Caught!: The Effeminate Skinny Jean Purchase.

Somebody snapped this picture and sent it in. It’s an adult male caught in the act of buying his women’s jeans. What a disgrace. Three hipster accessories/clothing items I simply can’t figure out are the skinny jeans, the wool ski hats, and the scarfs – all worn mainly in the warmer months of the year. How fucking retarded and/or starved for attention can you be? Notice the hipster bike in the background, the thick framed glasses and the massive headphones around the neck as he nasally shrieks into his phone. I hate these people.

93 thoughts on “Caught!: The Effeminate Skinny Jean Purchase.

  1. I think we should start a service that offers the ultimate skinny jeans experience. Dunk a hipster
    waist deep in a vat of that platic used to coat the handles of tools.

    Or make Shrinky DInk skinny jeans. Put ‘em on and grab a heat gun.

    A real man would never do this. It’s like me waking into the local watering hole and ordering a Shirely Temple

    • “Dunk a hipster waist deep in a vat of that plastic used to coat the handles of tools.” Even better, hot tar. Feathers optional. This was how people routinely did “public service” for undesirables in the Olde Brooklynne of the 1800s.

  2. Looks like he’s viewing this page:

    Doesn’t look super tight on the guy on the site, though; real tight-ass hipster jeans are tight in the thighs, calves, and butt, and these aren’t, really. I remember seeing a “girlfriend” jean on there before, those just looked awful.

    I’m not sure this dude’s really a hipster though, I mean he has a reasonable haircut and isn’t even using a Mac! Those might be ironic glasses, though, and perhaps he’s hiding a mustache. Maybe he’s just getting started.

    • You’ll give them ideas Pat lol

      I’ll guess at their reasons…
      tight jeans…pant leg doesn’t get caught in their fixie bike chains
      wool hat in summer…to cover their greasy, weed smelling hair
      scarf….to decrease the appearance of their pencil thin necks or possibly hide the hickies they got while being a tourist in some leather gay bar

      anyone else wanna guess?

    • Haha. He’s a hipster-in-training. Every time he opens up his Dell Latitude, he dreams of a Mac.

      • Seems to me that if ‘authentic’ is what they actually wanted in anything they wear, they’d try to get a hold of the style of the first pair of Levi’s jeans ever made. Which means they’d have to look more like these..

        skinny jeans for them is about NYC ‘gritty’ during the punk era i’d bet…

    • I took the pic. He’s definitely a hipster.
      Legs like Olive Oyl.

    • They make Levis in something other than 501s?

  3. “Skinny jeans” have to be just about the ugliest piece of clothing ever invented and I grew up in the 70′s so I know ugly clothing.

    They don’t even look good on women who have the right figure so why the fuck would any “man” even try it?

    • The last one sounds like it’s from a praying mantis (Hands down the best jeans I could find given my build. (6’3″ W 32 L 34)).

  4. Oh, and that guy in the photo is a total hipster douche. He’s goin’ for the “I could walk 500 miles” look from 1989. It is as if he wants a skateboard to his cranium.

  5. What a pusssss

  6. Found this car in park Slope,its the vegebenz

    • I want to smack him upside the head. Can I? Huh? Can I?

    • Both the Daily News and the NY Post had Hipster hating stories yesterday. The NY Post described that chick who ran the car through the house in Long Island as a Brooklyn hipster. And then I saw this tilapia spawning freak in the Daily News. Guess they’re finally getting that attention they so desperately crave. Maybe they’ll finally go somewhere else because Brooklyn is becoming too mainstream.. Haha. .

      • I’m waiting for someone to call the Seattle spree killer a hipster –

        the gunman walked into the cafe and began shooting people at about 11 a.m. He was described as a white man, 30-40 years old, 6-feet-1, with a thin build. He has light brown curly hair, a goatee or beard and was wearing a white and brown plaid shirt and dark pants.

        Re the plaid shirt – it was sunny and in the 60s-low 70s today in the NW.

        • I’ve been waiting ages now for the hipster Charlie Manson to show up, set up a commune somewhere and get his Meghans and Mollies to go on a murder rampage.

          Nah, guess it doesn’t work that way anymore. Meghan and Mollie are too busy texting each other and there’s an app for murdering people.

          • I saw his picture from the surveillance footage. There is no doubt about what he is. Complete with beard long hair and costume.

