This Megan – an admitted child of an upper class family who now of course made the voyage to zany and quirky North Brooklyn – applied for food stamps and got rejected. She basically wanted our tax dollars to pay for her Mast Bros chocolate bars, free range Lower Middle West Bushwick saffron infused rabbit meat, $8.00 hand-crafted pickles, cruelty-free water, and freshly Converse-stomped Williamsburg grape juice. Now at the same time, I believe there are thousands of other wastes of life that are unjustly receiving food stamps in this city while never looking for work, abusing drugs, etc. But that’s for another type of blog. I have no doubts that this Megan (who applied for food stamps yet owns an iPhone) can dial up Mummsy and Daddsy for any amount of money she needs but this was her chance to broadcast her urban food stamp application and rejection for a typical hipster LOOOOOOK AT MEEEEE moment. In the comments section of that article, all the comments are about defending her weight and the burden of student loans. I could give two shits about her weight. What drives me nuts is that UNIQUE short bangs, thick framed glasses, granny dress hipster look and knowing she is nowhere near needing to be on public assistance. Instead of taking any 9-5 job, she insists on slumming it in her hipster playground hoping to be a famous writer. How many fucking talentless nobody freelancers can this city withstand?

Link: – I got rejected from food stamps!