Nathanial Matthews: Side of building photographer.

Meet Nasalthanial - photographer of graffiti and sides of buildings. Nasalthanial is very unique and edgy; from his parentally bought camera down to his cuffed tight teenage girl’s jeans. Nasalthanial has tossed in the can of Krylon in exchange for a camera. No longer does Nasalthanial walk the streets of Bushwick at night or climb billboards on the BQE to throw up his famous tag ” KAZOO”. No, those days are over for this graffiti pioneer. He’s toned it down while stepping it up and now takes pictures of sides of buildings and hangs them in ‘post-modern’ and ‘progressive’ art galleries in North Brooklyn with the rest of the world’s most talented and famous artists.

The photo’s taken in the video you’re about to see were displayed in a North Brooklyn gallery called “Where I Live Gallery”. It should really be called “I’m Not From Here Gallery”. You’ll notice between :50 and 1:00 into the video that Nasalthanial easily slides his nail file-like body though a 6 inch gap in the fence where he illegally trespasses to snap a world-famous picture. Rest assured, if Nasalthanial slipped and hurt himself or a brick landed on his head while in that construction site, Mommy and Daddy would sue that contractor until there was no tomorrow for hurting their little Nasalthanial while he was expressing and finding himself in the name of art. Nasalthanial, I’d like to say it again: You’re unique, cutting-edge, and gritty. Thank you for wasting one more New York apartment in the name of art and thank you for stealing our oxygen.

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  1. It should be legal as well as required to throw his ass off one of those buildings

  2. Ohh this guy is such a doucheweasel.. You are so on point, about if he got hurt, Mumzy and Daddykins would sue in a New York minute. Btw, you needt-shirts, I would buy one and wear it everyday!


  3. That is 2 minutes 41 seconds that I will never get back.

  4. You guys are just mad he is so much cooler than you…. Even through the computer I can feel “cool” just radiating through him……

  5. Are you sure those are not cuffed girl “jeggings” he’s wearing so that he can increase his flexibility as he weasels through gates and rat holes? The military school drop out hair cut is to counterbalance the girl pants. If Mumsy and Daddykins didn’t buy him a camera and push him out of the house, he’d be at the middle school staring through the gate watching the little girls play.

  6. I like the Nazi haircut mixed with the old Jewish lady coat. He’s really bridging worlds here.

    • That’s a military surplus parka. They’re ugly as hell, but they’re great for when it’s actually cold out. But with this dweeb, it’s just as much an affectation as his carefully cuffed jeans.

      • And he cut the Hell out of the fur on the hood, making it just as useless as he is. I wore one of those (and it’s predecessor) to work for many years.

    • Yeah, I’ve got to goto the barber first thing tomorrow and get me a Hitler Youth haircut. That’s going to be all the rage here where these cumstains incubate.

    • Haha!

    • Hilarious! Thank you for the chuckle!

  7. Fuck this dicknozzle!

    First he plays Louis Armstrong (someone correct me here), music reminiscent of a time when the LES was home to workers and hardworking immigrants, the people this fucknozzle and his ilk have pushed out.
    Then he wears the most inappropriate clothing, a clean anorak – present from Mom no doubt and skin-tight jeans just waiting to get ripped in half.
    Finally, he “risks his life” to climb into building sites to photograph stuff he had nothing to do with creating….

    I want to thrash that gallery so bad right now – with him inside.

  8. I had to stop watching. Couldn’t take the music. Not that it’s bad song but asswipe is obviously trying too hard with the old timey feel. As if being a douche nozzle photographer has some deep connection with New York’s past. Get the Fuck out of here!!

  9. Ummmmmm……and he’s taking pictures of construction sites and wack graffiti why??? Oh wait, let me guess…it’s hip, ironic and kooky.

    EAT SHIT AND DIE with your “Glorious Bastards 1930′s brill cream Hitler” haircut and your parental funded camera. Get a job with a demolition team if you want to be gritty and amongst the old architecture. No wait….you might break a nail. Nevermind.

    Based on “Nate the Kazoo” and all the other caca wall scribble you see in North Brooklyn and elsewhere these days, I am submitting a contrast chart to this site to put things into focus as far as graffiti is concerned.

    Stay tuned.

    • Word! Funny thing is I knew one of the graffiti artist tags he was photographing. I hate it when they photograph graff work and then display it as their own simply because they snapped it. I hung off some signs to get my name up and walked a few tunnels and would hate to see me work up in a gallery without my permission.

  10. The haircut, the clothes – who cares?
    The work is terrible – pretentious, amateurish – vacant.
    I hope he’s not a Purchase alum.

  11. Thanks for helping me cracking the case of my little sisters missing jeans. What a fucking asshole

  12. I kept looking up to see if there was anyone on the roof. Cuz I was inspired to a variant of what we did when we were kids. To wit:

    Fill baloons with a mixture of piss abd Drano. Tie. Aim for the bushy part of the Hitler haircut. Release. Repeat as necessary. [Optional] Once range is correctly established, follow with locally-sourced brick…

  13. Here’s his minimalist site. Proof once again that Minimalist = Ironic = Retro = No Fucking Talent.

    I believe in minimal, functional, and therefore effective design and aesthetic. My convictions are driven by my intense interests. Craft, DIY, imagination, New York, and minimalism effectively define my solutions. Don’t take things for face value, always immerse yourself in your interests, be consistently aware and observant, and most importantly, it’s us versus them. You’re only young once, so do it right.

