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  1. “Once in a while you get ‘em in the ball bag.” = great line

  2. The game was called “asses-up”! Also, skitchin! I’d don’t even know it thats possible
    any more. I think you needed the big chrome bumpers for that. OF course you can hardly d othat in Prospect Park anymore. they barely allow cars

    • Yep!Asses up was a game i hated but skitchin was fun on snow days at the back of a bus.We would go from Kings Plaza to Lenny and Johns for pizza

  3. They like dodgeball so much, they should start playing suicide. Do they have the strength to throw a blue ball fast?

  4. Ever notice the hipster habit of holding up an iPad on a crowded train like a novel 12 inches from his or her fugly face. Its like they are just waiting for someone to bump into them. So they can scold someone like a child about subway manners and how we all need to be mindful of their iPad’s presence. Someone needs to start beating these useless fucks then maybe they will go back to the midwest.

    • i make it my mission to smack into them and their ipad, repeatedly

      • So do I!!!

        On the occasions I decide to the the L – N route home, I make sure I go down the stairs elbows leaned outward with hands in pockets so that I can hit each and every person coming up the stairs.

        I do this on the G train too.

    • Be warned. They’re probably filming you. Those things have video cameras you know.

      That’s not some random hipster. That’s Hipster B. DeMille.

    • Yea! take back your city!! please!

  5. Two of those guys and the girls by the Verrazano were in my beighborhood – Bay Ridge – which I’m missing after five weeks in Florida.

    Loved the hipster cracks. “If you’re 30 years old and you’re on a skateboard, you’re a hipster.”

    • If you’re 35 years old and you’re on a skateboard, with a baby in your baby carrier backpack, you’re a hipster.
      I’m not making that up, I really saw that in Williamsburg.

      • Of course you saw that IRL! I’m sure he was skateboarding with the baby to go meet babys mom, so they could both breastfeed for dinner. In the middle of a busy restaurant.

  6. This is fuckin funny rite here.Who wants to find the 1 hipster coke dealer and lock him in a trunk of a 81 cadilac and sell all these kazooheads crushed rock salt so they all get sick and run back home to poppa.?We make an easy mill over a weekend and rid ourselves of these bedbugs clinging on our short and curlies.

  7. co-owns kettle black on 3d ave

  8. Haha, bay ridge representing!!!

  9. “If you’re in a bar readin’ a book…you’re a hipster.”

    Love those two Italian women at 3:41 I’d take both of them.

  10. I’m guessing Makossa sent this since he just posted it on CD also.

  11. If you’re giving blowjobs behind the 7-11 to supplement your “marketing job”….you’re a hipster.

  12. Glad Di Faras got mentioned best Pizza in the country.

  13. These comments are borderline racist and really aggressive

    • If you display your impotent butthurt any more, you’ll look like the Goatse guy.

    • QQ some more, your parents can’t save you from the bad words.

    • Rascist? HUH?

    • You’re a hipster douchbag. Go for a long walk off a short pier. Oh that’s right there’s no more piers, you hipster fu-ks tore them down for your silly circlejerk meet and greet in the riverside park for your filthy muts. Climb down onto the tracks when an on coming train puling into the station.

  14. Oh shit! That’s Mikey Shepard outside of Farrell’s. Used to be a fun bar, but after the original owner, Eddie Farrell, died, several of the longtime bartenders came together and bought the place – and have been leeching the fun out of it ever since. Worst of all was getting rid of the pews, low tables and captain chairs, which encouraged hours of afternoon beer drinking with our neighborhood pals. Now we (and many of our friends) have been priced out of Windsor Terrace and you’re more likely to see hipsters in Farrell’s that regular working guys. Although the Double Windsor across the street is more of a hipster hangout. What a shame.

  15. Oh shit! And that’s Patrick at the end: “Go fuck yourself”. Classic. Used to play in a band called The Dry Heaves. Don’t know if they’re still around.

  16. Yo tommy!

  17. To me, this video IS BROOKLYN, and I get furious nowadays when people equate hipsters and Brooklyn. I remember a time when people had to defend themselves because they were from Brooklyn, mostly to transplant Manhattanites who believed that they were the “real” New Yorkers. Now, these people all live in places like Williamsburg and Bushwick and act like they pioneered the BK- Which brings me to something I experienced a while ago that just about made my head explode.

    I was sitting in a bar in Ft. Greene where there happened to be a group of Italian-American guys being rowdy. Just by looking at them and hearing their accents, I could tell they were native Brooklynites, just like the people in the video above. Across the way, a group of hipster girls were clearly bothered by the presence of these guys, when one of the bitches shouts, “Why don’t you guidos go back to Jersey where you came from!” Needless to say, all hell broke loose, and I commend the guys for not ripping a bitch’s head off. But something about the whole situation bothered the shit out of me.

    Are these hipster douchebags so ignorant of the demographics of real Brooklyn that they can’t even spot a native? Also, back maybe 10-15 years ago, what is being portrayed on TV today as “Jersey”, for better or worse WAS the Brooklyn stereotype. Not that I’m defending Jersey or anything, but I knew tons of people like this growing up in Brooklyn. What’s your take on this, Diehipster? Do think this is the hipster’s way of making themselves feel like they belong more then real Brooklynites, or are they just completely ignorant fucks?

  18. Irish Haven! Love that place.

  19. im still laughing my balls off with some of the games we used to play…i now live in jerzy and we have a bunch of these douchbags living near rutgers campus..dont they buy any fukin soap cause they smell worse than dog shit.all they do is go to the second hand store looking for the oldest piece of shit clothes…love this site and thanks for the laughs…

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