16 thoughts on “Brooklyn & Not Brooklyn

  1. We have a house like that around here. I used to love going to it as a kid.

  2. Where on earth was the 2nd picture taken? Lapland? I mean, WTF is going on there?

  3. Oh, and Merry Christmas to every non-hipster around the world!

  4. I want Steve and Ed to know I was on this website on Christmas! Merry Christmas!

  5. was walking my dog earlier. there’s not a single moonface on the street. it’s a beautiful thing! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! i do feel bad for all those towns across america who have to deal with people travelling to there for the holidays from brooklyn and have to hear about their tales in the big bag city and probably asking if everything on the dinner table is organic and shit. barf. but seriously, i am in SUCH a good mood today.

    also, merry fucking christmas to everyone and their families here!


    • Yep same here – the week between Christmas and New Years is always the best with the fauxhemians all back home infecting the cul-de-sacs with their nonsense. I always picture them rambling on about organic this, and performance artist that, until their drunk uncle or grandfather can’t take hearing anymore, and just totally calls them out as funemployed money wasters and tries to convince Hummus’ dad to cut him off.

      • That happened in my family! We had another family dinner last night…Grandpa wanted to hear everyone’s New Year’s resolutions. With Precious Snowflake in his Junior year, no tangible job prospects, hasn’t declared a major yet, has never lifted a finger to help himself, and his tuition running up towards six figures, Grandpa wants to see if there’s going to be any return on the investment.

        Daddy Snowflake has been an enormous money waster and doesn’t pay for Snowflake’s education. He tries to put up a smokescreen by being pretentious and trying to show off how much more intellectual he is than everyone else. After all, he reads the New York Times and memorizes every word. After all, he went to an Ivy League school for Critical Performance Drama Studies In Art History (but has never made much of a living at it himself, no surprise there). He feels this makes him absolutely superior to everyone on the planet, name-drops incessantly as if any of the people he’s talking about even remember who he is.

        Grandpa is completely sick of all this nonsense. So when he asked Precious about his plans for the New Year, Precious came back with “My plan is to produce a band this year and.. and …maybe put out a record”. Grandpa muttered loudly”Yeah that’ll make a lot of money” and I snickered loud enough for everyone to hear. Then I said “Oh, isn’t that what every hipster in Williamsburg does?” Snowflake squirmed and squeaked out a few more words like “internship” and “art” but Grandpa had already rolled his eyes and moved on. He may be older and walks slower and has health problems, but he’s still nobody’s fool.

        The cat’s out of the bag with this funemployed, money wasting Precious Snowflake and his pretentious Daddy Snowflake.

        • I love it!

          Wish I coulda seen this one – the look on Precious Snowflake’s face when his bullshit was finding no audience, and the look of total disgust on Grandpa’s face when Precious was describing his next brilliant artistic plan.

          Nice job getting the Williamsburg hipster shot in there too!

  6. Wow, usually my post to this Bushwick blog get blocked. Got one through, feel free to join in the fun!

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