Hayseeds open a Hayseed Store in Brooklyn.

It’s very easy to maintain a website like diehipster.com with stories like this…

https://www.facebook.com/HayseedsFarmSupply - Make sure to look throught the pictures.

A Megan who runs a site called the BrooklynHomesteader.com has teamed up with the Brooklyn Grange to open up a store called Hayseed’s Big City Farm Supply in Greenpoint. You remember the Brooklyn Grange don’t you? They’re the hipster transplants that decided to start farming on a roof top in Queens but  so desperately needed to associate it with the cool name Brooklyn that they called it the Brooklyn Grange.

So anyway, I still cannot for the life of me understand all this motherfucking farming in Brooklyn and even worse is that these fucking delusional hipsters think they discovered that you can plant things in soil and watch them grow. Are these fucking hayseeds clueless to the fact that as far back as any real NY’er can remember, people have been growing stuff in their yards already? The difference is those people never felt the need to broadcast it to the world. They never wrote magazines or articles about it. They would have never made websites and blogs and Facebook posts about it had that technology been available. Yet that’s all these attention-needing gentrifiers do. It’s as always, one big LOOK AT ME festival.

Why on earth would move to a part of this country that has taken 300 years to become a land of brick and concrete that has accepted people from hundreds of countries and progressed into A FUCKING CITY and try to turn it back into a fucking farm?

Then they are also into chicken raising and beekeeping????  WHAT????

That to me is just as weird and out of place as if some Eskimos came to Brooklyn every winter and decided to build and live in igloos right in the middle of the Belt Parkway and demanded that it was practical and normal.

This new fucking store is nothing more than the gardening isle at Home Depot yet these hipsters need to make it whimsical, magical and unique so they call it Hayseed’s Big City Farming Supply. The store of course is run by Megan, Gwen, and Chase. Does it get any more cliché than that? Here is an excerpt from Megan’s website’s About page; read it and then try to figure out why the fuck a person like that feels the need to be farming in Brooklyn. Then watch her little whimsical video which almost made me spit my breakfast out of my mouth when she says ” My name is Megan, I’m “FROM BROOKLYN, NY“, I’m a backyard farmer, rooftop beekeeper, honey producer, and writer.”

Megan Paska moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2006 by way of Baltimore, Md (her hometown). She was no stranger to growing food when she got here. Meg had been gardening in Maryland, her mother and grandmother had vegetable gardens and the rest of her family managed a 450-acre farmstead in rural Virginia where she would spend summers walking through the pastures and valleys picking Chicory and learning to appreciate the quietude.



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  1. As a native Baltimorean, let me be the first to apologize for sending this attention-starved, self-righteous, pretentious and utterly useless piece of “pioneering” hipster shit and her whimsical fuckery to Brooklyn. Please shove her into a FedEx mailer and send her back (whole or in pieces), and we’ll take care if what’s left.

    • That is a great point skip. Having grown up around farms and farm animals, in the country not NYC, I can tell you the obvious that animals take a lot of care. They don’t care if it is Sunday or Christmas or anything else. They have to be cared for every day. It is a lot of work. You have to love it to do it. Farming or even serious gardening, much less owning animals, is a labor of love. I have no doubt most of these doofuses last about a month before it gets old and they move on to the next fad.

      • Actually, most of the people I know who are doing it have been doing so for many years now. As with anything, there will be people who dabble and then move on, but that’s just normal life and not worth hating over, right?

        • Good point, Caleb. I’m so glad you’re here. You’ve been so helpful. This has all just been a big misunderstanding.

    • Just like a bunch of little kids who want that cute little chick or bunny until the novelty wears off or the animal gets bigger and grows up.

      • I feel bad for local humane societies, as they will be inundated with all these animals after their hipster owners decide its too much work. Sure, you could eat the chickens, but you now they don’t have the nerve to kill them, and will find someone to pawn them off on.

        • This is a huge problem with dogs and cats, as well as rabbits during Easter too. Some might say it is even a problem with children. Life isn’t always happiness and efficiency. Hopefully each of us does what they can and doesn’t die in a vortex of hate. Yes, that sounds all hippy dippy, but it’s also true.

          • Seriously, “Urban”, what the fuck do you think you are going to accomplish? You going to flip all the haters? Your reasoned arguments will win the day?

          • Even if I can change just one person from blind hating to being an intelligent and inquisitive adult, I view that as worth my effort. Even you! I haven’t been to the store yet, but why don’t we both meet up there and see what they are all about? Who knows, I might walk away with you agreeing that the place is worthless. Or, worst case, you realize that it has merits and it’s great that a small business is giving it a shot. Retail is incredibly risky, that at last makes them brave.

          • Are you mental?

          • What does that mean?

          • You’re being asked if you suffer with some form of cognitive disorder or developmental deficiency.


            What the fuck is the matter witcha yuh hippie retard?

          • Do you REALLY think that people here are blindly hateful?
            Come on, have you never been on the web before? you do realize normal people vent too, right?

  2. Give me a fuckin’ break! Can Elsie the Cow and her farming talents go back to Maryland. These are some of things I remember native Brooklynites really doing on rooftops; tanning, grilling, drugs or having a pidgeon coop. Okay, in Williamsburg in the early 70′s you might hear a rooster crowing thanks to the Puerto Rican guy who was staging illegal cockfights in the back of some corner bodega or you might see some Italian growing figs or tomatoes in his backyard. Thanks to Mayor Bloomberg who was born in Brooklyn but was raised in MA (so he’s also a transplant) for parting the seas to allow these attention seeking transplants to come to Brooklyn and take the Brooklyn out of Brooklyn. I cringe when I hear these interlopers say they’re Brooklynites.

    • It pisses me off when they say they’re from Brooklyn. If your mother didn’t drop you out on our soil you are NOT FROM BROOKLYN!!! If you drove here in your fucking PRIUS xcountry you are NOT FROM BROOKLYN! With their friggin <" I like pronounce every syllable and vowel" accents. Get the hell outta here! Thank you BrooklynGirl, I feel better.

      • “If your mother didn’t drop you out on our soil you are NOT FROM BROOKLYN!!!”


      • You do realize that that makes all those yuppie rugrats in Park Slope anchor babies, right?

        • lol @ park slope anchor crotchfruit. i can only imagine 20 years from now thhem saying they are from brooklyn and, i guess, really be from it. scary


        • I’m going to parrot what a real Southerner said about all the Yankee transplants (myself included- 3rd generation Brooklyn native chased out because I couldn’t afford to live there anymore) moving into the south and having kids here:

          “Just because your children were born in the South doesn’t make them Southerners. If your cat gave birth in the oven, you wouldn’t call the babies biscuits, would you?”

          • I hear you. I lived in the ATL for 30 years, but there is no way I could call myself a southerner, and if I tried, no real, born and bread southerner would ever believe it. But I can say that I am from “The ATL” and people know where I’m from.

          • That’s because the airport’s pretty much all everybody knows of the area.

  3. Hahahaha ok I’ve got to give it to you here, this is fucking ridiculous… Granted, you have to agree that there are plenty of home grown morons too but this is just silly. If your goal is to farm there are a million cheaper, better places to do it outside of the expanse of concrete that is NYC. Don’t stress too much, though, there is no way this is economically viable, it will collapse shortly.

    • I’m sure mommy and daddy will keep this store going, and other idiot hipsters will pay 10x more to buy those specially selected books they have no need for: raising goats and cows? Maybe if they GO HOME!!!!

    • Take a look at Brightfarms and Brooklyn Grange. Big money, big corporate interest. Not going away.

      • And totally non-scalable. The only interest corporations have in these staycationer playpens is value they can wring out of the kitschy “Brooklyn” name for a while. In a year or so, when this fad — like so many others in the hipster arsenal – jumps the shark and no longer interests their ADD personalities, they’ll move on to something else… leaving a massive collection of uncared-for livestock in their wake. Not, of course, that they will care…

        • Not scaleable? What are you talking about? Did you read up on Brightfarms? Clearly not. Did you read up on 3 year old Brooklyn Grange, or 5 year old Eagle Street a rooftop Farm? Clearly not. How can you not be ashamed of yourself?

          • Once again, DieHipster site gets schooled on all the scientifical shit about what hipsters do. Speaking Loudly And Slowly: DIE… HIPSTER…

          • Spoken like a true ignoramus. I think the Tweens say +1 for that?

          • So, you are versed in what 12 year old girls say. Really, you’re going to reference tweens? You did some research on what kids say on the internet? And you came up with +1? Do you also like vampires?

          • Ooh, “Brooklyn” Grange has been open 3 whole years?
            get back to me in 15…..

          • 3 years is quite a reputable dynasty on the farming front. Hope they don’t monopolize it soon with their three years of tenure….WTF?

