Hipsters and Graffiti

The other day I posted about a very common type of hipster; the kind that photographs other people’s graffiti and then tries to exhibit it as his own ‘re-purposed’ art. As plagiaristic as that sounds, it’s a very common and accepted thing to do among the fauxhemian, nasally, gentrification crowd. These graffiti blogtographers have never actually touched a can of spray paint but feel their photos give them “urban street cred“. There’s nothing like hanging with a few other bearded $2500 a month rent paying, 122lb, bearded pussies in zany North Brooklyn while cracking open some PBR’s and munching on quail meat and rooftop arugula tacos and telling your buddies how you dangerously took those graffiti shots from the safety of your loft window using the camera and 200mm lens your parents bought you for your 29th birthday.

Then you have the hipsters who actually get their eagle claw hands slightly dirty and try to do some graffiti. This was sent in to me to show the difference and contrast in actual old school graffiti and post-2000 hipster graffiti:


How embarrassing. Dick Chicken? Clap your hands and say like yah, like yah, like yah? You see, these hipsters that wrote this “art” have no idea how horrible it is. These are the same people that as children back in fly-over state land would come home with a stick figure or some macaroni glued to a piece of paper and have an elaborate Rice Krispy treat party thrown for them including a clown, magician and rent-a-pony with all the other 23rd place trophy receiving Zacherys and Emmas from the neighborhood invited as well. Even until this day, the parents of these hipster fucks can’t admit to their own kidults that they are fucking failures and keep on spoiling them by paying the inflated Brooklyn rents that were caused by the hipsters in the first place. Tell me, what can’t these rent-raising interlopers ruin?

123 thoughts on “Hipsters and Graffiti

  1. Dickchicken. Yup, that about sums it up, I’d say.

  2. That Dondi foto is great! Sometimes I miss those bombing days…ah…the memories!

  3. I think most graffiti artist started to notice the game changing when people started throwing stupid tags like neckface and Mr.BrainWash etc. As a former graff artist some of my fondest memories are from when I went bombing. Getting up at midnight and filling up my book bag with krylons and fatcaps. Ah! The good ol’ days.

  4. “jerkoff graffiti” = awesome! How many people outside of us South Brooklyn natives use “jerkoff” as an adjective? I’ve always said that us natives are bilingual: we speak English and Vulgarity.

  5. Old school, hipster, it’s all the same… All graffiti is a blight on the city. Always has been, always will be.

    • Perhaps… if I were a business owner I wouldn’t want any of it on my walls, and yes if you want to be an artist then why not just get some paper or a canvas and respect people’s property like a civilized human being, BUT .. you have to admit some of it does display more skill than others. It would brighten my day a bit to see something like the top picture on the way to work, rather than some stupid ad. Just writing something (especially something stupid) on a wall doesn’t cut it though.

  6. Anyone else catch the first episode of that new HBO show “Girls”? First scene shows some 24 y.o. at dinner with her parents who announce that they will no longer be paying her rent, cell bill, etc. The thought must have had hipsters for miles around quaking in their free-range boots.

    BTW, the show sucks.

    • I read a review on it recently where they called it a sex in the city with young hipster girls. That was all I needed to read to know that it would suck.

    • Hipster Girls with Parental Support : your bailout dollars at work.

  7. Replace the word “Human” with HIPSTER.

    Agent Smith: I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure.

  8. If I showed you the pics of the crayola scribbles they call graff that these beardos email me begging to put up on my blog you will hop on a train or even a plane to find the nearest hipster to punch in the jaw.

    • I know quite a few guys who used to go bombing back on the day. My bindet for school was covered in tags. Hell I could still do graffiti even now since they taught me. However these guys were artists. Writing some words on a wall doesn’t make you a fucking artist. A 5 year old can do that. Which might explain why they act like 5 year olds, they have the same memtality. Play in a playground, throw a tantrum to get your way, dress yourself like you picked clothes blindfolded.

      • I’m at odds with it. I understand the ugliness but it can also be beautiful.

