Once again, the hipster is showing us dull, uncultured, cave-dwelling native Brooklynites how to be “Brooklyn” and in this case “old-school” according the article in New York magazine for “Best Barber Shop in New York”. Of course this shop can be in no other neighborhood but Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Although we know where to find – off the top of our head – about a dozen if not more traditional, plain old barber shops that for about $8 – $15 will give you the typical “sides and back short and a little off the top” haircut – leave it to a ‘completely original’ hipster to whimsically charge you $40 for it. Mostly, because you get to watch Russell Manley (ironic last name of course) give it to you.

Yep, Mr. Manley is quite the zany and original character. I don’t think, wait, scratch that. I know I have never ever in my life seen a guy with sleeve tattoo’s, a W.B Mason moustache, paperboy hat and Pinocchio vest – especially in Brooklyn. Hey, there’s a first time for everything I guess. (I love being taught culture by people like this!!!)

I can pretty much imagine the once in a lifetime experience (for one of us dull and bland natives) of getting an “old school” cut at Mr. Manley’s Tommy Guns barbershop, and it goes something like this: You wait for an hour and a half in re-purposed wooden chair with hipster scratchiti art carved into it while Mr. Manley finishes his 7th latte of the day and answers phone calls because Stephonica his receptionist is either hungover or took the week off to go back to the Midwest for more gentrification cash. Finally, it’s your turn. You sit in the vintage leather chair and get draped with a smock bought from none other than Molly’s hand-crafted Apron and Smock booth at the Brooklyn Flea. Mr. Manley asks you how you’d like your hair cut. You say “sides short and a little off the top”. Mr. Manley corrects you and says, “Ohh, you mean our original,signature and patented Old-School haircut?” He then wets your hair with Voss or Smart water – opens the drawer and takes out his $700 scissors which were locally hammered and welded by Jackson Von Nasalthroop – Ye Olde Niew Bruekelen’s blacksmith. All the while in the background, an i-Pod is shuffling Sinatra, The Ramones, and the Beastie Boys to give this faux New York barber shop that authentic New York feel. You are finally done. You look no different than if the Russian barber in Brighton or the Spanish barber in Sunset, or the Italian guy in Bensonhurst had just cut your hair. You walk to the register. Mr.Manley says “That’ll be $40.00 plus tip!”. As you reach for your wallet and notice the bowl of complimentary Mast Bros. miniature chocolates – you lose it and run for the drawer, grab the straight edge razor and begin to slice up every last mother fucking nasally and quirky Toby, Josh, Hayden, Caleb, Zane, Riley, Walker, Parker and Zacheriah in that fake fucking hipster barber shop.

Have a nice day.

Link: New York Magazine – Best Barber Shop in New York.