Self-entitlement at its finest.

Why do hipsters and yups show up to places and events when they must already know they’re going to be out of place; and I don’t just mean moving to places like Brooklyn or Queens from the suburbs of the Midwest. Check out this photo and email from a guy who was at a Mets game a couple of weeks ago. Looks like Chadwick and Zoey Nasalyup were scared to have their skin turn a shade darker: from marshmallow white to eggshell white. I can understand not wanting to get burned but that’s what sunscreen is for and if you really need to – Citifield has uninterrupted views from the circulation and concession areas that are in the shade. I can guarantee you without even being there that the kids were acting more mature than the yups. Here is the email and picture:

 Can you see David Wright? Neither could we nor could the two 9 year olds in front of us. Apparently someone gave these hipsters Mets tickets four rows behind the Padres dugout. This went on for 5 innings. When the two 9 year olds’ father asked them politely to put their umbrella down because they were obstructing his kids’ view their response was “if i get sun cancer I’ll sue you…..”
 The dad then got security to whom they said “bring us a rule book to show us why we can’t have an umbrella up”. And “why can’t the kids move if they can’t see……”
 Finally after 5 innings and after numerous visits from security….they self righteously stormed off 8 rows back into the shade.
 Great site…..keep it up.

99 thoughts on “Self-entitlement at its finest.

  1. Jesus fucking Christ… it from your gentrified apartment you fucks.

  2. Simply mind-boggling. Then again, these days, it’s really not…

    • And I can’t believe it took FIVE INNINGS to rid the section of these assholes.

      • I’ll tell you why nobody beat their asses right away, and I understand why. It’s that they understandably thought that being polite but firm would accomplish anything. These shitheads don’t care about polite but firm, because they believe the universe should revolve around them. Unfortunately, as much as a bit of the old ultraviolence would work, too, all that does is involve the cops. Do you really want that sort of shit when all you really want to do is let your kids watch the game?

        No, and I speak from experience on this, the only easy option is ratfucking. Make their lives so miserable by your enjoying the game that they’ll flounce off in a huff. Big singalongs of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” right behind them work ridiculously well. So does “accidentally” spilling soda or even ice water on them three or four times. The idea is not to do anything that will bring down ballpark security on you, but to convince them that the abuse will continue until either they stop being assholes or they move. Most of the time, they’ll move and move fast, because they’re still paralyzed with fear of that half-hour swirly they got in high school.

        • OH kids play a big part. I’ve had a few run ins where I got in a hipsters face and regretted it afterwards. It frightens the kids and you never know when one is going to go batsh*t like some cat p*ss man who was told William Shatner takes it up the a**. The last thing a child needs to be exposed to is his daddy piledriving some beanpole into a cash register.

          I’m willing to put up with a lot of nonsense when I’m on my own.I pretty much ignore the wusses. But like I mentioned on this blog, when you start to to f**k with my kid well that shifts
          the a** kicking paradigm quite a bit.

          Oh and here’s a cute one. I met a vendor in Philly for coffee. 2:30 PM We had to sit at the counter because a coven of 35 year old Sunny D types (in scarves…in 90 degree heat)
          were playing…..


          • You’ve gotta be s******g me! 35 year olds playing Candyland? Never mind what time of day! And I have been unemployed and looking for work and would gladly take whatever job these mental giants refuse, so they can play their preschool board games. I just had to pawn everything of value I own and hope I will have a job soon and be able to get it out of hock. Freaking Hell!!!!

          • Hey, I played Candyland when I was 38…..although it *was* with my friend’ 3-year-old son….

        • Unfortunately you’re right. Self righteous assholes like these who are self absorbed and oblivious to courtesy towards others. But God forbid you infringe on them in any way! The only way to deal with them is to take their heads to the batting box and let the batter swing! I have a theory. People like this, didn’t get the ass kicking they were supposed to get in JR. High. That ass kicking is supposed to straighten you out for adult hood, but in Michewiscota it doesn’t happen!

