Just like Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas time is when transplanted hipsters take a vacation from their staycations in Brooklyn and head back to Iowa, California, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Oregon, etc, and visit their families that they left behind for Brooklyn coolness – if there is such thing. This is when they justify their subsidization by their parents by telling them how well their art and music careers are going. How Brooklyn is such a magical, cultural and diverse place for creative types. How they just need to be an unpaid coffee-run intern for 4 more years so they can finally become an assistant to the creative director’s assistant. Anyway here are some gifts the hipsters have received over the weekend back home at Mommy and Daddy’s.

Ethan, 38, Gowanus –  a Park Slope Brownstone

Stephonica, 29, Bushwick –  a sunflower seed oil powered Prius

Josh, 32, Williamsburg -  a small art gallery

Harrison, 30, Greenpoint –  a Penny Farthing

Chloe, 27, Bed Stuy –  an array of summer scarves

Zoey, 29, Williamsburg –  a .70 cents a day sponsorship of a Kenyan fair trade coffee bean picker

Mason, 35, Greenpoint –  a locally crafted belt buckle Metrocard holder

Logan, 30, SouthEast Bushwick –  a working vintage ColecoVision game console

Conrad, 40, Park Slope –  an all expense paid North Brooklyn local craft ale pub crawl

Piper, 26, NorthWest Bushwick –  a $1,000 gift card to Roberta’s Gentrification Pizza Parlor

Hayden, 31, Upper Mid NorthEast Williamsburg –  an authentic taco truck equipped with authentic Mexicans.

Megan, 36, Park Slope - a $250 gift card to an obscure book store that’s been closed since 1997

Parker, 27, Greenpoint - Tweed Converse All-Stars and a Sherlock Holmes Pipe

Caleb, 34, Williamsburg - a $500 deluxe edition Mast Brothers chocolate gift basket (3 bars)

Xander, 29, Bushwick - a new banjo and hand crafted tip jar for weekday morning subway performances