  4. It’s the “….and writer” that gives it away. Fucking art-yuppies.

  5. I just mowed my lawn. Long self congratulatory blog post to follow. What a bunch of assholes.

  6. I saw something just now that I guarantee becomes the next hipster trend. Was on the J, and at the Myrtle Ave/Broadway stop, this out of place urban explorer in full uniform -linguini limbs, massive fucking backpack, flannel shirt, RED BEARD (of fucking course), birth control glasses, and his sister’s jeans gets on – but there’s one more thing this goddamn Iowa toy had on; around his neck was a chain holding a large crystal – and the crystal had some sort of purple liquid or something in it. Picture a normal sized crystal thing that a teenage emo girl would wear, only about 3 times as large. What a fucking dick – you just know he walks around desperate for people to ask about it.

    Like yah! Look at meeeee!

    • Ha! Birth control glasses. That’s what we called the glasses that we were issued in the Army because it meant we were never going to get with a woman while wearing them. That was what we called them 30+ years ago.

  7. how many hipster cliches in that one pic alone? we’ve got the wanna-be lumberjack, the beardo, and canklesaurus with ridiculous ink right off the bat. anyone setting foot in that place would fill up their hipster bingo gameboard in about 5 seconds.

  8. It absolutely disgusts me that these idiots are encouraging “urban farming”. It is so irresponsible to suggest that people raise chickens and rabbits for food in their backyards in freaking Brooklyn. Plant a damn basil plant if you must grow something. No need to be raising litters of bunnies and killing them. Even Megan’s own blog tells of her landlord making her move her “farm” somewhere else. Complete idiots. I sincerely hope that their “farming” endeavors fail and they all get stung by their bees.

    • “It absolutely disgusts me that these idiots are encouraging “urban farming.” It is so irresponsible to suggest that people raise chickens and rabbits for food in their backyards in freaking Brooklyn. Plant a damn basil plant if you must grow something.”

      1) They’re not suggesting you do anything. They perfectly stating that if you WANT to do something then do it and they’ll be happy to show you how to do it properly.

      2) Planting a Basil plant is technically urban farming (they sell basil seeds as well as other veg) so you’re going about your point a bit wrong.

      • Please. So the one plant I have in my apartment is all I need to be considered an urban farmer? Interesting. Maybe I’ll start a blog about it.

        There is a difference between growing a plant in your windowsill and killing and skinning rabbits in your backyard.

      • “They’re not suggesting you do anything. They perfectly stating that if you WANT to do something then do it and they’ll be happy to show you how to do it properly…”

        But that’s the point: if you’re trying to farm in the city (and especially with livestock) then you are, by definition, **DOING IT WRONG!!!**. They cannot assist in helping people “do it right”, because their approach is totally and completely wrong.

        This would be like me going up to people and saying, “care for me to show you how to drive a car properly while blindfolded?”. There’s no such thing.

        This is all simply an exercise in ayyempted cultural superiority (by doing something “quirky” and “zany” that “you didn’t think of first…”), self-promotion (because these hipsters just can’t cope if they don’t get a gold star every time they take a shit), and overcoming the self-loathing of having to be someone who’s not “from someplace exciting” like Brooklyn (hence the blatant “I’m from Brooklyn!” lies.)

        If you want to show people in New York State how to farm, then move to the Hudson Valley… not Brooklyn.

  9. OK, have some stuff to do in the yard. Have to make the snow blower dormant and bring the trimmer and mower back to life for the summer. I also have to get a new soaker hose. I need string for the trimmer, a spark plug, the mentioned soaker house and a 13/16 inch spark plug socket wrench. How much of this stuff do you think Hayseeds cash and carry have? Do you think they have a spark plug or a wrench socket? Fuck no! so you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to go to Sears. WTF do I need these asswipes for?

    • Just wait, they’ll be colonizing suburban homecare next, joining churches and driving the kids to hockey in minivans, and tumblring the whole thing

    • That’s a kind of weird comment. If I want parts for my Kubota, wouldn’t expect them to have that either. But for the average windowsill, rooftop, backyard, or fire escape gardener, they seem to have all the right stuff. Right?

      • Fine to grow tomatoes like the guidos do. Not fine to start 19th century pioneering in Brooklyn driving up the cost of living for everyone.

        Why does all of this whimsical stuff have to cost so much money?

      • They aren’t talking about gardening, they are talking about “urban FARMING and homesteading”. Not the same thing. The first thing is great, the last two ridiculous.

        Did you not see the books about farm animals you cannot have in BK?

      • This shit will be gone in a year or less. It’s not like the world was crying out for a soda fountain. This is just the business they wanted to open. It will be busy for a week, then just on weekend, and by winter it will be closed. Even the original soda fountains we just parts of other stores. And even then they went out of business. People are just not that interested. I wonder how much these Josh’s dumped into the plac?

        • I guess you didn’t actually look at what they are doing. It’s a pop up, only open until June 30. You should probably look into things before making declarative statements like that. Not doing so can make you look very foolish.

  10. Fucking hipster farmers. Shit writes itself.

  11. so much carnage.

  12. Megan, Gwen, and Chase. Yeah, you really can’t make this shit up.

    That video is absolutely nauseating. The ‘from Brooklyn’ identification is ridiculous. Sorry Megan, you are not from Brooklyn. You came here in fucking 2006 to play quirky beekeeper in occupied North Brooklyn and get attention by telling your other hipster invaders all about your organic hobbies over PBRs and hummus.

    Since these attention starved gentrifyers monitor this site undoubtedly, please listen to what I’m about to tell you Megan:

    First of all, you should really go home – you are not wanted here. I’m sure you are not wanted where you came from either, but that shouldn’t be New York’s problem. If you loved Brooklyn as much as you pretend, you’d leave; you do not love Brooklyn; you just love the idea of denying your Maryland background by redefining yourself, because in your twisted mind, you feel too ordinary telling people you are from Maryland.

    If you insist on staying in New York, which I’m afraid you will insist on doing in order to make your little attention starved videos, you are not to identify yourself as ‘from Brooklyn’ or ‘a New Yorker’. You are not even close to being either. You are to tell people that you are “staycationing in occupied Brooklyn from a home base of Maryland.”

  13. What in the fuckity fuck did I just read? Here in south Brooklyn where it “used” to be all farmland we’ve been growing shit in our yards for generations. This makes me want to slap that ho with a hoe! I planted flowers in my window boxes yesterday. Guess i’m a big city farmer now too…I need to send my born and raised Brooklyn kids there so they can shove that chicken up Joshes ass i don’t know why out of all of the things i’ve seen on this site that this is the one that’s setting me off the most but it is…blechhhh!

  14. This is as bad as it gets. I’m so sorry to all you NYCers that have to live amongst these beardos and cankle queens. I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until I saw all the pics.

    I looked through the pics, until I couldn’t stand it more, and had to stop to puke. There must be 100 pics of Megan (even her name is stereotypical hipster), as if she was a sexy model and not some inbred yokel pretending to be a NYer. Hurts my eyes! EVERY quirky hipster representative was there, perusing the oh so quirky aisles of over priced home depot stuff.

    I’m not sure whats worse, the 20 pics of 10 cent plastic toys shaped like farm animals, decorating their walls, or that they think this is a good way to decorate a farm goods store.

    I also just do not get farming in the middle of a city. How stupid. They aren’t talking about having a window box, or even a small lot community garden (without a FB page), they are promoting “homesteading” as of they have a clue what that even means.

    Where I live you can homestead, in the forest and hills of Oregon. You can have a real farm and grow real crops! You can get a house and 10 acres, with a real barn, for $200k or less. But no one will put up with stupid hipster ways. We live in a house that was a hipster “homestead”- until they realized that everyone hated them, that they didn’t have a clue how to care for the land, and that no one cared about their quirky ways. They didn’t take care of the house or land, got the neighbors hating them, made themselves the laughingstocks of the neighborhood, and kept their chickens in the HOUSE, after making a shit hole mess in the barn.

    • I also just do not get farming in the middle of a city.

      Here’s how it works: everyone else has more traditional jobs so we will be quirky and do the opposite and farm. Everyone else likes fashionable glasses, so we wear thick frames or a monocle. Everyone else likes good beer, so we drink PBR. Everyone else drives or rides a normal bike, so we travel on pennyfarthings, longboards, etc. It’s equal parts lame and predictable. Fucking idiots.

      • Yeah, this is classic hipster SOP. Every bit of it is contrived and there isn’t a ounce of sincerity on the parts of anyone involved. It’s just a bunch of adults with the minds of children playing a theme, posing, and wanting attention. I dont see any difference between this and a five year-old playing farmer in the backyard. Looking through the pictures, what’s with the girl “playing” the banjo? Give me a fucking break. Just another prop to set the theme and feel. They’re not even real hicks. Why can’t they just own up to being regular, run-of-the mill a-holes from nowhere? There are worse things in the world to be.