    • “If I get skin cancer, I’ll sue you.”

      Bitch, keep acting like that and you ain’t gonna live long enough to get skin cancer.

      • Now, here’s where a bit of applied critical thinking kicks in. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that Josh and Meghan actually do need that parasol. (I’m albino, so I can sympathize. A tiny bit. However, the first thing I would have done was look for a spot in the shade so it wouldn’t be an issue.) A rational person would think “Hey, I’m screwing up somebody else’s enjoyment” upon hearing about the two kids not being able to see, and come up with solutions. The first one being “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize. Want to switch seats so you can see better and we keep the shade up?” That’s exactly what I’ve done in the past in similar circumstances, and working out a deal so everybody wins is what being a member of a civilization is all about. It always seems to be too much for the entitlement brats, though, doesn’t it?

        • I thought all that was a given. The problem wasn’t that they needed to be in the shade, but that they chose not to be in the shade, and didn’t give a flying fuck about the people whose views they were blocking.

          I’m saying, that attitude is more hazardous to their long-term health than their sensitivity to the sun.

    • Umbrellas of all shapes and sizes are permitted in Citi Field as long as they do not interfere with a fan’s enjoyment of the game. I googled this. There’s the answer, which is stupid! Of course it’s going to interfere with the enjoyment of the game!!! “Excuse me, your umbrella is interfering with my enjoyment of the game.” I wish it had something like Rule 34, subsection 6 paragraph 25. Idiots.
      I woulda got thown out.

  3. Nice job yups…try that in Yankee Stadium and see what happens. Guaranteed they are from “Sandy Eggo.”

    • Absofuckinglutely!!!!! Try it, go ahead, send me the pics of their remains when that happens! Lol!

  4. That’s not an umbrella. That’s a FUCKING PARASOL.

    Why anyone didn’t give those two self-entitled snot-nosed fucks a beat down is beyond me.

    • I’ve got your solution right here:

    • These are the same types who browbeat my nine year old at a Philly cafe’ because he was sitting at a window table while I got our order. My kid stood his ground but was clearly frightened. When I returned he got in my face. I suggested we go outside. he ran out the back and coward that he was he left his Meghan there.

      • Philly hipsters are out of control! I hate them! I hate them! Kill ‘em all!

      • Wait, why the hell were they browbeating your kid? Because he was sitting at a window table they wanted? Sounds like they got bullied too much in high school and are now taking it out on a child. Hope they never have kids.

    • Is this a ballgame or a production of “My Fair Lady”?

    • Most stadiums and outdoor concert venues have “no umbrellas” rules just for people like this. How much you wanna bet that if someone did show them a rule that said “umbrellas are not allowed in the stands at Citifield” that they would have replied, “well this is not an umbrella, it’s a parasol” and make that pretentious retarded Matt Gross face??

  5. Definition of Euro trash courtesy of urbadictionary.

    A human sub-phylum characterized by its apparent affluence, worldliness, social affectation and addiction to fashion. Males are characterized by a semi-slovenly appearance (including half-shaven faces), greasy hair, rib-hugging shirts, tight jeans and loafers worn without socks. Women are easily distinguished by anorexia, over-bleached hair, gaudy jewelry, plastic surgery (particularly breast-enlargement) and their attachment to the male species. Both sexes greet each other with “air kisses,” immediately speak of their last trip (often Paris, Rome, Majorca), spend hours at “see-and-be-seen” restaurants and exhibit a world-weariness and pained sense of irony.

    Hipsters = wannabee Eurotrash

  6. These stupid fuckers don’t even have the decency for a couple of kids. These were a couple of fucking indigo brats…if i get cancer, I’ll sue you…I hope these fucking self entitled pieces of crap DO get cancer, that way they can try a sustainable renewable cure which won’t work and then they’ll leave the earth two dirtbags poorer. And then the two kids can go piss on his grave for being a douchebag to them.