        I did a bit of bombing in my day. I was mediocre at best. But we had some guys who would hit Carroll gardens – “Tone”, “Coo” and “Flair”. I mean – these guys were phenomenal. The had some nice murals on the walls of the playground of PS 58′s.

        • I don’t have any problem with the serious artists, because I’ve seen some beautiful work from them. Hell, I have no problem with giving artists space that otherwise would be wasted or neglected. My issue is with the taggers. There’s no art in tagging, no subtlety, and certainly no talent. It’s the paint equivalent of a dog hiking its leg on everything, and about as nasty to clean up. (I used to live in a building full of serious bombers, and some of their murals in the area are up to this day. We then got one idiot tagger in the apartments who invited all of her yupster friends from Plano, and she couldn’t understand why she was evicted two months later. Well, it couldn’t have anything to do with their tagging hallways, flowerpots, and anything else they saw, AFTER being told to leave the murals the fuck alone, could it?)

  9. YES! Thanks for posting the graffiti contrast chart I made. I figured it made sense to do after seeing Nate the Human Kazoo’s garbage video blog about photographing construction sites and graffiti. Hipster’s have latched onto graffiti just as they’ve latched onto everything else and of course done it in a very weak, gay and hideous manner. I’d rather see a clean wall than hipster irony scribbles.

    Graffiti originally started as a voice for those without a voice and evolved into brightly colored artistic rolling art show. It helped kids in poverty rise above the ghetto and bad situations. It brought a positive vibe to a nearly bankrupt NYC in the 70′s and crack infested 80′s. Kids of all backgrounds kind of unified more or less and made an interesting subculture. Of course there is a negative side to it all too, not everyone liked graffiti and to be honest it added to a scary vibe that probably spawn more crime, but the point I’m really making is it was a cool youth movement and art movement that flourished in NYC and to see bearded bread stick sissy men from cricket chirping nowhere lands come around 30 years too late and write idiotic, kooky tag names on the walls to try and be a “wild outlaw” is flat out CORNY.

    What’s next? Hipster Skelly Olympics?????

    • Skelly? Shhh. Don’t give up all our secrets.

      I just turned 50 (just to give you a reference point). When was in 7th grade no self-respecting art supply store wouldn’t sell you a Pilot marker (don’t know if they still make them they were about 1/3 the size of a can of spray paint) or spray paint.

      We couldn’t figure out how to make those clean wide lines that seasoned graffiti artists used.

      Finally an older guy showed us: Take an empty Tic Tac container, a felt chalk eraser and some duct tape. take the lid off the container, get a felt strip from the eraser and cut it to the exact length of the tic tac box. Fill it with ink, insert the strip and duct tape to make a seal. If you had time you could make a cap for it with the remaining duct tape.

      Still – Dick Chicken? You need a better tag then that – maybe ATM Zombie.

      • It is a pretty sad insult to New York OG legends like Iz The Wiz, CAP, Dondi, Cliff 159, etc. that so many licorice limbed flyover cul-de-sac pretenders come here from their Sunny D background with their parentally purchased camera and pretend to be down with street culture. What the fuck does Caleb from Des Moines know about risking breaking their necks, getting electocuted, picking spliters out of your leg, nursing an arm ripped open on the top of a fence, chased by attack dogs, getting in a scrap with another tagger over covered work, etc.?

        And even worse are the fucking white bread, trust funded, artisanal, human pickup sticks that fly in from mommy’s basement and their mediocre art school, and attempt to put up ‘work’ – you can tell the work of a sheltered toy from somewhere else a mile away. Just like everything else they try to do, they are fakes – and you can’t put a phony act over on real New Yorkers for very long.

        • REAL TALK.