        • “they’re not even real hicks”

          The real hicks in their hometowns used to beat their asses just to pass the time.

      • Anyone else notice that the drop in the worlds bee population coincided with these bitches hive hobbies? My favorite story was the mysterious red bees about a year or 2 ago that were producing red honey. Turns out these asshats didn’t take into account that the nearby maraschino cherry factory might put a little damper on their whimsical rooftop bee keeping projects.

        • Please see my response below to another poster regarding urban beekeeping. You have your facts completely turned around. Several scientific studies which prove it. So you should welcome the urban beekeeper! As for the red honey, yes odd things can happen. But it’s still better than industrial AG pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide laced honey that comes from farming country. Don’t let your hatred result in you poinsioning yourself needlessly!

          • I’ve been eating honey from a variety of sources since I was a toddler and wow – I’m not dead from it.

            The depth and vastness of hipster pretentiousness never ceases to amaze me. It’s immeasurable. As soon as you think one of them can’t get any snobbier, another pops up to educate you wether you want it or not. Ban ice cream, ethnically cleanse neighborhoods with white curd philosophies, and now honey’s intrinsically bad for us.

            What these people do NOT know about farming could fill legions of libraries. Having walked through mamaw’s farm on a visit does not make one a farmer by any stretch of the imagination. People in urban environments have raised their own food for ages and they don’t do it because it’s ‘progressive’ but because it is cheaper on the household budget.

            I can almost predict all these rooftop whimsies, particularly where livestock is involved, is going to keep a lot of health inspectors busy, not to mention irritate landlords and supers. New codes will probably come into effect that impacts not just the hipster farmer wannabe’s, but the other people who do simple patches.

            Are they not aware of how much chickens crap? I can see it now, the new trend will be to have a shit stained shirt customized by ones rooster or hens. Chickens will be getting run over by cars as they get out of pens poorly built, or over the rooftop to fall to their death in an act of roostercide and away from Josh’s who think it’s cute to carry their new pet around to parties. Facebook accounts will fill of proud redbeards with new rhode island red under thier arm and ukelele in the other.

            I support these bush eaters at least growing their rabbit food though it won’t help them when SHTF and, god forbid, the skinny pansies have to…hunt. Someone above said that they’ll choke if they have to end the birds life. You bet they will. Most of them wouldn’t last a day on a hog farm, nevermind the back country.

            Why don’t they just move out into the country if that’s what they want instead of trying to drag the country into an URBAN environment? It’s urban for many good reasons, none of them being to entertain the white bread Okies.

            Or hey, maybe the next new trend will be they do an urban migration into the south Bronx? What do you think?

          • Actually, the South Bronx has a long history of back yard farming and animal husbandry. Spend some time in Hunts Point and you’ll get an education. As to the rest of your comment, it just seems so irrational and hate filled. Have you ever kept bees or done any research into apiculture? Clearly not based on your comment. Just take a few minutes to do so and you’ll find the various scientific studies which laud urban apiculture due to the health of the bees over their farm country counterparts. It’s in arguable science, not opinion, so why not embrace it? Rooftop farming and green roofs go hand in hand. Both reduce the urban heat island effect. Both reduce storm water burdens on the sewer system. Both insulate the building below. But a farm creates food and jobs, a green roof does not. What is there to hate about that? Why do you care so much as to take the time to type such hatred here?

          • OK, Cliff Claven, you are officially the smartest fucking guy on the planet.

          • Thanks, but there are far greater minds. Imagine how boring it would be if there were not? How about that meet and assess at the store, you want to do it?

          • Actually, Fed up with it is right- hipster idiots will ruin it for normal people who have gardens. All it will take is one bad incident, and the city will start throwing up all types of rules and it will hurt average people, and also those who do actual sustainability work.

            Once again, its not the “urban” thats the problem as much as who is doing it and how its being done. I work in Solar, so I understand roof loads. I just don’t see to many designed for a full on farm. That stuff is heavy! These jokers are simply slapping stuff up there, as if it was a field in Ohio. Its not. Even green roofs require some thought, so they don’t overload the structure, or become a hazard otherwise.

            Just because farming has been done in the city, doesn’t mean it should be done by yokels in NYC. They need to go back home and farm there.

          • You are completely wrong. The city has very strict codes and permitting requirments for these roof farms already. How could you make such a definitive statement that is so completely wrong?

          • Thats not what I said.

            What I said was there will be new rules for all types of GARDENING once one of these yahoos fucks up a roof top “farm”.

            And please don’t think they are following the rules, you only have to talk to a few and hear about how they are doing this stuff on their roofs with ZERO approval- not from landlord, the city, or anyone. This is not the corporate farm you are taking about, but the hipster who thinks it’s cool and mindlessly follows with no planning or knowledge. ONE bad incident is all it takes……

          • They are already in the south bronx you idiota. I see these hipsters everyday coming off the first stop subway stop in the bronx on the 6 train. Sometimes you see these kazoo voiced box heads haul whole foods back to the south bronx.

          • While having bees in a densely populated area doesn’t seem smart, if it’s a knowledgable person doing it, I have no problem with it. Its not the “urban” thats the problem, its that idiotic wanna be farmer- hipsters do it and are irresponsible about it. Its a quirky hobby for them, they are clueless otherwise.

          • How can you ascertain somebody’s beekeeping ability by simply labeling them with an arbitrary label like hipster? Also, in you clearly expert beekeeping knowledge, what constitutes a bad beekeeper and what would the result of that be which would be detrimental to the city? Please do enlighten.

          • Sorry…I was busy working for a living in a place which has been family owned and operated for the past 78 years all night and just got home so now I can respond. Let me school you on some shit. Where were you fuckers when we’ re holding benefits to keep the oldest running Memorial Day parade in the country when the government tapped out and real musicians who gave 2 fucks about our community banded together? Oh yeah that’s right…looking for the next happy hour to pay on the cheap and stiff the working class natives…the true artists are the ones that walk the talk…you staycationing fucks get everything you deserve…we have another benefit coming in May but there’s no PBR and you not only have to pay at the door but have to buy raffles and or tees and hats too…bite me fuckers…you’re welcome!!!

  15. This can only carry on until Carl Sagan rises from the grave to build an anti hipster deathray to cleanse Brooklyn.

  16. Christ, they sell “Heirloom Tobacco seed”. Fucking great. First place I see tobacco drying is going to get smoked, if you take my meaning. Even worse I expect the word “Heirloom” will be the new “vinatage”.

    • Heirloom? What does that mean? What, you had those seeds in your family forever? Since way back before you pioneered your way east to homstead in the big city?

      I bet these douchenozzles are all smug and shit, thinking that when the end comes, they’ll have food from their gardens and the natives won’t. Wrong, the natives have these things called guns, and soon afterwards, they will have guns AND food.

      And yes, I know what the fuck heirloom means.

      • It seems that you don’t. Heirloom is an industry term to differentiate between hybrid and non hybrid. Look in any big AG seed catalog.

        • Douchenozzle hipster, I do know what it means, but when you guys use the word, it can’t help but sound hipster ironic.

          • I’m far too old to be considered a hipster. You seem to be projecting? And why call me names, seems silly, but whatever floats your boat I guess.

          • “I’m far too old to be considered a hipster…”

            Denying you’re a hipster while advocating hipster activity? Spoken like a true card-carrying, uniform-wearing member of the hipster community.

          • You know he’s lying like they always do. Stevie Lam’s antics provided a wealth of insight into hipster behavior and the motivations behind it.

          • Flattery wil get you everywhere my boy. You are, in essence, saying that I am much younger than I am. One day you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. But please do continue!

          • No, what I’m saying “in essence”, is that you’re full of shit.

          • Why? More importantly, why would you feel so important that someone would feel it necessary to lie to you or the other commenters here? I assure you I feel no pressure to lie about anything here.

          • bde, btn, div?

    • Psst – that’s urban homesteader code for “weed.”

  17. The prentiousness of that video is nauseating. I could care less if people want to take up “urban farming” (people have been planting gardens in cities for as long as people have been living in cities), but must they all act like they’ve re-invented the fucking wheel? These fucks, as with everything they do, want accolades for shit that has been done before and much better.

  18. Wouldnt it be cheaper to raise bees and farm on an actual farm. Instead you pay an arm and a leg to do the same thing you could be doing in the country for a fraction of the cost. Hey you can even write your stupid bullshit(probably poems about bees and the strain of being an urban farmer) out there too.