    But you’re right…they do need to have the ever loving shit beat out of them. How else to teach these assholes a lesson?

    • I would like to have seen them pull this stunt at a Yankees game….

    • “If I get cancer, I’ll sue you.”
      boy, I have a bit of a temper but if I heard them say that to my kids I’d throw them over the railing from the upper deck.

      This is what we get when we teach kids they are entitled, no matter what their situation. They think they have the right to inconvenience others to accommodate them. They are the people who demand a restaurant go gluten free because THEY can’t eat there. They demand bars and restaurants accommodate their crotch fruit running around unsupervised. They are the ones causing congestion by demanding bike lanes which they refuse to use.

      Hard lesson I learned when I was a kid, but a valuable one- no one gives a fcuk about you. You’re not special and you’re not getting any accommodations. Save that for people with REAL disabilities.

    • And just wait until the over coddled, every shit they take is a little miracle, the world revolves around little Zachary, bubble wrapped little Babyccino sipping Park Slope toddlers grow up – what a fucking nightmare they are going to be. They are going to be impossible not to punch, and they will have a lawsuit in your hands before you get back inside your apartment.

    • How to teach them a lesson?

      You take the parasol from them, mangle it into a ball and throw them a 20 as compensation.

  7. I was watching “The Soup” last night. They broadcast a segment with Brian Williams where he rips apart hipsters the new phone commercial with Zooey “Doughy” Deschanel. This guy really hates hipsters. You could hear it in his voice.

  8. Dallas is full of shitheads like that. If they’re inconveniencing anybody else with a Look At Meeeeeee stunt like that, then everyone else is supposed to live with it. However, if it were THEIR kids who couldn’t see, then they throw temper tantrums and hissy fits until they get what they want.

    By way of example, years back, I was a film critic. I apologize in advance. Contrary to popular opinion, most critics’ preview screenings aren’t held in some exclusive screening room. They’re held in standard movie theaters reserved for just that purpose. The studio publicists reserve two to four rows for “the press”, and the rest of the theater is filled by giving out preview passes to the general public. You know the old radio station deal of the tenth caller getting two passes to see the latest piece of shit that disappears a week later? That’s the deal.

    One of the dirty little secrets in the movie publicity business is that when it comes to those passes, the studios usually give out a lot more of them than they have available seats. Most of the time, it’s not that big a deal, because passing out four times as many passes as seats usually means that the theater is half-full when the projector starts. With highly-anticipated films, though, it can get ugly. You get lots and lots of “Do you know who I am?” screaming when some yup shows up at the absolute last minute and discovers that the last seat was filled an hour earlier. This also happens with the assembled critics (one of Dallas’s most notorious critic stories was with the TV critic who arrived a half-hour late to the screening of “Blue Velvet”, and she blew a gasket when the theater manager wasn’t willing to rewind the film and start it over just for her), so everyone is warned “Arrive early”. About fifteen minutes before showtime, the publicists figure that any critics that haven’t arrived aren’t going to arrive, and open up the press section to anybody still waiting for a seat.

    I’ve been to some horrible screenings of some horrible movies, but I’d have to say that the absolute low point of my life as a critic was at the Dallas preview screening of “Inspector Gadget” in 1999. It’s not just because that film was a horrible pile of garbage, and the studio executives who thought this was a good idea should have been hung by their toes and used as Viking pinatas. The crowd consisted of a fifty/fifty split of late twentysomething Like Yahs who wouldn’t shut up about how much they LOOOOOOOOOOVED the cartoon when they were kids, and yuppies from Plano and Richardson who wanted to take their kids to see it. And when I say “take their kids to see it”, I really mean “ignore the little notice on the preview pass that reads ‘Admit Two’, open up the back of the SUV, and drag out all of their kids’ playdate friends, too.” The manager was too much of a coward to tell all of this entitlement scum that the rules are there for a reason, and he let in everybody for the publicists to deal with.