        • “human pickup sticks” = LOL

        • As if NY hasn’t always had this problem, but just due to the sheer volume of numbers in this pretender generation, I hear there are more aspiring actors flocking in again. You know, cause Elan, and Caleb and Cankasorius are obviously so full of raw talent. ALL of them. And so they should ALL get the role and ALL be allowed to direct and ALL…well..you get the point lol

          They see someone like DeNiro and instantly think,”Oh, I can do that! And hey Ethan, you be Scorcese, k? We’ll be the dynamic duo of film for our generation, fuck yeah!!”. Meanwhile, all their experience comes from being in front of or operating an iPhone’s video settings.

      • It’s not “Dick Chicken”!
        It’s “Dickchicken”. AKA Richard Poultry, NYC graffiti ARTIST!!!

        • Oh brother…

        • No, it’s chicken dick.

          • ‘chicken dick’…wayyyy more accurate!!

            Self-congratulatory doesn’t even begin to describe this turd’s opinion of his ‘art’.

            ANYONE can use a template and most elderly women do. ANYONE can create
            peel off stickers and most pre-teens do.

            Too bad there’s no trap door they can fall into and slide back into suburbia by.

        • So this is the asshole whole has been leaving that crap all over my neighborhood? He needs to have his hands broken Brooklyn style. Fucking pervert.

      • Hells yeah…..I heard from old school writers themselves that almost anything that held ink would do with the eraser. A Ban roll on bottle, a Zippo lighter, Bingo dabber, etc. Also, caps from household products for various spray can widths. Of course in the end it all boils down to skills. Lots of this info is exposed at this point in books and online, but imagine back in the train days when it was coveted info and super underground. Even the cops were puzzled!

        If you haven’t seen “Style Wars” I strongly advise it. Epic documentary on subway graffiti and street culture in early 80′s Koch era NYC.

  10. A true hipster graffiti artist at work:

    • LOLOLOLOLLLL…….perfect!

    • Makes me want to clean it (and him) up with a Kenosha Blower…

    • This is exactly what I’m talking about. Fake graffiti artist putting garbage work out there simply to say that they did it. He reminds me so much of Mr.Brainwash. There is a market to be exploited in the graff world and they are the and these fakes are the first to try do it. I can tell you for a fact that the asshole known as dickchicken was at the at gallery to sweet if the asshole gawkers were in awe of his work.

      • Hipsters remind me of what Richard Feynman called “cargo cult science” but, instead, cargo cult art. They say it’s art, they appear as artists, but it isn’t and aren’t; it’s dishonest.

    • Someone posted a video one this site a while ago of some hipster(dickchicken?) idiot that artfully splashed water on the sidewalk and called it Art.He took a brush and a bucket of water, dribbled water on the sidewalk Jackson Pollock style and tah-dah! Art!! Of course, he shot a video and posted it to a blog. And he wasn’t doing it for Sesame Street or any kids’ show which would have been fine if it was, since that’s the level most hipsters are at. But he was being completely serious, talking about deep and meaningful his water paintings were.

  11. Anyone caught doing graffiti of ANY kind should be publicly caned and have to pay to have their crap cleaned up. It’s a disgusting, selfish, activity that has no benefit whatsoever. I’m betting most graffiti “artists” don’t cover their OWN homes or cars with graffiti. The reason hipsters love old school graffiti “artists” so much is that just like hipsters, old school graffiti “artists” are self-centered narcissistic douchbags who are starved for attention and need to make a spectacle of themselves in public. They are birds of a feather.

    • Everyone has there own opinion but I still feel like calling you an asshole.I have plenty of friends that started on trains and are now selling there work in galleries for thousands in fucking france,japan,etc.,using there same tag name.
      I am an oldschool graffiti writer but unlike the hipster you call me a self-centered narcissistic douchbag and I will break you open with a rocket punch.
      K Gorlan

      • You will do nothing except take it like the coward you are. You are a common delinquent not a “writer” or “artist” and I call bullshit on you knowing any real artists. Or having any real freinds for that matter. Now shut your hole like the bitch you are.