          • This was the big story on the local news. They were showing a memorial in front of the coffee shop. A lot of flowers, notes, pictures, and many cans of PBR.

            According to the survivors and cops, one person whipped a stool at the worthless fuck so others could get out, and two other people ran to give a victim CPR while he was still shooting. No hipster would do something like that, they’d be too busy filming it on their new iPhone.

      • I hope you’re right. HuffPo has an article about Eau Claire, WI, becoming a new indie music mecca. It also said that musicians are staying in their own locales rather than migrating to Brooklyn, Portland and Austin. Good. I can see it now : “Williamsburg – Death by Atrophy”.

        • The problem right there is the word “musicians”. Real musicians, along with real writers and artists, now understand that they don’t need to move to a huge city to sell their work. In fact, between lower rents and fewer distractions, they can do better if they come to New York or Los Angeles only when they’re selling. Unfortunately, that advice doesn’t go over well with the try-hards, because it’s not about the actual creation for them. It’s all about being able to cry “Look at MEEEEEEEE!” in front of big crowds, and they won’t get that back in Dogfelcher Falls.

          • I said the exact same thing back in the 80s when I used to go down to SoHo on a Sunday afternoon to watch the “art fags” do their thing. Whenever I saw them sitting in outdoor cafes, drinking champagne in the afternoon and doing their “Look at Me” act, I realized that if I was doing any kind of art, I would move to the sticks, live for one tenth of the rent and only appear in Manhattan when I had something to show off.

            I used to think they were pretty pretentious back then but they were a million times more interesting than today’s hipsters. The main difference is their numbers were much smaller and they only lived in Lower Manhattan. Plus, every once in a while, they would actually do something interesting.

          • The problem is that so many of them think the older indy or underground bands started out with no talent, which is wrong.

            For example, a lot of people hear The Dead Kennedy’s and think all their songs are easy to play. They’re not.

            Or they believe Cobain had just started playing guitar when Nevermind broke. Wrong again.

            Same with Lou Reed. But they use these types of icons to justify abusing people with their Garageband recordings, and they don’t tolerate critique well. They can always dismiss critique, even from more accomplished musicians, by saying,”They just don’t get it…” or tossing the generational card on the table.

            The vast majority of made music is dross. It’s total crap. And that’s *with* big budgets, great studios, experienced audio engineers, professional musicians, and decent lyrics. But they pick up a pawn shop guitar, or one gifted to them by the ‘rents’, learn two chords and cite The Ramones as proof that musicianship is just an over-rated quality for musical artists LOL

  7. I love this website someone finally has the balls to call these folks out. tight jeans epic FAIL. hell just kick these @sshats in the nuts

    • I’m all for not wasting food, but as in you know, not throwing out food that’s good/ overbuying groceries that go bad. Most “freegans” I’ve seen are Trust Fund dumpster divers who at best are stealing food from real homeless people, and at worst are potentially exposing themselves to food poisoning and parasites.

      Bottom line: Go spam your bullshit somewhere else…

      • My bad Lisa. I didn’t fully read your post before clicking on the link. Carry on, fellow hipster hater…

      • I hear ya. They’re competing with rats and roaches; not the best playmates.

        Back when dinosaurs walked the earth and I worked in A&P produce, we used to collect and put out “trash” for homeless people. They’d swing by on a schedule; we’d make sure to put out the “trash” shortly before. These damn freeloaders are taking food from the truly hungry. They should choke on it.

      • I know a guy that comes from a very well off family whose name is Jeremy, ect. All I can say I think I am going to film him and post it here. You can go down the checklist with this cat.

    • Nope, they’re serious. They also look unwashed.

    • Phone won’t play vid. Just read wikipedia entry on freegans. Some will go as far as to steal or pull an employee scam, all for a political statement. I’ll comment more after I see the vid.

      • a quote from this entry:

        “As part of the anti-consumerist lifestyle, many freegans practice what is known as collecting and composting human faeces to be used as manure, referred to as “humanure.” The underlying purpose in this practice is to conserve resources such as electricity and water while furthering an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Rather than setting up plumbing, sewage, and water systems in bathrooms, humanure toilet proponents use simple materials (a few plywood boards, a couple of hinges and screws, and organic material such as sawdust) to create toilet look-alikes that function with much less energy consumption. Humanure composting requires three basic components – a toilet receptacle, organic cover material, and an outdoor composting bin.”