    Never in my life have I had as much sympathy for the poor publicist interns as I had that night. You had the proto-hipsters reserving five and six seats for friends who may or may not have ever shown up, and honking like geese at anybody who dared try to get near those seats. There was the Josh who found his seat, decided to leave it so he could get his popcorn, and cried like a little girl when someone took his space while he was gone. Since the yups came out with six and eight kids at a time, they all insisted that they and their kids all had to sit together, and about ten minutes after the doors opened for seating, that was nearly impossible. The critic section was roped off and manned by these poor interns, so Brock and Tiffany kept coming up and demanding that the interns let them and all 243 of their little crotchdroppings sit there because, and I quote, “You can’t expect kids and parents to sit separately, can you?” One yup bitch even decided that she didn’t care what the rules were, and started climbing over seat backs to get her and her kids a prime space. When I stood up for the intern and told this crazy woman that the available seats would be open in about another ten minutes, she nearly went postal, because how DARE nobody think of the children and how they were going to have to deal with being told “NO” for the first time in their lives. I won’t even go into the entitlement issues at the concession stand.

    Oh, and it got even better after the movie started. You get used to the dolts who think they’re back at home in front of the television, and the ones who have to let EVERYONE know what they’re thinking at any given moment. This was before cell phones became omnipresent, so you didn’t have any free-range Soylent Green texting or telling their friends ALL about the experience they were having. That said, one of the best things about no longer being a film critic is that I no longer have to listen to a herd of bottom-of-the-class Film Theory majors in a kid’s movie, braying at 130 decibels about how they’d do it all better if someone would just give them a million-dollar director’s fee. Oh, and trust them with a few million dollars more to make the movie. Oh, and assume that they could direct traffic, much less a feature-length motion picture.

    • i’ve noticed a growing trend of hipsters and yupsters taking infants in baby carriers and small kids to r-rated movies. The one succubus actually started breastfeeding while her beanpole
      sp*rm donor played with his i-phone. Meanwhile their other offspring are screaming their heads off, screened sh*tless by the on screen violence.

      One coupel was so bad a handful of us actually called the manager. When the woman got in her face about “rights”, she called the cops and offered to call child services.

      I boggles the mind. They spend cash to enjoy a movie. meanwhile their enjoyment is severely reduced by hordes of p*ssed off moviegoers. get a babysitter.

      My sister is no better. She drives two hours to drop her kids off for 3 days because of work. And my mother (if you’ve ever grown up in an Italian family you’d know that the daughters get spoiled and the men get squat) explains it away stating that they cannot afford to pay 150 dollars a day for a babysitter.

      Meanwhile they take 3 f*8cking vacationsd a year to Mexica, Costa Rico, etc.

      • If they can afford a movie, they can afford a babysitter. It’s that simple.

        It’s like the douche hipsters who try to bum smokes off me. If you can afford tattoos, you can afford tobacco.

      • They don’t spend cash to enjoy a movie. They go to the movies precisely to have the effect that they have on the other moviegoers : to “shock” with public breastfeeding(disgusting and trashy no matter how natural), to trample on others’ enjoyment by letting the demon spawn scream , to play with a phone instead of watching the movie and to have an opportunity to bitch and moan about thier nonexistent rights. In one word : “SCUMBAGS”.

        • Re : “rights” : Even Thomas Jefferson would have tarred and feathered these characters but they deserve to be hanged, drawn and quartered.

        • While I don’t think there’s anything “disgusting or trashy” about breastfeeding, I do agree that those types tend to do it for the attention, and the admiration of the like minded. They act like they are so special that being discreet is an abomination. I mean, really, they make nursing shirts that cover everything nowadays. you don’t have to be nude and rude to feed your baby!

          Plus, they go BF places that are inappropriate, then when asked to go elsewhere (like a dressing room, instead of blocking an aisle) they scream for other her moms to protest said place by all showing up and BF at the same time. Sigh. (“nurse ins, the stage for hipsters, dirty hippies, and fake feminists).