        • Gorlak,I don’t due online internet ninja battles…my email is skippininmyflipflops@gmail.com,I will not argue with a faggy poet online because I will lose that battle.I am a real person in brooklyn and I guess you are also.If you are as tuff as you think you are you contact me via emai and the better man wins.Graffiti is not even on my mind Gorlam

          • With an E-mail like that I don’t think you’re in a position to call anyone a fag, you sound about as gay as a parade on Christopher Street. If graffiti isn’t on your mind why the hell are you responding to my comment about… graffiti? SMH.

          • Thought so.Go home troll

          • Typical hipster. You huff, you puff & beat on your e-chest at first, but as soon as shit even LOOKS like it’s about to “get real”, you fold. 90sBrooklyn punked you with an email address.

          • Who is punking who? Name a time and place this weekend in Brooklyn and I’ll meet one or both of you fags there to talk it out in person. Except you won’t. Because you’re a fag.

          • 90s Brooklyn posted his email address. You should’ve responded with “Ok, check your inbox!” Did you hit him up? I bet you didn’t. Fuckin’ hipster pussy.

          • Shut your hole, I’m talking to your boyfriend. When I want the opinion of a guy whose mom still breast feeds him I’ll give you a shout.

          • Dude posted his email and you folded like the bitch you currently are and have always been. The only reason you’ve flexing your e-muscles is because of my instigating.

          • He didn’t.

          • Oh, and another thing. You aren’t serious about this shit. You posted that “meet me this Saturday in Bay Ridge” bullshit. If you were dead serious, you’d name a specific place (venue, club, restaurant, bar) and a specific time or time range. Chickenshit.

            If you pay for my round trip plane ticket (I’m currently in Minneapolis), I’ll be more than happy to meet you in person, clown your ass, and watch you do absolutely nothing.

          • How about Pour House on 79th and 3rd, Saturday at 10 PM? Oh, wait, you’ve never been there since you’re not even from fucking NYC… I like how you are “currently” in Minneapolis, like you’ve ever had the means or drive to go anywhere else. Get your boyfriend 90sbrooklyn to pay for your flights. Or stop flapping your gums from the safety of Minneapolis since you don’t have the guts to NYC and back up what you’re typing from your mom’s basement.

          • I’ve been “currently” in Minneapolis since I’ve been posting here. I think you already know this. It would explain why you’re calling me out from 1,000 miles away, instead of calling out 90sBrooklyn who is most likely MINUTES away from you. Chickenshit.

            If you were real about your shit, you would’ve already hit up dude via email. You know you don’t want none — especially when there’s 99.9% chance you’re some frail, pear-shaped, self-hating Asian “indie rocker” omega-male in his late 30s who thinks he’s a vampire and steals screenshots from gay webcams to use for sockpuppet profile pics.

          • It aint me, bro

          • sorry gorlock jones

          • I named a date, time and place for you to meet me, 90sbrooklyn. So I guess I’ll see you there and we’ll see if you run your mouth in person.

          • Not a problem. We can discuss it at the Pour House on 79th and 3rd this Saturday at 10 PM.

    • Most urban taggers can’t draw shit. Just kids with a “lookit me” desire. Scribbles that look all alike, often done drunk or high as evidenced by the cans and butts lying around. Some can’t do better than scrawl on a Sirron Norris mural. (Commishioned yes, but THAT is how you bomb up on a wall proper.) I haven’t even started on the pathetic hipster graffiti here in San Francisco.

    • Jesus fuck, Gorlan. Not only are you twenty years too late for this debate, but the old school graffiti artists DID tag their own homes and modes of transportation. It’s just that you’re thinking “levittown split-level and honda” and we’re thinking “pre-war walk-up and the 6 train.”

      • You said it in a better way than me,I challenged him to a 1 on 1.This dude is nothing but a fucking troll

        • You coward you call whining online a “challenge”? I’ll meet up with you in Brooklyn anytime you like. Name a time and place if you have any balls in real life and not just the online version.

          • I am teling you how to contact me but you wont.This is my last message to you,making me look like keyboard killer over here…All my comments on this website wil be about the probem we ALL share,hipsters…you are a problem that I am only interested in solving so stop with the lil girl typing and contact me at my email and we can meet in person.