    • It certainly would, but then they wouldn’t be doing it in the middle of a city with potentially thousands or more spectators. I don’t believe people like this really give a shit about what they’re peddling, whether farming supplies, haircuts, or whatever artisinal trash you can imagine. I think the real payoff for them is attention. Good or bad probably doesn’t matter. They want everyone to thinks it’s kind of weird because they think that’s basically the same as being cool and unique. I fucking hate the theme park quality to these hipster projects, too. The Facebook imagery really plays up the back-country theme almost to the point of parody, in my opinion. They’re trying too hard to make it believable and it shows. Fucking fools.

    • Actually no. Urban beekeeping has been common since at least ancient Egypt. Churches and temples have even been built with permenant beehives in the roofs. Keeping a hive in a city requires about 4 square feet and maybe a one time investment of $150. Or you can build a hive out of scraps and get some bees from a friend. Beekeeping in NYC has gone back to its birth. In the 50′s there were thousands of private hives in the city. Now it’s coming back, nothing wrong with that which has always been. Further, actual scientific studies have shown urban bees to be generally more healthy and not subject to colony collapse disorder the way country bees are. Very interesting reasons why, and very important that urban beekeeping rise in popularity. You like your apples, almonds, and oranges, right?

      • Hipster much?

      • Well, I can think of an “Oops our bad! The bees died, colony collapse of bees imported from Europe in Nieuw Breukelen” incident posted here on this board. Then somebody collected the dead bees, put them in jars and sold them on Etsy as Art. ArtArtArtBrooklynArtArtUrbanArt created by a bunch of true geniuses. If I can find the link I’ll post it here again.

        It’s all going to end when some Park Slope stroller nazi mommy blogger’s precious hyper-allergic devil-child gets stung and goes into anaphylactic shock. Her parents are going to sue for EVERYTHING, and that will be the End Of Story.

        • I’ve added the dead Brooklyn bees to my collection along with the menstrual blood pendant. CF4L (Cystic Fibrosis 4 Life)

  19. I just posted the following on their Facebook wall. Let’s see if it lasts…

    “Megan, just saw your video. Interesting. You say you’re ‘from Brooklyn, New York’ — but you weren’t born there. So you’re not from Brooklyn. Just sayin’…”

    • Their page is gone. Too much hipster hate

    • Looks like it did, and they responded!

      • How’s the hipster up there?

        • Sorry, I don’t follow you. Forgive me as I’m probably a bit older than the demographic here.

        • I don’t think urban ag guy is a hipster.

          I just think he is an ag enthusiast who is missing the point- its not WHAT these people do, it’s HOW they do it, and WHO they are.

          NORMAL people can keep bees and garden in the city. Cool no problem! They have been doing it for ages (centuries, as you say).

          HIPSTERS turn these traditional things into some sort of trendy, quirky, look at me fest. They come to NYC from places like WV and OH, then try to mimic those places in a “trendy way”, denying where they come from while recreating it. They don’t give a shit about these things, they merely want attention and want to jump on a new trend.

          Ag guy may not be use to them. Or be stuck living amongst them. I can see not getting it if you aren’t exposed to these wastes of life.

          • But here’s the tell: he comes to a site called DieHipster.com and wants to be all Oprah/Dr. Phil like and argue his point, time after time when he keeps catching a beatdown and he keeps saying “come by the store”, “if you met her/us, you would like us” kind of shit. If this dude was in a poker game with me, I would pwn his house, his pension and all his future generations.

          • Then please do come by the store with me and I will play you at one hand of simple 5 card. What we play for is completely your call. You wouldn’t be an Internet coward, now would you? Perish the thought.

          • Again, with the Cliff Claven shit – now he plays poker just like he saw on the interweb site about what was cool when old guys ruled and drank the Bushmill. And again, inviting me to the fucking store. Take your beatdown and go the fuck home already. You are in the wrong fucking hood, internet-wise. I would ask, again, if you are mental, as a rhetorical device, but I am now certain that you are.

            “Urban” “guy” responds with psycho-babble in 3…2…1

          • Liftoff! Didn’t know there were hoods in the Internet. I guess I’m just not up with the Tweens these days. Sad how angry so many of you seem to be, yet so young and so without anything to truly be angry about. Sad.

          • You’ve just pulled your hipster pants down. I am 50+ and Cliff Claven is the know-it-all rummy from Cheers that knows everything about every fucking thing. You’ve missed this reference 3 times now.You are cornball, stay the fuck where you at:

          • I did not watch cheers regularly. I did watch the Cosby show for a while. Same era, right? I can probably ask you some questions about various BBC shows from the early 80′s which you would have no clue about. What would that prove? You have flummoxed me.

          • Point is, you got a scientifical fucking answer for everything. You are the smartest fucking hipster to invade DieHipster.com. What do we have for the winner, Johnny?…

      • Some guy named Trevor just called me a douchbag. WAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Make him stop!!!!!!!!

        • Was this comment directed to me? If so, I’m confused.

          • No, it refers to reply to a comment I made on this companies Facebook page. Fun stuff.

          • Have you been to the store? If not, why the abject and blind hate? I have no problem with someone giving a negative review of an establishment, but to do so sight unseen? That’s just bizarre, right? It’s just a small store, one of the most difficult things to make successful especially in a cities New York. They are nothing if not brave and industrious. Again I ask, isn’t that the antithesis of what you cal hipsters?

          • Brave? How is this brave?
            Industrious? HA.
            They are trust fund wanna bees that put up a store that looks like they spent all of an hour designing. I have owned a business, and I know CRAP when I see it. I wonder who’s mommy and daddy signed for the lease?

          • Why not ask them rather than create an unfounded narrative in your head?

          • Why do you think I haven’t?
            Why do you assume I don’t know SO many people like this?

    • Posing as Mr. MeNoLike Hipsters, I posted this:
      I have never seen anything so unique. Wow, growing thins and using gardening tools. Never in the history of man has this occured. I’ll bet you are getting a lot of attention.

      Here is their lame response:
      Hopefully! It is a store after all, and we hope to sell things to people that need them. Wish us luck!

      • Actually, that’s pretty funny. Sorry if you didn’t catch the diss she just did to you. But you should try to post from your real facebook account !

        • Yes, I’m too stoopid to detect irony. Like the irony of opening a gardening store and growing things in a garden in a big city escapes me. I never woulda thunk that up. I cede all the well deserved attention to you.

          • Irony? I know many big cities with gardening stores that have been open for generations. One of those is New York. I’m curious, you really were unaware of this?

          • Josh, the site is named DieHipster.com, not JustifyYourHipsterFuckery.com. Nobody gives a fuck about farming.

          • Based on the article, and the majority of the comments, looks like you are wrong on that. It’s good that people have an obvious interest in farming, now we can get to the educating. And who’s Josh? My name is William.

          • Still waiting for you to post on your real facebook account.

          • Think through the logic on that one, Einstein… Go ahead, I’ll wait…

  20. Yeah that video was trash, all those pseudo farmer clowns are trash and their vanity fueled hobbies suck balls. To be fair to the chickens, rabbits, bees and farmers….YES all those things are cool, when done where they are supposed to be done….ON A FARM.

    That store and that little crew suck shit. Of course homegirls name is MEG. Love her randomly placed “weird” tattoos. She should post more pictures of herself and broadcast her ironic lifestyle to the planet more. She’s soooo ORIGINAL. Also…why the FUCK play a banjo anywhere near Brooklyn? Oh I forgot…its farmie, peculiar and hick. Let’s be polar opposites of what a city dweller is. Let’s stink up the neighborhood with chicken shit and clucking noises. Most of all let’s broadcast it and get as much attention as possible. Let’s say “thank you so much” and “Oh my God” every 10 minutes.

    When the hell is this ironic plague gonna subside? Everywhere you look is something retarded like this farmer scene. I try to ignore it. The wave of shitheads never seems to cease. Why come to NYC with hick, hillbilly, country interests? IT’S A FUCKING METROPOLITAN AREA. Go to the country! No wait, come to the city so millions of people will SEE you being ironic.

    By the way……I’ve been in Brooklyn almost 16 years and I’m still not FROM Brooklyn.

    • Its okay that you’re not from Brooklyn as long as you see that hipsters are just a nucence in ways thats unbelievable. My 2nd grade teacher was from Arizona but she didn’t dress like it was 90 degrees all year round. I mean if you come to a city its not for farming all pigeons and smog all over the place blah!!!! My church had an area next door to us that had rosters and stuff it was for the kids to see the animals not farming. In ways hipsters think that city people don’t grow things if we have a lawn or so we don’t use it. Just false accusations if you ask me, because they feel that we must be barbarians, angry, and un arted people. It makes me sick because we do have native actors, and actresses, painters, etc in the arts.They are already going into our backyards and growing crap. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDxBEUOImjI&feature=related

    • I know a lot of people who were born in the city, as we’re their parents and grandparents, and they have kept chickens and bees and grown produce for all those generations. I wonder what they would think of you, an admitted transplant, disparaging this practice?