          Oh, and even though they freak if you dare complain about their actions, they have no problem at all being rude and cursing moms who use a bottle! They will lk right up to a mom feeding a baby a bottle and tell them how it’s poison, etc. No manners at all.

          • Not breast feeding… PUBLIC breastfeeding. It’s not about the baby. It’s about the mother’s need for attention.

      • The Alamo Drafthouse theater in Austin has a standing policy: no babies, no phones and no texting. If you get caught playing with your phone during a movie, you WILL be thrown out with no refund and no replacement ticket. The policy is stated both in print all over the place and in PSAs that run before the movie (including one that involved former Texas Governor Ann Richards throwing out a douchebag who wouldn’t get off his phone), but it doesn’t stop others from figuring that they’re special enough that the rules don’t apply. A couple of years, they transcribed one drunken phone call, probably from a UT sorority brat who couldn’t stop texting, and turned it into another PSA. That one went viral, mostly because she went from rationalizing why she was texting to screaming that it was her RIGHT as an American to text in a theater whenever she wanted. Oh, and the grapes were sour, too.

        About two months back, we got word out here that Alamo Drafthouse is expanding to other cities, including one just outside of Dallas. It’ll be a 15-minute drive from my house. I now have a good reason to see movies again, because the owners of the theater chains already in town are so terrified of telling the pwecious snowflakes to behave themselves that they’d rather lose everyone else’s business. Hell, during the summer, I’ll probably live there, because the asshole factor has gotten so bad in Dallas theaters that I’d rather catheterize myself with a bowling trophy than pay $15 per ticket to see a first-run movie in this town.

      • I haven’t been to a cinema since the Good Lord created bittorrent and I haven’t hung out in a bar chasing drunken women since the Good Lord created Internet porn. Thank God for the Internet.

        Personally, I don’t know when was the last time I sat in a cinema full of screaming kids. It must have been before 2002 when I saw Finding Nemo and swore never to go to a cinema again. First of all, the picture quality was worse than it ever was before (and this was in the Union Square cinema in NYC). I later found out they had switched to a video projector (no more film) and that the film was downloaded from Hollywood. Fuck that shit. Second of all, all the commercials were for stuff on TV like Dora the Explorer WTF?

        I remember as a kid when going to the cinema was a big day out, when the lady went round with the tray selling candies and you got movie trailers and special commercials which were not shown on TV. It was a real magical experience, one of my best memories of childhood. Now, there’s nothing I can’t experience at home on my big screen TV. Now there’s no more magic, no more originality and no more reason to be there. Even the films are crap (where’s today’s Star Wars?). Last I heard there’s only 2 kinds of movies today: adult films = places for teenagers to make out away from their parents and kids films = the babysitter.

    • ROFLMAO X 100!!!

  9. It’s people like this who make me want to live in another country. Who the fuck do they think they are? Stop living in a vacuum you asshats!

    • Exactly! These people are so prissy, it’s sickening. Get over yourselves! I little bit of sunshine is actually HEALTHY! It contains real vitamin D, but you prefer to drink Sunny D and stay inside. Matter of fact, the public service announcements regarding skin cancer and everything else have manipulated peoples’ minds and scared the crap out of people to where they are petrified to even enjoy their lives and in turn they make life a little sucky for the rest of us. I could say more, but I just wanna tell them to quit whining, shut up and go back home! We are sick of hearing it.

      • “We,” as in the rest of the nation. No, I don’t live in NYC (but I love it!); doesn’t matter because at this point, the entire nation is being saturated with these yupster/hipster prisspots who self-righteously feel rhey have to point out everybody else’s wrongdoings, tell them how they think they should live and never accept any wrongdoing on their part. Insufferable hypocrites.

  10. This ain’t soccer, bee-yotches! Stay away from my Mets!


      Russia vs Poland a few days ago:

      Heysel Stadium, Belgium 1985 – a classic:

      Anyone here sporting a pink umbrella with dainty frills would be DEAD IN MINUTES!!!

