For over 5 years now I wondered if the person responsible for writing “Die Hipster” on the pole of a Lorimer St. station stop (which is what I use for my banner and found on Google Images) would ever find this site. Well, he has. I can’t prove it but his e-mail is way too sincere and convincing not to believe it. This is one of the best emails I’ve yet to receive; had me laughing. He refers to me in the plural form a couple of times thinking there is a team of people behind this site. I’ll have to email him to thank him and to let him know it’s a one man operation. After the email are a few of his illustrations he attached as well. What I love is how almost all the people have pipe cleaner limbs and in the 3rd picture – the guy with the “Look at Me” t-shirt, and the beardo with a bird sticking his head out of the beard. Enjoy!

Subject: AT LAST!

Wow man……..this is fucking beautiful bro. You have no idea how pleased I am that I found this site! Fuckin site RULES!!! Well done. Best of all is your choice of photo for your banner.
Believe it or not I’m the one responsible for that handiwork LOL….yes, back around 2002 or so (maybe earlier) I was fuming with what was happening to downtown Bklyn, most notably dreaded Williamsburg. The ironic jerkoff movement was getting large. It was multiplying rapidly. Why was everyone trying to be weird? Why the forced posing? All things stupid and gay are now cool? Where are all these assholes from? So I did a few deeds just to please myself and let these jerkoffs know someone wasn’t feeling the fraudulence. One thing I did was make homemade stickers on those free post office labels that said “FUCK WILLIAMSBURG” in bold letters. They’d get put on the L train line ads and most would get the “fuck” scribbled out or ripped down. The best moment was putting one up inside the L train on the high part facing the whole car (in the classic old L trains with the gray L on the front) much to the dismay of the hipsters heading to the city. I slapped it up and everyone gasped “OH MY GOD”…..I stormed out at 1st Avenue. It was great.

I realized I had to up the ante. So I got some of that acid etch stuff from some hoodlum buddies and wrote on that sign at Lorimer you have the photo of. I wanted these cornballs to feel the opposition. Many people asked why I hated these newjack fools. I simply said, “they’re all frauds faking the funk and on some peacock shit”. The worst part is they were latching on to things I’ve loved my whole life. Underground music, art, bikes, DJing, playing an instrument, etc. For every person that came to Bklyn to be creative and do something real, it seemed 3000 came to look like a reject, act ironic, pompous and snobbish, front that they were poor and be seen on the scene.  They wanted to tell the mega suckers back home that they lived in scary BROOKLYN… when in reality Bklyn was now a police state and more or less safer than ever. Streets patrolled by the cops to make the suckers safe! Protect the investors. That’s why they came in droves. They came to play dress up and have Halloween be everyday of the year. Hey fuckheads!!!! When EVERYONE is acting weird and different…NOTHING is weird and different!!! First the mesh hats and PBR ironic trucker nonsense…then the beard thing, which still reigns…then the weigh 80 pounds sissy man thing…. motherfuckers reading novels on the G train!!! Man that train was gully scandal in the 90’s! Dudes rock Sherlock Holmes gear and pipes now. Everyone looks at each other too like its a social meeting. Men wear fucking flipflops!!! On the streets of NYC!!!!! Insane! If that tried to jump off years earlier dudes would’ve gotten mauled. LOL imagine the Decepticons rolling into a subway car and seeing what you see now! Man I need to illustrate that shit! Ha!

Williamsburg is a wrap. Once a place to sit by the river and drink a beer or smoke some whatever….is now the festering mass of suckers and shitheads. It’s more yuppie now I guess. The waterfront shit is a reality. I used to think “never” when dudes said it was coming. I lived in Greenpoint for a bit in 1998 and it was drunks and Polish working class. It’s still semi hanging on, but Williamsburg is gross. Remember when the G and L trains were empty after like 8:00? Metropolitan station was practically abandoned dripping with slime! It was spooky. The cycle of low rent artist space…goes hipster and then Eurotrash and then yuppie. It happened in Soho and the Village. Same thing kinda.

Alright enough…..I’m preaching to the choir. OBVIOUSLY you dudes are on point, you got a whole site shitting on these assholes! It’s funny as hell to read too! I’m gonna spread the word. Like I said before, most of my spite and scorn for these clowns stems from the fact that they make cool things seem wack with their overkill, zero integrity posturing. It makes art, music and expression seem like a jerkoff scene. FUCK THAT. I’ve been drawing, painting and bugging to music since I was 3 years old and I was born in 1972. I went to fuckin art school. Years ago art weirdos were actual weirdos! They saw the world differently and made their own thing. Or they were blue collar human beings like myself. These fools are all jocks that bring nothing to the table. They suck shit and fiend for attention. I knew when I started seeing midwest chicks wearing gym shorts and tube socks on the once deserted L train that shit was changing for the worse. Chicken coops? Bike polo? Amish beards? Retro 80’s forever? Yoga mats? WTF! Now it’s in Bushwick hard too! It’s mindblowing. All we can do is hope it passes and shit on them repeatedly.

I could dog these losers all day, but I’ll wrap this up. I found your site Googling “bearded hipster” to make a joke thing to send somebody (who hates hipsters too). I’m mad late with it I know, but I’m not a internet surfing kingpin. I saw the “Die Hipsters” thing I wrote years ago and checked you guys out. The site fuckin rocks and I was laughing my ass off! I immediately wanted in somehow or to at least write and thank you. Regardless of the fact that art school, stickers, street art, drawing, painting, biking and rock music and whatever else have been molested by hipsters….I still love that stuff and do my thing. The real will always shine through. Hipsters will evaporate someday and until then I will most definitely shit on them often. So here’s some random anti hipster illustrations I’ve made over the past few years for you to post on the site or do what you please.

Keep up the good fight. My comrades!!!