      • Tool, it’s not the farming, it’s your hipster, narcissitic fuckery. You are on a site tha hates hipsters for that reason, and you want to school us on fucking farming?

        • Why such abject hate? Just don’t get it. I’m not a hipster as far as I can tell, but a lot of commenters here clearly have some knowledge of farming and are using it in their comments. How do you know any of these people are hipsters? Have you met them and talked with them? I think it best that you do. That would be the honorable thing to do. Wouldn’t want to get labeled an Internet coward, would you?

          • “I’m not a hipster as far as I can tell, but . . ”

            Stop lying.

          • There’s an excellent vid on YouTube from L.A. where a guy is asking people who are painfully, obviously hipsters beyond a doubt, and not a G.D. one of them would say yes.

          • Good stuff.

          • Typical. Unlike real subcultures where people wear their labels with pride, hipsters tried to drop the label as soon as they became the butt of jokes. I’ve never seen a group of people so easily butthurt that they would discard the very tag they were once so proud of.

          • Yep. Beatniks were cool with it. Hippies were cool with it. But when you get to yuppies and then to hipsters, they get ashamed because they know how fake-ass they are. In 1984 my brother got hit on his motorcycle by some yuppie cunt in a benzo and it was her fault. He yelled at her for being a brain-dead yuppie, and the first thing she did was scream that she wasn’t a yuppie.

          • Well put. Like Yuppies/Yupsters, hipsters don’t stand for anything because there’s nothing behind their “art”, music or way of dress. If you strip away the hipster’s attention whoring and artistic pretensions, you have a yuppie.

          • Maybe I am, though I am certainly far older than the archetype. Can hipsters have several tours of military service under their belts and still be hipsters?

          • Cite campaigns

          • I’m waiting for him to do that. He’s probably getting busy with Google as I type this.

          • Desert Storm and Bosnia. Why?

          • You know, we’re not going to take your word for it. The way you spazzed out when I said “would you rather me go out and beat up hipsters, or would you rather me bash them online” (something like that). A person who’s seen action or has been in fistfights, doesn’t react that way. A person who’s seen action would never mention “Hand to Hand combat” in relation to bashing effeminate, physically weak douchetards who get smacked around by teenagers.

            I’ve been around bonafide “badasses” of various stripes throughout my life. Many of them were rather humble, and even soft spoken. However, none of them would’ve gone spastic the way you did over my post. Nor would they have started spouting inane psychobabble (a common tactic among hiptards).

            Don’t take it personal if we think you’re full of shit. You show all of the characteristics of a hipster and hipsters are known liars.

          • Bn, bde, div?

      • The difference is they don’t blog about it, Tweet about it, and initiate a FB post every time they successfully compost a banana peel, as if it’s some amazing ancient art that they just “discovered”, and are now enlightening us poor Luddites with their totally deck secret knowledge.

        That is why hipsters suck — not for what they do, but because what they do has all been done before. They’re adding zero value to society. Z-E-R-O.

  21. This shit makes me cringe. “I’m from Brooklyn NY”. No. If you were from Brooklyn NY and you did do some planting you wouldn’t need to make a fucking video about it and telling people where you are “from”. Guaranteed she’s never been south of the line into the real heart of this borough and if so, it’s because she fell asleep on the L train.

    • She’s actually supposed to be from Baltimore, but I doubt even that. Her roots are in rural Virginia. That’s probably where she was born and raised and most likely went to college in B-more.

    • No. If you were from Brookyln NY and you did do some planting you would do whatever the hell you wanted and make a video of it if you enjoyed doing so. Making a video doesn’t disqualify you from anything. And I guarantee you she has. Actually, I’ll put $50 on it.

  22. OK, here are your new Facebook credentials so that you may “comment” on their Facebook page. Sign in to Facebook with these:

    email address = ef5fb3f2bb56@a1ffbc609137.anonbox.net (copy and paste it)
    password = ihatehipsters

    Then goto https://www.facebook.com/HayseedsFarmSupply

    If they get butthurt and blocks it or FB blocks it, there are plenty more where this came from

    Fire for effect. I say again, fire for effect. Over.

  23. Sorta off topic, but still on topic in a cool way…..go to Flikr and look up a guy named WHISKEYGONEBAD. Check his photostream out. Any real deal Brooklynite will grin and float down memory lane seeing some of his pix. Start at like page 60 for some true classics.

    Take a break from shitting on these transplanted, attention fiend, dooshbags and check some authentic Brooklyn realness. His collection of Brooklyn photos he shot over his lifetime are great.

    Trust me!

  24. This people look like the mountain folk that lived outside of Mayberry.

  25. hahahahaha. The amount of ‘ass hurt’ in this comment thread is amazing. “Hey guys, look at me! I’ve got nothing better to do with my time than be mad and write a blog or comment on a blog about people who are doing things they like!!”

    The fact that people are quoting “The store of course is run by Megan, Gwen, and Chase. Does it get any more cliché than that?” just enriches this argument. DOES IT GET ANY MORE CLICHE THAN THESE THREE NAMES THAT THEIR PARENTS NAMED THEM AND THEY HAVE NO CONTROL OVER??? NO. IT DOESNT!!

    Fucking Christ. Take the stick out of your collective asses and smile. The world isn’t that bad. Go outside. Look around. Notice that people are different and each are individuals and smile.

    • Oh, ok. Thanks for sharing, Josh. I see your point. You have won us over. Now, GTFO

    • Hey, Josh, butthurt much?

    • Now now, you are just playing to the hate. Most of them are just probably uneducated about the benefits of urban farming and the renaissance it is experiencing. Just yesterday a big typical company announced the building of a 100,000 square foot greenhouse in Brooklyn. If that’s not a massive endorsement of what these people have been doing and are continuing to do, I don’t know what is. Though big corporate America taking over could just result in another food system debacle like we currently have. But somehow I think some of these “hipster farmers” are going to play their cards right and end up making a nice load of cash when some corporation comes in and buys them up in order to get into the market. You watch.

      • Well there is a lot of abandoned buildings across this country that’s near train lines. How about they endorse money near there. I am not hating just saying if much money can be endorsed in using those abandoned buildings and have fright trains make imports well that will also be good enough, their own land and business. I am not so against this but in ways that people are already growing things in their own backyards for themselves. Its just the whole fact these out of state people come here thinking that we don’t grow, or do anything that they do do. Of course we do, we just don’t go all out making it worlds business. My family grow things in our backyards but yet we don’t have to pay others to come in and do it for us. Yes we are playing into the hate read the site. So I am not disagreeing with you just let people vent.

        • Fair enough. But to me it seems like there is a need for a store like this in the city, and they filled it. As for abandoned building and rail lines, the beauty of rooftop farms of scale in a big city is the almost zero food miles travelled. Plus it cools the building underneath and cleans the air in the immediate vicinity. It also prevents sewers from overflowing during storms, which costs the city huge amounts of money.

          • Fair enough and I am glad it is benefiting our city. But just one question do hipster get on your nerve sometime?

          • I’ll again be brutally honest in that I’m just too old to really catch on to who is, and who is not a hipster. Seems to be a moving target to me. But the general stereotype does seem laughable and absurd, though not worth my ire. I reserve that for real threats. I guess my short answer is I don’t know?

          • See, I KNEW you were clueless!
            Maybe it’s cuz you’re old, but HIPSTERS are worthy of actual hate. You just don’t know them to understand. after you have amen these Calebs and Megans ruin a few neighborhoods that are dear to you, you will understand.

          • Sounds like something that might be heard in 1938 Germany. But I plan to visit the store next weekend and see for myself.

          • Ok, I get it, you are trying to pull some kind of ‘social media’ kung fu and ‘build traffic’ or some shit. That’s why you keep telling everybody to visit the store. Yup, we sheeple done been sucked in with your sophisticated social media marketing. Just like the fucks who have to keep their iPhone, twitter feed-bag strapped to their nose, so as to be led around by said twitter feed-bag noses.

          • Nope, wrong again. Seems to be a pattern.

          • Did you just GODWIN this thread?

          • Yeah, I think it just turned in that direction. But then again, that is the nature of Godwins law. Sooo, let’s stop the hate… or not? Wha? Where is my cat? Hey, I got a thing. OK, bye…

          • Funniest book ever, Tina Fey Bossypants. No, I’m not gay. women are actually funny. Well, the only one I’ve ever seen is Tina Fey. No, I’m not a shill for her. And Tina knows how to destroy nazis. which circles back nicely to… the Godwin theory

          • When person makes a reference to anything relating to the Third Reich in a discussion which has absolutely NOTHING to do with it, Godwin’s Law is invoked. To put it another way, you’ve run out of bullshit to pull out of your ass.

