time, but you take it to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to woman at the West Indies Parade.

    Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best hipster beating. I’m pretty much perfect. My parents pay my rent, indefinitely, I was the captain of the Mc Carren park dodgeball team. What sports do you play? Other than Boxing/Football for the Fire Department. I also have a Masters in Art History and a girlfriend with hairy armpits (She just let me make her
    sculpture: Shit was so artistic). You’re all just uneducated middle class plebions who should stay South of Church Avenue.
    Thanks for listening.

    Here’s a picture of me and my girlfriend.



  3. As offensive as this remark may be to many people, the scumbags in that photo make the case for the retroactive abortion of their parents and grandparents upon my demand.

    • thank you for sharing this link

    • Around 6:42 in her diatribe about “students”, she’s definitely describing hiptards.

    • She really nailed it when she said this city is now an amusement park for student tourists, and that they don’t pay for it, their parents do.

      I want to say the same things she wants to say to those spoiled NYU tourists to my Precious Snowflake nephew: No, that is not your future. That is not going to happen. No, you’re not going to be the head curator of MOMA next year with no work experience and no college degree(he dropped out, moved back to parents, smokes pot all day, and doesn’t work yet *somehow* manages to have loads of all the latest iDJ stuff and expensive camera equipment).

  4. Since they love children’s games so much…
    “Red rover, red rover, we call Ethan/Caleb/Emily over”

    CLOTHESLINE! (aimed right at their straw-thin, Sanskrit tattooed necks).

    “We’re gonna get like a grant for a rooftop urban garden….like ya….”

    • I get the feeling they won’t be growing urban rooftop food for the community, they’ll be growing weed for themselves. Community and art my ass.

    • When Danny “Caleb” Oakes was standing at the edge of the roof I had such an urge to yell “Jump, jump…”

    • What a smug douchebag – appreciation of “art and community”. He’s here now from Ohio to enlighten the community – oh thank you so much, oh great Hayden of the Suburb! Like yah, a grant or something.

      Just shut up you fucking cliche machine. Hope he falls off the rooftop in a PBR daze, lands on his head, and dies a slow painful sustainable death.

    • I love how these asswipes are allegedly all about “spreading love, community, appreciation” and if you’re not one of ‘them’, they are an asshole to you. Fucking elitist dumbasses.

    • Wow. I’m surprised there aren’t more comments from butthurt hiptards. Perhaps they are in shock?

    • “This Brooklyn we’re learning about now is a new brand of Brooklyn, centered around the Bedford L stop. It’s totally gentrified, totally organic, totally artisan and totally irrelevant to the story of the borough thus far.

      “It’s a fetishization, a warped idea of a Brooklyn that limits the borough’s identity and erases its history. Among all of this Brooklyn branding as a destination for all things hip, Brooklyn’s diverse culture is the victim.”

      This perfectly sums up what even an outsider like me had heard about Brooklyn for the last several years.

  5. Both Brooklyn’s look pretty shitty actually…

  6. Wow, can this Dr. Suzanna Anthony be any more clueless on her definition of hipsters? From dumb fucking yahoo article on good careers for hipsters;

    “When I think of the term hipster, I think of a person who is creative and edgy, or cutting edge in trends and style,” Wow, so copying a beta male uniform of other cliche spouting, midwesten trust funded pseudo-artists with no actual artistic talent is creative, edgy, and cutting edge? Silly me, I just assumed that would be the exact fucking opposite.


    • Pic at the top of the article is of her and her husband tweeting each other at their $15.000/month condo in Willyburg.

    • She’s just another clueless idiot who has bought into the “hipster hype”. I’m thinking She’s the kind of who is probably left-brain dominant, but wishes she were more right-brain. If she were more “Right Brained”, she’s see them for the vapid, talentless hacks that they are.

    • I see that they have graphic designer in there.

    • Conspicuously absent from the list of “trend-setting careers”:
      DJ, Videographer, Rooftop Farmer, Artisanal Butt-Chocolate Maker and Permanent Unpaid Intern.

    • The article is pretty much an ad for those con jobs known as for-profit schools. And if you’re dumb enough to take the advice of this vapid bint, then you can always join the OWS twits when you’re hip deep in debt and have a worthless degree.

      I work with dogs. My job isn’t hip. It’s not edgy, I don’t get to express my creative side, and I’m definitely not setting any trends. But it pays the bills, and I take pride in getting better at what I do.

    • Software developer? Have fun with that. That involves lots of school, lots of math and lots of work. Long hours of work. It pays well, but this is not something one does on a whim. Also, you need to have a measure of natural talent. List is bullshit. It implies you could be a intern for a few months and then make 6 figures. Good luck with that

      • Yup. She forgot to include “brain surgeon” – get that degree online.

      • Hipster Software Developer = PHP for Dummies on the desk + nerf guns and Star Trek figures while the real coding gets ironically outsourced to Bangalore.

      • I was thinking the same thing about software developers, but then I remembered that “software developers” now includes people who made a whack-a-mole mobile game using the android open source tutorial…

  7. I’m reading that the 18th Avenue Feast (as in the first video) is likely no more. What a shame — but not really a surprise considering that 18th Avenue is no longer mainly surrounded by Italians.

  8. Ah. That Obama on rally video was from ’08. I’m out of town right now and I thought I’d missed another Occupy riot or something.

    • Berlin (weird experimental super 8 stuff from 1980)

      Not Berlin (this is the event this video advertises)

      • The first vid is definitely “out there” and I’m pretty sure the people behind it were also a bit “out there”. I laugh at how hipsters try so desperately (and FAIL) to capture the SURFACE aspect of NDW, “no wave” and other experimental post-punk scenes. I guess if I were a bland as wonderbread and generic mayonnaise, I’d be swaggerjacking “Dieters” and art-fags too.

      • Second video = POSERS. Not just posers, but OBVIOUS posers.

      • This video should be shown to anyone who argues that hipsterism isn’t a real phenomeno/ is just a blanket term for hatred of white artists.

      • Now I see how they came up with “Sprockets” during SNL.

        • That’s exactly what I was thinking. I can imagine Dieter doing his litte dance. LOL!

    • Congratulations. Bedford-Stuyvesant is now represented in the culinary field by a rejected costume concept for Doctor Who.

  9. The second video, with the mob in Williamsburg, made me nauseous. It is very disturbing. At first I thought they were chanting “We love Hitler”.

    This hipster issue is very much like a Twilight Zone episode. Their behavior is a deadly poisonous for society and a brighter light needs to be shined onto the problem.

  10. All I have to say is that this the invasion of the pod people. That is what I call them now. They all look the same, act the same, and think the same. Yet they want people to see them as individuals. It’s sad really

  11. i hate cops but i also hate orange people oogling little girls dancing to boring pop music. double fail on this one.

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