        So let me ask what you fine folks plan to do if the hipsters start setting up sawdust toilets and composting their sustainable turds under your bedroom window in Brooklyn? I hope that will be time for some long rides and cement boots just like the old days. I really do.

      • Ok, I’ve seen the vid and have time to post now. Society does waste food. My sister used to work in a bakery. There’d be lots of bread and pasteries she’d bring home that would have gone in the trash. (No preservatives.) More than our family could eat sometimes. I’ve seen people at the mall throw out half of what they paid $13 or more for. Such a waste. I’ve volunteered at GLIDE Memorial Church and see the half eaten trays and went into the bins as well as whole bag lunches. (Homeless people in America are wasteful too. Guess because they got it for free to begin with.)
        There are reasons as to why food does get wasted. Liability is a big factor. Some places are scared of getting sued by some bum looking for the fast track to easy money via ambulance chaser. Their fears are most likely valid in this country. My father knew of a pizza place near where he used to work. They’d give pizza for free at the end of the day to the local homeless. They ended up closing down because of that. Word got around on the street that the pizza place gave out free leftover pizza so bums started to line up outside earlier and earlier. Some would harass the customers and drive them away to ensure more free pizza at closing time. Fights would break out between the bums as to who was first in line. Someone tried to be a little generous and see what happens.
        Point is these Freegans need a better idea on how human society and nature works if they want to change it. There are reasons why places choose to throw food out instead of giving it away at the end of the day. The blame isn’t always on some abstract corporate fat cat plotting to end the human race. If these kids want to end waste, I suggest hitting the science books and learning to make protein resequencers like in “Star Trek”.

    • Sadly, it’s not a parody. I’ve had dealings with some of them, and they combine the humorlessness of the worst sort of “Star Trek” fanatic with a holier-than-thou attitude. I honestly don’t know what’s worse with them: the fact that most are rich enough that they can play at being this poor, or the fact that they all talk about returning the world to a pre-industrial civilization, even though they can’t play their games without being members of an advanced technological society.

    • I’ve always noticed that save the world activists always assume the entire world thinks like them. They’re so deluded they’re worse than conspiracy theorists. In this case, they think sitting around, stuffing their faces with garbage while wearing piercings, long hair and stretched earlobes is the normal way. They talk social responsibility but I don’t see them feeding anyone else. Just live the lifestyle on daddy’s dime and say they’re non-materialistic, while living in a nice apartment, never working and making themselves completely unemployable. Just like the “kids” from B.I.K.E.

      What’s worse is, they’re taking a real issue, wasted food, and not doing anything serious to change it. There are charities that collect unsold food from restaurants and supermarkets to serve the homeless. I don’t see these shitheads doing anything of the sort. All they’re doing is making fools out of serious activists when the NY Post comes around just like OWS did.

      Once again I’m proven correct: Hipsters = Ayn Rand Objectivists.

      • I remember a few years ago seeing a segment about this on dateline or something. The camera followed them around while they went dumpster diving and then held their dinner party to see who could come up with the most creative whimsical recipes and presentation. Guess which Borough?

      • “…but I don’t see them feeding anyone else.” <—- This!!

        I have dumpster dived but it was a seriously long time ago and definitely not just for my own benefit. My folks went bankrupt, I got a job in a factory at 16,and after work went by the grocer's. They put out perfectly edible food, usually staples, that by law had to come off the shelves. This was before they were being tapped by a rise in social programs.

        Whatever I didn't take home, I left on the back stoop of a mens halfway house. I'd never told them who was showing up with all the free rolls, butter, vegetables etc but I got caught sneaking away from it. When I told them what I was doing they thanked me and asked me where I got it. I told them and they decided to contact the grocery store and start picking it up themselves. Sorry, but to ME that's a true 'win win'. After that, I'd go to an abandoned train station where some winos hung out and give some to them, and then some to a local poor church.

        This dump diving was also done at a time when cops didn't hassle you and you weren't competing with junkies and winos.

        I only mention this because I really do believe that what you aren't going to use, jar, can etc ( keep and eat yourself ) you SHOULD pass on to someone else because you're getting it free anyway.