          • is it 0315 already? I must be a serious fucking loser to still be posting. M’kay. Time to pass out.

          • @Gorlock

            I can’t freakin’ sleep. I have to get up early tomorrow.

          • This is where Captain Morgan takes point.

          • I don’t buy his “I’m an old vet” schtick for a second. However, if he’s telling the truth, then you’re right – he’s clueless. Extremely clueless. The only people I can see defending hipsters are:

            a) hipsters themselves

            b) clueless “normals” who haven’t crossed paths with them and buy into their “artsy” pretentiousness

            c) Yupsters who are a closely related species.

            d) Someone who is related to hipsters.

            If he’s a relative of Megan, then I can at least give him props for sticking up for family, but he’s still a douchebag (and hipsters are a merely a subspecies of douchebag).

      • Get over yourself. As I said in another post, people were planting gardens in cities as long as there have been people living in cities. The difference is they didn’t act like they were doing something new or use it as another way to say “LOOK AT MEEEEE!” (the main motivation behind anything a hipster does).

        • Seems like they had to come up with the business plan, capital, investors, and location. If they did all that with a motivation of look at me, that would be very bizarre. More likely it is along the lines of hey, we opened a small temporary store with the hopes of making a living rather than living off the dole. Isn’t that the antithesis of hipster? Have you or anyone else here ever started a small business?

          • There are always exceptions to the rule, but for the most part hipsters come from families with deep pockets. Instead of making a living, it’s merely a hobby to them. If their business folds, they still have parental funding to fall back upon. I’m currently going to school in Minneapolis where hipsters are legion. I’ve been able to observe their behavior up close and personal, so I know a hipster when I see one.

            You do know this is a hipster bashing site, right? You’re not going to change any minds. That would be like myself or another black person going over to chimpout in an attempt to change their minds about blacks.

          • Bigotry should not be tolerated anywhere. Now, have you checked into who is actually financing this store? I doubt it, but you just assume somebodys parents are funding it? Why? That’s just so odd. And even if it is so, what is inherently wrong with that? Won’t you help your children get onto their feet at least a couple of times? You wouldn’t be so callous as to say no, right? But the bottom line is that bigotry here is resulting in the irrational hatred of a small establishment, just starting out and hoping to be successful. That is the epitome of wretched behavior and all of you should be so lucky as to never be on the receiving end.

          • There’s a massive difference between getting your children on their feet and funding their “staycation” in the “big city” (while they pretend to be poor while looking down on actual poor people).

            Of course I’m making an assumption. You know the saying, “If it walks like a duck . . . ” There’s a chance I could be wrong, but with hipsters being so (ironically) conformist, I’m probably not. Hipsters are as interchangeable as Lego pieces (and just as plastic).

            Get over yourself and spare me the sanctimonious bullshit. You’re just making people laugh at you even more.

            If Meg, Josh and Hummus are successful, more power to them. Their customer base will be other hipsters. That can be a bad thing considering how fickle hipsters are (urban farming? That was sooooo April 2012! I’m sooooo over it.) .

          • If it walks like a duck? Are you serious? That is patently sociopathic.

          • You’re an idiot. You’re so butthurt and full of nerd rage, you missed the context of “walks like a duck”. Perhaps I should have said “if it looks, talks and acts like a fucking hipster, then it’s a fucking hipster”. What a dumbass.

          • Would you really say these things in a real world interaction?

          • Hey “Urban”, I figured I’d reply to you over here since the cascading nature of the replies make them a bit difficult to read.

            You said:

            “Would you really say these things in a real world interaction?”

            Nah, I’d simply tell you to get the fuck away from me. If you’re not as stupid as you appear to be, you’ll do just that. When I have to resort to profanity in a “real world interaction”, that means shit can pop off at any moment — especially if I’m dealing with an annoying hiptard. Then we’ll see how tight your “hand to hand” game really is.

          • Yep. I wouldn’t even have to speak if it got this far.

          • I sincerely doubt what you said below.

          • Fuck You. Tell me how this Mehgan was making her rent raising bees and chickens in one of the most expensive real estate markets on earth? Tell me the business plan that involves involves selling eggs and honey, in small quantities that can pay for an average rent of $1,900 hundred dollars a month to live before even considering money to run the business? And then just happen to have the cash for a business lease and up front rent and investment in inventory and salarys? They have no business plan. Anyone that knew shit about business would know better to put a nickel in to a business that was obsolete 150 years ago. I know hte cost of real estate in Brooklyn and it does not lend itself to selling eggs and honey bees. You are either stupid, insane, a hipster or a troll. Maybe you are all of these things. One thing for sure your are a flying asholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Eat a bag of dicks…again

          • Urban guy responds with pscho babble in 5…4…3…2…

          • I’m surprised he hasn’t already played the “haha! Got you guys! I was just trolling” card.

          • Such terrible hatred and ignorance.

          • Fucktard

          • Yo, Urban guy, take your beatdown and go home all-fucking-ready.

        • I’ve read VERY mixed reviews about the taste of hydroponically grown tomatoes. Then again, most commercially grown tomatoes taste like shit these days anyway.

        • I hope they power it with solar thermal, like the grower out in CA. I worked on that system it’s SWEET!

      • Here’s my take on that greenhouse. It’s likely being built by a company who plans to take advantage of all those sheeple who will blindly buy anything labeled “local.” They just may pull it off.

        • Indeed it seems like one of those companies from the dot com boom. But then there is a smaller version that has been operating in Brooklyn for over 2 years, Gotham Greens. They are in Whole Foods and Fairway I believe. There is also a very big one in Montreal, Lufa Farms. With more and more of them, competition will result in lower prices. We should be welcoming these people and these companies. Brooklyn Grange, one of the investors in this store, is on year 3 and opening their second huge open air traditional farm on a roof in the Brooklyn Navy Yard next month. They air also setting up a commercial apiary in th Navy Yard too, with the hopes of creating a line of bees that are naturally hearty to the city environment. No more need to import bees from down south. I can’t see anything wrong with any of that, isn’t enlightened capitalism what this country was built upon?

          • The point being made by most people on this blog is not that urban farming is a bad thing. My grandfather grew at least 20 different fruits and vegetables (including corn) in a relatively small backyard plot on New Utrecht Avenue for decades. What we don’t like here is when urban farming is presented like it is some kind of new thing. What we don’t like is when the use of the word “Brooklyn” is exploited for the “cool” factor by non-natives. And we especially don’t appreciate the use of terms such as “enlightened” because those words denote superiority over others (the “unelightened”?). People don’t like being spoken down to.

            And this country was not built on “enlightened capitalism” by any means. Think about how much of capitalism has led to products that harm people and the environment. I’m all for capitalism, btw, but let’s not romanticize the capitalism history of the U.S. in order to support your urban-farming narrative.

            BTW, if competition does lead to lower prices, it will be interesting to see if these urban-farm companies can remain in business after their margins drop as more and more players jump into the craze.

          • I agree. Hipsters (among other people) confuse businesses with hobbies.
            My great-grandfather grew flowers for florists in his backyard in what is today South Philly. Any sign of a impending frost would make the family quite nervous. This wasn’t some hobby, but his livelihood and way to support his family.

          • But now you are resorting to arguing semantics. To just base your opinion of someone on what they say in a clearly scripted and produced video is just absurd. Seems she has some free classes at the store, why not go check her out? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were totally wrong about her? Or, you could then walk away and say that the reality mirrored your interpretation of the video. As for the whole new thing, yes, urban ag is experiencing a huge new renaissance. A mere 5 years ago it was underground fringe. Now corporate America is getting in. That’s steeper than the dot com boom for those of you who experienced it. Looks to me like she and her partners see the writing on th wall and are being very shrewd capitalists, enlightened or otherwise. I also did not mean that our history was rife with enlightened capitalism, I mean that th founding fathers had enlightened capitalism in mind. Yes, history went another way, but maybe now is the time for it to finally shift back? I don’t know, but why not give it a shot?

            But Ben if some of th companies go out of business, there will still be a productive farm sitting on a roof for people to grow food on. It will not go anywhere, and even if left fallow it will continue to stop storm water, cool the building, freshen the air, and provide space for native birds’ insects and plants. Seems like a win no matter what happens, right?

          • yes, its a net positive IF it goes outta business….

  26. Mehgan is a regular fucking polymath – a beekeeper AND a writer

    • I bet if you met her you’d like her. But until you do so, insulting her like that makes you seem like a frightened child. I don’t mean to insult you, so I’m being very factual in that statement.

      • No, it’s the nasaly, pretentious, I’m-saving-the-world tone of voice. Yes, you’re special. We all love you and the earth changing shit you are doing. Ok, you make honey. How many beekeepers are out there that just do their fucking job and don’t have some hollywod production about it?

