Why do hipsters and yups show up to places and events when they must already know they’re going to be out of place; and I don’t just mean moving to places like Brooklyn or Queens from the suburbs of the Midwest. Check out this photo and email from a guy who was at a Mets game a couple of weeks ago. Looks like Chadwick and Zoey Nasalyup were scared to have their skin turn a shade darker: from marshmallow white to eggshell white. I can understand not wanting to get burned but that’s what sunscreen is for and if you really need to – Citifield has uninterrupted views from the circulation and concession areas that are in the shade. I can guarantee you without even being there that the kids were acting more mature than the yups. Here is the email and picture:

 Can you see David Wright? Neither could we nor could the two 9 year olds in front of us. Apparently someone gave these hipsters Mets tickets four rows behind the Padres dugout. This went on for 5 innings. When the two 9 year olds’ father asked them politely to put their umbrella down because they were obstructing his kids’ view their response was “if i get sun cancer I’ll sue you…..”
 The dad then got security to whom they said “bring us a rule book to show us why we can’t have an umbrella up”. And “why can’t the kids move if they can’t see……”
 Finally after 5 innings and after numerous visits from security….they self righteously stormed off 8 rows back into the shade.
 Great site…..keep it up.