        Now, as an adult, there is a family owned groc store that has a 'come n get it' day where any stuff that traditionally would've gone in the dumpster can be had by local farmers for feed or people with pets or whomever can use it and haul it away.

        THAT'S sustainability. Not posturing and posing in front of iPhone's as food fashionistas.

    • “freegans?” please… they’re fucking bums

    • Please, for the love of all that is holy in the world DH, post on this and rip these asshats new b-holes.

  8. It’s amazing how you can tell just from the shape of the back of someone’s head that they are an inbred mutant.

    Middle America’s finest!

  9. Dockers is capitalizing on the new hipster wave, albeit in an underhanded way:

  10. This makes me feel sorry for trannies.



  12. Ian Stanwicki, a beardo waste of oxygen, waked into a Seattle Coffeehouse earlier this week and shot and killed at least four persons. When confronted by police he dropped to his knees and blew his brains out.

    At least he won’t be a taxypayer burden….

    • Four unsuspecting people out for coffee lose their lives for a suicidal poser.

      Way, way too high a price to pay just to be one less mental trustafarian.

    • Both.
      “”Just as I was getting close to getting my financial house in order, I was injured at work and became permanently disabled,” Keith says.
      “Six years later, Keith’s only source of income is a $1,200 monthly disability check…
      “…finding work is a struggle…”

      Yeah, especially if you’re on permanent disability. WTF is it with this dope? He REALLY doesn’t get it at all. Anybody have a bag of magic beans to sell?

      • Oh great, Keith is even more self-pitying than ever even though he’s got the ADA and a slew of social resources to help him out.

        Ah, but damn! He’s actually got to learn to LIVE WITHIN HIS MEANS.

        A budget? Perish the thought!

    • Fuck that guy! His own poor decisions are supposedly justified by the following claim:
      “I was lied to about the terms of the private student loan,” Keith says.
      What the hell is that vague “explanation” supposed to mean? I call bullshit. Even if he were lied to, or truly didn’t understand a representative’s explanation, didn’t he read the loan terms in his contract? Who would take on this type of financial burden without fully reading and understanding what they’re getting into?
      I myself took calcualted risks to get an arts degree becasue it’s what I like to do, but when work didn’t pan out as I’d hoped, I owned up to my responsibilities and took stable work in the military for four years. I went to some pretty shitty places but paid off every damn cent of that loan.
      Some guy like this wants to be granted leniency and his debt absolved while he’s admitted to having given up. I just don’t feel any pitty here. Sure, these schools are a scam and student loans can quickly become a dangerous burden, but there are scams everywhere. There are a hundred opportunitites a day to get suckered out of your hard-earned money by others through perfectly legal methods. Use your damn head!

      • An arts degree for a HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS?!!!

        ( pardon my yelling but sometimes these spoiled brats are too hard to tolerate )

        He better have learned to sculpt like Michaelangelo for that kind of money!!

  13. He could have finished his engineering studies , gotten a decent job and then turned to culinary school but decided to ( I LOVE it) follow his bliss., as in “Ignorance is bliss”. What now?
    Mark Zuckerberg can’t afford to bail him out anymore. He’s too far gone to resume engineering school. Maybe a nice cupcake shop on Montague Street so his studies won’t be completely wasted ?

    • It’s good to see his father set a reasonable requirement for cosigning the original student loan.

      • Those schools are a total scam. They game the student loan system, and are essentially designed to put students in a shitload of debt so they can pocket it.

        That said, he was still a dope for skipping out on a field where he could have found decent work and jumping headfirst into an oversaturated field (seriously, how many culinary school graduates are there now?).

        • The same exact thing could be said for the Art Institute and the University of Phoenix. I get angrier at the poor schlubs who stuck it out with the University of Phoenix, because the vast majority of its students are older students who were told by some giggling MBA that the only way they can advance in their company or in their field is with a piece of paper. (It’s happening all over the place, where engineers with a bachelors and 25 years of experience are told “Sorry, but we only consider engineers with a Masters.” When they get a Masters, they’re told “Sorry, but you need a Ph.D.”) It’s only when they get their degree that they’re told (a) the job market for their specialty is worse than the school let on and (b) most employers see “University of Phoenix” on a resume and immediately roundfile it.