            Last message to you Gorlaps

          • This guy should really head to 5Ptz (not sure on the spelling as I grew up knowing it as Fun Factory) by Hunter Point Station. That’s how they do proper tags and murals.

            A while back a buddy of mine was commissioned by a store owner to paint a mural on his closed store front as an inspirational message for the neighborhood kids. Some new flyover fucks moved into the area and put up a stink about it, meanwhile they look like the types who’d have no fucking problem with their so-called “art” being forced upon us unwashed masses.

          • I’m contacting you right here, right now. In front of everyone. How about this Saturday in Bay Ridge?

          • As a relatively late comer to this blog I am glad to finally learn who Stevie Lam is/was.

          • I’m sure he’ll agree. Just make sure it gets on camera and uploaded to Youtube!

          • Where were you Gorlan55? I didn’t see any she-male, 80-pound, 35-year-old Asian vampires anywhere around Pour House tonight?

          • Sorry to hear your dad couldn’t make it, limp wrist. I was there. Were you? Nah, didn’t see any morbidly obese shut ins whose breath stunk of onion and garlic.

  12. A bit off topic but I had to share this with my DH comrades. A hipster apocalypse film called
    “First Winter”. The controversy surrounding this piece of cr*p is that Caleb and Redbeard actually shot two deer without licenses or permission.

    Here’s the article link:


    There’s video toward the bottom of the page Check out the beardo whimsically sliding across the pond. I guess even an apocalypse isn’t enough to supress their quirky and child-like spirit. Seeing a hipster carrying a gun is like watching a 3 year old walking around in his fathers shoes.

    • Oh yeah, I read that too, I was like, “Fuck me!” I see Swamp Yankee got in a remark in the comments section, tho, good for him… I refuse to register with that POS website to comment though ’cause I don’t wanna generate more traffic for Hipsterist I mean Gothamist. It’s bad enough they’re already trying to blow up the spot on the food court in Flushing… stay tha F@CK outta my hood!!!!!

    • I especially liked the background “music” in a trailer. It sounded like a mouse trying to fart and shit an elephant. Or was that just Caleb singing and Zoey moaning?

    • You’d think a midwestern born hipster would know better about hunting and ecology. Surprising the gun wasn’t dropped with a girly shriek when fired.

    • Let me summarize: When winter begins, life is serene for a group of new-age Brooklyn Ohiosotapennsyltucky transplants living in a remote country farmhouse, kind of like living in a disheveled version of the cul de sacs in suburbia that they grew up in. Sex, drugs, yoga, PBRs and organic cooking; generally things they do every day in the safety of their gentrified overpriced, fauxhemian Bushwick, North Eastern Williamburg studios, absorb their days, safely tucked away from the “stresses” of their parentally funded urban lifestyle. But when a blackout of apocalyptic proportions strands them with no heat and no electricity during the coldest winter on record, their utopian commune is breached by anxiety and their idyllic harmony begins to lose its tune. Because their parents and nannies aren’t there to prepare Rice Krispie Treats on a cold winter afternoon, and make to sure the thermostat is always exactly how they like it. As time wears on and the food supply dwindles, power struggles, jealousy, and desire threaten the group’s ability to work together in order to survive. Since each of them has been brought up to believe they are the center of the universe, they don’t know how to share things. So they freak out and start firing a gun.”
      Sounds like a Hipster Donner party.

      Please. These spoiled brats could all just pack up the car and go back home and cry to mommy and daddy after a day or two. That’s the true behind-the-scenes story. They are just worthless wherever they go. Some pioneers they are.

      • If hipsters like that poached a deer, which is what that is in the ‘real world’ ( i know, ‘real’ is a concept they don’t quite comprehend ), the fish cops would love hassling them. Nevermind the fines they’d get though: the real fun would be when the local mountain boys and girls got a hold of Caleb and Josh.