  14. Solutions for what? New York is a “solution” for what? That doesn’t make a lick of sense.

  15. are you freaking kidding ! i like when he skipped a little bit there. get a real job dude !

  16. The construction worker should have said” Sure, come on in….now you CAN”T leave.”


    • Classic mafia owned construction company style of whacking. He just needs some cement shoes to go with the rest of that… “outfit”

    • Yeah, except if the construction site was in BK they would have said that in spanish.

  17. The hipster hate is strong in this thread.

    Keep it up! :-)

  18. You know what gets me most?

    I have several photography books of guys who’ve been taking pictures of New York architecture, urban scenes and, yes, construction sites from the 1890s to today. When all these guys did it, however, THEY TOOK THE TROUBLE TO GET PERMISSION TO BE ON SITE. And, of course, it should go without saying that they took better pictures, too; PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY WERE ALLOWED TO BE THERE.


    • I like how they’re sure to include the reactions of people at several points in the video: at about 1:46, 1:56, even a construction worker and a dog at around 0:40. I think the slightly confused looks on their faces are supposed to indicate to us that Nasalthaniel is up to something enthralling, a little bit forbidden, and thereby interesting. Such conrived try-hard bullshit! They’re looking at him like that because he’s an asshole making a fool and spectacle of himself.
      I guess this is supposed to be a promotion for the gallery show. I understand that process can be interesting when the subject is a real and true, talented artist, but notice how the whole thing is all about Nasalthaniel and not the product “art”. We never get to see it. Why can’t his bullshit photos speak for themselves? Are we supposed to be convinced that whatever trite crap we’ll see at the show is valuable and artistic just because it’s shown here that Nalastwerp climbs wooden fences and gets told “no access” by constuction workers? How fucking gritty and urban! For the most part, art should be visceral. It should have an impact on the viewer without a a long bullshit explanation or by misleading the public to believe it’s legitimate just becasue some asshole climbed a fence. Bunch of bullshit!
      Keep the hate (and the reality check) going!

      • Again, with hipsters it’s not about the art, but the attention the “artist” craves.

      • Awesome! The comments here are hilarious and motivational, unlike the garbage “art” by Nathaniel. What a pretentious little prick! I was planning to move to Brooklyn because I wrote a musical ( and yes, it’s a real musical, but I think I’ll go to Montreal. The theatre I was planning to wiggle my way into for production has shows with this lady who received a grant for her live installation which involved her laying naked, squirting herself with Elmer’s glue, and having audience members peel it off her body. Society is doomed if this is what “art” has come to. Thanks for your comment, seriously!


    “This logo was created to represent me. I identify with the Minor Threat song “Out Of Step”, which was my inspiration for this logo. Once this mark is engaged, that is only when both characters in the mark will be discovered, along with noticing the “out of step” black triangle opposite of the white triangles found in the negative space. This is direct homage to the Out Of Step 7″ sleeve design, which features a flock of white sheep with a lone black sheep.”

    What a fucktard. I can tell this pretentious PedoNazi got 0 talent, he even sucks at doing “minimalistic” designs.

    Taking pictures of side buildings. What a fucking joke.

    Nathaniaaial Mattheews =

    • I hate how these fucks make references to old punk and hardcore bands in an attempt to establish some kind of underground credibility — especially when the bands have been around so long that even among small-town teenage hot topic shoppers, they’re a household name. Just like “Mason Dixon’s Avenue of Values” said, Nasathaniel’s logo is a ripoff of the NW Airlines logo.

      • Actually, when I first saw it, aside from the NW Airlines steal, I rather thought it looked more like NA than NM – in which case it could stand for “Not Applicable”, which is almost appropriate…

        • To me it looked like the “coprorate ripoff” type logo that used to be really popular in the 90s among bands of various genres or ravers. “Not Applicable” is pretty appropriate on many levels.

  20. I’m a bit of a photographer and I am afraid to join this site because I am not good enough. Go to this site. This is what real photographers are doing every day. No pictures of building sides here:

    • I have a stack of photo auction catalogs from the major auction houses (hey – they’re cheaper than books). They contain a wealth of knowledge and the language used to describe the artists’ work is straightforward – unlike this oxygen bandit.

      After looking through a few books this weekend and then checking out this tool’s body of work – I’ve come to the conclusion that it should be put into law that no hipster should be permitted to buy a camera or any sort of media equipment unless they can prove they have talent.

  21. I clipped this at the appropriate phrase, but if wordpress truncates the URL, goto 1:46

  22. I will say this much… His hipster style as it least clean, tidy, washed and shaven. That’s points in his favor.

    • Zero points. That’s like when people want extra credit for telling the truth, or not cheating.