          It’s the Art Institute yobs that get me, though. The complaint brought up a little while back about hipster graphic designers only touched on the number of these mutants with Art Institute diplomas. I’ve had to work with Art Institute “graphic designers” on several occasions, and God help you if you need them to pay attention to instructions on what you want. Instead, they’ll just huff and sneer and tell you ALL about how the real reason they went to school was to study computer animation, so “one day I can direct.”

          • I taught myself but have worked with snooty designers who went to $CAD and they can be the laziest. How can you be snooty and lazy at the same time?

          • I went to a trade school – Lincoln Technical to be exact. it was really cheap at the time. I didn’t get a job because A) it was 1982 and the economy was in the sh*tter and B) I did not want to move out of my parent’s place to earn 5 bucks an hour working for Bechtel Power
            6 hours away. So my aunt and uncle encouraged me to move back to Brooklyn, offered me a rent free couch and the rest is history

            The issue with these technical schools is that they thrive because in skills such as welding,paralegal or auto mechanics they train well and keep up to date far more than traditional schools. When the economy is good their placement rates are usually above 90%.

            But I do have issues with them. I took a tour of the local art Institute franchise( for culinary) a few years ago just out of boredom. You have to be an absolute, window licking, grade A imbecile if you can’t do the mental math in a matter of minutes. The instruction sucks or is practically non-existent and all the jobs they offer – from “Graphic design” to culinary pay minimum wage. There’s no upside unless mommy and daddy are footing the bill. if it costs
            18K to go to school for auto mechanics or far less to be a paralegal the money you earn will allow you to pay your loans off in a few years.

            But it’s the culinary schools that get me. I don’t doubt the quality of education at say – the CIA. The CIA costs almost as much as a regular college. They don;’t lie to you about what you’ll earn. But the culinary field is still one f the few career paths left where one can go from
            immigrant dishwasher to executive chef so if you work hard you’ll get there. an executive chef with a BA in business can easliy make 120K working for a hotel or resort chain.

            If I blame anyone in perpetuating the image that cooking is a glamorous, easy job it’s the cooking channels.I once read an article by one of the instructors at the CIA. His problem is – most of the students lack discipline and a work ethic and experience serious butthurt
            when they realize it’s hard f**cking work. According to the article, about 1 in 3 wants to be a TV chef – not understanding that almost every d**chebag with a cooking show usually has a serious resume.

            Finally, this all comes back to my dad. his advice to a couple of kids wanting to burn through their parents retirement to go to cooking school was this: Get a job as a dishwasher in a busy diner. If you can hack it for 6 months you might stand a chance.

            As far as art school goes, the best lampooning of hipsters and artists out there is “Art School Confidential”. I highly recommend watching it.,

          • Cooking is a lot like writing. Every dingleberry who’s ever mixed up a batch of Kraft macaroni and cheese or written a grocery list wants to be a pro one day. Of course, when they discover exactly how much work it is, they discover that they don’t really want to be top-end chefs and novelists. They want all of the perks they assume those professions get, without having to do the work necessary to get it.

          • What perks? Oh, the ones they saw on the Food Network and cooking school. What they really get is 16-hour days, seven days a week, No sick days. No holidays. You don’t work, you don’t get paid. No wonder they wind up in Mcckey D’s Golden Arches Supper Club. Assholes…

          • I hear you. It’s the same deal with writers. That doesn’t stop the never-ceasing flood of idiots blowing this kind of money for journalism school, all on the vague hope that they’ll get some really kewl job with a weekly newspaper or something, like, you know?

          • Don’t forget the burns, the yelling, working in a kitchen (which tends to be hot, duh), and the funnest part – cleaning out grease traps and removing rotten food from the dishwasher trap!

          • The reason they can’t find experienced IT people isn’t about masters or PhDs, it’s because the whole concept of college is completely mismatched to the IT world. Too many irrelevant or academic classes the student is never going to use again (and don’t even get me started on African Studies and Women’s Studies Communism that EVERY student is forced to waste half his/her time with).

            The IT industry needs C++/Java/PHP/Ruby … programmers who can program off the bat and can start yesterday. They don’t care about arcane mathematics or chemistry or biology, they want you to program. They also want you to understand software development and program algorithms as well as network protocols, the TCP/IP stack among other things. Yet no college I know teaches this.