        What Caleb and Josh and Megan never quite picked up in Life is that a great majority of people who hunt actually understand the DETAILS of hunting, and the devil is in fact in the details. They wouldn’t understand the different reasons for carrying a .338 or a 30.06; they wouldn’t have the foggiest clue which trees animals prefer to be at any time of year; they would most likely fall right through ice and into hypothermia; anyway, the bottom line is, they wouldn’t fucking last.

        People load their freezers with meat still. They get wood prepped two years in advance of a Winter. They have their liscences in order and hunt in more than one area. And the best ones have been at it for 30 years or more. It’s not whimsy. It’s survival. It’s not ‘tradition’. It’s survival.

        But their accountant daddies didn’t know that. They read Field and Stream and day dreamed about fly fishing. Maybe they even saved up once or twice for that kind of trip, but never took it because Josh needed his braces. So Dad just hung hunting stuff around.

        They are so ‘anti’ the things they find ironic they don’t have any right whatsoever to come here and bitch about anti-hipsters. They’re dumb, disrespectful, and worse, they’re flat out ethically vile and ultimately hollow people who are terrified of compromise. The kind of compromise that lets you pay the rent and feed your family and understand that Life isn’t fair and we don’t all get every dream coming true.

        The characters in the movie have rotten shooting form, but that’s surprising because they’re just actors. But they’re not GOOD actors. They’re hipster-actors, which means THEY don’t have to wait tables or be understudies or pay their dues to get anything. Certainly not study anything as beneath them as hunting is, other than as an ironic whimsy.

        They can all be Ashton Kutcher, though they can’t all be as good looking. Still, they can be the small town kid with the ironic farmer clothes who makes it big and becomes famous all while ‘aw shucksing’ about their ‘roots’.


    • dafuckizzat?

    • The guys and I just finished watching that crap and couldn’t stop laughing. These people are so soulless and empty.

      • Haaa,the best part is the last 2 seconds when she gets a standing o,there all like yeaaa that was deeeep and she’s asian,I want some of that buttered pork fried rice

    • If she was naked and rolling in mud it would be porn. If she keeps her clothes on and rolls in butter it’s art. Plus she’s fat so it’s feminist or something.

      Not like anything there surprises me. She’s probably jealous of Bjork for stealing Matthew Barney away from her. Next stop the Guggenheim.

      Just be glad she didn’t start pulling children, small animals and organic vegetables out of her twat.

      Makes me miss the highbrow intellectual culture of my local titty bar.

    • Performance art: pure unadulterated narcissistic bullshit, they should all be shot.

  13. Finally, some good news. At least one group of hipsters won’t be going back to Brooklyn, at least if the dinosaurs, dog-sized spiders, and man-eating fish get them first:


    Personally, I’m all for this, and I want to contribute. Either they’ll never return, or discover that maybe, just maybe, they might actually get the skills they need the next time they try something like this.

    • So let’s see… They asked mom and dad, and they told them to go fuck themselves, Then they reveal they want to play “…in the vastly unexplored Republic of the Congo” where they shoot foreigners for sport. I hope these retarded children leave soon – they’re using up my air.

      • IF they ever consider the dangers in the Congo, which they probably only percieve as Kony ( damn that viral video ), they will imagine that a kidnapping scenario would make their ‘work’ an instant success. They aren’t smart enough to imagine that if kidnapped and if ransomed, they wouldn’t necessarily be guaranteed home delivery in one piece.

        Any dangers in the Congo they think of as things they will be rescued from by some person(s) or government(s). Regardless of the cost to others, the hipster imagines themselves in a ‘win’ position at the end of the day.

        With their default setting to that of ‘condescending prat’, I imagine few pirates will find them worth the money for the immediate aggravation of keeping them up till payday.

    • I guess this was his inspiration. It was on the Hallmark channel so it must be true.

  14. Here’s where you can see graffitti elevated to art. From an elevated train (the #7). The building is endangered, of course. it’s going to be torn down to make way for… you guessed it… LUXURY HOUSING. ugh.

