The other day I finally posted another fake Craigslist ad for the Fishing for Hipsters section after having it blocked by Craigslist two previous tries before that. I had to use another e-mail address and computer. So what happens? Not even after it being up for 1/2 hour, either Stevie the 32 year old effeminate, scarf in summer wearing, vampire loving, web site design failure flagged it for removal or some hipster who I caught while fishing did the same as he now spends days upon days scanning Craigslist in revenge.

Anyway, I thought I’d share the ad because it was pretty far fetched. I believe the more far fetched they are, the more pathetic the try-hard hipster will be that get’s hooked. I guess I’ll have to put the thinking cap on and figure out a way not to get flagged so quickly. I once tried posting the “Artist Community” section on CL. Only got a few hits. It was a good one – I said I was holding an adult finger painting contest in McCarren Park where there would plenty of vegan treats and artisanal coffee. I don’ t think that section gets nearly the amount of traffic as the Women seeking Men section gets. Anyway, here was the flagged ad:


CAN WORKING TOGETHER LEAD TO LOVE??? – 30 (Billburg/G-Point/Shwick)

Date: 2012-02-24, 12:25PM EST
Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here


Hello out there! : )

My name is Fawndra. I’m posting this in hopes to mix business with pleasure. : ) I am a Portland/Toronto/Brooklyn-based artist, caterer, community organizer and writer. I have launched an idea/business that is taking off quickly so I need someone to help out over the next 3 – 6 months to keep up with orders. What I do is cater Brooklyn post-modern and progressive art events for up and coming artists in the Billy/G-point/Shwick area – with edible hummus statues. YES I said EDIBLE HUMMUS STATUES! It’s a zany craze that has caught on in our vibrant creative community. We do everything from scratch including buying locally sourced chick peas and other necessary ingredients and making it our selves and then finally sculpting it. The sculpture subject will be totally up to you unless specified by the customer. In the past I’ve sculpted people, animals, buildings, even a vintage type writer!

Pay will totally be negotiable upon our conversation after our emails. Please respond soon. I have an event in south east billburg next weekend that I need help with. You can email me some of your prior work for review. I look forward to hearing from you today! Please tell me as much as you can about yourself in your email such as hobbies, interests, favorite foods, books, films, etc. I hope this ends up more than just a work relationship!

Love & Peace – F