            All the students I know want to get their quota of classes, and take the easiest path possible to get the highest grades and finish as quick as possible. Problem is, they’re useless to employers. Plus the technology changes so quickly. Were iPhones around 5 years ago? Now they’re ubiquitous. It will probably take about 10 years for the colleges to catch up and by then there will be something else.

            What I’ve learned is that in order to survive in IT, you’ve got to specialize. Don’t even bother with college, just learn everything you need online and from books. Then volunteer for a free-software project, get your code checked in and you’re set for life. Trust me, I did it and I’m living pretty OK right now, even in the recession.

          • I agree with you in pragmatics, though I might playfully argue the merits of comparing a scripting language to a fully extensible programming language lol

            Unfortunately, you are not writing the job descriptions, human remains people are and it is the *exceedingly rare exception* that they don’t include at minimum a Bach in comp sci or some other engineering discipline. Hell, I think they’d accept one in basket weaving just so long as you had one and could geek speak.

            They’re also the ones who think that all software development revolves around networks, when it doesn’t and that all network admins also understand even the basic fundamentals of cryptography, and they don’t. IOW, they mix and match disciplines as if that’s a normal thing. They want guru’s in C, and I know of no *true* C guru who can’t also run circles around a Ruby programmers head but C is considered archaic in some circles, particularly where online work is concerned. Again, not everyone is interested in nor going to focus on the next new trend be it RoR or ‘the cloud’.

            So these some of these new gen ‘developers’ got hazed during the intake and think that’s normal and how things should be done. They actually believe a programmer and a software engineer are the same things as a developer. And, because they have that golden Bach, they will or currently are the fashionistas of tech. They can’t play with the big boys, but they can handle some ASP.Net stuff.

          • Wanna hear something depressing?

            I can’t wait for your answer so I’ll tell you anyway. It’s a friend of a friend thing, but said FoaF teaches for University of Phoenix. Now here’s the really depressing part:

            Teacher says the quality of work from these students, ( who, remember, don’t have to actually get up, dress, and drive to class ), when they actually turn in work *as instructed*, is so poor that he frequently wants to shoot himself right in the teeth. The double whammy is that the school makes it terribly difficult to substantiate when students simply need to be failed and a new academic course of action taken: like expulsion.

            If a university can’t fail or expel you, then it’s probably not a very credible institution of higher learning lol

        • Those schools make you think you’re getting an education, but all they do is take your money. The credits don’t transfer anywhere, they are utterly worthless, so forget about transferring to an accredited 4-year college if you wanted to continue your education.

          But really, you’d have to be pretty stupid to fall for the Art Institute scam in the first place.

          I’m sure this guy is one of many doing this type of thing:

        • It was an especially risky move given many companies are choosing to overwork their engineers or the visa transplants rather than hire new ‘talent’.

          If the sciences are competitive, the arts are gonna be 100x worse.

          People willing to become perpetual interns are the wet dream of most bean counters.

          • Tell me about it. Right now, I keep reading article after article about how companies are crying that they can’t find trained IT people. What they’re really crying about is not being able to find 18-year-olds with 25 years’ experience in tech that’s been around for six weeks, and who are willing to work for nothing for the “exposure”. Very legitimately, yes, there’s a serious shortage of experienced IT people in the US right now. That’s mostly because of the number of people who’ve quit because they’re tired of 10,000 layoffs every time the company cafeteria till is short by $20. Oh, and let’s not forget the older programmers and engineers who are considered unemployable because they have families, because they can’t be bullied into working 20-hour days for some vague promise of compensation “when we’re profitable again.”

          • Yep, and Meg Whitman is preparing to do to HP what she did to eBay…..more freakin’ layoffs for her ivory backscratchers! (Watch those jobs magically migrate to India….)

          • ^=100% Truth! You nailed it right on. There is this odd dichotomy of articles bleeting about the IT industry being the ‘hot job market’ and there are a million diploma mill companies on the web eager and ready to sell certs and diplomas to people who’ve been lulled into thinking they should switch careers into IT, *or* the experienced programmers caught up in a culture of FUD and dullheaded rushes for the latest toolsets ( e.g. RoR ). Most of the drive from within companies to move to Hot_New_Language_X are done so not by the advice of the experienced engineers, but executives who read about it between planes.