    • Stop lying, that cant be art, Its in QUeens and not Brooklyn.

      Brooklyn is the only place where are is created anymore.

      • hipster “artists” better not show their faces or tagging “skills” at 5ptz. The least they can expect is to be laughed outta their and ridiculed to no end, the worst, knowing hipster smugness, is a beatdown ending in hipster casualties (along with a lawsuit from their goddamn parents which may end with 5ptz being shut down).

        • Just wait until Hamilton and Zack down a couple of PBRs, get all zany, and slip & fall on a flight of stairs at 5ptz – that lawsuit will be filed before those Gilligan stunt doubles (copyright DieHipster) hit the ground.

    • Love that the director’s name is DICKson. How fitting. Also, isn’t “naive Brooklyn hipsters” a tad redundant?

  15. Fucking awesome post.

  16. Like, Like, Like, Like, Like, Like, Yah!

    Uploading graffiti pics to your gentrification shit blogs and your Facebook pages with BROOKLYN as your location makes you look really really urban and gritty to all of your friends and family back home in Iowa. Like Yah!

  17. For all their claims of being artists, you’d expect at least some art. I’m not expecting something that looks as solid as the old school stuff, but at least an attempt at imagery.

  18. You dudes are all hipsters. That’s why your so angry. I talk to lots of NYers all day every day for my job. All races and creeds. 3/4 of them don’t know what DUMBO is, yet alone know what Egg or Roberta’s are or who DONDI is or some shit. Hilarious. You dudes are so mad because it all hits so close. Phonies…

    • Get lost hipster. Your not-so-unique twist on the weak-ass “If you talk shit on hipsters, then you must be one” shaming tactic has no effect here. You hipsters STAY on some butthurt “they’re talking shit about us” shit.

    • Are we living in Astoria Jimmy and we are supposed to be impressed by your ironic last name? Guess What? you can call yourself “Johnny Gotham” and we still know you are not from around here.

  19. when i was a kid in the 70′s, i saw my mom’s name graffitied on the 6 train in the bronx. where she’s from….and i thought someone did that for her and always referred to the 6 as my mom’s train. NOT j lo’s. if i find that pic i will post it here for you all to share.

  20. Then there’s hipster Christmas carols – or “music to choke baristas by”.

  21. This is artist is a total jerk off.

  22. This is a fucking great ass post!!!!!

    I used to do graffiti and go bombing and am currently inactive…although I do know my fair share of friends and acquaintances who are. With that said, I’ll keep everything discreet and to the topic at hand.

    Back when I started it was the late 90s in Pittsburgh. There were only two crews at the time, and all they were known for were doing complex, artful, colorful, and skillful pieces and burners that took time and effort. But it was different back then…there were no graffiti task forces en masse, no internet, just people who wrote to get their name up and show they had something to prove.

    I was always inspired by the NYC writers of the golden era…Dondi (RIP), Case, Futura, etc…I remember those days of filling up my backpack with cans and caps (I even put them in a tommy Hillfger cologne tin…oh the irony), riding my bike to the trainyards and spending hours pieceing at the bridges there. This was from 98-01.

    I quit in 2001 when the Pittsburgh graff scene started getting wack. And by wack…I mean that the quality of pieces being produced decline…it started to go into a really selfish and narccistic era where it wasn’t even about showing off skills, but seeing how many tags one can get up and how much fame the write can get in a little time. Nothing but shitty hollows, fills, and disgusting black and white bombs that all started to look the same after a while. Even the names of the graff writers started getting wacker and wacker…thats when I started to realize that at that point in time the scene stopped being about city writers but about white-bread suburban interlopers that all wanna be a part of the graff game but don’t even know how to approach it without getting their fucking underwear pissy.

    It isn’t even about getting fame, but moreso to take pics of and post on their blogs or to pollute actual graffiti forums with their wack bullshit.

    I’m kind of glad I quit the game. After working with spraypaint, I started using wheatpaste posters and stickers, and then I quit that and decided to go to college and utilize my creative side to the best of my ability.