        • Did you see Queen of the Sun or Vanishing of the Bees last year? Beekeepers are in the public spotlight now, and none too soon. I don’t judge you on not realizing this, but I do judge you on jumping to such a negative conclusion of someone you have not met and about a subject for which you have no knowledge. If I feel negative towards someone, I do all the research I can to determine if it is founded or not. That’s simply me being a rational and civilized adult, nothing special about it. It’s also really great when I discover my initial emotional reaction was indeed incorrect. In effect, I enjoy being proven wrong as that then means I can be right. Make sense?

          • Ethan, I sit at a desk all day and pound out code. I have never had the impulse to have a Hollywood production value movie made about me just doing my job, and then speak about what I do as if it is some new, unique thing I just invented and have to tell everyone about. I go to the office, I write code, I go home. She makes honey.

          • You have my sympathies.

          • Yo! Fuck you, you fucking fuck. I fucking love my job. I’ve owned my own business for 20 years. I could go on about the amazing shit I’ve done in a career of 25 years, but I don’t feel the need to impress. You have my sympathies for being a narcissitic fucking pussy.

          • Oh my! I meant no disrespect. I mistakenly read your comment as to one of lament in your current job, not aspiring to reach for anything higher or attain some marginal recognition. Apologies Lanista.

          • I get all the recognition I need every time I go to my P.O. box and find a check in it, or, like when I was in the construction trades and a customer or boss said “you do good work.
            I constantly reach higher- to do good work. I don’t need anyone but my clients to recognize me. Only a narcissist needs recognition from people they don’t know.

            I seriously think you are mental

          • You harbor such hate and rage for people you have never met, and ar afraid to go and meet, yet you think I am mental? And here I thought you were violently anti-irony?

          • Fuck off, freak

          • Yes, it all makes perfect sense, now.Your therapist has been teaching you lots of useful skills.

          • I’m not sure I follow.

        • He’s missing that point – the big production of it all. The lights camera action aspect of something thats been done a billion times – except its never had the “look at me I’m in Brooklyn” sugar coating. Hopefully he’ll get our anger before his 10,000th comment.

          • But that’s so utterly subjective and it seems you are all just looking to hate somebody. That is a clear sign of mental illness, seriously. If you really are a New Yorker, you would go meet her in person and tell her what you think, not hide behind the Internet. In my experience real New Yorkers are not that cowardly by any means. Just an observation based on empirical evidence.

          • Urban, are you a mental-health professional? If not, making a “mental illness” diagnosis is not only taking things too far, but also complete hypocrisy coming from a guy criticizing someone for “just looking to hate somebody.”

          • I didn’t think it such a mystery that seeking individuals to hate is a clinical sign of mental illness. But I can check with my sister who is a clinical psychologist just to confirm. If I am mistaken, I will post a retraction.

          • We don’t have to “seek” it out. The disdain comes from being surrounded by talentless attention-seekers, whether it’s these guys in Brooklyn, or me in a college town.

            It’s really that simple. If you can’t understand something that simple, you are being willfully obtuse or just passive-aggressive. I’m guessing the latter.

          • But to harbor such rage and hate against someone you have not met and who has done you no harm is inherently not understandable, not by rational adults anyway. I am being neither obtuse nor passive aggressive, as much as either of those might lend to the cognitive dissonance you are clearly engaged in. I can only fee sorrow for those such as you.

          • I prefer disdain personally; I don’t waste energy hating. That said, I repeat: We are surrounded by talentless attention-seekers. I don’t need to have “met” them — I deal with them every day. I see their lack of manners, their lack of talent, their lack of self-awareness.
            The self-esteem/everyone-gets-a-trophy generation is now grown up. A lot I blame on their parents, because their parents are my peers and I’ve seen the mentality up close.

          • YEP, we are hateful of hipsters!
            OH NOES! The humanity!!!

            While I WISH this page was full of fire bombing revolutionaries that would beat hipsters down on sight, the reality is that MOST people come here to VENT, because IRL we are normal people with careers, families, and kids. No matter how irritating these pretentious, neighborhood ruining fools are, we respect the law and other peoples property, and are not violent, so what can be done?

            I cannot stop them from renting with their parents money and killing the neighborhood with inflated rents (and as a former art gallery owner, I know thousands of such kids. YES! They are trust fund babies. Trust fund babies KILL neighborhoods by making them too costly for all but others like them, and bankers.) I cannot tell a landlord to stop making money off these parasites, or tell marketers to stop selling shit to them making them feel special enough to cop attitude all the time. The best I can do is be unfriendly (not in my nature) and get out the anger online where I can bitch all I want.

            Its not about being “cowardly” at all, I would be happy to tell those beardos and canklesaurauses to GTFO in person!

            Now, please, stop complaining about “hate”, and defending farming- no one is pissed at gardeners. They are pissed at hipsters. If you don’t like it, fine, go elsewhere!

          • What if you found out this Megan was nothing close to a trust fund baby as you call them? Would you apologize? I don’t know myself, and I must say that I harbor no ill will toward those who actually have trust funds, but for you, would you apologize and feel ashamed?

          • She may hot be a trustfund kid, but she’s definitely a HIPSTER! Only a hipster would say they’re from Brooklyn when they know damn well they aren’t. The only reason they do that is for “cred” purposes. If she were honest and simply said she was from Maryland, I’d be like “Ok. Cool”. An honest person may not be liked, but he/she can still be respected.

          • Many of you seem to be confusing from and born. When a police officer asks you where you are from, you respond with the city or neighborhood in which you live, not the city where you were born. Or if you do respond with your place of birth, he/she will know something is amiss. It is policing 101: examine valid ID and ask basic questions from it. If you know anyone on the job, go ask them for yourself.

          • Horrible analogy. She wasn’t being interrogated by the cops. I guess Baltimore or rural Virginia isn’t considered a “deck” location, like Brooklyn is among hipsters. If someone asks me where I’m from, I usually answer “I consider the DC area to be my adopted home, but I’ve lived in a lot of places growing up”. I don’t say “I’m from DC”.

          • I’m from [neigborhood] handing my license and keeping my mouth shut.

          • Oh, and another thing. If a cop asks me where I’m from, I answer with “I currently live in Minneapolis”. That answer usually suffices.

          • No, I reply with a street address that corresponds with my license, officer fucking Krupke. If my license says 123 Elm, then I am from 123 fuvking Elm. Is there an officer, problem?

          • Why would I apologize or be ashamed? Just because there *may be* an exception to the trust fund hipster rule doesn’t make the point invalid. Not every hipster is a trust fund kid, and not every trust fund kid is a waste of life hipster either.

            This is a group of hipster assholes. I’m sorry YOU are bothered by this.
            I am not sure why you are here if you are so concerned about hipsters.

  27. Megans 1st words were a lie so the rest of her silly fucking video is useless. “Hi Im Megan and Im FROM Brooklyn New York”? No Meg No, go fuck yourself your not FROM BROOKLYN!!! . Really Meg your From Brooklyn? Where did you go to High School? Automotive? Bushwick? John Jay? Tilden? Westinghouse? Brooklyn Tech? Tell me Meg what is your Parish?

    Guess what Meg, Italians in Williamsbugh have been growing shit in their backyards and on their roof tops 100 years before you got to Brooklyn.. Go to the Cooper Houses (Housing Projects so I assume you never will) and look at the community gardens in between the buildings. Go to Floyd Bennet field and look at the massive community farms out there. Not only are you not inportant enough to put your shit out there in some stupid video, your not Brooklyn enough for people to fucking care. Fucking ego maniacs!

    • Actually, your comment exudes massive narcissism. Clearly you feel threatened by her video, which probably will not been seen by very many people at all. You should ask yourself why. Or not. Completely up to you.

      • Dude, the pop-psychology mumbo jumbo doesn’t work in here.

        • That is sad.

          • No, sad is you thinking your watered down, wannabe Dr. Phil shit will have some kind of effect. Like I said, more power to Meg and Josh’s urban farming. However, I will still poke fun at them because they’re hipsters. Look on the bright side. Would you rather I go around beating up hipsters, or making fun of them online?

          • To even hint at violence is another clear sign of at least mental instability. Further, if you knew anything about hand to hand combat with another human being, you would not be so flippant about it. I fear that you have some painful lessons ahead of you.

          • Oh, here he goes again. Talking out of his ass just like hipsters always do.

            Just because you took Tae Kwon Do in Jr High, doesn’t make you an expert on “hand to hand” combat — especially if you’re some effeminate, 130 lb, no upper-body strength having, beardo. As far as gumps like you are concerned, verbal jabs and physical violence are one and the same.

          • Oh, and please STFU with the Dr. Phil shit. It makes you look like a bigger tool than you already appear to be. I thought you beta-douches were “creative”.

