It’s very easy to maintain a website like with stories like this… - Make sure to look throught the pictures.

A Megan who runs a site called the has teamed up with the Brooklyn Grange to open up a store called Hayseed’s Big City Farm Supply in Greenpoint. You remember the Brooklyn Grange don’t you? They’re the hipster transplants that decided to start farming on a roof top in Queens but  so desperately needed to associate it with the cool name Brooklyn that they called it the Brooklyn Grange.

So anyway, I still cannot for the life of me understand all this motherfucking farming in Brooklyn and even worse is that these fucking delusional hipsters think they discovered that you can plant things in soil and watch them grow. Are these fucking hayseeds clueless to the fact that as far back as any real NY’er can remember, people have been growing stuff in their yards already? The difference is those people never felt the need to broadcast it to the world. They never wrote magazines or articles about it. They would have never made websites and blogs and Facebook posts about it had that technology been available. Yet that’s all these attention-needing gentrifiers do. It’s as always, one big LOOK AT ME festival.

Why on earth would move to a part of this country that has taken 300 years to become a land of brick and concrete that has accepted people from hundreds of countries and progressed into A FUCKING CITY and try to turn it back into a fucking farm?

Then they are also into chicken raising and beekeeping????  WHAT????

That to me is just as weird and out of place as if some Eskimos came to Brooklyn every winter and decided to build and live in igloos right in the middle of the Belt Parkway and demanded that it was practical and normal.

This new fucking store is nothing more than the gardening isle at Home Depot yet these hipsters need to make it whimsical, magical and unique so they call it Hayseed’s Big City Farming Supply. The store of course is run by Megan, Gwen, and Chase. Does it get any more cliché than that? Here is an excerpt from Megan’s website’s About page; read it and then try to figure out why the fuck a person like that feels the need to be farming in Brooklyn. Then watch her little whimsical video which almost made me spit my breakfast out of my mouth when she says ” My name is Megan, I’m “FROM BROOKLYN, NY“, I’m a backyard farmer, rooftop beekeeper, honey producer, and writer.”

Megan Paska moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2006 by way of Baltimore, Md (her hometown). She was no stranger to growing food when she got here. Meg had been gardening in Maryland, her mother and grandmother had vegetable gardens and the rest of her family managed a 450-acre farmstead in rural Virginia where she would spend summers walking through the pastures and valleys picking Chicory and learning to appreciate the quietude.