    The thing that pisses me off about these hipster writers the most though is that the majority of them have no knowledge of graffiti and what it takes. I can only imagine Hisper McBeardly going over some respected crew’s piece where he thinks nobody is at, and then catching the most massive beatdown he’s ever received.

    Like, they don’t know how dangerous it gets. You know how many times I’ve seen RIP pieces, hearing about cats having to run miles to get away from police, getting beat up by other crews/writers, possibly getting shot/stabbed and killed, people getting arrested and having to do time,, getting electrocuted on the third rail, falling off bridges trying to get their names up? No….ofcourse some peanut butter and juelly bred piece of suburban vermin would not understand any of that shit at all!

    And it’s not like they associate themselves with real NYC writers at all…at ANY time. No, they just all keep to themselves and boil in their own pot of pretentious and deluded grandeur…that they might have some fashion company throwing them offers of a collab…please.

    Alot of the old heads I’ve hung out with basically said the same thing about the graff scene now…which is why most of them (in the 30s-40s) have started successful ventures as tattoo artists, actual artists, work with clothing companies and companies like NIke and so on. They managed to use their graffiti cred as leverage to get into an industry that once shunned it’s light from them.

    I guess these hipster fuckers are trying to do the same thing.

    • Oh and another thing…I actually like Neckface (and I’ve met him).

      Mr. Brainwash on the other hand *sigh* is the biggest fake in the art industry period! He’s basically Banksy’s protege. I watched Exit To The Gift Shop and I was just shocked and awed at how quickly an 40 something vintage store owner could start making art and then eventually get a big show at a respected Los Angeles gallery. You know how many artists have been busting their hump for years/decades and they’re still laying in utter obscurity that would KILL to have a show like that?

      And his work isn’t original in the least…it’s like Warhol, Obey Giant, D*Face, and every other 00s street artist’s work mashed together in a weird combination.

      • I think he is Bansky<I hate all that crappy strret art but after watching that I think he is Banskyy.He also owns property in NY and London..Hmmmm…I am prob wrong but thats my opinion

  23. Bahhahaha, I bet all these hipster fuckheads think they’re like Banksy.

    Never mind that Banksy actually seems to have some semblance of artistic talent (at least judging from what I’ve seen of his graffiti). I think “Clap Your Hands Say Yeah” is some indie hipster fuckwit band (also in Brooklyn).

    Fucking idiots.

  24. These iowa spawnster hipster tripsters are just so deepy insecure about having come from the mid-West. Why in the world would they need to be seen as urban, gritty, edgy or any of that? “Look at me! I’m on the dole in a used to be dirty neighborhood but look, I can still get to a dirty neighborhood. Look at how dirty it is Mommy! And yah, those are my clothes lieing on the floor because it’s MY apartment. I’m edgy like that now. I’m a rebel. I’m subversive. Nyah!”

    • I must not be since I’ve never so much as heard of this Sufjan fella until you mentioned him in your post.

  25. This is horrible. I myself am a graffiti artist and have been fro almost 20 yrs now and I just can’t understand why Hipster graff is supposedly “good”. Its wack its garbage. But just like a hipster its the irony that makes it acceptable. Not in my book it doesn’t. I mean its pretty damn clean if it sucks it sucks. If its good work then its good work. There’s no disputing that. I’m not from New York I live in the midwest and the hipster epidemic has plagued my region too. I could go on and on about this. I don’t really have so much of a problem with the way they dress as I do with how they act, and their elitest, gentrificating, freeloading asses, living off of their parents. I am an artist, and I was a starving one at that at one period of my life. I lived in a cheap ass apt. I could barely afford, wore vintage clothes because I didn’t have the money to purchase nice ones, and drove a shitbucket. It was one of the toughest times in my life. But years later to see this as a fashion, to mimic the starving artist is pretty much an insult to all people starving artists or just poor people in general. But hey…that’s the youth for you right? WRONG! Die Hipster Die!

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