          • I thought you typed grump, which would be accurate in that I am old enough. Suffice to say, my boy, in the serving of my country long before you knew how to type, I learned first hand that physical violence is nothing to be flippant about. And those who are, have no concept of what it is. I pray you never have to learn and and continue in your deluded state throughout your life. Though I am reasonable certain that the odds are very much against that. Good luck.

          • You’re soooooo full of shit. You’re trying way too hard. You don’t display the wisdom or insight that is characteristic of the type of person you’re pretending to be (a military veteran who’s seen combat).

            A person of that sort, would take one look at the site’s title, read a few of the messages and come to the conclusion “I’m not going to change any minds in here”. The only exception would be if you’re the grandfather of either Meg, Josh or Hummus. I highly doubt that’s the case.

            I don’t believe you spent a day in uniform (and no, the vintage “ironic” Boy Scout uniform you wore to the “Arcade Fire” gig doesn’t count) let alone experiences any “hand to hand” combat (getting your ass kicked by little Korean chick in TKD class doesn’t count either).

            An assault on a hipster doesn’t count as “hand to hand” combat or even a simple scuffle. To deal with a hipster, one only needs to employ the Rick James “What did the 5 fingers say to the face?” technique. Employing the “CHARLIE MURPHY!” aka “UNITYYYYY!” technique against a hipster would be overkill.

          • I call bullshit on the HTH. I have participated in it and I can be as flippant as I want with no moral qualms. There is something seriously fucked up about Urban guy. The fact that he calls himself “Urban” anything is a dead giveaway. Hey, “Urban” “guy”, show tits or GTFO. I mean, seriously, you sound like a straight up bitch.

          • Epic

          • >>>>I don’t believe you spent a day in uniform (and no, the vintage “ironic” Boy Scout uniform you wore to the “Arcade Fire” gig doesn’t count) let alone experiences any “hand to hand” combat (getting your ass kicked by little Korean chick in TKD class doesn’t count either).<<<

            Now THAT'S creative. LOL!!!

          • Cutting to the core there my boy, but Ive seen the world and I know you’ll get your knocks. You’ll either survive and evolve, or you’ll just be another footnote.

      • I dunno, Urban. I think creating a video about doing something “special” that’s actually been done for decades might just be a wee bit narcissistic. Or maybe it’s just “marketing” to the sheeple who will buy into this “enlightened” endeavor — in which case, I might give you props for taking advantage of the sheeple.

        • I don’t know either. Clearly she is business minded based on everything she has done over the past few years. I can only applaude that.

  28. Urban Ag Guy. Have you ever witnessed a beatdown in the street? You need to take your beatdown and your punk-ass and go the fuck home. You in th wrong hood.

    • The wrong hood. Learn that on the TV did you? Anyone in your family currently on the job?

      • No, bitch. I seen that shit from seeing a motherfucker, many motherfuckers, get his/their head/s stomped. What the fuck is your game?

      • Check out Urban(NOT) ag guy going “full hipster”.

        The snark is strong in this one.

      • What does his family or their employment status have to do with you being a herb who talks out of his ass? Why are you curious about that?

        • Apparently you are not familiar with the term on the job?

          • I’m quite familiar with the term. There was nothing he said to warrant your asking if he saw the beatdowns “on the job”. Once again you’re throwing what you have at the wall to see what sticks.

            He asked you if you’ve even seen a beatdown on street. I can already tell you (like most hipsters) don’t even know what a little bit of a fight even looks like.

            You don’t need to be “on the job” to see some fool get his head kicked in. You could be at a gig, kicking at a party, a bar or club and see a beating take place.

            What cave have you been living in for the 2 or 3 decades?

          • I’ve seen friendly banter turn into a death match. I remember kicking it with some more or less rivals and we all had respect for one another, but one word got out of line and shit kicked off and then some bloody skulls in the space of a heartbeat. You never know which way that shit is going to go. That’s why you keep your shit low key.

      • All the sudden, now you fuckign baddass. Where’s all that Oprah shyt? Waht, you don’t want to school us on how to be all sensitive and shit? Fucktard, you are one punk-ass bitch.

  29. I really don’t get why anyone comes to a site called DIE HIPSTER, and defends hipsters, even though they can’t even tell what a hipster is.

    MAYBE, just MAYBE, we have a point? Just because you aren’t familiar with them doesn’t mean they aren’t awful.

    • But you are not at all familiar with this Megan, nor any of the other partis associated with the store. So how can you possibly have any point other than random hatred? Educate me.

      • SIGH.
        It’s not an individual thing (I dislike the group) but honestly, I am pretty sure these people fit the stereotype of a hipster PERFECTLY.

        You don’t know them either, so MAYBE we are on to something that you just don’t know about?

        At least I KNOW hipsters when I see them, and have known literally thousands, upon thousands of them. Sure, there may be an exception here and there, but overall, I have learned what a hipster is, what damage they do, and have been (sadly) proven right about them over and over again.

        • (I am actually pretty familiar with this particular Megan, and let me tell you, she IS just like the other ones mocked here.)

  30. Urban Ag the pretentious try-hard fuckstick said:

    “Cutting to the core there my boy, but Ive seen the world and I know you’ll get your knocks. You’ll either survive and evolve, or you’ll just be another footnote.”

    Seen the world? Good for you. Thanks to Uncle Sam I’ve seen a few places too. Philippines, S. Korea, & Japan were my overseas duty stations. My overseas TDYs/Deployments were Saudi, Qatar, Iraq & Afghanistan. I haven’t included the places where I’ve stopped in enroute to the aforementioned locations.

    I’ve also seen quite a bit of the US. Due to my father being in the Navy, I lived in 8 places before leaving home at 18. I’ve also visited many more places in the US just to see relatives or friends.

    I may be just another footnote, but you aren’t even in the pages of the book.

    • I can only hope you are lying, for if not, you are a disgrace to the uniform.

      • Lying? I’m not a hipster trying to defend his pathetic excuse of a subculture. Also, you’re no one to speak on anything relating to the uniform since you never wore it.

        You’re a disgrace to anyone who calls himself a man. Ht up a doctor and get something done about your abnormally high estrogen levels before you start sprouting bitch tits.

        • “Urban” fuck fuck: bn, bde div, MOS? I can guarantee that there was no HTH in operation Desert Storm or Bosnia. Desert storm lased all of 100 hours and was fought as a tank and arty op. Bosnia was purely air.

          HTH in desert storm? Really? What, you beat some surrenduring Iraqis who surrendered by the hundreds of thousands so that they could just get fed? Multiple tours? Desert storm lasted 4 days How many tours did you serve in 4 days?. Bosnia was air, the rest was a police action and there was no direct engagement of ground forces, let alone hand to hand combat. You musta had HTH with your… I don’t know… DICK?

          • Get ‘em!

            Honestly, I think “urban” is some retired or active duty officer’s kid — if he has any ties to military at all. Steve Lam showed us that hipsters love creating larger than life online personas. It’s obvious this douche created his military persona for “macho cred” on DH. I guess we’re supposed to be in awe because he was supposedly in the military and went to Balkans and the Mideast.

  31. Gorlock out. Lively shit. Urban Ag Guy, thanks for letting us beat on you. Urban Ag Guy needs to be the topic of next Hipster Beatdown.

  32. Come on! I know Megan through friends and I can assure you that she didn’t get into this to be trendy. She started doing this “city homesteading” work YEARS AGO. She’s definitely not the type to sit with friends at a trendy bar talking about how cool they would be if they opened that kind of store. FAIL. You totally picked the wrong person to make fun of.

    • I think what made her a target was when she said she was from Brooklyn (when she obviously isn’t). That kind of thing doesn’t go over well with the natives that post here. I don’t blame them either.

  33. Another thing I was just thinking is that Megan Paska probably adds more value to the world in one hour than any of us done on the internet.

    • Whet the feck? Add some value to, wait for it… Deez Nutz!

    • You are right, I don’t add value to anything on the Internet.

      I do my work in the REAL WORLD, where I actually do make a difference every day, and am part of quite a bit of positive change.

      What do yOU DO?

  34. It seems like a well put together parody. BUT ITS FUCKING REAL!!!!

    oh my god.

  35. The results are in: Fucktard “urban” guy needs to limp his ass home. Good fucking night. It’s been fun, in a wierd way?

    Oh, “Urban” fuck fuck: bn, bde, div. MOS?

  36. The essential problem here is that “homesteading” should be doing exactly the opposite of increasing prices, and in fact, decreasing them because people are growing what they eat and trading.

    Instead, because of the addition of unnecessary whimsical accessories, and artificial price inflation, homesteading in Brooklyn is pricing the average working man out of the market.

  37. Don’t feed the troll.
    it’s getting old.

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