Once again, it’s time to play – Complete that picture! Above is a picture of only a small portion of a hipster on the train. To play this game you must complete this picture by describing the rest of his appearance among other things like name, age, occupation, hobbies, where he lives, where he’s actually from, and what’s in his bag. I’ll go first – you can just copy and paste my list into the comment section – erase my answers and use it as a template.

Rest of Appearance: 1800’s bar keeper vest and suspenders, Yosemite Sam moustache, monocle, AAA battery arms.

Name: Colby

Age: 33

Occupation:   Future assistant creative director of hummus aisle at upcoming Whole Foods on Bedford Ave.

Hobbies: Long boarding on 33rd birthday, saying “like, yah”, looking important in cafes.

Lives now: Far East Williamsburg $2200/month chicken coop.

Is actually from: OreWiscoCaliSota

What’s in the man purse?: Map of Niew Breukelen (Prospect Park and above), 1/2 eaten Mast Bros Chocolate bar, emergency extra ski-hat for double protection from heat, inflatable raft for Gowanus Canal sailing.