Meet Nasalthanial – photographer of graffiti and sides of buildings. Nasalthanial is very unique and edgy; from his parentally bought camera down to his cuffed tight teenage girl’s jeans. Nasalthanial has tossed in the can of Krylon in exchange for a camera. No longer does Nasalthanial walk the streets of Bushwick at night or climb billboards on the BQE to throw up his famous tag ” KAZOO”. No, those days are over for this graffiti pioneer. He’s toned it down while stepping it up and now takes pictures of sides of buildings and hangs them in ‘post-modern’ and ‘progressive’ art galleries in North Brooklyn with the rest of the world’s most talented and famous artists.

The photo’s taken in the video you’re about to see were displayed in a North Brooklyn gallery called “Where I Live Gallery”. It should really be called “I’m Not From Here Gallery”. You’ll notice between :50 and 1:00 into the video that Nasalthanial easily slides his nail file-like body though a 6 inch gap in the fence where he illegally trespasses to snap a world-famous picture. Rest assured, if Nasalthanial slipped and hurt himself or a brick landed on his head while in that construction site, Mommy and Daddy would sue that contractor until there was no tomorrow for hurting their little Nasalthanial while he was expressing and finding himself in the name of art. Nasalthanial, I’d like to say it again: You’re unique, cutting-edge, and gritty. Thank you for wasting one more New York apartment in the name of art and thank you for stealing our oxygen.