            They often, and have for hundreds of thousands of jobs, dump their experienced talent in the belief they’re too old to learn, ( and many are not willing to go into management because that’s not why they became swe’s ), or it would be cheaper to hire the visa’s or grab a few part-timers. Then their sw product gets buggy, their helpdesk gets overloaded, and stuff in general hits the fan. None of the new talent can unravel the spaghetti mess and instead start chasing their tales by throwing even more new tools at it instead of SOLVING PROBLEMS rofl…I’ve got other friends in IT who could code circles around others and in their sleep but they won’t settle for slave wages and engineering departments that are actually run by marketing. I’ve studied this topic A LOT and it’s just this endless loop of lunacy, then the companies have the gall to be surprised at the lessons learned and their customers abandoning them so quickly. I know one guy who was being asked to go through that facist b.s. hiring method of, which is actually a form of hazing half the time, doing NINE or TEN interviews. He told them to flip sand around the fifth interview and gave them a polite ‘we’re not a good fit…’ explanation, but privately stated that he’d no more work for a company that hazed new hires than he would shove a drill in his eye.

            Supposedly, some companies have figured out this problem and are adjusting but it’s taken them nearly 20 years to do that and the turnabout back to experience + mentoring as a way of keep the talent flow and evolution consistent is somewhat slow. It’s pretty pathetic that some dude who actually understands how things work under the hood on a low level is overlooked for an H1NB who’ll work long and cheap or some free interns or some wanna be who learned Ruby last year ( but magically has five years experience and a talent for brain dumping! ).

    • Thanks but Montague Street already has 2 cupcake shops. A couple on Smith a couple on Court. There is even one or two in that dumb-ass Dekalb market

      • I haven’t been on Montague St in years – porbably not since 2005. It used to be my old stomping ground….when there used to be a Blimpies and a few doors down an antique book store. I think the Italian restaurant is still across the street. Is the clam bar still there on Clinton and Montague?

        • Bookstore and Blimpies are gone I think. No clam bar. Armondo’s is still there. It closed, and then reopened. Haven’t been in recently. Many of the stores have changed. character is much the same. Brooklyn Heights was, and is, way too high end for the hipsters, and in many cases the yupsters, to have too much influence. Can’t gentrify what is already a very high rent district. Here is a handy street map site. Upper left, dial in the neighborhood to see the local business. No Faux dive bars or Whole Foods here so it’s still OK:

          • Re : citymaps: “Brooklyn Woman Exchange” on Pierrepont sounds interesting. Exactly what can you get in exchange a Brooklyn Woman for these days ?

          • If she’s a Meghan, not much. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich maybe, flavored with lice and bedbug mayonnaise.

        • Is the Snack Pit diner still there a few steps down from sidewalk level ?

  14. He’s torn between the Junior High School Girl Jean and the Jegging. Figuring out which one matches his ironic summer-camp-that-he’s-never-been-to tee from Urban Outfitters will be the biggest challenge he’ll have today.

  15. Interesting:
    “New York City is losing its middle class, but like California, it still has a bunch of rich liberals who take advantage of the city while retaining good tax attorneys. Add the trust fund hipster kids of the rich, who can afford to go slumming in west Brooklyn while knowing there’s money back home, and Bloomberg’s right about the rich still being around; but they’re there with the very poor, while the ones in the middle who pay most of the taxes are, like LeBron James, taking their talents to Florida and other low-tax states.”

    From a comment here:

    • Funny how he blames high taxes for driving people out but not high rents. Much as I think Bloomberg’s a total wanker, I know lots more people driven out because Caleb and Colby want to live on daddy’s dime in their old apartments. People learn to live with high taxes.

      • Yep….money gone is money gone, no matter whether it’s because of taxes, rent, health insurance, or *anything*.

        The problem with hipsters and yuppies (besides their horrible taste) is that they make everything expensive, including formerly-cheap neighborhoods and cheap, simple foods.

        The article believes that correlation equals causation, and doesn’t take into account the aging population (New Yorkers become snowbirds as they age), real estate boom (and subsequent bust) in Florida, California, Nevada, and Texas, and other demographic factors.

      • Funny how all the low-tax states the article claims the middle class are escaping to are the ones without hardly any social services at all. Go ahead, libertarians: Pretend the poor don’t exist. We’ll see what happens in ten years.

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