  11. after asking politely twice…i would have snatched that fucking thing out of their hands and broken it into 5 pieces

    • And that doesn’t mention what I would have done with their umbrella!

      • What man would be OK with sitting under a dainty pink parasol with a dainty ruffled edge at a ball game anyway? Not a man with a drop of testosterone that’s for sure.

        After asking politely(which obviously didn’t work for those self-entitled fucks), I’d give them a few warning shots. Like Oops, oh clumsy me, I spilt my super-sized high fructose non organic corporate conglomerate soda all over your umbrella, good thing you had it or it would be all over you. It was an “accident”, I’m so sorry. If they still haven’t marched off in a self-righteous huff, have another clumsy “accident” with more soda or even better, mustard packets. Mustard and ketchup will permanently stain that kutesy pink umbrella and be a reminder that they were acting like assholes and if they continue to do so, they will get more of the same. If that hasn’t gotten rid of them, then you have no choice but to smash that stupid thing into the ground!

        • Yeah, that was my thought too. The concession stand offers a bunch of nifty disincentives to jackassery. If you can get it, chocolate syrup works wonders. It clings beautifully, attracts wasps forever, and will never completely wash out. It’s also a dandy lubricant if you decide to put that circus tent where the sun doesn’t shine in Caleb.

          • “accidentally” squirting at the parasol with ketchup/mustard/relish condiment packs work good too. The SPLAT sounds just like Canadian Geese pooping. if you are lucky, you might miss the parasol and get them in the neck.

            When they turn around to bitch, apologize profusely in the high pitched Elmo voice “oooh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”

  12. Enraging. I’d love to see Mary Poppins try to get away with that in the Yankee Stadium bleachers.

    • At least the original Mary Poppins was easy on the eyes. I’d let a young Julie Andrews stick around if she showed a little leg.

  13. I would have beaten their fucking asses right in front of the entire stadium.

    • I’m thinking a barrel of fun if they pulled that in front of some hood rats at a Nats or an Os game. The “crack” you hear wouldn’t be from a bat hitting a ball.

  14. Citifield has so many places to go to that it looks like its empty when its not. There’s clubs and all kinds of areas to go to. i’ve mentioned before that I think they got the better stadium. They’re also a lot more laid back in terms of security than Yankee stadium. These douche bags wouldn’t have lasted through warm ups and batting practice in the Bronx. They would have been ejected or beaten.

  15. Thank GOD that wasn’t me with my kid. I’d lose it for sure. I would get thrown out myself after putting those arrogant bastards in the hospital or worse. Jesus these people suck ass.

  16. These motherfuckers think the entire world should adapt to them.


  17. “Like yah, make the kids move instead, like yah.”

  18. Don’t they realize that this isn’t kickball? I’d love to run into these two at a ballgame. My buddys and I would have the whole section ripping them a new one before the first pitch.

  19. Seriously, what are these assclowns doing at a baseball game? Ten bucks says they don’t even know what baseball is. I noticed this too at a game in April and again about a month ago. Is there some sort of hipster creed that reads “Like yah, if the subway goes there we need to inhabit it?” Those seats are extremely expensive and I really doubt these idiots cared anything about baseball. Just one more thing IF YOU DON’T WANT TO GET SUN CANCER (and they should be smacked just for that one.) WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT IN AN OPEN STADIUM? Too bad the father can’t sue these fools for stupidity.

    • Actually, they are there to research on how racist, patriarchal, capitalist, unsmart, competitive sports are and how racist, unhealthy, unsmart and neanderthal like the typical fans are to write for their blog. One game = subject matter expert

      • Damn, you called it. Between that and being able to act like assholes in public, you now know why hipsters brag about how Portland has a downtown baseball park.

        • It doesn’t any more – they converted the Beavers’ stadium into the Portland Timbers soccer stadium, and it draws thousands of drunken, obscene-chanting hipsters each game. One killed a pedestrian a couple months ago in a drunk-driving incident.

