12 thoughts on “Brooklyn & Not Brooklyn


  2. LOL! Tight rope walking an inch from the ground?? Are the Brooklyn transplants the worst thing to ever have happened to the Mid West? I spend a lot of time out there (Mid West) and have spent time with some of the nicest, down to earth people I have ever met. I’m talking old school salt of the earth types. This lot seem to completely disown everything that they grew up with, yet at the same time try to recreate it in Brooklyn (Pabst etc.).

    Can somebody explain?

  3. (L)ook


  4. Young ethnic girls playing double dutch in the street is definitely Brooklyn. Mid-20′s account exec blonde white women playing bocce (or whatever the hell they call it) in the middle of the street making fools of themselves is NOT Brooklyn. I’m sorry.

  5. I’m waiting for hipsters to figure out how to unicycle upside down while playing a ukelele. LoOK AT MEEEEEEE

  6. Racist much?

    • Pot . . . kettle . . . It’s a known fact that hipsters are hypocritical closet racists. The lip service they pay to “diversity” ceases the moment some Black or Latino kid from a nearby housing project steals your MacBook which you left unattended at the cafe while in the bathroom for some nose candy.

    • Yeah Stevie, racist much!

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