    • NO points. He’s a trustfund interloping fruitcake no matter how you look at it. He’s contributing nothing to this city’s rich culture but rents being raised.

  23. The name of this song is “I Can’t Get Started” by Bunny Berigan. It’s from the late 30s. This sickens me to NO end. That is a gorgeous tune that I learned about through my first radio production gig. One of the shows I produced was a 30s and 40s music program, the host had grown up with the music due to his parents. I’m seriously physically sickened that it is being used as the backdrop in such a pathetic piece of swill by such a poseur. I feel horrible for all of you guys in NY. I stated before in other posts that this hipster/trust fund bullshit happened where I live, but because we’re a smaller city, it already ran it’s course and we’re rid of most of these dipshits. I seriously can’t believe this buffoon has taken such a gorgeous song and used it in something this pathetic. Really infuriating.

    • Agreed. Ruining great music in order to understate his “credibility.” Hey, Nasalthaniel, why not befriend the construction workers and take photos of them instead. Tell their side of the story, instead of the sides of the buildings. That would be more interesting.

      • Forgot to mention the fact that I suppose it would be beneath you to actually try to strike up a conversation with the guys working or more likely, you are too scared or a combo of both. Better you kept your mouth shut, tho.

  24. so you use a dslr in auto mode.jpg

    This is all I can think of from seeing that fauxtographer work

    *from an actual photographer

    • DSLR and with blast flash on the prism in broad daylight – sign of a true professional.

  25. What a dickhead!

  26. I don’t have any problems with photographers going for construction sites. I don’t even have any problems with people sneaking in to get photos, particularly of sites with some sort of historical or political connection. What chaps my ass is that this dickhead had to ask someone else to capture video of his sneaking. What’s the matter, dingleberry? Your “art” can’t stand up on its own, so you have to present yourself as some radical trespasser to pretend that there’s some “there” there?

    • And that’s why he only got one-seventh of the funding he requested. Oh, the bleating across the land now that these “artists” are discovering that there’s precious little market for those sorts of coffee-table books any more…as if there ever really was.

  27. I used to take pics of fading ads also, but more along the line of documenting them before the buildings were eventually torn down. (I live in an old Southern town with a lot of crumbling history, so there are a lot of legit historical preservation efforts.)
    But I would never think to put myself in the picture or video.

    • And there you have it. You understand that the only “artists” who put themselves into the picture or video are no-talents who want to chirp “Well, I WAS HERE”.

  28. Nathaniel – you are about as Brooklyn as the Masturbation Brothers. Taking photos of someone else’s work does not make you an artist in the real world – it might in the gentrified romper room of North Breuekelen.

    The Mexican day laborers gathered on street corners in Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge are way more Brooklyn than you will ever be. They are hard working people who just want to take care of their families, and are willing to do any job to do it. They do not seek attention or strive to make everyone smile at their whimsy, just because their parents said they were special. After a hard day of real work, they like to put a few beers away in a non-artisanal normal bar. Those of us actually born here feel way more of a connection to a person like this than to your little demonstration of mediocre art school drivel.

    Nice little skip there at the end. You really are a little Peter Pan, aren’t you Mary

  29. I’m so confused. I watched the video and my reaction was, “what the hell is he taking pictures of?” I looked at his website and the same question came to mind. Sure, art is a very difficult thing to define, (especially, it seems, when it comes to photography) but how can you call a dark snapshot of the side of a building art? Hell, I could do that with a $100 camera that I bought at wal-mart.

    I can’t make sense of this at all. I would rather look at a thousand Terry Redlin paintings of pheasants than ten of this asshole’s lame little pictures.

    Partly I think that higher education is to blame because in the art field it is very taboo to tell somebody what they did sucks, simply because of the fluid definition of art. Nobody wants to be the guy that tells the next DaVinci he or she is terrible, so nobody says anything.

    The real tragedy is that the interesting and provactive art gets lost in this sea of loose stool reproductions.

    My sister is a very talented visual artist with a real job in graphic design. To see her work next to this Buttfuck McGee would make me very angry. There is no comparison. Her work takes ahem *WORK* and his just… doesn’t.

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  31. This video represents the most retarded failure I have ever seen.

  32. Alright, I’ve freaking had it with these pretentious dweebs! I just looked at this at this “fauxtographers” site and now have to hold back bile trying to erupt from my stomach. I live in Raleigh, NC and have wanted to knock the crap out of these types of cheese balls that have taken up residence here. They come in and have the nerve to call people who grew up here “townies,” as am sure they label everyone who lives in any area before they came in to grace the city with their presence. Coming home after being in the Air Force, I finished school on the G.I. Bill and majored in graphic design. But have become disillusioned with getting a job in the field after hearing and seeing all of their b.s. There were so many talented people I went to school with that could blow any of these poseurs “work” out of
    the water who feel the same way I do. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must feel like to live in Brooklyn and see your hometown being invaded by these waxy-faced twizzle sticks. Makes my blood boil.

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