I can see it now! Some spatula-physiqued Logan with women’s jeans, an XX Small lumber jack shirt, Elvis Costello hat and glasses, child molester moustache, and kickball under his arm walks into this event and says: “Like ya, I need affordable housing but like, ya, I’m not a hipster”.

Now, I’m not a fan of lazy, non-working, drug abusers getting public assistance (even though that’s what many hipsters are as well), but giving assistance to a 30 year old kickballing DJ/barista/poet/photographer/graphics designer who grew up licking cookie dough off mommy’s mixing spoon in his cul-de-sac McMansion is fucking ridiculous. I’m really curious though as to how many people will show up to this event being that it’s called “Housing 4 Hipsters” since no hipster ever admits to being one.

Link: ArlingtonNow.com – Housing 4 Hipsters