Once again, it’s time to play – Complete that picture! Above is a picture of only a small portion of a hipster on the train. To play this game you must complete this picture by describing the rest of his appearance among other things like name, age, occupation, hobbies, where he lives, where he’s actually from, and what’s in his bag. I’ll go first – you can just copy and paste my list into the comment section – erase my answers and use it as a template.

Rest of Appearance: Robin Hood hat, all-season Al-Qaeda scarf, small star tattoo behind ear, I Heart Bushwick t-shirt.

Name: Owen

Age: 31

Occupation: Full-time L/G Train Rider — Part-time Flea Market Doorman

Hobbies: Urban yodeling, worm composting, writing poetry in coffee shops with inkwell and feather from Robin Hood hat.

Lives now: With performance artist girlfriend in affordable $4,200 three family studio in Greenpoint with views of Exxon/Mobile oil spill.

Is actually from: Gosper County, Nebraska

What’s in the man purse?: Yodeling on desolate and edgy industrial Bushwick streets for Dummies book, fair trade coffee-scented Purell hand sanitizer, cage-free vegan popcorn for West Bushwick Rooftop indie film festival.