          That’s why I go to Winterhawks junior hockey games – the team is good (lost in the WHL finals this year in 7 games), and I may have seen 10 hipsters in the crowd in the 12 or so games I saw this year.

      • Never thought about that. Coming soon: foodstamp type article describing artistic couple’s nightmarish experience at baseball game while monkey-savages kept trying to steal sun cancer protection.

        Plus whinings about the lack of cruelty free hummus and argula flavored hot-dogs, free-range cantaloupe juice or Mast Bros chocolate.

  20. ANGER AND RAGE PUMP THROUGH MY BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Bad form all around- What kind of a baseball fan puts up an f-in umbrella at a game ?

  22. There was actually a man sitting under that thing?

    Dear gawd…did he have a handlebar muffstash too? Even in the 1800′s men didn’t ‘share’ the parasol!

    • Forgot to add that that if they got their first, which they probably did as they have all the time in the world to lollygag around and stick their noses in the fucking air, they would probably pull that kind of baby reasoning on any complaining kids and/or parents…

      Hipsters are so desperate to be seen as ‘the first’ who arrived or experienced a thing so they can feel that resonating sense of self-satisfaction and superiority they get when they see others standing in line or waiting for or talking about whatever it is.

      The last hipster, and this was a while ago, that had the dumb sense to lay that logic on me was eating through a straw for several weeks thanks to my five right friends. He’d overheard me talking to someone – he was TOTALLY unassociated to us in any way – about an event and he turned and tossed one of those condescending tone intrusions of,”Like yah, I totally went to that. I didn’t think much of it.”

      Oh, okay Sport. Thanks for letting us know what losers you think we are. Pardon me while I smash your mouth. Meh, it was reflex, what can I say?

      Hey you little fuck, now you can go brag about being the first to that experience once your jaw’s moving without pain again.

      • It brings a tear to my eye when I read a hipster beating. You could have at least given him chance to brag and snark a bit more though to make the hit that much more satisfying.

  23. If I were security, I would have picked them up by their scrawn y necks and dragged them away. There is a rule at both Citifield and Yankee Stadium about wearing hats and blocking the view of those behind you. Someone needed to beat them with baseball bats.

  24. PPPs-Parasol Preening Putzes!

  25. Gods!!! What a couple of cunts. Just another shining example of why NOBODY should grow up without ever having toted a hardcore ass-whoopin.

  26. Hahaha! Umbrella or nothing

  27. that fucking cunt bitch, should of grabbed her umbrella and turned it into a fucking homeboy be cool stick

  28. These hipsters wouldn’t last two minutes in a European football sadium.

    I’d like to see their tweedy, stick insect selves try and act high and mighty in a crowd of bloodthirsty Ultras.

    • Yes the Euro soccer crowds can get real nasty real fast.Tad and Bree would have their umbrellas shoved up their asses and signal flares shoved in their mouths!

  29. Hipsters: Proving the axiom the “Hell is other people.” each and every moment of the day.

  30. Sun cancer. LOL.

    Go fuck yourselves, hipster fucks.

  31. This happened in Yankee Stadium in the upper deck. The couple under the umbrella got pelted with every cup,wrapper,half eaten hot dog,pretzel and the kitchen sink until they put the umbrella down. Problem solved Bronx Style.

    …and did I mention it was raining

  32. I went to a baseball game that was played on a tennis court and I was the only one there. So exclusive.

    God I fucking hate hipsters.

  33. Self entitled arseholes.

  34. On behalf of the entire Midwest: I apologize for assholes this this. They were assholes before they left here, we’re glad they’re gone, but it fucking sucks that they went and fucked up so much of Brooklyn. Maybe next time we’ll just send Zach and Megan to …. I don’t know, no place deserves these fucks.

  35. Carroll gardens is full of these self righteous ass hats…blowing through red lights with no regard for anyone on their thrift store ten speeds

    They embody all the worst elements of white people

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